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Aspect Extreme B 17 30ml

4.6 of 113 reviews


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4 instalments of $32.46


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An absolute skincare must-have for AM and PM, turbocharge your skin results with Aspect Extreme B 17. No matter what your skin type or skin concern, your skin will be infused with a cocktail of five super skin boosting sea plants, working in synergy with a patented blend of Vitamin B complex polypeptides to leave skin youthful. 

  • Cruelty Free
  • Artificial Fragrance Free

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SUPERIOR - 94% recommend

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  • 20s
  • 30s
  • 40s
  • 50+

Eye Concern:

  • Age Prevention

Skin Concern:

  • Dull, dry or dehydrated skin
  • First signs of ageing
  • Pigmentation, uneven skin tone

Skin Type:

  • Dry
  • Normal to dry
  • Normal to oily
  • Oily

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Aspect Extreme B 17

Aspect Extreme B 17

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4.6 of 113 reviews

94% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Best product


This product is just gorgeous. It has helped to get rid of my fine lines and wrinkles and has just improved the overall look of my skin. I look 10 years younger and my skin glows.

Most Helpful Criticism



I did like this product, but I'm a bit undecided. Considering the price, it didn't work that well but it did help
  1. A good starter


    This would be a good serum for those starting to get into advanced skincare. You don't need to stress about avoiding other products/ingredients or UV after using, unlike other cosmeceuticals, and you can't overuse it and burn your skin off!
    It's a great all rounder I find. It hasn't helped my breakouts, but it has made my skin texture improve. I look more glowy, even and hydrated. I noticed a difference within two weeks, using once a day.
  2. Best product


    This product is just gorgeous. It has helped to get rid of my fine lines and wrinkles and has just improved the overall look of my skin. I look 10 years younger and my skin glows.
  3. Good all rounder


    I've been using this product for almost a month now and love it! At first I was rather undecided as I didn't see overnight results like I had expected. After religious use, I've noticed that my complexion is brighter, smoother, less oily and just overall more glowy. I feel like this is a great product for an array of skins types and could never go past it now!
  4. Clear skin


    This was the first serum I ever used which I use morning and evening. It has helped clear my skin and gives a glowy look.
  5. Best All Rounder

    Caitlin (Adore Beauty Staff)

    I've been using this serum for years (close too 5 years I think) and I'd be lost without it. It's the best all-rounder and targets an array of things, perfect for all skin types and ages! It targets fine lines, dehydration, redness and leaves my skin super even and soft. It is the perfect serum to layer with other serums or use on its own as it targets so many things. Worth every penny. The only downfall is the smell is a little on the unpleasant/funky side, but after using it for so long I'm used to it and the benefits completely make up for it!
  6. Love this product


    I have been using ASPECT for nearly 12 months now and i can't fault it. I love all the serums and then to top it off with the moisturizer my skin feel lovely and hydrated all day.
  7. Great Product


    I've used this product day and night for a week, and within a couple of days the lumps and bumps I was freaking out about smoothed down! Incredible!
    The smell of the product is very potent and weird, like a vegetable/carrots/orange mixture smell; but will fade away when you top it with a moisturiser. the colour is a brightish orange.
  8. Great product!


    Honestly I am a big Adore fan!! Whatever articles i get to read it on this website is so so much helpful. I have a PCOS Acne with obviously oily skin. Before PCOS my skin was amazing but PCOS changed my skin which made me felt ugly.. There are many favourite products i use to keep acne at bay but B17 definitely a “game changer” I loveeeeeeeee it!!!!
  9. So hydrating


    Beautiful formula, light on the skin. I use this product in place of moisturizer and it leaves my skin feeling soft and hydrated all day long. LOVE!
  10. Good quality hydration


    I have combination skin. I find this product plumps my skin and gives it volume. I also use it around my eyes and especially my neck. Aspect has never let me down. This is high quality product I’ll continue to use!
  11. Love this product


    I have used this product for years. It's super hydrating and one of my favourites products of all time. One pump goes a long way.
  12. layer this


    I like to layer this with the hydrating serum or cream. It is a nice nutrient packed serum for the skin
  13. smooth and bright


    my skin feels smooth and brighter after using this.
  14. Love it !!!


    Love this product, received as a sample and now repurchased. Makes my skin feel smoother and look brighter. Now have my sister using this product aswell. Will Definetly keep using.
  15. Perfect serum to wear during the day under makeup!


    I was super impressed with the product, it is definitely worth the price. It helps with acne scars and overall dryness whilst also keeping my oily t-zone at bay! I really love this.
  16. Night serum,


    I use this as a night serum and it has improved the texture of my skin, and my skin always feels super soft in the morning
  17. so pricey


    this is quite expensive and it does work, my skin looks healthier and feels smoother
  18. It’s amazing!


    I use this morning and night and am already on my second bottle, it’s helped reduce my acne and scarring and doesn’t feel thick or sticky!!!
  19. undecided


    I did like this product, but I'm a bit undecided. Considering the price, it didn't work that well but it did help
  20. smoothing and brightening serum


    After using this serum for a few weeks, my skin felt so much smoother and brighter. I have combination skin and it helped to balance my skin as well
  21. Berocca for the skin


    Received a 7ml sample of this in a gift purchase and have found it smooth the overall texture of my skin and a clearer tone. I liken this to berocca for the skin as it smells like berocca and gives my face a nice zing!
  22. Great product!


    Great product that makes me look like I’ve had enough sleep.
  23. good


    Another favourite product of mine. Loved this product since it was first recommended to me. It has helped with the healing of my skin and I've grown in confidence and love how fresh it makes my skin look and feel. Got lots of compliments from those around me.
  24. Underwhelming effects. Looks like snot.


    I really wanted to like this but it doesn't seem to do much for me.
    It's got the colour and consistency of snot so that kind of turns me off it too; it is bright yellow. The price point is pretty high considering how little effect it's had on my skin. It has a very strong scent, not sure how I feel about that
    I generally like Aspect products but there are definitely better vitamin b serums out there.
  25. Like it


    This is my first vitamin B serum. I have normal-dry, thin skin so hydration is always a top priority for me. I got one of these as a sample and really enjoyed the texture and smell, so I bought a full size. I think it definitely is hydrating but because I use it with other serums it's difficult to specifically describe its effects. But I trust the Aspect brand overall because they're a science-based professional brand. I'll continue to use it for longer term results.
  26. Y to the E, S


    I love this!!! It has helped decongest my skin, removed ALOT of redness and has given me glowing, even, bright textured skin. Can't say I love the smell, it reminds me of McDonalds orange juice after a late night out but it's mild and nothing to complain about, after all, I would still drink their orange juice. So I say a definite YES to this beautiful product that cleary does what it says.
  27. Super brightening


    This made my skin feel super healthy and glowy. A little goes a long way so it lasts for a while too.
  28. Skin Changing!


    Received this in the Try Me Kit and from the first use it had a dramatic effect. My pimples had reduced overnight and with daily use I've hardly had a breakout since and don't need to use as much moisturiser. It has a bit of a funny smell, like off oranges, and it feels a bit sticky but I don't care, the change in my skin is unbelievable!! I use with ASAP Gentle Cleansing Gel and the Phytostat 9 moisturiser
  29. Love at first use


    I’ve received it as a sample with another purchase and got in love from the first sign. The smell is amazing, the texture is so smooth and fluid. You only need a tiny bit for the whole face. Most importantly, it doesn’t break me out. It’s even soothes and calms my skin. I’ve seen a huge reduction in redness.
  30. Like it!


    I recently purchased this product to help with congestion and overall brightness/pigmentation. Its helping my skin already with congestion and shall wait and see what else it improves.
  31. Didn't notice a difference but keen to try again


    I used this a while back after a recommendation from a beauty therapist. I actually didn't notice any effects from it but I am keen to try it again soon, as I love and trust this brand and my skin has been more red and irritated lately, so perhaps it will help.
  32. Love love love


    This is my favourite b serum out (and I have tried them all!) pricey but smells nice, feels nice. Has lessened my rough patches and dehydration but has also helped my redness from using active products.
  33. Amazing


    I’ve struggled to find a serum that I can ease into. I had very sensitive skin due to over peeling and one to many active products. I couldn’t use anything on my face, even QV was stinging. After speaking with a friend I purchased this serum to start building my skin back up again, I’ve not looked back! Skin is feeling fresh and so sensitivity in sight!!


    Have noticed a significant improvement in the overall health of my skin since using this! Definitely the best B serum I've used, just wish it wasn't so pricey!
    A B serum is a must have for me though, so this is one I just cant help myself with - MUST BUY!
  35. Absolutely love the glow this gives me.


    I already use a number of serums but the Extreme B17 gave me a glow like no other.

    I first received this as a 7ml sample (which lasted quite a while even with 1 x daily use) and have since bought the full size bottle.

    I have sensitive skin and the first few times I used it my skin reacted with tingling and slight redness but it died down fairly quickly and was a non-issue after the first week.

    It's a little bit on the expensive side but well worth the cost given the results and the fact that it last ages.
  36. Not all I thought


    I swapped over to Aspect Extreme B17 after using the ASAP B serum for 2 years or so, I thought it was time to change things up, go to something a bit stronger/more active. My first thought was this serum is very very light and absorbs quickly, however this left my skin feeling like it was not getting enough hydration, and still does after about 2 weeks or so of using it. I don't find it's helping with my breakouts as such like the ASAP Serum did. My skin feels smooth but I'm getting the occasional tiny breakout which is being persistent. This serum is probably best for someone with oily/combination skin, not dry/dehydrated/combination.
  37. Noticed a difference strait away


    I really love this serum, lt has made my skin look firmer and my pores are smaller. My skin looks really good since l started using it.
  38. Have enjoyed using it!


    I’ve really liked this serum and have combined with other aspect products! My friends have commented on how lovely my skin has been looking! This serum goes on nicely and is absorbed by my skin well. I have pretty sensitive skin and haven’t had an adverse reaction either which is amazing! The reviews about the smell appear to be mixed, but for me it smells like off oranges (or an orange cleaning product) however this didn’t put me off use nor do I think the smell lasts long at all so I really don’t think it’s much of a problem.
  39. So good.


    Love this product, smells so nice and it goes such a long way, you only need a tiny bit for your whole face.
  40. Good


    A nice serum, but I didn't feel any extra benefits compared with other products unfortunately.
  41. good


    The B17 leaves my skin feeling nourished and smooth . As all of the serums I love the pump bottle .
  42. Love it!


    This serum is so lovely. It’s great for hydration. Fantastic
    Aussie company.
  43. Sooooo good


    I’ve received it as a sample with another purchase and got in love from the first sign. The smell is amazing, the texture is so smooth and fluid. You only need a tiny bit for the whole face. Most importantly, it doesn’t break me out. It’s even soothes and calms my skin. I’ve seen a huge reduction in redness.
  44. I love this product!


    I received the B17 serum in a sample size with another purchase & I have to say that I love this product! It makes my skin clearer, brighter, smoother. My complexion looks amazing. The best part is that you don’t have to use a lot to have such a big effect. I’ll be buying the full size bottle once I run out.
  45. Great brightening serum


    I bought this to help tackle my fine lines and brighten my skin. I’ve been using it Day and night consistently for about 6 months now and it definitely has worked on brightening my skin, I feel like I may need something else to target the fine lines however. I love the feel of this serum. A little goes a long way and it absorbs beautifully.
  46. Great


    I’m using this to brighten my skin a bit (and always loving any product that helps with fine lines) I feel like it does liven up my skin and a part of noticing a difference with lines. I will definitely repurchase and keep as part of my night time routine
  47. Lightweight, brightening serum


    This serum is amazing! I’ve been dealing with some pretty horrible postnatal acne and this serum has been a lifesaver. Although it’s not getting rid of the acne, my skin is brighter and more hydrated. This is a lightweight serum that really penetrates this skin. It does leave a slightly tacky feeling on the face but it makes it a good base for under foundation.
  48. Smells amazing


    I have combo, acne prone skin... well I USED TO! Along with everything I’ve been using lately this is just lovely. I like to use it under my skinceuticles retinol .5% and I always wake up feeling like I’m having a good skin day. Love the smell, love the texture. Feel like your doing something good for your skin.
  49. great for congested skin


    My oily dehydrated skin felt more plump and hydrated and my blackheads are slowly starting to lessen. Would repurchase.
  50. Great for problem skin


    I have Dry skin with a few hormonal breakouts. This product has been great at brightening and calming my skin whilst help heal my breakouts.
  51. Great


    Another favourite product of mine. Loved this product since it was first recommended to me. It has helped with the healing of my skin and I've grown in confidence and love how fresh it makes my skin look and feel. Got lots of compliments from those around me.


    This Extreme B17 Serum clears breakout and hydrates the skin without making it oily. It is absolutely worth every penny. I use morning and night, underneath moisturiser, and my skin glows with radiance all day from it, and it clears congestion in a day. I absolutely adore this product.
  53. Worked overnight


    I saw results from the very first time I used this. The whole aspect range is beautiful and really works for me, this has absolutely worked wonders on my skin for brightening.
  54. Glowing, clear skin


    I received a sample of this and love how easily it fits into my skincare regime and gives my skin a lovely glow. It also hydrates my complexion (dehydrated, fine lines) and seems to be tackling my post acne marks too. I’m not surprised it has such great reviews. It’s pricey but it works!
  55. Instant results


    I received a sample of this product and I will definitely be repurchasing. I have only been applying at night, after cleaning and before other treatment serums (retinol etc) and moisturiser and I really did receive instant results. When I woke the morning after my first use I was shocked when I washed my face, how good it felt. It wasn’t a one off either, it has stayed that way as I have continued to use.
    I don’t really get a lot of breakouts so can’t comment on that but even so my skin looks so much more hydrated and healthy.
    This product does have a smell, but I don’t mind it, to me it smells likes oranges and just makes it smell fresh. Even if the smell is not your thing, it does not linger and I can not smell it once I have rubbed the product in.

    Highly recommend!!
  56. Fast results


    This serum is designed so that you get results fast. After just one use my skin felt hydrated and appeared brighter. This was my first ASPECT serum and probably my favourite.
  57. An effective serum


    I got this as a sample and still am using it, i have found so far it has cleared up my skin and also made my skin tone a bit more glowy. The only down side is the smell, its got a really bizarre smell i think someone described it as berroca but i find it a bit more on the weird side the smell does go away though, this product does seem to be amazing! just a little expensive
  58. Great product | Blemish prone skin | Senstivite


    I love this product from the first time i've used it. It calms my skin and also assist with blemishes as well. Highly recommend the product although the price is quite on he expensive site but it's worth it.
  59. Like a Berocca for your face


    This serum smells like a Berocca, not in bad way, but in a "I mean business way". I have not used a niacinamide/Vit B serum this effective before. Spots are healing faster and my skin is visibly brighter. I had a 5ml sample which I saw results with right away so bought the full size and it has been worth the price tag. Providing samples like this do sell product as this serum would not have been on my radar before I tried it.
  60. Plumps & hydrates


    I love this serum. I'be been using it for more than 6 months now and can definitely notice a difference when I'm not using it. The serum is super hydrating and smoothing. I'd definitely recommend if you're struggling with dry skin. The only negative thing for me is that it's a little pricey, but worth it.
  61. Subtle change but not turning back


    My beauty therapist suggests this product. For the first few weeks, my face gets really oily (I use this in the morning). I was told to just keep using it and she was right. My skin feels balanced after a few weeks of using it. I noticed a slight reduction in my breakout, but I've tried so many other product and only this serum that can 'balance my skin. Also, it sinks in really well and certainly buildable with other products. I have repurchased this product 2x now
  62. Great product


    Love, love, love!!!! Got this product as a sample and have since repurchased. It transformed my dull skin. It makes my skin dewy and airbrushed. Only thing I hate about it is the bottle pump is so hard to get the product out.
  63. My favourite serum of all time


    This is my absolute favourite Aspect serum of all time!! It makes my skin glow and gives you that lit from within look! If I could only have one serum I used this would be it. The texture takes a little getting used to as it is quite 'sticky', however once you learn how much you need for your skin its amazing. My aesthetician recommended using it only in the mornings and it makes your makeup sit so much better on the skin whilst keeping it hydrated.
  64. Didn't see any difference


    This has such amazing reviews but I just didn't see any long-term benefits on my skin.
    It felt nice going on - like a nice, light hydrating serum - but, even after using a whole bottle, I just didn't see any real benefits to my skin.
    Obviously, it has such great reviews so I don't know why it didn't work for me. It could potentially be because I already use a multitude of serums, including The Ordinary buffet + copper, niacinamide, vitamin C + alpha arbutin, retinol, lactic acid, MAP and resveratrol + ferulic acid, so maybe this one was kind of redundant.
    I'd recommend getting a small tester or buying it in one of the sample packs first, rather than investing in a whole bottle as I did.
  65. Really lovely, but didn't last as long as expected


    I used this product every morning (not night because I wanted to make it last as long as possible) but it still ran out after 5 months. So if used as recommended in the AM and PM, then it would probably only last a couple of months!

    Despite this, it works. My skin is clear, refined and smooth. It has a refreshing scent that isn't powerful and feels lovely on the skin.
  66. Good to give your skin a boost


    I received a sample of this product and tried it out. I purchased the large bottle on recommendation of my beautician. I have used this product for 2 months applying it twice a day (once in the morning and once at night). The improvement in my skin is slight but visible (says my beautician!)

    I use this serum in conjunction with Aspect's hydrating serum and Aesop's face oil. It is a good consistency and has a nice citrus scent. I recommend adding it to give your skin a little extra boost.
  67. Helps absorb other products


    Great to use in conjunction with other serums and moisturisers.
    Helps absorb other products.
  68. Holy grail?


    I am still searching for my holy grail vitamin b serum that I can use in the morning under makeup. I am time poor in the morning and need something that sinks into my skin fast. I do like this product, but it doesn't dry down as quickly as I would like and still has that slight tacky feeling on the skin. It's better than many others I have tried. Who knows maybe there isn't such thing as a non tacky b serum?
  69. Great Serum!


    I received this as a sample and will purchase the full size product. It gives my skin a glow and has already made a different to some of the redness and pigmentation in the short time I have been using it. It does not irritate my skin or cause any breakouts. Great product!
  70. Love!!


    I received this as a sample in my last order and absolutely loved it - i noticed a difference in just the 10 days i used it my skin just reacted really well to it. I will be purchasing the full sized item in my next order for sure!
  71. Will purchase again


    I received this product as a sample and loved it so much. Im 22 with oily acne prone skin and I used it at night after my toner and under moisturiser. When I wake up my skin looks so much healthier and brighter. It's hard to explain but this product definitely works and I haven't had these results with other products. I use it on alternate days to liquid gold or skinstitut retinol and my skin has never been better. Love it! I'm currently savings up to purchase the full product
  72. Love it!


    I have been using this product religiously for the past year and this have done wonders on my skin. Scarring and pigmentation have improved and feels great under makeup. I'm on to my third bottle!
  73. Skin saver


    This product is worth every cent! Helps with oilyness and dehydration (yes!) Acne, redness, sensitivity and makes my skin glow! It does it all! I will use this forever!
  74. Amazing!


    I received this product as a free sample and loved it so much I decided to purchase the full size. It’s a bit pricey but worth it. It leaves my skin feeling soft and hydrated and I will definitely repurchase when I run out.
  75. My new favourite


    I am currently using a free sample of this that was sent to me by Adore Beauty. Absolutely love this product. I will be purchasing when I run out. I’ve been using it for a week and I can already see results. My skin in generally quite red and blotchy looking but since I started using this I have definitely seen a big reduction in the redness and my skin looks overall clearer and brighter. It goes on an absorbs pretty well and feels like it is quite hydrating.
  76. Love


    Pair with the other vitamin serums for a total skincare process. This is awesome, makes skin feel refreshed and soft, and evens out my skintone!
  77. Calming, hydrating and a good all-rounder


    I can’t imagine anyone not liking this serum. It absorbs very quickly and leaves my skin calm and hydrated. Beautiful under makeup. Less sticky than other niacinimide serums I’ve tried. It had a strong smell that disappears straight after application - it’s not an unpleasant smell but it is strong (herbal / medicinal smell).
  78. Glowing skin


    When your skin care routine involves a few products it can be hard to narrow down what is working and what isn't.I'm not 100% sure what this product does to my skin but i know that when i use it regularly my skin glows and my breakouts seem to almost heal faster. I think its worth giving a go and incorporating into your skin routine.
  79. Feels great


    Love how this feels on my skin. I have sensitive skin and it seems to calm it. It smells great too.
  80. Made my skin break out


    I bought this product, but also so happened to receive it as a sample too. I decided to try the sample version before opening the full bottle and I am glad I did. This product made my skin break out in a pimply-rash. It didn't feel bad going on, other than it made my skin feel quite tight. The reaction went away very quickly after I discontinued use, so the reaction was not serious, but my recommendation would be to skin test this on your arm before you use it on your face, like I did.
  81. AMAZING!!


    I have never used a product that's had such a fast and noticeable result. This serum, used morning and night, had my skin glowing and refreshed with noticeably less lines within one week. So, so impressed - I received a sample as a gift with purchase and after seeing the results, bought the full size product, It is expensive but it is totally worth it. You only need a very small amount of product so I imagine the bottle will last a long time as well. I am now starting to try the rest of the range as I use up my existing skin care products.
  82. AMAZING!


    I never really have understood serums. Whenever I have used VIT A, B or C I have never really been able to see a difference in my skin, I just use them because you are supposed to. Then this baby came along. Received a small tube as a gift and WOW- I will buy this again and again! Well done Aspect! Game changer!
  83. Love it


    On to my second bottle of this and loving it. Currently using it in conjunction with jungle brew which seems to be better than on its own (which is still good anyway). Will repurchase again.
  84. My lovely lovely lovely product


    I received this product as a sample and after I found good results I bought it and I've been using it for almost month and I adore it , my favorite cream no wrinkles, refresh my skin, give me a good glow, fast to absorb very very good I using it twice a day. Highly recommend
  85. Fantastic fast absorbing serum


    ive tried multiple hylauronic acid or B vitamin serums and this was the first to sink in properly and actually hydrate my skin without feeling like i need a thick cream over the top, would highly recommend for people with acne prone yet dry skin. my only problem is that you feel like you need a little bit more than the recommended one pump, probably because it sinks in so fast.
  86. Skin refresh


    I received this product as a sample and I use it after a swim under my Moisture Surge. It calms my skin after exposure to chlorinated swim pool water and I love the Citrus smell.
  87. Good


    I've been battling with nasty breakouts for 5 long months until I came across this product and now, my face is slowly healing. Love this product.
  88. Not impressed


    Received this product as a sample and was really excited to try it after reading all the great reviews. I have to say that while it felt great on my skin, I can't get past the gross smell! It like oranges gone bad. If that doesn't bother you, then go ahead, but I wouldn't be recommending it for that reason
  89. The best skincare product


    I received this product as a sample and absolutely love it. I naturally have very red patchy skin and this has reduced the redness. Will definitely be purchasing once the sample runs out.
  90. Nice multitasker


    I received a sample in a promo give away, I’m about half way through the the sample size bottle and I’m liking the luminous effect it is having on my complexion.
    I’m a big believer in potent vitamin products for the skin I’m most certainly going to purchase the full size!
  91. Lovely product!


    I received a sample of this product with my last order and have used it just a couple of times. I must say that i am in love with the result. It isnt oily yet it moisturises well and adds glow to the skin. I will definitely purchase this when i run out of my asap b serum. Smells like rotten oranges at first but it doesnt bother me much.
  92. Really liked the sample


    I received a sample of this serum, and used before bed and thought my skim was much smoother and seemed to calm the skin with less redness than I usually have. Would definitely consider purchasing the full-size.
  93. Great product

    Aesthetic Investor

    This was my first intro into vitamin b. I received as a sample and kept forgetting to try it. Wow. I'm so glad I did. I had an initial break out. Which doesn't really bother me as this always happens whenever I try a new product. After a few days without it, I introduced it again. And I really think it has made a difference in my regime. I am finishing my bottle of asap b and then I will purchase aspect just to change it up.. Definitely a yes from me!
  94. Loved the sample!


    I received a sample and only used for a few days, however noticed my skin is more hydrated and little pigments appear to be fading. Definitely considering purchasing the full sized product.
  95. Miracle in a bottle - absolutely transformative


    Wow! This serum is the bomb! It is light weight, absorbs immediately, transforms my blotchy-red, pale, dry skin into smooth, poreless, even-toned lovely and touchable skin. The smell is a little odd - like boiled whole oranges - but other than that. Get it - it is worth every penny.
  96. Lovely product, fast results


    I mix this with Vitamin C and my skin has never looked better. Results were almost immediate and longlasting. My redness has disappeared and skin is now more even.
  97. Love it


    I have received this as a sample from adore on two occasions. I use this every morning under my phytostat 9, it sinks into the skin really well. It has been helping to hydrate my combination skin in winter. I believe my skin appears more bright and plump when using this serum. Although it is expensive I definitely want to purchase the full size.
  98. Must have for skin care regime


    Probably the best product for your night routine. Honestly, haven't come across anything better than this product. My skin looks and feels so hydrated and alive. Treats a range of skincare problems, honestly, on my third bottle now!


    amazing product, I just recently repurchased after I ran out of my first bottle. Figured I could live without it, and didn’t buy it because of its high price point. After reusing it for only a day, my skin looked brighter and more glowy. I have pretty severe acne scarring on my cheeks and this is the only product that really helps. Would recommend to anyone, especially those that suffer from scarring as I do. Makes your skin literally glow!
  100. Great Product!


    This product is so lovely. I have been using this for about two weeks and have noticed that my skin is much brighter and more 'plump'. I use it every morning under my tinted moisturiser and my skin does not dry out at all. I have very dry skin and this has helped brighten my skin and hydrate it.
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