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American Crew are the original game-changers for men's grooming products. Not content with the product offerings available that didn't take into account the unique needs of men, American Crew set about designing products by trusted hair stylists.


Ditch the giant tubs of hair goop you bought at the supermarket. WIth technologically advanced formulations, American Crew started in 1994 when men's hair stylist David Raccuglia walked into a distributor's Chicago office, holding a bottle of maple syrup. Raccuglia asked for $25,000 to produce the first run of shampoo that the industry sorely needed - the maple syrup to represent the deep masculine, mahogany colour that the range was destined to be. A forward thinker, Raccuglia knew that it was time for men's needs to be represented in the haircare world.


Today, American Crew represents the latest formulas and the most forward-thinking of textures. Whether today's look is a sleek men's cut, or a tousled, effortlessly masculine look, American Crew is a range by men and for men. Combining products that are quick and easy to use, with product education and insight. With a personalised experience in men's grooming, American Crew give men a fresh start on developing their individual looks.


Trusted by hair stylists for men. American Crew is a professional men's haircare range, with products that protect and gently care for the hair. Whether it's American Crew's best-selling, iconic shampoo American Crew Thickening Shampoo, or the versatile men's hair styling cream American Crew Texture Paste, every day can be a good hair day without having to try too hard.


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American Crew Forming Cream
American Crew
American Crew Forming Cream

Bit too heavy

My son used this after I bought it for him but he feels its too heavy for his fine hair. Holds hair in place well though...just not a natural feel to him.
American Crew Protective Shave Foam
American Crew
American Crew Protective Shave Foam

Excellent product!

Excellent shaving foam. Very creamy and yields a lot. With a small amount it allows to generously cover the entire beard. Very moisturizing and smooth aroma. It is worth paying a little more.
American Crew Thickening Shampoo
American Crew
American Crew Thickening Shampoo

It is ok!

Smells nice and cleans well enough, but didn't notice much difference in thickness of hair.

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