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Weleda Skin Food 30ml 30ml

4.5 of 72 reviews


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4 instalments of $3.74


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Skin Concern:

  • Dull, dry or dehydrated skin

Skin Type:

  • Dry
  • Normal to dry
  • Normal to oily

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Weleda Skin Food 30ml

Weleda Skin Food 30ml

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4.5 of 72 reviews

91% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

A little goes a long way
I have combination skin with oily t-zone and u-zone, so was initially hesitant to try and so only bought the smaller tube on instance of a friend. It's been pretty dry in SA in this year and this product has been a life saver. While I have an oily t-zone the tip of my nose is often quite dry and it's even more obvious when I wear powder foundation. I have this problem no longer, you only need a little bit warmed through the fingers. Great for those dry patches on arms and legs too. Also love the fragrance.

Most Helpful Criticism

Sticky & Greasy
I found this moisturiser to be too thick for my liking and it left my skin feeling so greasy and I don’t think my dry skin even absorbed the product? I love the scent though.
  1. A little goes a long way

    I have combination skin with oily t-zone and u-zone, so was initially hesitant to try and so only bought the smaller tube on instance of a friend. It's been pretty dry in SA in this year and this product has been a life saver. While I have an oily t-zone the tip of my nose is often quite dry and it's even more obvious when I wear powder foundation. I have this problem no longer, you only need a little bit warmed through the fingers. Great for those dry patches on arms and legs too. Also love the fragrance.
  2. Yes yes and yes

    I am in love with this stuff. Yes, its thick, and yes it has a strong citrus smell, both of which are generally big no no’s for me but I pop this on after my face oil in the evening and my face locks in all the goodness and moisture and my skin feels so hydrated.

    This size bottle is teeny tiny though and therefore i'm nearly through it all in a week, so my pro tip is to invest in the bigger one because trust me if you get dry skin you’ll need as much of this as you can get.
  3. Best affordable moisturizer

    I decided to buy this after seeing a dermatologists skin care routine on YouTube to help my dry, sensitive, dehydrated and kp skin. This replaced my Ordinary moisturizing factors HA cream and I love it over the winter months. Starts off tacky but dries down to a float finish and is a great base for make up. Couldn’t love this product any more.
  4. Cracks gone

    I usually have cracked heals from work, so this has really really helped heal up and smooth over the cracks and dryness. Very thick so only a small amount is fine
  5. Strong scent but good

    I wear this before bed. It has a strong scent and helped with cracked skin. Just make sure the cracked skin is due to dryness and not a worse issue like “athletes foot” type issues.
  6. Love

    Ok, so i have to admit, it wasn't love at first use with this product. The first time I used it, I found it quite thick and greasy and difficult to apply. However, I soon learnt that the best way to apply it is to emulsify it between your fingers before smoothing over the skin. Yes, the texture is still quite thick and balm like, however, it gives the skin such a nice glow and I wake up the next morning to plump and hydrated skin. This stuff is a life saviour in the winter months. Has quite a strong herbal smell but that doesn't bother me. This product has become a staple in my beauty cabinet
  7. Good

    I use this at night and this product keeps my skin healthy looking and never dry.
  8. skin saver

    This stuff is excellent to use on dry skin, chapped lips, and skin that is irritated from to many actives.
  9. LOVE IT

    I'em really impressed with this moisturizer, after i wash my face and apply acne treatment my face is quite dry, after using this moisturizer my face is instantly hydrated and this lasts the whole night and into the morning
  10. A classic for a reason

    Love the smell, Weleda is great quality. At times this can feel too thick and like it sits on the skin, but I've been using this on my hands recently and they absorbed the cream really well. Still best to use before bed though as it does leave a slight residue behind but worth the moisturising benefits.
  11. Super hydrating

    I sometimes use this moisturiser as a night mask if I need a moisture surge - and it definitely does the job. It is thick, quite greasy, but I don’t mind as it works and I wake up feeling hydrated. The only downside is the smell, it’s quite strong and citrus like, which is not my cup of tea, but I like it and it’s a good value product.
  12. Definitely moisturising but quite thick!

    I underestimated the reviews I read about this product in regards to it being thick!! It is very thick and I almost hate putting it on because smearing it all over your face almost feels like your pulling your skin apart. But it is very very moisturising and lasts! I have found with a lot of moisturisers especially in winter, i put it on before bed and wake up with dry skin but this one has definitely lasted through the evening and into the day!
  13. Very nice product

    I have very sensitive skin and it didn’t cause any reactions. The cream is thick and calming and has helped with dry patches
  14. great for dry skin but thick

    this is really great for dry skin but it's a pretty thick cream and doesn't spread that easily. smells not very fragranted which I like and keeps dry skin hydrated for a long time
  15. Smells amazing

    This product is great for dry skin, I originally tried it as a sample size from Adore and absolutely loved it. It’s great for hands and dry area and smells amazing when applying it. You only need to apply a very small amount so the product will last. Great value for money.
  16. Dry skin

    Very rich and nourishing for dry skin. Would recommend for night time as well. Oily skin might find this too greasy.
  17. Go to for dry skin!

    I adore this product! Very rich, nourishing moisturiser (feels like an ointment) that I use on my face, lips and hands. It leaves a dewy/ shiny finish so I usually use it as a night cream in winter. I also love lathering it on my lips as night for an intense treatment- you look a little scary for 5 mins with white lips- but it melts into your skin really well and saves dry lips :)
  18. Great for really dry skin, heels and elbows

    I think this is great for dry skin on feet, hands and elbows. It is quite thick, I wouldn't use on my face.
  19. Your skin will drink it

    This is my second tube. I need to buy a 20 litre container of it. It works and my skin may feel sticky when it’s on but the next day...wow!
  20. Smells amazing

    The smell of this is amazing, smells natural and pretty. A little thicker than I expected but so far I like this product.
  21. Winter necessity

    Besides a serum, lip balm and what is left of my stock of the Tatcha Indigo Soothing Triple Recovery Cream, the Skin Food from Weleda Skin Food is a necessity in my winter arsenal. It is my daily facial moisturiser, it is one of the few products that seems to shield me from the eczema patches lurking just underneath my skin. I would recommend this product to anyone with dry skin, and see if this works for you.
    My only issue is that years ago, the Skin Food came in metal tubes. This product is now in a plastic tube. I would love to see the Skin Food packaged in metal tubes again (or even a glass jar), to make it recyclable at the end of its life.
  22. Love it !

    Bought this smaller tube because I had heard that it was great but very thick so I was wary ... but now I can’t wait to buy a bigger tube! With the change of season my skin has gotten so dry, so i have been using this for both my face and my dry cuticles on my hands, and had excellent results. It’s thicker than your typical moisturiser but I don’t think it’s uncomfortable. I wake up in the morning and my skin is glowing. Loving it!
  23. enjoy

    i have normal to dry skin and while this moisturiser does a good job, its so thick! I do not usually enjoy products that take a while to sink in
  24. Great Winter Product

    I found this on a youtube video from a well known dermatologist, she used this on her neck & face for when her skin was feeling dry. So far i have used this only at night time as the weather has gotten cooler & am loving it. I bought the small size to trial it out & am really impressed with the price. I have super oily skin which seems to be drying out in the winter so i can see myself re-purchasing this!
  25. Great all-rounder and well-priced

    This size is perfect for popping in your handbag. I swear by this in winter and use it all over my face and body. It works wonders on dry elbows. I use it in the mornings under makeup but need to let it sink in for a few minutes before applying foundation. I also use it as a night time mask. Highly recommend.
  26. handy tube

    Handy sized tubes that is great for dry hands. It's a bit thick but really nourishes the skin
  27. good travel size tube

    I LOVE the skin food and this tube is a nice smaller travel sized tube that's handy to take with you/have in your purse for dry hand emergencies
  28. fantastic for dry skin

    this is a moisturizing and versatile balm, i keep this in my drawer at work and use it on my hands and wherever my skin feels dry throughout the day
  29. Great for Dry Skin

    Give immediate hydration to the skin. Love to use this product on the face and body, leaves the skin looking radiant
  30. Smell is so strong

    I don’t like this moisturiser it’s so thick it’s hard to spread evenly and smells very unpleasant to me. Was a bit disappointed after all the hype but prefer my cocoa butter any day over skin food!
  31. Good moisturiser for very dry skin

    It's a good moisturiser especially for very dry skin. I use it on my hands and lips but not so much on my face as it's quite sticky thus it doesn't glide on smoothly. So whenever I need to use it on my face for a boost of hydration in the areas where my skin needs it then i would apply my everyday moisturiser first before I apply this product for a smoother application.
  32. Greasy

    I don't know why but every Weleda product I try always leaves the GREASIEST film on EVERYTHING. Using this on anything but my elbows is a pain. It's so greasy!!! I don't have this problem with any other brand or something and it was just so weird. Moisturising but SO so greasy. A lot of people seem to like this though but it's just not practical.
  33. My go to dry skin fixer

    I can't get enough of Skin Food, especially during the hot summer. It is rich and quite moisture/grease intensive and I find it is perfect for my scorched and dry feet, preventing any painful cracked skin and soothing away sun damage and dehydration. I love using it on my lower legs after shaving too and as a hand and cuticle cream whenever I need it. Oh yes, and I love the smell of it too.

    Finally a natural deeply moisturizing product that actually does what it says it will do! I've spent a fortune on fancy products touting grandiose results. As I age my skin ages with me and I need a moisturizer- esp. for my face, that replenishes and restores. Skin food may not be packaged beautifully and perhaps it's thick consistency seems it would be too much for one's face, but for me this product sinks in and leaves me with an even tone and soft skin. It's a wonderful product!
  35. Great moisturiser but not for my face

    This is a lovely, thick moisturizer but I would not use it on my face. Lovely for body but it was too thick for my sensitive face and made me break out
  36. very heavy thick cream

    I did not enjoy using this product as I found the cream really heavy, greasy and thick to apply. I did however notice an improvement to the dry rough skin on my knees although I'm not sure I'd want to use it on my face as it's just too heavy
  37. Amazing

    Love this as a hand moisturiser as my hands get very dry after washing numerous times throughout out the day. I usually use this before bed and it makes a huge difference. My hands feel super soft!
    Also use this as a body moisturiser and occasionally on the face when I get super dry skin during winter.
  38. Perfect dry skin solution!

    This product is fantastic. I took it to Paris two weeks ago as I had a hunch my usual lighter cream wouldn’t be effective against the chill. Two days into the trip, I knew I was right. My skin was red and flaky and I had breakouts. Slathered some Weleda Skin Food on one night before bed and voila! My skin improved 100%. I’m totally converted and I’m going to use this over summer too and see how it goes now I’m back in Oz. Highly recommend.
  39. Amazing

    This product is super nourishing, nice and thick so a little goes a long way and is gentle enough for all skin types. My kids get super dry and cracked cheeks and this does great things for them!
  40. Perfect for dry skin!

    I use this everywhere! After a strong mask I use it as a night cream and wake up super moisturised.
    I love this
  41. Holy grail product!

    Skin Food is such an amazing product that can be used on the body, hands lips to help moisturise and soften skin. It's especially a lifesaver in winter!
  42. Sticky & Greasy

    I found this moisturiser to be too thick for my liking and it left my skin feeling so greasy and I don’t think my dry skin even absorbed the product? I love the scent though.
  43. dry skin and eczema

    fantastic thick cream (more like an ointment) for dry skin, especially good on my hands for eczema, and great under makeup if you have dry skin
  44. Very Rich Cream

    I was hesitant at first to use this on my face because it felt really thick and rich. A little goes a long way! It is a lovely cream and great for extremely dry skin areas. It is great to have with you on a long plane trip because your skin will thank you. Great to have a small tube in your handbag for dry and thirsty skin emergencies!
  45. Great moisturiser for dry skin

    Highly recommend for dry skin
  46. Wish it spread further!

    This is a really nice product, but it doesn't spread very far. This makes it great for dry patches, but I'd love to use it more broadly.
  47. Too thick for prone to breakout face

    This was too thick for my face and made me breakout but was ok as a body moisturizer. I did find it difficult to run in since it was so thick
  48. Great for your handbag

    So thick and moisterising, this size is great to carry on you. Can use on any dry skin
  49. My favourite hand cream

    I love this product and always have it beside my bed to apply each night. It is rich and instantly moisturises. It rubs in well and is great rubbed around your cuticles as well. I always have this travel size in my handbag and for travelling.
  50. Barrier Cream

    I got this cream to help with dry hands and feet however I was expecting a more thick creamy consistency. Instead this product performs more like an ointment or barrier cream. Definitely something you would use more at night rather than day as everything you touch afterwards gets a greasy mark on it.

    I haven't noticed a difference in my skin as such either, when it's on it feels sticky and once it's off or 'absorbed' my skin didn't feel softer or hydrated at all.
  51. Okay

    I recieved this as a sample but don't think I will be buying this. I did not like the texture of it for my skin.
  52. Holy grail

    Seriously...this is one of those products once you purchase you are like why did no one tell me about this product sooner!!!.....Want to get rid of those scaly winter legs? Skin food is your man, one application and gone. Eyes red and dehydrated and looking old....pop this on overnight and you're good to go! Want to hide that psoriasis on your elbow last minute.....boom looks a million times better after one application! It's great for everything and it's reasonably priced! You need this in your collection asap!
  53. Winter must-have!

    Great handbag staple, works for almost anything. life saver for dry skin!
  54. Amazing!

    I have the full size of this at home and keep the mini in my handbag, i use it for almost everything and its great to have on on hand! Especially in winter for my dry hands
  55. Deeply moisturising

    My hands get especially dry and even cracked in winter, and I've been looking for something that will help repair but also nourish my skin. This is the product for me! It's very rich and seems a bit oily to begin with, but it soaks in beautifully and quickly so there's no greasiness left behind. Just soft smooth hands, and the feeling lasts ages too.
  56. Lovely, thick hand moisturiser

    I used this after working in the garden a few days and suffering dry cracked hands. The thickness of the product is very similar to lanolin based products and feels as though it instantly softens and soothes the hands. I would put it on before bed in future and not before touching products that may soak up oil. It's a lovely product and feels as though it's actually doing something!

    I just got a sample of this, its so hydrating.. wow.
    I wish it had a different scent besides the citrusey smell it has (not bad, just no for me) but other than that its truly an amazing product!! I will never have dry skin again
  58. Super nourishing and hydrating

    This is a great product to carry around with you to reapply through the day. Ridiculously hydrating, it helps solve any sort of dry issue you might have.

    Its winter, and I have dry skin normally, so like I'm always in a bind come this time of the year.

    I read about Skin Food on Into the Gloss and i swear it has transformed my face. After literally one use my skin when from meh to glowing!

    It thick and has a balm-like texture so needs to be warmed up in your hands before patting it into the skin .

    I've been using it twice a day and my skin is loving me for it!

    This is an absolute holy grail moisturiser for anyone with dry skin, particularly during winter!
  60. Hydrating

    Lovely hydrating moisturizer which smooths all those rough patches. Definitely recommend.
  61. like it's name... SKin food!

    I love that this product is thick, yet absorbs so well - so great for that dry, scaly winter skin!
  62. Moisturising

    Weleda Skin Food comes in a 30ml metal tube. The cream is yellow and quite thick with a slight lemon fragrance which doesn't linger for long.

    This is great for dry rough areas of skin including hands, elbows, knees and heels. I have been using it during winter and I don't have any dry or scaly skin which is great.

    A good product for anyone to use. Very hydrating and soothing.
  63. Best Hand Cream

    I love this hand cream, especially in its travel friendly size. My hands are generally dry and even more so during the Winter with constant hand washing due to work. However, this cream has helped soften my dry hands and it smells great as well.
  64. My new favourite night cream!

    I love this product, it's thick and so moisturising. I use it as a night cream and hand cream and will be purchasing again and again!
  65. Great Winter hand cream!

    Skin Food is such an amazing moisturiser for my dry skin. I use it on my hands and feet and a little goes a long way! I have it in a two different sizes so I can carry it in my handbag and have one on my nightstand. It is made with all natural ingredients which is great as I have sensitive skin. It is such a great product and I highly recommend it!
  66. Soothing

    I love carrying this around in my bag and applying to my hands and other dry areas. I use this on my kids too, if their cheeks look a little chapped in the colder months.
    It's very moisturising and soothing to dry chapped skin.
    There is a lovely citrus scent.
    It applies nicely and absorbs quite quickly with no stickiness or greasiness.
    I like how it's a natural product that I feel is safe to use on my children.
  67. Face saver

    The first time I ever used this was one my legs and as it’s so thick I couldn’t understand why everyone raves about it. So i tucked it at the back of my drawer. Proceed a few months down the track and I’ve over exfoliated my skin and I was is desperate need to reduce the sensitivity. Just touching my face hurt. I tried all my moisturisers and nothing helped. As a last resort, one night I dug out skin food. I had instant relief. The next day the redness was gone. In two days I could apply makeup without the brushes stinging my face. This product needs to be a standby in everyone’s cupboard. Don’t leave home without it!
  68. lovely

    I have been using this 'moisturiser' on the dry patches of my face and it does wonders! I have naturally oily skin but would occasionally get dry patches as a result of acne control. this product would clear up the patches overnight. It smells citrusy like orange or mandarin and I am in love with the scent. Definitely recommend
  69. Staple product

    This is the greatest all rounder. Smells amazing. I use it a few times a week as a night cream - I have insanely dehydrated skin - and daily on my feet/elbows/dry patches. Even as a lip treatment. Fantastic!
  70. Love this product

    I got a sample of this when I made another purchase and was hooked instantly. I had never tried Weleda previously but am now looking to expand and buy more of this range.

    The Skin Food smells Devine, can be used for a number of purposes and does leave my skin smoother. This will be in my routine forever now I have no doubt.

    I bought this to try instead of the larger version. I cannot wait until I use this up to go buy the one in the bigger size. It's such a wonderful, natural cream (definitely on the heavy side) but does absolute wonders for my skin. I typically use this on my feet, knees and elbows and am left with super hydrated skin that smells lovely.
  72. Excellent all around product

    This cream is great and has many uses. I use it as an eye cream at night, as well as a lip treatment. If my skin is extra dry, I also use as an all over face cream overnight. It is super thick, so you sort of need to just dab it on. Smells lovely too!
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