My Bag of Tricks: The Skincare Edition

One of the best parts about working in a team of beauty fanatics is learning about everyone’s go-to tips and tricks, and sharing them with each other. I’m always learning new techniques from our resident makeup artist, and broadening my product knowledge listening to everyone talk about products in the office.

I thought you might be interested to find out which products we consider to be staples in our own beauty routines, and why!

Kate – Founder & CEO

Clarins Beauty Flash Balm

“Beauty Flash is my ultimate multi tasker but I feel like I bang on about it all the time… My pro tip is always having a rich soothing sensitive-skin moisturiser on hand for when I overdo it on the actives (which, let’s face it, happens often), as well as doubling as a travel moisturiser to fix up post-flight dryness.

La Roche-Posay Toleriane Riche is my usual go-to, or Avene Cicalfate if things are really dire. My favourite makeup artist Normie introduced me to Cicalfate as a makeup base, which seems like it shouldn’t work (it’s reeeeallly thick like a balm) – but it really makes your skin look hydrated and glowy.  You need to pat it in rather than rub it.”

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Shannon – Online Product Merchandiser

Weleda Skin Food

“Skin Food is one of those all-natural multi-tasking heroes that just doesn’t get enough love. I bought this after I heard about it doing miracles as a winter night cream or for people with severely dry skin, but I struggled to make this work for me until I realised that this was a healthier alternative to Vaseline. Yes – this is an intense but natural barrier cream.

Weleda Skin Food shines brightest for me as a highlighter, a brow conditioner, and a nail treatment! This seems to promote growth, protecting and nourishing. My nails and brows are glossy and I’m not complaining at all. Also worth knowing – I have a friend who suffers from intensely chapped and cracked hands, and he said this is the best hand cream he’s ever tried.”

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Joanna – Content & Social Media Coordinator

FOREO Luna 2

“My FOREO is one of my most prized beauty possessions. Where do I start? This little cleansing and anti-ageing device is a skin saviour. It leaves my skin feeling smooth and soft, it looks flawless and radiant after use, and my makeup glides on effortlessly – not to mention I feel like any products I layer on afterwards absorb 10 x better.

Can I also just mention, I’ve never had to charge it and I’ve had it for several months, so the battery life is amazing. The LUNA devices are available for all different skin types, I have the device for normal skin – I’d highly recommend getting on the FOREO bandwagon.”

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Alexandra – Customer Service Skincare Specialist

La Roche-Posay Cicaplast Soothing Repairing Balm

“Cicaplast is my little life saver, and I always make sure I (and my friends) have it stocked in the bathroom. I use it on dry patches on my hands or elbows, on my lips if they’re feeling cracked or dry, or as a hydrating mask for 5 – 10 minutes if I’ve been travelling.

I’m very allergy prone, and I find that if I apply Cicaplast to my skin before or after contact with something I’m allergic to, it instantly helps to soothe and protect the skin.”

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