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Weleda Skin Food 30ml 30ml

4.4 of 195 reviews


4 instalments of $3.74

Or 4 instalments of $3.74 with LEARN MORE

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4 instalments of $3.74

Or 4 instalments of $3.74 with LEARN MORE

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Rough, dry skin that has been exposed to the damaging effects of wind and weather will appreciate the soothing and healing properties of Weleda Skin Food, now available in a travel size tube.
  • Cruelty Free
  • Sulphate Free

What customers say

GREAT - 88% recommend

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  • 50+

Skin Concern:

  • Dull, dry or dehydrated skin

Skin Type:

  • Dry
  • Normal to dry
  • Normal to oily

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Weleda Skin Food 30ml Reviews

4.4 of 195 reviews

88% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Skin saver


This is the best product l for very dry skin! I use this on my elbows, knees, cuticles and of course my race at night throughout winter! It is super thick, so my trick is to run it under the hot tap before use to soften it. Apply onto your face at night to wake up with smooth, glows skin!

Most Helpful Criticism

Too sticky


This was just so sticky and hard to spread. It stays very tacky. I liked how it looked on bare skin, but it was a pain to put on, I felt like I was really pushing my skin around and disrupting products underneath. I think this is more of a skin salve for trouble patches rather than an all over moisturiser.
  1. Beautiful!


    Beautiful product for very dry skin! I used on my face and given its pretty thick and tacky I’d recommend using well before bed time so it can absorb well. Smells like endota spa too!!
  2. Skin saver


    This is the best product l for very dry skin! I use this on my elbows, knees, cuticles and of course my race at night throughout winter! It is super thick, so my trick is to run it under the hot tap before use to soften it. Apply onto your face at night to wake up with smooth, glows skin!
  3. Hydrating


    Such a hydrating product- leaves my skin feeling soft and moisturised. This bottle is a great size for day-to-day or travel, as it fits nicely in my bag.
  4. hydration ... sensation, highly reccommended for cold winters.


    I picked this up after seeing Dr. Shereene Idriss raving about it on instagram. I have dry combination skin and was looking for a thirst quencher during Winter. And oh boy (girl), did this do the trick.

    The ingredients are really great, my only issue is that it's scented, I prefer something with less essential oils. I was able to overlook that given how hydrating this cream is.
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  5. Favourite heavy duty moisturiser


    Weleda’s Skin Food is my absolute favourite moisturiser. You can use it on your face and body and doesn’t make me break out at all. It’s deeply hydrating
  6. Those with sensitive skin... read before using


    I purchased this product to use as a moisturiser in my night-time skincare routine after reading all the rave reviews. I get dry, flaky skin in the winter so I was hoping this 'skin food' would work to hydrate/calm my dry patches and soothe my face. Boy was in for a surprise - the texture of this cream is very tacky, it takes a few rubs for it to become spreadable. I used this on my face once, my ...
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  7. Super hydrating!


    I have combination skin that is both oily and dry in some areas. I am also prone to breakouts and blackheads. This moisturizer did not break me out at all or cause any irritation. I found it so soothing and hydrating! It does have a unique smell which does take a bit to get used to and it is quite thick but I love it. I use it every couple of nights for a boost and I also use it around my eyes eve...
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  8. My must have for winter


    verified purchaser
    I finally decided to give this a go and I am so glad I did. My skin gets very dry in places during winter and this has really helped to soothe and moisture it. I put a nice layer on the dry areas before bed and my skin looks hydrated in the morning.

    It is very heavy so not for everyone but if you need some intense moisture this is definitely a winner. The price point is a big plus too...
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  9. Too sticky


    This was just so sticky and hard to spread. It stays very tacky. I liked how it looked on bare skin, but it was a pain to put on, I felt like I was really pushing my skin around and disrupting products underneath. I think this is more of a skin salve for trouble patches rather than an all over moisturiser.
  10. A true holy grail product


    I have been using this product regularly for the past 8 years... so I can offer a very tried and tested review! I began using this product when I experienced a period of stress induced facial dermatitis and absolutely nothing could quench my skins thirst for hydration and relief. I used this every night (along with the Weleda soothing skincare regime, in the pink packaging) and my skin recovered b...
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  11. Wonderfully thick cream

    Welfare Skin Food

    The skin food is one of the thicker moisturiser around. I would recommend this use in winter, or whenever your skin is more dried.

  12. Great thick cream!


    I bought this because I’d read about it everywhere and wanted to try it. I applied a very small amount on my face at bedtime after my usual serums and oil etc. A little goes a very long way! It is rather greasy and stays that way, so if you’re putting it on your face, it’s definitely a night product.
    I woke up with very moisturised skin though, so I’m glad I bought it and will continue to us...
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  13. Lifesaver this winter


    This moisturiser has really helped my dry hands this winter. I constantly need to wash my hands for work, leaving my skin dry. I have been applying a thick layer in the evening to leave on overnight, and I wake up with super soft moisturised and repaired hands. It is very thick to apply and you really have to spread it, but it absorbs really well compared to some other hand moisturisers. I do tend...
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  14. Hydrating


    This product is really thick and nourishing and i absolutely love using this on really dry skin on my hands, elbows, feet, cuticles etc. I originally bought to use as a really mositurising night cream/sleeping mask for my face and the couple of times i used it i woke up with really plump and glowy skin, but always accompanied by a massive, under the skin blind pimple that was so sore and painful. ...
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  15. Beautiful product


    This cream smells amazing!
    Absorbs into the skin for extra nourishment and leaves the skin feeling so comfortable.
    Such a reasonable price for an amazing product!
  16. Everyone should own a tube of this


    This product is so versatile. I use it on my face, at night, about once a week for a hydration boost and I wake up glowing, I also use it on my elbows during the winter, and on any other rough spots on my skin. At the price point, why not have one to carry in your handbag?
  17. Palms no longer dry or sweaty


    So I’ve been quite an avid hand lotion buyer, from body shop to loccitane, to grown alchemist...and let me tell you this was life altering! I love the fresh almost citrus’ smell and it’s ability to stay feeling smooth and not greasy!
  18. Irritating


    I received a sample size of this product.
    I'm disappointed it didn't work for me. I have sensitive dry hands and instantly once I applied I got a headache and my hands felt like they were burning.
  19. Great product


    I love this moisturiser. It’s great as part of a nighttime routine to give your skin a good drink! I don’t use every night as I rotate between this and retinol. It’s so great under the eyes too, and I have sensitive skin that goes red in the eye area with most products. It’s also great for dry hands.
  20. Very hydrating


    Purchased the small size of this product to test it out and will definitely be going back to buy the bigger size! The cream is quite thick and requires a bit of effort to rub in properly on the skin but has been a great help in relieving my cracked and dry hands. It has a distinct smell reminiscent of gin. Only downside is the packaging as it is a bit difficult to get every last bit of the cream o...
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  21. The Real Deal


    I know understand why this product is so popular and has been for so many years! It's rich and hydrating, perfect for the driest of skin and feels super nourishing. It's become one of my new staples.
  22. Hydration Hydration Hydration!


    Great product, I have dehydrated skin and I find this hydrates me all day! It’s quite thick to put on and I find a drop of a face oil helps massively! Also made my make up feel super dewy!
  23. Just Buy It Already


    If you're reading this and uhm-ing and ahh-ing over it, stop scrolling and just buy it. The hype is real, this product is the business. I use it every single night (despite having oily skin), and I wake up with plump and juicy skin. I have put so many of my friends onto it, and I won't be without out. Crazy value for the price, the tube lasts forever, just buy it already.
  24. Great hydrating mask!


    I use this product like a hydrating mask, once or twice a week. Smells beautiful and goes on kind of thick but easier to spread when mixed with a serum. Using this once or twice a week at night.
  25. Beautiful head to toe cream


    Loveeee! Definitely rich and intensive as stated on the bottle. Has a lovely scent too. Tend to use it as a hand cream and leaves them feeling super soft and moisturised. I will also use it on any dry spots on my face.
  26. THE SMELL....


    I wanted to be obsessed with this balm-like ointment but the smell makes my angry, sensitive skin scream. Good as a hand cream/ foot cream but I wouldn't use it on my face again. Avene's Ciclafate or Xeracalm balm are more occlusive alternatives without fragrance if you need deep skin restoration!
  27. My newest essential


    This product has many uses for me. I suffer from eczema and is a great substance from steroid creams. It’s super hydrating and healing. I also love using it to help blemishes heal and as an eye cream. Honestly love this product and use it every night. I will be trying the light version in hope to use it for day time use as it is more like an ointment
  28. Rich and thick


    Just be aware this product is quite thick! Would be great for dry skin and especially coming into winter! But I've got oily skin so I think I will try the lighter version next time and keep this for use on my body!
  29. My numero uno

    Char Char

    I absolutely love this stuff!!!!!!!!!! I have an autoimmune condition which causes dry skin & this is super sticky and thick to put on but I always wake up feeling fresh & hydrated. It is an acquired smell but I love it now. Wish they made it in a huge 2L bottle so I could lather it all over
  30. Really thick


    This is really hydrating and smells beautiful, I also love that it is certified organic. It is just quite thick and takes a while to sink into the skin, so your hands feel a bit greasy immediately after use. In saying that, in the long run my hands are more supple and not dry at all.
  31. Hit & Miss


    This worked really well on my elbows, they were smoother the next day. However my feet were actually drier the morning after each time I tried it.
  32. So hydrating! So inexpensive!

    Maddie L

    Super rich and hydrating and such a lovey scent. Can’t believe how good it is for the price. I really nice night cream.
  33. love it


    I have very sensitive skin which can get oily. But I love love this. It does not irritate but calm my skin and helps with dehydration
  34. Lovely


    I follow celebrity dermatologist Shereene Idriss (probably spelt that wrong) and she always raves about this product. It’s an amazing ointment like hydrator that smells like citrus. It’s definitely not for day use but more at night before bed when your skin needs that extra hydration. I would say it’s perfect for winter dryness! Didn’t break me out at all. Is also good for layering. It is super th...
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  35. This is the BOMB.COM


    better than any expensive night moisturiser. magic, simply magic. I use it as the last step of my night routine over my whole face and also as a spot treatment (applied thickly) to fast track healing broken skin from blemishes.
  36. Literally food for your skin


    Love this stuff. It’s super thick but really works on dry skin. My hands have been so dry from over washing and using gloves at work and this stuff has really calmed down the dryness, itchiness and redness on my hands (I think I had some kind of dermatitis) and it’s practically gone. I also put it around my cuticles and feet. Does the trick.
  37. Not impressed


    Only used a sample and reacted to it, wouldn't recommend.
  38. Super moisturising


    Very moisturising and has a beautiful scent. I always carry this with me during winter and while I’m travelling. I use it on EVERYTHING - hands, feet, body and even my face when it’s super dry during winter.
  39. Super hydrating and nourishing


    This is a regular purchase for me. I use it on my children that suffer from dry skin. I absolutely love to use it daily on dry areas especially my feet it helps cracked skin
  40. Literally skin food


    It smells good enough to eat. This product really showcases the philosophy behind Weleda, and genuinely nourishes. I also feel guilt free knowing it is made so well, and the price point is absurdly good.
  41. Dry Skin Fix


    I have dryish skin and use this as a night cream and my skin drinks it all in over night and I wake up super hydrated with very happy skin. The cream is rich and very thick and you can feel it on your skin, takes a long time to set so not for the moisturising faint hearted but I absolutely love it for me!
  42. Amazing moisturiser


    - Glides on smoothly onto skin
    -Maintains moisture throughout the day
    - Great moisturiser to use before applying make-up.
  43. creamy and thick


    This helps a lot in helping my skin with the dryness from retinol. It is also an amazing cream for my hand, face and body
  44. good for dry skin


    i use this at night in winter and it keeps my skin from drying out
  45. Thick and moisturising


    This product is THICK but so deeply moisturising. I use it on my face overnight when I'm feeling like I need deep moisturising or on my elbows and knees when they're feeling particularly dry.
  46. Super moisturising


    A very thick and heavy product. I have absolutely loved using on my face. Too thick to use daily. Would recommend for very dry skin
  47. Never loved this as much as I do right now (hand washing overkill!)


    I LOVE this product, but now more than ever, in light of the recent COVID situation, and subsequent hand washing I have adopted, nothing is soothing my dry hands like this Weleda skin food. It is a bit heavy if you are typing and working, I just pop it on the top of my hands during the day and rub them together. At night though, it goes everywhere! Have also used it as a face mask when skiing and ...
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  48. Super thick & nourishing


    This is great as a last step in your skin care routine. I use it on those nights that I use The Ordinary's retinol. I also use it on my feet after I've wiped them with a cotton pad soaked in Alpha H liquid gold. You have to warm it up in your fingertips a bit first otherwise it can feel like it drags a bit on your skin.
  49. Nourishing and thick


    Very moisturizing if you have dry skin, especially around the eyes like me. It is very thick which is nice although it takes a bit of work to spread all over your face. Will try the Light version next time.
  50. Lives up to the hype!


    This product really lives up to the hype. I heard about it from Leigh and Kelly on youbeauty. (Don’t worry!! I am a adore uncensored addict too!!) it’s the first thing in years that’s help clear up a couple of patches of psoriasis!! So good I bet even Kimmy K would use it!
  51. Essential


    This is essential for your bathroom, it helps with dry elbows, feet, face, it a very versatile and thick. Best to use at night.
  52. The BEST moisturiser dry skin


    I've been using Weleda moisturizer for almost a month now and I can honestly say after trying SO many different moisturisers Weleda Skin Food is by far the best and SOOOO affordable. It's the only moisturiser I have used on my very dry acne-prone skin that actually HYDRATES!! I wake up in the morning and my skin actually looks plump and not dull and dry. Because it is a very thick consistency I ch...
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  53. Good size


    I love this so much for travel as it's such a good size. And the moisturiser is so good. I usually take it with me when I'm in the snow and it prevents my skin going flaky.
  54. Miracle product


    This is such a wonderful product. Have been using this skin food as a lip balm and also for cuticles and its the best thing I have ever used. Will be ordering more this week. Thanks Weleda this is such a great product.
  55. Food for your skin


    An amazing product!! Every time I get a instant itch on my skin, I use this. It smells amazing, takes away any skin irritation and heals wounds on skin very quickly. This is a must have in any handbag!!
  56. Amazing smell


    I live the smell of this product. Super thick and hydrating. Probably too much for day time but amazing before bed.
  57. Great for really dry skin


    I purchased this as I was in need of a super intense moisture hit after suffering really dry skin for a week. I had heard so much noise about this product so wanted to give it a go! It is super thick, and I would definitely not recommend using it in the morning under makeup - it is far too thick, and sometimes it felt like my skin wasn't breathing. However, I would apply this product of an evening...
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  58. Skin felt amazing


    I have very dry skin, and dry heels, I have tried absolutely everything on my feet and nothing works, this cream has made a massive difference to my dry feet, and the best part it doesn’t feel greasy on your skin, but moisturises so well, and smells really fresh
  59. Beautiful as a balm


    It's perfect size for a lap balm to carry around I used it to touch up my dry lips and face in the hot months. It smells great and works amazing.
  60. Really liked this for my dry under eyes


    I had really dry, almost scaly patches under my eyes, and this helped to sort them out. It was a bit too think to use anywhere else, but I did really like how it worked for the dry patches.
  61. Thirsty skin loves this stuff


    I use this to lock in facial oils of a night time if my skin is a little on the thirsty side. It’s very thick and greasy, however you’ll wake up with baby soft skin. It’s a bit too thick for day use in my opinion, but I love having this in my cabinet and a little goes a long way.
  62. Very thick, great for dry skin


    This is a very thick cream, so if I use it on my face for rosacea or something similar I use it sparingly, and it does the trick. But because it's so thick it works really well on dryer parts of the body like elbows, heels, etc.
  63. The best!


    Weleda Skin food is the best cream I have ever used for my heels. I didn’t set out to use this cream on my heels, but began putting some on when I did my legs. I can honestly say my very dry heels have never looked better, there is no dryness anymore! It’s much less greasy than ‘heel balm’ I now use it solely on my heels once a day.
  64. Will bail you out if you've over sensitised your skin


    Sometimes I use too many acids/exfoliants (oops) and Weleda skin food is always there to save the day. Its VERY thick, but it works wonders. It soothes and hydrates my skin without blocking pours. Smells like essential oils which I love too. Bit expensive for size though - 30ml is very small.
  65. fulfilling


    this moisturizer is like nothing else! its so thick and heavy but my skin just absolutely loves it! this cream is amaazing for anyone who has super dry skin that needs to feel nourished sooth and hydrated. liter rally dont think i could live without it now
  66. Very rich


    I received a sample of this it's very rich and creamy I liked it for the body but not the face would be great for the hands
  67. Too rich for me


    I received a deluxe sample of this and was keen to give it a go after reading so many people rave about it. Unfortunately, the formula is too rich and oily for me. I might give the light version a try instead.
  68. Enriching


    Perfect for winter dryness, so enriching, the smells not great , but this is great for my winter lips and cuticles.
  69. She thicc girl


    I love the smell of this cream, but it is very thick. I have dry, eczema prone skin, and it’s too thick for the face. I’ve started to mix it with another moisturiser to thin it down a bit, and then it’s great to use on the face. Leaves my skin sooooo soft.
  70. Amazed how good it is!


    I loathe moisturizing my body. Especially when my whole body is left feeling greasy! This product surprised me! It absorbs fast and feels amazing on!
  71. my go-to


    I use this everywhere except for my face and love it! My skin is dry, dry, dry so anything I use needs to be super hydrating.
  72. Amazing!


    Amazing product I can not live without it. Ridiculously moisturising for ridiculously dry skin
  73. Absolute winner


    This is a great product. It's an instant fix when your hands have got all dry and cracked, but it's also great anywhere else on your body including the face. I use it to fix that dry flaky skin around your nose nose you get after you've had a cold. Love it. And this size is small enough to fit in my kit bag at work.
  74. Working the magic!


    I purchased this on a recommendation from a friend after suffering from severe dry skin.

    Definitely takes a little getting used to, can leave a bit of a film on top of the skin, I'll often put this on before going to bed whilst reading a book and just let it work it's magic. My skin is always feeling great in the morning!!
  75. Excellent to soothe and rehydrate dry skin


    I purchased Weleda Skin Food after it was highly recommended by those from a beauty blog
    My feet and heals had become very dry after wearing sandals in the summer heat.
    I was soaking them in a bucket of Epsom salts and then lathering my feet in half a bottlle of moisturiser at night
    Now I only need to apply a small amount of Weleda after my shower and they are soft and hydrated.<...
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  76. too thick and greasy


    This product just wasn't for me. Even using the most smallest amount my skin was greasy for hours afterwards, and its so thick to apply. Would be more beneficial for me if it were lighter in texture!
  77. Super hydrating and nourishing!


    This cream is very thick with a strong natural scent. It's more suited for the warmer months as it's very hydrating and protective. Really good for dry skin.
  78. Perfect hand cream to have in your bag!


    Well worth the purchase! I have eczema and my hands are forever dry. The cream was thick and hydrating and in a few days my hands looked much better.
  79. Old reliable


    I was skeptical of this when I first purchased as I have oily/decongested skin, but it really surprised me. I like to use it once a week all over my face during winter for a hit of hydration, but it's also been super effective healing a couple of small but weird patches of red bumpy dryness I developed either side of my mouth and just below my nose. It's also an EXCELLENT eye cream if your concer...
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  80. Hydrating and Beautifully Scented


    I had heard great things about the Skin Food range so had to try it out. It is a lovely moisturiser with a delicious citrus smell that I can’t get enough of. I use this as both a night cream and general moisturiser for my lips and face. I use it both after serums, and I mix it with TO L-Absorbic Acid which I find works beautifully. I wouldn’t recommend it for morning use, as it is quite heavy and ...
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  81. good hand cream


    I originally bought this for my face but found it to be way too thick, and the essential oils were too much for my sensitive skin. However It smells amazing and would make a great hand cream. It would also be good to apply in small amounts to dry patches on the face.
  82. Amazing!


    I use this on all of my dry spots and it instantly overnight repairs them! Could not be more happy with my purchase. Also use it on my lips.
  83. So moisturizing


    I got this in a sample pack and had to purchase the full size. It’s so hydrating and my skin feels amazing when I wake up. However it’s super thick so I only wear it in winter as it’s a bit uncomfortable in hot weather. Really good for healing dry patches of skin too.
  84. super plumping


    i use this at night around my eyes are i wake up with no puffiness and my lines plumped out. its amaazing to sleep in,
  85. A good thick cream


    I use this cream on my cuticles, hands & feet and tattoos. It is hydrating and gets rid of any scaly bits, however it is quite thick and greasy (sometimes makes my hands slippery if I use too much) and very fragranced. I would not apply this to my face, but for any weird dry bits (like your elbows before fake tanning, or scaly feet etc) it is great!
  86. ALL TIME


    skin food is my go to for moisturising & nourishing my skin, I use for highlighting top of cheek bones too AND ALWAYS bring to night shift as it makes me look less tired & prevents air con drying out skin
  87. So versatile


    This is a beautiful product that is thick and moisturising. Very versatile product that definitely helps on the skins healing process
  88. Never be without


    I can't remember not having this in my bathroom. So thick and nourishing, my skin loves it!
  89. Best for overnight usage


    I brought this as I was wanting to start a better skin care routine and saw this was in amongst the top rated. Whilst it is great it is really thick and has a texture like paw paw, it does also leave you with a bit of shine. I recommend using this at night cream just before bed as it does soak in your skin overnight and leave you waking up with smooth skin.
  90. Love


    Absolutely love this product as my go to rescue option for hydration. I use it after the ASAP DNA serum and receive compliments every day after about how glowing my skin looks. Perfect as a spot treatment for dry patches too. I find it very useful in the days after derma rolling where you can peel a little. It’s also the easiest thing to apply after a night out when you can’t be bothered with the...
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  91. Great multi purpose moisturiser


    Amazing multipurpose moisturiser for various areas of the face and body. Easily absorbed , keeps skin smooth soft and hydrated, so glad they have changed the packaging which is an improvementon the old one.
  92. Handbag savour


    Cuticles? Check. Dry elbows or knees? Check. Irritated skin? Check. In-flight mask? Check. This is the best multi purpose product, I keep one in my handbag at all times as the 30ml size is also perfect for travel. You need this!
  93. for dry patches


    if you have dry skin like me, you should definately give this a try. it's rich and nourishing and really relives dry skin

  94. for dry patches


    if you have dry skin like me, you should definately give this a try. it's rich and nourishing and really relives dry skin

  95. Thick but hydrating


    I bought this then bought the big one I liked it so much! This stuff smells like a health food shop but works a treat as a night cream. It’s VERY thick so unless your skin is as dry it’s probably not going to work as a day cream as it takes a while to sink in. It’s so hydrating, I wake up glowing and fabulous.
  96. Thirst quenchingly good!


    This product truly quenches your skins thirst! I mainly use this on my face at night, due to it being a super thick lotion and in the morning, I am left with plump, moisturised skin. If you need a moisturised base for make up, pop this on sparingly half an hour before to allow absorption and it works wonders.
  97. Nourishing


    I use this as a hand cream, I work outside with animals and wash my hand lots so they’re super dry and soak up this thick formula. Love it.
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