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Aspect Extreme C 20 30ml

4.5 of 107 reviews


4 instalments of $33.75


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4 instalments of $33.75


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Aspect Extreme C 20 is ideal for all skin conditions, particularly sensitive and skin prone to redness. This vitamin C based serum tackles many of the signs of skin ageing, from every conceivable angle. With a unique breakthrough combination of amino peptides, stable vitamin C, cellular antioxidants, corrective botanicals and skin energizing extracts – all expertly blended into a light as air, paraben and fragrance-free serum.

  • Cruelty Free
  • Artificial Fragrance Free

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GREAT - 89% recommend

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  • 20s
  • 30s
  • 40s
  • 50+

Eye Concern:

  • Age Prevention

Skin Concern:

  • First signs of ageing
  • Pigmentation, uneven skin tone

Skin Type:

  • Dry
  • Normal to dry
  • Normal to oily
  • Oily

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Aspect Extreme C 20

Aspect Extreme C 20

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4.5 of 107 reviews

89% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive



Really nice consistency (serum, non oily) & citrus smell. Only just incorporated into my AM routine after glycolic & before moisturiser, sunscreen. Skin is brighter and sun/acne pigmentation is fading.

Most Helpful Criticism



Smells lovely, good texture and non greasy.
  1. Lovely


    Really nice consistency (serum, non oily) & citrus smell. Only just incorporated into my AM routine after glycolic & before moisturiser, sunscreen. Skin is brighter and sun/acne pigmentation is fading.
  2. Great serum


    I have really liked this product. I use it daily with the Aspect Extreme B17. It absorbs really beautifully into the skin, has a nice citrus scent and a pump dispenser. Skin feels smooth and hydrated. Not sure though if it has reduced lines and wrinkles.
  3. Good vc serum


    Finished a 7ml sample. It smells lovely with a refreshing citrus fruit scent. Light texture and absorbed easily.
  4. I like!


    Smells super citrus-y fresh and quick drying on the skin. I really actually think it has reduced some of my fine lines!

    Got the sample size which is lasting a good few weeks/months but will be buying the full-size in my next purchase for sure - which I can only imagine will last a while.
  5. Great serum


    This is a superior quality serum. My skin looked amazing when i used it. Radiant and smooth.
    Big difference when I stopped .
    I'm sold.
  6. Great serum


    Wow. My skin looked amazing and radiant with this product.
    Ran out, used something else and saw a major difference.
    I'm sold. Indefinitely.
  7. Nice enough but better


    While I found this vitamin c nice and non irritating I think my Medik8 c30 is a lot better. I found this to be very mild and didn’t notice much difference
  8. Really enjoyed my sample, can't wait to invest


    I received a sample size and its a great product. It goes on easy and drys very fast. Has a nice orange scent. Leaves my skin nice and soft
  9. Great


    Got this as a sample size and absolutely loved it. It goes on easily and isn't thick. Smells amazing and I definitely noticed a difference in my skin using this.
  10. Nice Serum


    Big fan of this brand. Use this serum daily along with the Aspect B serum. Light weight serum that absorbs quickly and doesn't leave the skin feeling oily. Easy to use metered pump bottle.
  11. Great product


    I received a sample size and its a great product. It goes on easy and drys very fast. Has a nice orange scent. Leaves my skin nice and soft
  12. Amazing


    I love this product.
    I use it in combination with my other skin care products, including the Aspect Phytostat 9 and my skin is more hydrated, illuminated and youthful.
    It doesn’t reduce fine lines though...sorry.
  13. Lovely Serum


    I received a 7mL sample of this product and it's really nice! A little product goes a long way so it would last for a very long time. It's very smooth and absorbs quickly. You can feel a slight tingle on the skin which I get with effective vitamin C serums. I would absolutely purchase the full size in the future (when I can justify the cost).
  14. Sadly didnt work for me


    I have sensitive skin but ive been wanting to try a vitamin c serum for a long time. I tried slowly working this in to my skincare routine, mixing with moisturiser and so on but it just seems to irritate my skin every time. Ive given it to my sister who says its okay but unfortunately wont suit everyone skin!
  15. Moisturising, good for sensitive skin and smells amazing

    Great Hydrating Serum

    I received a sample of this product from Adore Beauty. The little 7ml sample I received lasted for over a month and I used it everyday. I have really dry eczema/dermatitis skin that is usually really sensitive to serums and can break out in a rash. However, this didn’t happen! In fact it made my face really hydrated and left a dewy glow that soaked in after a few minutes. I am reordering the full ...
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  16. Expensive, but worth it


    I really love this product. My skin drinks it up, and it sits beautifully under moisturiser and makeup. I had uneven skintone after pregnancy and I've found that it has definitely started to brighten and even out my complexion.
  17. Nice texture and feel to this serum which absorbs nicely


    Received this Extreme C20 in a goody bag and find it great for sensitive to dry skin, iv found it to be the only serum to reduce redness so already a believer in this one in under a week. I’m using Thalgo silicium atm and liking the long term use so I will keep up with aspect C20 and trial it a bit longer b4 going in for the big 30ml but I do like it and it’s a cure for redness as yet to find one ...
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  18. Skin brightening!

    Laura O

    I have oily / combination skin and haven't been able to use vitamin c serum in the past - it clogs my pores and creates more oily. This however works wonders and I'm genuinely surprised at how well my skin drinks this serum up. I've been using a 7ml trial size and will definitely consider purchasing the full size.
  19. Irritation +++


    Immediate irritation that took hours to calm down. Will probably avoid aspect products all together after this.
  20. Glowing skin


    I got a sample size of this in the Aspect Starter Pack and have used it every day since. I really love everything about this vitamin C serum, the packaging is extremely hygienic and keeps the product fresh, the scent and consistency of the product is gorgeous and it just melts straight into my skin. This is a must have product in the Aspect range, I will buy the full size.
  21. Love!


    I received a sample of this product with a recent purchase and I’m surprised by how much I love it. Leaves my skin looking bright and glowy. Sits well under my moisturiser/sunscreen/makeup.
  22. Amazing!


    I was so happy to receive a sample of this in a recent order.
    I was already using a vitamin C serum daily but thought I would give this a go too. I find it brightens my skin and gives it such a lovely glow. I’m definitely a fan after trying this and will be recommending it to my family and friends.
  23. Lovely serum


    This truly is a lovely serum to use, it feels nice on the skin and provides the brightening effect almost immediately
  24. Just a great vitamin c serum


    I got this as a sample size in an order and I loved it. I could genuinely immediately see the brightening effect on my skin.
  25. Aaaaaaamazing


    This is such a lovely serum! The texture is light and the scent uplifting! It gives a lovely brightening glow
  26. Great vitamin C serum


    One of my favourite vitamin C serums which applies smoothly, spreads evenly without any pilling or rolling. Was previously using the ASAP C serum however this is a far more superior product in my opinion in terms of ease of application and outcome.
  27. Haven’t been blown away


    I had high hopes for this but unfortunately I haven’t really been blown away by it. While easy enough to use with no irritation I found it didn’t really do anything for my skin. After I finish my bottle I will go back to medik8
  28. Amazing...


    I’m loving Aspect!!! The texture of this serum is so good and I love to mix it with Aspect B 17 serum with Phytostat 9 over the top to seal in the goodness... It leaves my skin so smooth and even and I wake up glowing.
  29. oily


    i got this as a sample and have been using it in the morning the last five days. i find the serum quite oily and have yet to see a dramatic change. i love the aspect range but dont love this serum
  30. Pretty good!


    I received this as a sample with a recent order. It's a nice serum, but as a loyal skinceuticals CE ferulic user, this isn't quite on the same level. Won't purchase a big bottle of this, but the sample size is great for travelling.
  31. I like it


    I received this a sample.
    I love it.
    I've noticed a slight difference in pigmentation of my skin. Looks a brighter..
    Not sold on the price when I was first looking for a vit c serum but now I've tried it I wouldn't mind spending the money
  32. Hello bright skin!


    I love this vitamin C serum! I was really worried my skin would react to this, because I often have sensitive skin. However, it has only made my skin smoother and brighter! I have some scarring from blemishes, so I use this in the morning (followed by SPF, of course) with some Skitsitut even blend serum and have seen a reduction in my scarring. The only down side is that the serum tends to oxidise...
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  33. Not bad, average


    Not a bad serum, but not my favourite vitamin C serum.
    It sits well under makeup, but I don’t see much chance in my skin after using it.
  34. The best one!!!


    This is awesome, great product - it really helping to reduce my pigmentations and brighten my skin. Would highly recommend!!!
  35. Good serum


    This is a good Vitamin C serum which does the job of brightening and evening out my complexion with regular use - however, I just feel the price is a bit steep and there are cheaper serums out there that do just as good a job.
  36. Enjoying this


    I am enjoying this vitamin c serum. It hasn’t irritated my skin at all and it’s great in the morning and sits well under makeup. At this stage I probably wouldn’t repurchase though as I don’t think it is strong enough for my skin
  37. Unsure


    I don’t hate it but I don’t love it either. Serum is nice and light and absorbs quickly. Don’t love the smell but it’s not off putting. After a few years of not looking after my skin I’m trying out some new products but I think I will try some other vitamin C serums before coming back to this. I haven’t noticed it’s effects like I have the other serums I slowly introduced into my routine.
  38. Favourite vitamin c


    This is my favourite vitamin c serum out. It has really helped brighten my skin and reduce pigmentation
  39. Best vitamin c serum


    This is a beautiful vitamin c serum. I like to use it in the mornings and my skin has been noticeably brighter and smoother since using it. Love the packaging of this one too
  40. Favorite vitamin C serum.


    This was the first vitamin C serum that I ever tried and I instantly loved it. I did change up my routine a little bit and tried a few others but have gone back to Aspect Extreme C 20. I have never had sensitive skin but a few of the other vitamin C serums that I tried made my skin quite red and sensitive. I also didn't love that some of them were quite oily and made my skin a little bit shiny. As...
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  41. Amazing!


    I've been using Extreme C for over 12 months. I'm about halfway through my 3rd bottle. Initially, I was looking to add a Vit C product to my regime to assist with collagen production (to treat and prevent fine lines), and reduce pigmentation (red marks from acne). I chose Aspect's as this was one of the few Vit C products without silicones (which congests my pores leading to cystic acne). I absolu...
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  42. I'm a fan of the glow


    I have got some pigmentation from hormonal acne and this seems to be lifting the pigmentation which is the dream for me

    I have also noticed it is helping with my frown lines, I usually would have had botox by now to have the crease popped out but I haven't needed any this year yet so I am thanking
    Aspect Extreme C 20 for that along with the use of the red Lightstim every night ...
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  43. Great C


    Great serum for my sensitive skin so easy to use would recommend
  44. Great product


    My skin looks much more brighter after using this. I would highly recommend.
  45. The most effective C serum


    I have tried quite a few vitamin C serum which potency ranging from. 15 to 25, Aspect Extreme C 20 is by far the most effective one as my skin started to feel very smooth and plumped just after 3 days. It is on the pricer side, but I think it’s definitely worth the money. I had the bonus size of 7 ml and i am on my fifth day using it.
  46. Extremely brightening


    Made my skin glow! Definitely an investment but worth it for what it does for the skin!!
  47. Ok on my sensitive skin


    I've read reviews that this serum is not great for sensitive skin. I received a large-sized sample and I used it every couple of days. I had no issues with it and I am going to keep using it as I love the brightening effect that vitamin c can have on the skin. I think I may even purchase it. Still, have to get through the last half of the sample!
  48. Reaction


    My face has never been more inflamed in my life. My skin instantly went bright red and hot from using this
  49. Good vitmain c serum which is worth the money


    This vitamin c serum definitely made my skin look noticeably brighter, I got lots of compliments! It doesn't result in drastic skin chances like with more expensive vit c serums, however, at this price point, I am pretty happy with the product.
  50. Great serum


    I have been using this for a couple of months now and I am very happy with the results. I am not certain it has reduced my fine lines, however, it has definitely brightened my skin and has reduced the slight puffiness around my eyes.
  51. vitamin c boost


    this is like a vitamin c boost for the face, fantastic for brightening the skin
  52. brightening but not for sensitive


    great for brightening skin, it has a lot of vitamin c so if you have sensitive skin, I wouldn't recommend
  53. didn't mind


    not the best vitamin c serum I've tried but it's pretty good. I've got combination skin but I don't think it'd be suited to sensitive or dry skin types
  54. not for sensitive skin types


    bought this for my mum because she was after an anti-ageing serum. It didn't work for her sensitive skin
  55. Perfect for dry skin


    I have been using this serum for almost 2 years and it’s never let me down! I use it both morning and night and it brightens my skin instantly. Highly recommend this brand and serum!!
  56. A nice addition to my daily routine


    This product was my first trial of a vitamin C product as part of my daily regime.

    I used the serum in conjunction with other Aspect products, and applied it in the morning before moisturiser.

    My skin definitely appeared brighter with this product. Still undecided on whether there was a marked difference with lines etc.

    It absorbs quickly, has a nice texture...
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  57. good


    I put this on everyday and it has been magic - restoring my dehydrated skin and making it supple again! Love Aspect - this is the first time I've had visible results from a product range!
  58. Nice product!


    I was given a sample of this with a recent order and I’ll be purchasing the full size. It’s very light weight and a little goes a long way. My skin looked fresh and clear after applying.
  59. Healthier and brighter skin


    This made my skin feel healthier, brighter and improved my skin. Would recommend.
  60. Irritated my skin


    I received a 15ml bottle as a gift with purchase recently. The first few uses were fine however I developed a rash after about my fifth use. Let the rash settle and tried the product again however it irritated my skin once more. I use many Aspect problems without issue, so won't be using this one again.
  61. Will definitely be purchasing!


    Great product I got a sample and loved it will definitely be buying the full size product!!
  62. Lovely vit c serum


    I’ve only been using this for 2 weeks so jury still out on improvements, however, it is a nicely textured serum with the right ingredients so I expect it will deliver. Best part, it doesn’t stink like a vit c serum.
  63. My favourite skincare product


    This is easily my favourite skincare product. It makes SUCH a visible difference, I wouldn't be without it. A bottle lasts me about 3 months. My skin is brighter, fine lines disappear, and it smells lovely.


    This is got to be the only vitamin C that I trust. It has improved my overall skin texture and I am starting to see a decrease in my scarring and furthermore when I do happen to have a nasty breakout that would usually scar, I swear that it is this serum which does not allow it to do so. This will continue to be a staple in my morning routine before their vitamin B serum. Amazing combo, brand and ...
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  65. Great Product


    I received a small Vitamin C as a promo of this as was really happy with the product. Love the pump pack and the smell is nice without being overbearing. It absorbs well and quickly and is a good price point for a serum like this.
  66. Great vitamin C


    I've tried a lot of Vitamin C products and this one is really good. Fast absorbing, hydrating, and I feel glowing afterwards.
  67. Love Aspect Extreme C


    I use extreme c on my rosacea prone highly sensitive skin. I love it as it calms my redness and I don’t react to it.
  68. great


    Love this serum!feels amazing on my skin,results are wonderful with tighter and smoother skin!
  69. Best Vitamin C Serum


    Ive started using this serum a couple of weeks ago and I have to say, in conjunction with Phytostat 9, Red-Less Serum & this it has worked wonders on my skin. I use this in the morning with the Retinol Brûlée every second night and I have noticed a huge difference in my skin.

    Highly recommend this product range
  70. I am in love


    The Aspect Extreme C is definitely living up to the hype for me. Over the past 3 months I have really noticed a positive change in my skin since using this product (along with Aspect cleanser, moisturizer and the Exfoliat serum).
  71. Amazing


    Great product I got a sample and loved it will definitely be buying the full size product!!
  72. Great for plumping and hydration


    I feel like this has really helped keep my pigmentation at bay and it’s super hydrating on my skin. I use with the B17 serum in the mornings and have had no issues with breakouts.
  73. Tried the sample


    I got a sample of this from Adore Beauty. It had a distinct orange smell and isn't overly oily or sticky. I think over time would show greater results but my sensitive skin hasn't reacted which is a good sign
  74. The perfect starter Vitamin C


    I had previously tried a much stronger Vitamin C product that broke my skin out in a rash. This however was gentle on my skin but still effective at reducing fine lines, brightening skin and evening out my skin tone! I am in my early 30s and have all the usual signs of ageing as well as some post acne marks and pregnancy pigmentation. I use this after a B5 serum in the AM a few times a week and ha...
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  75. Good


    I put this on everyday and it has been magic - restoring my dehydrated skin and making it supple again! Love Aspect - this is the first time I've had visible results from a product range!
  76. holy grail


    I have dull, oily, dehydrated and pigmented skin and this worked wonders! It isn't sticky and works great in conjunction with my other Aspect products.
  77. Non irritating


    Vitamin c serum is a must have for any skin care regime. Finding a serum that did not cause my skin to become hyper sensitive was difficult and costly. My skin now feels firmer and looks brighter and more youthful.
  78. Glowy skin!


    Was recommended this product by my skincare specialist to help brighten up my complexion - and I love it. Easy to apply, fresh smell and I always get so many compliments about how beautiful and dewy my skin looks when I'm using it. I also tend to have sensitive skin and this product did not inflame or irritate it in anyway!
  79. lovely


    I love Aspect products. Being in my mid 50s and loving the sun in my teens and twenties I suffer from pigmentation. This product has been amazing. Will be purchasing again.
  80. cannot live without


    i grab for this serum the most in my cabinet. great smell, nice a refreshing. boosts my skin to feel plumper and smoother instantly.
  81. Cult buy


    I struggle with pigmentation and whenever I can afford it this product is my favourite Vit C, you will start to see results in a few weeks as it brightens your complexion.
  82. Great product


    This Vitamin C serum was recommended to me by my aesthetician and can highly recommend. Great for sensitive skin as it does not cause breakouts. Only downside is that it is a little pricey and there are many other alternatives on the market that are slightly cheaper. A great 'beginner serum' for those looking to include in skin care routine.
  83. Great but can be replicated for less


    I have a medium-deep skintone with some hyperpigmentation. I've used a vitamin C serum consistently to keep it under control and brighten up the complexion.
    This Aspect one was the first I ever used and was recommended to me by my aesthetician at the time. It definitely works and does what it promises - no question about that. It's a very effective product.
    However, when cheaper skin c...
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  84. Good for use in skin care regime


    Good brightening product for acne, skin pigmentation.
  85. Wedding Skin


    I bought this in the lead up to my wedding after reading Zoe Foster-Blake's Amazing Face (which mentions Aspect several times) and it delivered. It's a really light vitamin C that doesn't have the weird ham smell that some C's can have, is in a great oxygen-proof dispenser and really made my skin feel clearer with less spots & lighter acne scarring. I used in combination with their retinol and lac...
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  86. Visible results


    This c is the one that I can most see results from after I use it. I also love the packaging.
  87. Nice


    This certainly works better than some vit C serums but still isn't the best out there in my mind. With the price being so steep I would reccomend getting a kit with the sample size and seeing if it's for you first, I liked it but have just found else something I like more for my skin concerns.
  88. Not a fan


    You see I used to use this Vitamin C Serum....
    And as it was the first Vitamin C Serum I had ever used I thought it was good...... Then I tried a couple of more expensive and elite Vitamin C Serum and I feel as though I wasted my money on Aspect Extreme C.
    Personally I would never purchase again and I urge you to look into some more renowned brands..... With C Serums I feel that you ge...
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  89. Lightens Pigmentation

    Beauty Bee

    I find that most vitamin C serums don't actually lighten any of the sun spots that I have or even post acne hyper pigmentation. This serum fights both and does it well! You can really see the difference in your skin after a few weeks, if you use it every day (consistently) in the morning. Love!
  90. Love it so much


    Love this serum so much ! You can see the vitamins and smell it too (not actually the best smell but not horrible) I use it of a night and it really keeps my skin soft and clear.
  91. Love this product


    This is so refreshing to apply in the morning, my skin just absorbs it and I like the mild citrus smell. I tried cheaper options and serums and they don’t compare
  92. Tighter


    Love this serum!feels amazing on my skin,results are wonderful with tighter and smoother skin!
  93. Great non greasy vitamin C


    Love this vitamin c as it doesn’t give me breakouts like vitamin c oils. Great texture and easy to apply. Hoping it gives me positive results and helps me contain my pigmentation over summer
  94. Plumped and smoothed

    Roxy Bella

    I am 54 and was looking for a serum that would actually do what it says and for me to see the results. It’s been two weeks now and I have been using this am and pm. First serum with dramatic results for me. My jowls have plumped up and my fine lines smoothed out. I was a bit sceptical at first because I don’t like using anything too strong but this is very gentle along with the other items in...
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  95. Potent!


    A great high strength C serum. Excellent for collagen production, brightness and reducing pigmentation which has been a problem for me since having botched Photo-rejuvenation sessions. I use along with my derma roller and the pigmentation has disappeared. I will be ordering this again.
  96. Life changing


    Super hydrating and removed my hyper-pigmentation. Definitely worth the price
  97. Feels great on the skin


    This is non oily and leaves my skin feeling moisturised. It does have a slightly tacky feel, so I would recommend leaving for a few minutes before putting on moisturiser.

  98. Best vitamin c product on the market


    I have tried so many vitamin c serums and this is definitely the best one. I have been using this product for a couple of years now and it helps brighten my complexion, reduced post pregnancy pigmentation and firms my face.
  99. Amazing product


    I have been using this product for about 6 weeks and I am hooked! I have been applying this to cleansed skin in the morning before my moisturiser and it gives an amazing glow and I have also noticed it has made my skin a lot brighter, tighter and plump. Great for anti ageing and overall glow. Adore beauty has the best customer service and always such fast delivery and I love that you always get fr...
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