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Aspect Extreme B 17 30ml

4.4 of 235 reviews


4 instalments of $33.75

Or 4 instalments of $33.75 with LEARN MORE

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4 instalments of $33.75

Or 4 instalments of $33.75 with LEARN MORE

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An absolute skincare must-have for AM and PM, turbocharge your skin results with Aspect Extreme B 17. No matter what your skin type or skin concern, your skin will be infused with a cocktail of five super skin boosting sea plants, working in synergy with a patented blend of Vitamin B complex polypeptides to leave skin youthful. 

  • Cruelty Free
  • Artificial Fragrance Free

What customers say

GREAT - 86% recommend

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  • 20s
  • 30s
  • 40s
  • 50+

Eye Concern:

  • Age Prevention

Skin Concern:

  • Dull, dry or dehydrated skin
  • First signs of ageing
  • Pigmentation, uneven skin tone

Skin Type:

  • Dry
  • Normal to dry
  • Normal to oily
  • Oily

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Aspect Extreme B 17

Aspect Extreme B 17

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Aspect Extreme B 17 Reviews

4.4 of 235 reviews

86% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive



I’ve been dealing with surprising acne during iso and this product has really helped with the healing process and to accelerate the effectiveness of other products that I use at the same time as it like my BHA and moisturiser. I’m really impressed by it and would definitely recommend it.

Most Helpful Criticism

Nice Serum but.....


This serum is nice, but I'm not a fan of the smell, it reminds me of Berocca and it doesn't seem to subside.
  1. Smells like berocca


    verified purchaser
    Smells like a hangover cure - applies nicely but ironically feel like it broke me out eveytime I use it. I wouldn't buy this again. (The ASAP is supposed to be the same but $50 cheaper).
  2. A bit meh


    Was SO excited to try this product as I'd heard and read great things but this one wasn't for me and I ended up passing it on to a friend. I don't think I saw any results and found the scent quite strong.
  3. It definitely works


    While the product smells like berocca, it really does a great job of brightening skin and it probably the best vitamin B I've tried.

  4. Magic


    verified purchaser
    I’ve been dealing with surprising acne during iso and this product has really helped with the healing process and to accelerate the effectiveness of other products that I use at the same time as it like my BHA and moisturiser. I’m really impressed by it and would definitely recommend it.
  5. A yummy serum


    verified purchaser
    I bought this hoping it would help control and heal my hormonal breakouts, but I don’t think it does. I like how my skin feels And looks after I use it so I think I’ll keep buying it :)
  6. Lovely hydrating serum that gives you glowy skin!


    I was always a little scared to try Niacinamide based products because ones in the past had irritated my skin. However when this was introduced into my life a few of months ago in the form of a sample, I tentatively gave it a go. I’m so glad that I did! It’s wonderful, redness reducing, healing, calming and gives your skin a lovely glow without the heaviness that an oil might bring. I’m totally re...
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  7. Lovely!


    This is a lovely lightweight serum which leaves the skin looking plump and healthy; it has a slightly tacky finish if applying generously but make up applies well on top. I usually cocktail this with the Aspect Pigment Punch Plus which is a nice combo to combat acne scarring, hyperpigmentation and congestion. It does have a citrusy/orangey smell to it which i don't love, but the benefits of the se...
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  8. Unsure


    I love niacinamide but unfortunately didn’t see benefits for my acne from this product. Nice texture and mixed well with other serums, however i didn’t find it suitable for my skin concern unfortunately
  9. Best smelling B I've used!


    LOVED the smell firstly, like a pump of fresh OJ for your face every morning! Received a free sample which lasted about a month, was pretty impressed with that for a freebie as a starter. I mixed it with Aspect C every AM and they worked together to soak in and sit so well. I haven't used many Aspect products before but really loved this combo and highly recommend. Not long enough to see results a...
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  10. I don't want to be without this!


    After over-exfoliating, my (normally oily) skin was left dry, parched and dehydrated. This serum is saving my skin at the moment. It's so light, absorbs well and sits perfectly under other serums and makeup, and is making my skin much more comfortable. I was hesitant at first due to the higher price point, but I will be repurchasing this for sure!
  11. Can't go without this!!


    I use this everyday and have for years now. I love it It goes on beautifully, smells very much like vitamin B. It keeps my skin from becoming congested and my pores clogged. Would highly recommend this as part of your regime.
  12. Silky goodness


    I was recommended this for help with texture, hydration and now a small amount of acne scarring. It's super hydrating and goes on so easily. Previously I had been using The Ordinary Niacinimide and never really noticed it making a huge difference. I've definitely noticed the difference in switching to this - it's worth the money and will be a lifer for me!
  13. Worth It


    I bought this as ive turned 26 and decided to start trying to maintain my skins youth and overall skin health a bit better, the texture of this serum is so nice, goes on well and dries nicely, works well under makeup as well. After using this for a few months my complexion seems clearer and my skin tone much more even, i love it.
  14. Must have


    I'm 26 and only really just started taking skin care seriously. My skin was dull, acne-prone, and had some acne scarring. I was always too embarrassed to not have makeup on!
    This was the first thing my beauty therapist recommended and I now know why. It has really helped with my overall complexion - it gives an instant glow and has helped with my scarring.
  15. New favourite serum


    I received this as a sample and finally got around to trying it and OMG I am in love! Texture wise its great, goes on smoothly and dries quickly and a little seems to go a long way. I know some people say they don't like the smell but I actually don't mind it at all- I have smelt much worse with some other serums. My biggest reason for loving it though is the way it's making my skin look. Every mo...
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  16. Can’t live without


    This serum is my go-to morning and night. Keeps my oil regulated and keeps my pimples under control. I couldn’t like without it !
  17. didn't love


    I didn't love the smell and texture of this. Quite sticky and smelt really strongly of berocca. I used it for about 3 weeks and didn't really notice a difference so not worth the price in my opinion
  18. Amazing Serum


    I cannot express how much I love this serum. I use it every morning and sometimes I mix it with the Jungle Brew serum. It is my favourite part of the my routine, as it just feels so fresh and wakes my skin up. I love the smell too (like orange juice). I have oily/combination skin and this serum does a great job of helping to regulate oil production. It also hydrates and make my skin glow. This is ...
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  19. Aspect B serum is A plus


    I tried the full size of this product after using asap B serum and apart from the increase in price, i definitely felt you receive and skin receives an increase in quality and results. I prefer the consistency of Aspect C, it has a berroca smell which is fresh and wakes me up in the morning and absorbs nicely into my skin as well as works well with all my other skin care products. Nil pilling unde...
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  20. Hydrating but didn't enjoy the texture and smell


    I have received a sample size product and used it for about 2 weeks. I have combination dehydrated skin, I could feel that my skin was well moisturised however I didn't particularly enjoy the texture and the smell.
  21. my new must-have serum


    This is the first product I tried from Aspect. It really gives me a good impression. Normally I use a VC based serum for the daytime and a VA for the night, so at first, I don't know how this B serum can be added into my routine. I just use it as a booster every night before applying other serums. I can see my skin looks brighter and cleaner in the morning. For my oily skin, this one is not greasy...
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  22. Game changer!


    I’ve been obsessed with this since receiving a free sample in an Adore goodie bag. Recently bought the full size and oh it’s worth every cent. Within a week, the texture on my chin had dramatically improved and my skin felt soft and hydrated. It’s going to be a skincare staple for me!
  23. Desert island must have


    This stuff is AMAZING! My skin has never looked better after using this daily, I put this under my makeup and sunscreen and I always get compliments about how glowy my skin is looking.
  24. Not as effective as I wanted it to be


    I was recommended this by a skin therapist as I had been dealing with deep cystic breakouts for a while. I had only been using the Ordinary up until then, so it was quite a price jump but I decided to give it a go. While I did find it soothing, the consistency was nice and my skin was slightly better, it didn't stop my breakouts completely. I know you should try products for a decent amount of tim...
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  25. vitamin B


    My favourite B serum. It's great for soothing irritation or inflammation and the packaging from aspect is super sleek and pretty on my vanity
  26. Not quite there


    I am a lover of Aspect and their products. This serum does the job but I just cant get past the smell ... honestly smells like Berocca!
  27. Great B serum


    I love this product! I mix it with the Aspect Extreme C then follow with Phytostat 9.
    My skin is always clear and balanced - never oily or dry. This combo leaves my skin feeling bright and hydrated.
  28. Not sure


    I got this as a sample and I wanted to love it because it love so many other aspect products but I’m not sure about this one. I find it’s great at calming down redness but whenever I use it I find I wake up with oily skin the next day. I have combination skin. I try to use the bare minimum to cover my face but even then I wake up oily. So don’t think I will be buying this one unfortunately.
  29. My skin has never been so clear


    This product is amazing, used in conjunction with their cleanser and Phytostat 9 moisturizer I have never had such clear skin, I will echo other reviewers and affirm it does smell like berocca at first but I found this subsides quite quickly.
  30. works well but dislike the smell


    this is a fantastic product and works well! I just struggle to use it as i don't like the smell and it lingers all day
  31. Not 100% Sold


    I received a sample of this and had high expectations as I have heard about it before. The one thing I couldn’t quite get past was the smell, reading reviews others have said it smelt like berroca however the smell reminded me of vegemite. The texture was a bit tacky (like most B serums) when I first put it on however my skin did feel nice and supple once it had soaked in. A little does go a long ...
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  32. Nice but pricey


    This was a good product which helped to clear my skin but using morning and night this last me just over 2 weeks and I just can’t justify paying $135 for a product that lasts 2 weeks. It smells like Berroca but if you look past that and price it does what it claims


    Cannot believe how well this product has worked for me in the past month! Winters must!! Since using this product, I haven't noticed any flaking skin around my brows, corners of the nose and upper lip, which were my main concerns. Smells like oranges! I love it. Doesn't bother me. First applies on smoothly but will become slightly tacky/sticky once it starts to dry. I use this morning and night re...
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  34. surprisingly good


    I received this product as a sample in my last order and was a little cautious to try it, I gave it a week and found that the product is really nice to user after cleansing at night time. Downside if you don't like the smell of berocca its not for you.
  35. I keep showing my mum how clear my skin is


    I received a sample of this with my last order and have used it almost daily since. I have a long history of hormonal acne so am blessed with a number of dark spots, scars and uneven skin tone. Having used this for a few weeks, the tone of my skin appears so much more consistent and clearer. I also love the texture / consistency of the serum as it layers well under my moisturiser and doesn't fe...
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  36. Beautiful citrus scent


    Got a sample with my last order. Good to use before my nightly moisturiser (I need something more moisturising than this alone). Smells lovely and goes on smoothly. Not sure whether I have seen improvements yet but will keep using.
  37. SOOO surprised as to how well this works!!!


    Initially I was so worried to be spending so much money on a serum to not know how my skin was going to react! I had this recommended to me, and man I was in for a treat!!!! I have a combo skin ( oily t zone, and normal around checks/mouth/chin) and it is definitely the answer to my problem! This product controlled the oil balance of my skins, which meant I had no big breakout and it allowed me to...
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  38. Love it!


    I’ve been using this alongside Aspect’s C serum and it’s really been helping my acne scarring as I come out of a year long bout of hormonal acne. It has really helped! I will buy again, however it is on the pricey side.
  39. Wow!! Goodbye redness hello brightness


    I received this product as a sample in the last order I made and all I can say is wow! I’ve used it about 3-4 nights now consistently and the redness from my rosacea has subsided (I have a lot of trouble trying to find products to do this) and my face looks brighter, plumper and more youthful! Will definitely be purchasing the full size!
  40. Great intro to the brand


    I have oily, blemish prone skin with quite large pores and this product has been a godsend. My skin feels way less oily without being stripped, my skin stays clear even in the middle of my period and I'm even slowly seeing an improvement in the appearance of my pores/less red tones. You only need a little bit at a time and the product smells like orange juice!
  41. Lovely serum


    Gives me a nice glow. It’s a great serum for everyone and perfect for people that are just getting into cosmeceutical skincare.
  42. OJ scented serum


    I didn’t not realise it would have such a orange juice scent, however this doesn’t bother me but might bother some. This is a great Vit B serum with lots of other great ingredients. I have only been using for a week now but am loving it thus far. This is my new fav Vit B serum and will be repurchased as a staple in my beauty cabinet.
  43. Great!


    If youre in the market for a vitb serum, you cant fault this one. Great pump pack for dispersing just the right amount needed. Has a gorgeous citrus scent. It is a serum consistancy and spreads across the skin with ease and soaks in beautifully.
    Only downfall is price.
    If you chose this one you wont be disappointed.
    However, my go to is Asap VitB serum, due to price and I beli...
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  44. Did not like


    This not only made my skin very tacky, and pilled after some time, It caused me to breakout. Would not recommend.
  45. Nice but smelly


    Feels lovely on the skin but the smell is strong and not pleasant at all. Prefer ASAP vitamin B serum.
  46. Smell is very off putting


    I've used this serum a few times and am finding it too hard to get past the smell. Intensely orangey and like a jar of vitamins, which hangs around for ages and makes me regret using it
  47. I'm a fan


    I started using this when I got some as a sample. I am 35 and have oily skin, I use it in the morning after cleansing and vitamin C and before moisturiser and SPF. I really like it. One and a half pumps does my whole face a neck. It absorbs into the skin quickly and doesn't feel thick, oily or yuk. The results I've noticed is tighter and brighter skin. I really like it and will continue to use it.
  48. Best Skin Product!!!


    This is one of the best serums I have used. Results are fast and my skin has never looked better. It is glowing and I am no longer wearing foundation!! I am in my 30's so that's pretty amazing. I have also got my friends onto it and they are loving the results too x
  49. Everyday staple in my regime


    A skincare guru recommended this to me years ago during a facial and I've been using it ever since. It's a very easy, non sticky serum to pop on before applying moisturiser and SPF. I do think it boosts my skin's radiance and natural glow. When I go without using it for a few days or weeks, either because I've run out or I'm trying another product, I feel like my skin is not as nice. I firmly beli...
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  50. Great product!


    Love this vitamin B! Have used it for well over a year and every time I run out I notice the difference in the texture and redness of my skin within a few days. Only negative is that it only lasts me about 2 months using it day and night. For this reason I have just purchased the ASAP super b to see if I notice a difference as it is so pricy.
  51. Works wonders but smells like off orange juice


    This product is so so good for my skin, it's looking hydrated and glowy and works super well with the medik8 c-tetra on my skin type but it smells so bad (I don't mind it but if you don't like off orange juice smell then you probably won't like the smell at all)
  52. amazing texture, unfortunate break outs


    received this as a free sample and was amazed at the immediate look of my skin, unfortunately I broke out the two times I used it overnight with tiny white pimples (around 4) each time, so conflicted with the how this makes my skin look but with the price of these mini breakouts.
  53. Nice but smelly


    Feels great on the skin but the scent is very strong and not pleasant. I think there are better vitamin B's on the market like the ASAP one.
  54. Good product, strong smell


    I received a sample of this and have been liking what the product does for my skin so far, however it has a really strong smell that lasts beyond washing or cleansing the face. Not sure I would purchase the full sized bottle for that reason however my skin is looking bright.
  55. Smells like week-old Berocca


    I got this as a sample with my most recent order and I was excited to try it. Immediately disappointed. It smells like an orange Berocca drink that's been left to evaporate and all that remains is old powdery grit. Apart from that, the serum was thin in consistency and easy to spread. Who knows about long-term benefits because I can't stand the smell enough to reapply it.
  56. Fave serum!


    I looooove this serum! Not only does it smell like fresh squeezed orange juice, it makes my skin look and feel like it’s just been pumped with hydration and goodness. Compliments all other serums I use and makes my skin absolutely glow
  57. Good product


    This is a good product, definitely a skin essential but I don’t feel the price point for this product is justified, many other vitamin B products out there with greater results for less. Although this does smell like borocca haha
  58. Not sure


    I received this serum a while ago and tried it last month. I don't know if it's a good serum or not because I just couldn't get past the smell, it has a very nasty strong smell that put me off.
  59. Brightening serum


    I was excited to try this product after glowing reviews, especially to help with evening our redness. It was my first niacinamide product. Yet to notice an impact on redness however my skin does look brighter.
    I have easily irritable skin and haven't noticed any breakouts or irritation.
    Hoping my skin will continue to improve over time as I perfect this product into my routine.
  60. My one stop skin fixer

    My favourite skin saviour!

    I have combination skin and have suffered from hormonal breakouts and pimples since I can remember. This product is amazing. I use it at least every morning and apply as the first step to my skincare routine, when I need a bit of a boat I will apply again at night too. it keeps my skin so hydrated and soft and bright! It really does wonders for my skin. My skin has never looked clearer or more flo...
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  61. LOVE it!


    My husband actually said my skin was the best he had ever seen it. I feel like it is glowing and I have notice a huge difference. I'm shopping again for my second bottle.
  62. The best B serum


    Leaves skin glowing, nourished, soft and dewy. I've tried so many others to try and find something a bit cheaper but I was come back to this given the results.
  63. Great product!


    I recently got this as a sample (which lasted so long) and was particularly excited to purchase the full size. It’s a great serum for acne prone skin, especially if you use actives and have reactive/ sensitive skin. A wonderful addition to my skin care routine in the morning before moisturiser and sunscreen! It smells like Berocca, however I don’t think the citrusy smell is a deterrent at all. A g...
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  64. Nice


    This product is really nice, it soaks really well into the skin and can mix well with other serums. I didn't leave my skin oily, just an instant glowy feeling. Really helped with the redness and brightness of my skin
    It is rather pricey is my only downfall
  65. LOVE IT


    I love this product. A little goes a long way too, which is great. I use it morning and night and my skin just drinks it right up. I’ve noticed fewer breakouts too and it’s been great and healing my acne marks from past breakouts. Will definitely repurchase.
  66. Hydrating, yet a little sticky


    I originally started using this product as I received a sample. I now mix this with my Aspect C serum each morning. The two together make my skin feel super hydrated, although it is a little sticky to apply.
  67. Highly recommend this product.


    This product was recommended to me by my beautician.
    I loved how the product immediately absorbed into my skin and I feel my skin responds amazingly well in comparison to many other brands in comparison price range.
    I have dry skin and have always used a daily serum however within a few days of using Aspect Extreme B 17 my skin I could see and feel the difference.
    My skin was no...
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  68. Great product


    I received as free sample and so glad Idid .
    I am a fan of aspect and use their products and I used this serum with my phytostat 9 .
    Woke up with glowing , hydrated skin.
    Yes I'm a fan and will purchase.
    I find aspect moisturiser definitely needs a serum to enhance results.
  69. Glowing!


    This leaves the skin looking super supple and nourished. Absolutely love this product.
  70. Keeps my skin bump free


    After discovering Niacinamide I can't not include it in my skin routine. I got this serum as part of Aspect's Try Me Kit and love using it morning and night. I find it keeps my skin bump free.
  71. Weird smell


    I received a sample of this and it makes the texture of my skin feel amazing but I can't get past the odd berocca smell to it..
  72. Sticky texture not ideal


    While I definitely agree that this leaves skin glowing and feels nourishing, the sticky texture is what stops me from repurchasing. Unfortunately, I found it pilled with a lot of my other products.

    I would continue using this if stripping back to just one serum, moisturiser and SPF because it has so many great benefits in one bottle
  73. Good Niacinamide Serum


    I liked this serum. I was after a good quality Niacinamide serum to help with pigmentation, tone, brightening and to help with redness. My dermatologist suggested this one. I enjoyed it. I did not notice immediate results, but my skin seemed happy - no irritation or breakouts.

    It doesn't blow me away and I didn't notice crazy results but I think it is the sort of product that works t...
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  74. Will continue to use


    I love this product, it is fast absorbing and has helped with breakouts. I get hormonal outbreak every month. This product has reduced the out breaks of pimples and healing time if I do have one pop up.
  75. Didn’t notice much


    I received a large sample size of this one a while ago. I didn’t really notice a great deal of improvement with my skin. I have oily skin and I was really excited for this to do its thing, but it just smelled funny and made my skin sticky. Throughout the day though, it helped keep some of my oil at bay, but not enough to justify the price. I didn’t notice any other changes/improvements either.
  76. Clear skin specialist


    combination skin / tanned skin tone
    ever since my beauty therapist recommended this serum, my skin has been well hydrated, glowing and even. I have recommended it to a few people also after they have complimented me on my skin.
  77. nice


    I've been using this for about three weeks now and i do like it but i find it very similar to the vitamin C serum and i havent seen amazing results like i would have hoped
  78. LOVE!


    Love, love, love this product. I am someone with acne prone, sensitive skin who breaks out to EVERYTHING! This product has helped to clear my skin, even my skin tone and I can happily confirm no breakouts :) I have been using this product for 6 weeks now and I have even noticed my scars starting to fade!!!
  79. B-eautiful


    What can I say!!! This product’s best friend is the Extreme C, mix them together and you can forget about foundation or even Bbcream. The ingredients are potent and you can see a noticable difference after 1 week. I Am loving my skin right now and it’s all thanks to the aspect serums
  80. An amazing all-rounder


    What not to say about this product - it's anti congestion, anti inflammatory, brightening. I love it, I use it every morning. HIGHLY recommend.
  81. Obsessed!


    This is a powerhouse serum.
    My skin is visibly brighter and so much clearer!
    Colleagues have been asking for my secret.
    I genuinely look healthier overall because my skin has improved so drastically.
    I would 10000% recommend this to everyone!
    Just be warned, this serum smells like old school orange juice concentrate but once it’s dry you can’t smell it anymore!
  82. amazing


    i love the aspect products so i thought i would try a few more and to my surprise they do not disappoint.
  83. Aspect extreme B


    Purchased this product for my daughter to help with her acne After 1 week of use the changes are AMAZING
    Used with ASAP gentle cleanser
  84. Not sold


    Like the product but not a fan of the smell. Been using for a month, haven’t noticed much of a difference.
  85. The best


    I got this as a sample a few months ago. It made such a difference to my skin it even got rid of a couple of lumps l had on my face now they are flat and you can't even notice them. This serum has given me the best results l have ever had with any skin care, and l have tryed a lot of different skin care. I wouldn't be without it.
  86. Not what I was expecting..


    I was curious about trying this serum after hearing about it on the podcast, after reading reviews and recommendations from by the lovely Adore staffers I really expected to be blown away, but I've used the whole bottle now and honestly I haven't really noticed any difference between this, and the results I get from ASAP Super B, which I've loved for years, and is half the price. Its a nice serum ...
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  87. Good


    Smells like a vitamin! But consistency is very nice. I have incorporated this into my PM routine, using after my retinol cream and before my moisturiser. Good so far. Hoping to prevent first signs of aging and blemishes.
  88. Powerful serum


    I had to laugh when I read another review saying it smells like berrocca!! I have been trying to put my finger on what it reminded me of and that is exactly it! I don't find it an off putting smell though. I first received this as a sample and was a little skeptical with the bright yellow colour. After 2 weeks morning usage I believe it improved brightness and texture of my skin. I have also notic...
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  89. Great serum


    I have really liked this product. I use it daily with the Aspect Extreme C. It absorbs really really nicely into the skin and has a great pump dispenser. It has helped reduced redness and even out skin texture. I have found it has helped significantly with breakouts. Not sure though if it has reduced lines and wrinkles.
  90. So damn good


    This serum is so hydrating and leaves my skin so smooth... I love using it with the many other products from the Aspect range...
  91. Nice Serum but.....


    This serum is nice, but I'm not a fan of the smell, it reminds me of Berocca and it doesn't seem to subside.
  92. Amazing


    I received a sample of this and fell in love.
    It's become a beauty regime staple for me now.. Its an incredible product that does exactly as it promises
  93. Amazing


    I received a sample of this and fell in love.
    It's become a beauty regime staple for me now.. Its an incredible product that does exactly as it promises
  94. New favourite serum!


    I didn't expect to love this serum as much as I do! I did experience some purging for the first week but after that I noticed a huge difference in my skin! My oily skin is balanced, reduced breakouts and my skin is overall brighter and glowy!
  95. Not sure about the smell


    I received this as a deluxe sample and was able to use it for a few weeks. I've never used a B serum before and am not quite sure that I need to as I didn't see much difference while I was using it or when I stopped. I was also not a fan of the Berocca smell. I've used plenty of odd smelling skincare products before but usually, the scent goes away quickly, not with this one though. In the evening...
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  96. Definitely makes skin look brighter!


    I received this product a a gift from Adore Beauty (thank you). I have been using it for three weeks now and really love it! It definitely makes your skin look brighter! It also applies super easy and is good to cocktail with other serums.
  97. Lightweight - delivers results


    This serum is lightweight and non greasy. It mixes in well with my vitamin C serum. I didn’t notice results straight away, but after 6 weeks of using it I’ve noticed my skin becoming smoother and more youthful on my cheeks. It didn’t however change any fine lines that I had on my forehead.
  98. Powerhouse Serum


    I received this serum as a sample and I am blown away at how effective it is! It does have a strong smell of vitamin B! It really packs a punch and has evened out my skin tone and blemishes.
    This is one I’ll be buying in full size!
  99. Skin care


    Great product, love what it does for my skin after a wash
  100. Undecided


    I received this as a sample and it smells nasty. I just couldn't get past the smell but I still went ahead to see some results. It does soak into the skin nicely but even after using the whole sample bottle, I haven't really seen any results but it felt nice on the skin.
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