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ghd original professional styler

4.8 of 139 reviews


$48.75 x 4

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$48.75 x 4

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Hair Concern:

  • Fine or limp hair

Hair Curl Type:

  • Wavy

Hair Texture:

  • Fine
  • Medium

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ghd original professional styler

ghd original professional styler

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4.8 of 139 reviews

98% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Popular for a reason
While not cheap, I believe these are worth the investment. I had my first one for over 10 years before replacing. I love that you can use it to straighten and curl. The high temps mean you can style your hair very quickly without the need for going over the same area multiple times. And the ceramic plates protect the hair. Definitely recommend to anyone looking for a hair straightener.

Most Helpful Criticism

no temperature adjustment
there is only one standard temperature, which i think is too high for my hair
  1. Popular for a reason

    While not cheap, I believe these are worth the investment. I had my first one for over 10 years before replacing. I love that you can use it to straighten and curl. The high temps mean you can style your hair very quickly without the need for going over the same area multiple times. And the ceramic plates protect the hair. Definitely recommend to anyone looking for a hair straightener.
  2. Love it

    Been using this straightener for years and I love it. Excellent for curling hair as well, can't fault it
  3. Have been using this straightener for centuries & many centuries to come!

    My hair is quite dry, thick & curly (the worst combination possible), ever since the first time I used this straightener in my teens it has stuck by me. It is the quickest & easiest straightener to use for my difficult hair and after using the GHD my hair feels smooth, silky & best of all STRAIGHT.
    I would recommend to anyone with difficult & stubborn hair!

    I cannot live without this product since the day that I bought it - it is the best straightener for my thick, coarse hair & I can straighten it all within 20 minutes thanks to this gem!
  5. Love love love!

    Could not reccomend ghd hair straighteners enough, I have super duper dry curly hair and often found other brands would rip and catch on my hair but I definitely don't have this problem with ghd. Not only do I find it a quality product, I have noticed how healthy and soft ghds make my hair feel! Love love love, highly recommend!
  6. Keeps hair perfectly straight

    I adore my ghd, my hair is no longer fuzzy and it stays perfectly straight for days unlike my older other brand straightener. Definitely worth the money!
  7. Worth the price

    This is one of those items that you can't really substitute for a cheaper product. I used a very cheap one for a long time until I finally received this one as a gift. The difference is so noticeable. Hair is straighter and smoother. And you achieve the result in a fraction of the time. Highly recommend.
  8. One of the best

    I’ve been using this for years and honestly don’t think I’ll be changing any time soon. Works great with my hair (naturally wavy)
  9. Great first straightener

    I have really curly frizzy hair, so straightening is a nightmare. GHD is always my go to and I loved this as my first GHD straightener. Plus they last forever.
  10. amazing!!!

    I bought my GHD last year and can't ever see myself buying another straightener. I have very thick and curly hair and it used to take me over an hour to style. WIth my GHD it barely takes me 15 minutes. I love how quick and easy it is to use! I wouldn't recommend to people with limp hair as it will make your hair flat. Would recommend to any ladies with curlier hair !!!
  11. This is the one

    If you want to get a ghd definitely only get the original, they are awesome and do not compare to the others. The new ones are really terrible, the originals last years and hold heat really well.
  12. Very good straighner

    I'm glad I brought this it's a very good straightener. better than any I have used before..My hair is smoother and stays straighter for longer
  13. great product and service

    Love my ghd and the postage was super fast. I had for last one for 15years, it still worked was just getting old. Tried other brands and nothing compares. Other brands made my hair frizzy and feel dry. Recieved my order in 2 days even with the public holidays. Works great, very happy and hair feels soft, smooth and friz free. loved the free gifts too. Would definetely recommend this ghd and Adorebeauty.
  14. Best hair styler

    I havr tried many other straighteners but this works so perfectly on my hairs although my hairs are so rough and dry but this hair straightener did magic .
  15. GHDs best styler!

    I have tried many of GHDs stylers and this one to me is still the best. I go over my hair only once or twice compared to others where I might use it four or five times. My style also holds really well.
  16. Too hot

    I have thin hair and find that without a temperature adjuster, this straightener is just too hot.
  17. Best straightener out there!

    Ghd have always been my go-to for heat styling tools. Always worth the investment.
  18. GHD= the best

    Even with all these new hair straighteners around I always turn back to the GHD. I don’t think they will ever be beaten. Best straightener ever
  19. Straightens and lasts

    This is my 2nd GHD. Heats up quickly, straightens my hair easily (it's pretty straight to begin with), but I do find for it to be most effective, you need to do very small sections at a time so if I'm in a rush and doing larger sections, it doesn't work as well. Still, the longevity on these is amazing, considering the amount it gets dropped etc. Definitely worth the upfront cost over time.
  20. Amazing

    I have frizzy, thick hair. This straightener just does good things. So easy to use.
  21. Never dies

    I have 2 ghd’s, 1 I’ve had for 5 years, the other for 9 years. They are both working as good as the day I bought them. I will never use any other hair straightener. They are waaaaay to good to move on from

    I will always go to GHD for a new straightener because my last one lasted for over 8 years. Still amazes me. Even until the day I re-purchased this one as a back up my old one still worked in perfect condition like the day I bought it. I now have two so one can be used for travel. The life of these are amazing. I do prefer the thicker/bigger size GHD to this one as its quicker.
  23. Original and the best

    The original and the best.

    Mine is 5 years old and still going strong!

  24. Go to styler

    I love the ghd original styler. it has always been my go-to styler and they last forever!
  25. Besttt

    This is the best straighter on the market leaving your hair feeling silky smooth
  26. It’s good.

    Not the best hair straightener out there, but it is good.
  27. Long-lasting tool

    I used my ghd for over 10 years and it was still going strong when I decided to upgrade to a new one. Fast heat up and easy to use to straighten and curl hair. Good width iron for medium thickness short-long hair.
  28. The best hair straightener on the market

    I have quite fine, soft wavy hair & have always found the ghd original to do the best job.
    My hair is medium long length & it only takes 15 minutes to straighten with the ghd & I get a perfect job every time.
    It is quick to heat up & has never damaged my fine hair.
    I would definitely recommend this product.
  29. High heat

    This works well, been using this one for years. Never had a single problem with it and the heat always stayed the same. Have just upgraded to Cloud Nine which I much prefer.
  30. Best of the best!

    I love my GHD Original! I used to have the wider paddle GHD and found it a little awkward for my whole head. The original is perfect, lightweight and very easy to use. Fast heating, perfect size to travel with and I’ve even mastered doing curls! My hair isn’t damaged and one swipe over with the GHD and I’m ready to go.
  31. no temperature adjustment

    there is only one standard temperature, which i think is too high for my hair
  32. Best hair straightener that I have tried

    I am so happy that I finally decided to purchase this hair straightener. I use this to smooth out my hair after I wash it and it stays straight for the entire week until I need to wash it again. It leaves my hair so soft and silky unlike any hair straightener that I have used
  33. Generally easy to use

    Heats up super fast which is great. My hair is thicker than average and already quite straight, however if the straightener plate was wider I feel that it would be better able to hold the hair in when straightening it as I find it can’t grip it tightly enough and some bits slips out. Although other ghds are made with wider plates which I could consider.
  34. Why didn't I buy some sooner?!

    After years of having pretty rubbish straighteners I finally sorted myself out and purchased myself some ghds.
    I can really tell the difference since using these when compared to my other types, definitely less breakage, hair is less dry and damaged. Wish I had got some years ago!
  35. Good for straightening hair

    I recommend this brand
  36. The best hair straightener

    Purchased my second ghd- the best hair straightener on the market. I have thick wavy hair and ghd straightens my hair without causing damage. I would highly recommend purchasing this item
  37. One and only

    Finally replaced my very loved original GHD which was 12 years old. Not as good as my old one as it has a large gap and tends to pull hair and not straighten as good as my old one. Contacted GHD and they advised that they are made that way and will eventually not have the gap =/ Still use my old one but wearing in the new one till it does the same job! I've tried other straighteners but I love my GHD's
  38. The best

    Purchased a GHD for a friend's birthday gift and she was thrilled. Easy to use, heats up quickly and creates a silky look on her hair. Would recommend.
  39. Not quite the original

    I recently replaced my GHD from 2008 and unfortunately this one just isn't as good. Still a decent straightener especially for the price but not as good as the original.
  40. Worth the investment

    by far one of the best straighteners! Wouldn’t use any other brand.Definitely worth the price - heats so quickly and gets the job done in half the time
  41. Love Love Love

    This has been absolute best hair straightener I have owned. Doesn't snag hair, heats up so quickly and have a beautiful classic design. I would 100% buy again (but hopefully not for a long time).
  42. Love my ghd

    Bought my ghd from adore a few years ago now...still perfect condition working as well as day one. Will always stick with ghd
  43. Love it!

    I bought this after my kast straightener died. And with this being my first ever GHD I was super excited to try it. And I can honestly say that it did not disappoint. Also the service from Adore is amazing! Express postage and afterpay. They know the way to my heart
  44. Best hair styler ever

    This has to be one of the best hair stylers ever. Wouldn't use anything else
  45. The original

    Finally decided to replace my original GHD after 10 years of use and got this one which is pretty much the same. I would say it's not as good as the very original GHD's but for the price it does straighten and smooth the hair well, I just feel like I have to go over the sections a few times to get the result that I want.
  46. Great hair straightener

    The GHD is the best. Fast to heat up and doesn’t damage your hair.
  47. the best straightener

    by far one of the best straighteners! Wouldn’t use any other brand.Definitely worth the price
  48. Easy to use

    I have super curly and frizzy hair. This straighter goes through my hair so easy. GHD is my #1 favorite hair styler brand.
  49. Brilliant - Highly Recommended

    Brilliant - Highly Recommended - Would never use any other brand! I love my GHD
  50. Perfect

    Classic perfect hair straightener, does an amazing job
  51. Will never own another brand

    I have had my ghd for 9 + years! Still going strong even with daily use! I’ve used friends other brand straighteners and nothing compares to the good old GHD
  52. Iconic

    I can't imagine using any other styler, to be honest. I've had mine for ten years now and it's still going strong.
  53. Perfect straightener

    This is an amazing straightener and is 10000% worth the money. My hair looks so healthy and shiny after using this and I don’t really feel the need to use heat protectant as it’s such great quality. If you’re thinking about it, do it! You won’t regret it.
  54. can't live without it

    I've had this hair straightener for 7 years and hasn't skipped a beat!! my hair actually feel healthier after using it. great for curling your hair as well
  55. Classic

    I have thick wavy hair and when I straighten it with these it lasts until I wash it again
  56. Best straightener, lasts forever!

    Everyone always asks me how I get my hair so straight. I've had this straightener for almost 10 years and it is still as good as the day I bought it. It curls hair also, and straightens very straight.

    I have thick, naturally wavy hair to my shoulders - this straightens my whole head in 10 minutes.
  57. The OG

    I just bought the original ghd again to replace my previous one – which I got 10 years of daily use out of!
  58. Can't live without it!

    I have no idea where I'd be without my GHD. They last for years and always leave my hair looking shiny, straight and healthy!
  59. The golden oldie

    This straightener is the holy grail of straighteners
  60. Amazing!

    I have dry, wavy/curly hair and I find that my ghd works super well - doesn't leave my hair feeling drier, and does a great job at getting it straight without having to go over multiple times. Definitely worth the investment :)
  61. Invest

    Great, lasts 10 years!
  62. LOVE this product

    I use this daily to curl my hair, doesn’t damage and leaves it shiny. Wouldn’t use any other brand anymore. Warms super quickly aswell.
  63. Everyone needs to own this!

    I've previously bought a bunch of tools for styling at low-mid range prices and ghd is really quality - they're friendly enough for beginners and the results are effortless + amazing. There are tutorials online that can help you if you get stuck!
  64. Great

    Have always had this GHD straightener, have only replaced mine once over the space of 8 years. Works perfectly for a straight style or to make curls.
  65. Best hair straightener

    I have thick hair. I purchased this styler recently and am so happy with the results. One go over a section will straighten my hair just they way i want. I have noticed that it hardly damages my hair at all compared to other stylers. This is definitely an investment which will last for quite some time. I would overall definitely recommend this.
  66. Great original

    I’ve used a few straighteners over the years but I always come back to the ghd original. Great product
  67. Great curls

    I recently purchased this to attempt to make my hair wavy and summer fresh. I struggled the first few times, but thanks to some Youtube research, I'm now curling like a pro. It's a very simple device, but switches itself off if you leave it alone of too long, which is great and does the job well. I have very thick , long hair, so I wouldn't recommend using it to straighten the lot, but if you have thinner or shorter hair it would work fine, and for curling, it's great for all hair types.
  68. Love this Straightener!

    I am absoultely in love with this GHD Hair Straightener - it straightens my long, thick hair with ease and easily glides through my hair. It heats up within minutes and does an amazing job of giving me instant slick, glossy, straight locks! Very happy :)
  69. Amazing Product

    I had always had cheaper Hair Straighteners but then finally decided to splurge on a GHD. Best thing I ever did. Between myself and my two daughters this straightener gets used practically daily. No faults no issues just either perfectly straight or curled hair. Years on and its still perfect. Even though its expensive it was worth every cent. Could not recommend highly enough!!
  70. The best straightener

    I’ve been using this product for over ten years. Prior to this I used cheap straighteners a couple of times and found that they ripped through my medium/fine hair. The GHD glides through my hair leaving it smooth and shiny and lasts for years. I use it to straighten or curl. This size works well for either. I wouldn’t use any other product.
  71. Fantastic

    My first proper straightener and I’m so happy I brought this! Before I was using cheaper $20 ones that I didn’t realise were wreaking havoc on my hair. This one straightens so well in one go and leaves my hair smooth. So so happy with this!!! I have pretty thick hair and I find that I can go over sections once without having to repeat it in order to have that super sleek look. Love!
  72. amazing quality!

    I purchased this GHD hair straightner over 3 years ago, and still works to an excellent standard! this straightener heats up in seconds, which i love !!!

    amazing quality, and a good investment.

    I would high recommend for anyone as a gift or a treat for yourself!

    I can achieve so many looks other than straight hair to light waves and heavy curls!!
    love it.
  73. Iconic

    Ghd was the first ever premium straightener that I owned. I used to love this brand but have to say that I’m disappointed that the products are not as good as they used to be.
  74. Loyal GHD Customer

    I have been using GHD straightening irons ever since I first started straightening my hair (10 years ago) and I have had the best results from this brand.

    Purchasing from adore beauty, was easy and efficient and I would definitely purchase again.

    The GHD range definitely provides outstanding results for any look that you are trying to achieve, and I find it less harmful on your hair compared to other brands.

    This is a product that most of my friends already have, and one that I would recommend for people that do not.
  75. Classic

    I've had my GHD hair straightener for more years that I can count and it has travelled with me to many places. This product has truly withstood the test of time, not only does it still perform beautifully it has never had any issues. In fact I want to buy a new hair straightener but the fact this one still performs amazingly is stopping me from doing so! Definitely money well spent.
  76. Cant live without

    I love this straightener. I use mine to make soft curls and I have a short bob style cut and I find easy to use even on my short hair. I take it everywhere with me, even took it to Europe, couldn't have gone without it. The curl holds really well all day and night. and makes my hair shiny and smooth
    I would love a version that is half the size for easier packing for travel but otherwise it doesn't bother me too much and I make it fit
  77. Worth the price tag!

    This is my favorite hair straightener. I've had it for years and it's still good as new and I use it several times a week. It leaves my hair feeling and looking straight and smooth. Love it!
  78. favourite straightener!

    I love this straightener. I have straight hair anyway but I use this to get out kinks from sleeping on wet hair or hair ties leaving a mark. It's super quick to achieve good results. It's also easy to create waves with the straightener too.
  79. Couldn't live without it!

    I got my first GHD original (and I mean original) when I was about 14 or 15 and it lasted me until I was 25! Thats ten years! My mum had the same experience and hers lasted even through loads of trips overseas and quite a few drops.
    I then got a competitor brand that lasted 1 year before breaking, so I reverted back to GHD and have since had my new classic for 2 years and going strong!

    The pros - It heats up A LOT and quickly, cools quickly, and has a smooth flat and good sized plate. The classic is really all you need.

    The cons - the only con is actually a pro also, that it gets super hot, the other ranges dont heat as much but it means you take longer to straighten or curl. The downer is that if you have thin, dry, bleached hair, it can cause snaps and breaks because of the sheer heat being applied!
  80. Love it

    Have always loved these hair straighteners and this one does not disappoint
  81. Stands the test of time

    I have had my original GHD styler for 7 years now. It still takes only seconds to heat up and straightens my hair in one slick move. With some practice this styler is good for doing curls and waves also. I needed to watch some of my hairdresser friends and YouTube videos until I got it right. This straightener doesn't ruin your hair. Products that are made to be used pre-heat work really well, to help the hair hold it's style.
  82. ICONIC

    Nothing beats the original GHDs! They last forever and can be used for both straightening and curling. Don't purchase the limited edition versions! I have a gold limited edition version, but always find myself going back to the original. GHD also has great customer service if something happens to your straightener.
  83. Long lasting quality product

    My ghds have lasted over 10 years! They still heat up very quickly and produce amazing results. Initially pricey but considering how long they last it’s good value for money. You can also curl or wave your hair with these thanks to the round edges.
  84. Great for straightening and curls

    I have brought limited edition ghds over the years but I always prefer to use my original ghd. It’s great for straightening and also curling
  85. GHD

    Still loving GHD quality after all these years. Heats up so fast and leave a smooth shiny finish
  86. the OG

    The original straightener by GHD is definitely the best. In the past I have bought other editions ghd have brought out, however they are never as good as the original. So reliable, easy and long lasting!
  87. Well worth it

    Beautiful design that is easy to use. This straightener is extremely quick to heat up and works wonders on my frizzy hair. Added feature of shutting itself off gives me peace of mind so I don't have to worry about if I accidentally left it on or not. You won't regret purchasing this product.
  88. The best!

    Love this straightener. Works so well on my frizzy hair. Love that it switches off if I forget to turn it off! 10/10 from me
  89. The all in one styler

    Throw everything else away - this does it all! Straightens, curls, bends into waves, neatens fly away strands. Don't buy any other straightener!
  90. Perfect!

    Love this classic - it heats up fast and doesn't catch on your hair.
  91. All time favourite

    Nothing does a better job! Heats quickly and is light and super easy to curl and straighten with. 10/10 recommend.
  92. The best.

    Ghd are the ultimate in hair straighteners. Have tried several brands over the years, in terms of performance, reliabity and outcome ghd win hands down.
  93. The best!

    nothing can beat GHD hair straighteners! Even with my extremely thick hair I can straighten my hair so quickly and easily without damaging my hair.
  94. Great Straightener

    This is a great product which straightens my hair effectively. I both curl and straighten my hair and have tried a variety of different brands. While I think ghd is really good, it is quite expensive and there are other straighteners out there that do just as good a job for a fraction of the price. But if you have the money, go for it! This certainly won't disappoint.
  95. IN LOVE!!!!

    I cannot express how much I love this!! I have curly/frizzy hair and this really does its job.
  96. Great quality and value for money

    I have had this hair straighter for so many years, it heats up quickly, straightens my hair perfectly and is easy to use. Great for curling too!
  97. Lasted Years

    My GHDS have just given up after 9 years!! Amazing!
  98. GHD wins again

    After a few weeks of researching, watching YouTube tutorials on the top 3/5 straighteners I decided to go with ghd again. Just can’t fault it. Heats quick, curls my stubborn hair well and glides easily with no hair getting stuck in the plates.
  99. The only brand worth buying

    I’ve tried many brands over the year and was hesitant to spend the money on a GHD but it has honestly been the best decision I have ever made! I have two in different sizes which I have had for over 8 years and they are still going strong!
  100. Best on the market!

    I had my first GHD for 9 years before upgrading. This is by FAR the best hair styling tool and brand on the market. I only upgraded as the heat point started to drop. My straightener survived countless overseas trips and the carry case it comes with is also so useful.

    AMAZING product!
  101. Review & Earn

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