5 Tips for Choosing a Hair Straightener

The right flat iron is more than just a tool for shiny, straight locks. A hair straightener is a versatile styler that can be used as a curling iron and even as a volumiser in a pinch.

A good straightener is an investment, not a throwaway object you should have to replace every few months. The right appliance quickly styles your hair without heat damage, breakage, or uneven textures.

So how do you select the right straightener for your needs? Follow these five steps to straightener paradise. 


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1. Choose the Right Shape

You might think a flat iron is simply, well, flat. Yet the edges of these hair tools can affect their versatility. If the plates and outer edges of the iron are slightly rounded, it will be easier to transition your straightener into a curling iron. A flat iron with sharp edges is less adaptable but may give you slightly straighter hair.

2. Consider Plate Width

The wider the plates are, the more quickly you'll be able to straighten your hair. Of course, if you plan to travel with your flat iron, you'll want slightly narrower plates that can easily fit into your bag. Women with fine hair may also find that wide plates apply too much heat, damaging the hair shaft.


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3. Select the Right Plates

Straightener plates are made from a variety of metals and other substances. There's no 'right' choice of plate material. Instead, consider your hair's needs:

  • Titanium irons heat up quickly, applying higher temperatures more evenly. These irons tend to be pricier, and you don't need a titanium iron unless you have very curly, coarse hair.
  • Ceramic irons merge value and effectiveness, offering even heat for most hair textures. Some straighteners, however, are only ceramic-coated. Over time, the ceramic wears down, leaving you with an iron that distributes heat unevenly or doesn't work at all.
  • Tourmaline plates are great for damaged hair. Sometimes called 'ionic plates', these plates produce more negative than positive ions, reducing frizz and sealing the hair shaft.



4. Think About Temperature

High heat means faster, more effective straightening, but not all hair types need the hottest irons. To reduce damage to your hair, consider an iron that offers adjustable heat settings, then style on the lowest heat setting that gets you the results you want.

Low-cost irons sometimes heat up unevenly, resulting in an uneven texture and potentially even burning sections of your hair. The ghd gold professional hair styler has intelligent sensors in each plate, ensuring that the iron is hot enough to style your hair without overheating.


Shop ghd gold professional hair styler

Shop ghd gold professional hair styler


5. Know the Difference Between Price and Value

It's easy to dash out to the store and buy the first cheap straightener you see. If you do, you'll probably find yourself doing the same thing again a few months later. But your hair might look worse than it did with the last purchase.

The problem with cheap straighteners is that they tend to break more quickly. They may also damage your hair, since cheap straighteners may unevenly apply heat, snag your hair, and even overheat.

Pricier irons offer a greater value. Your straightener will last for years, and you won't have to shell out cash on expensive hair treatments to remedy the damage caused by a cheap straightener. Over time, you may even save money, since you won't have to constantly replace broken irons.

If you're interested in a great all-purpose flat iron that you won't have to replace any time soon, consider the Cloud Nine C9 Wide Iron.


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