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ghd original IV styler

4.7 of 292 reviews


4 instalments of $53.75

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4 instalments of $53.75

Or 4 instalments of $53.75 with LEARN MORE

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ghd IV straightener styler - classic 24mm - for a good hair day, every day.

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SUPERIOR - 97% recommend

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ghd original IV styler

ghd original IV styler

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ghd original IV styler Reviews

4.7 of 292 reviews

97% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Great Quality


Great quality - mine has lasted for years and manages to straighten my thick, long hair. It's also a great straightener for curling! Definitely recommend this reliable, effective product.

Most Helpful Criticism

Not as hot ???


I made my old pair of GHD for about 12years. they were amazing but unfortunately gave up on me. I purchased these one but they aren't as hot. Still amazing
  1. The Original ghd


    The Original ghd is and will always be the best. I've purchased a newer model which is purple and it doesn't straighten my thick frizzy hair like the original. I would only recommend the original.
  2. Great Quality


    Great quality - mine has lasted for years and manages to straighten my thick, long hair. It's also a great straightener for curling! Definitely recommend this reliable, effective product.
  3. Great, sleek hair.


    I love to straighten my hair and I use my limited edition lavender GHD for soft, sleek, shiny locks all the time. I've owned mine for about three years now, and it's still in great condition. I have thick hair, so I have to go through several passes. It's a classic, and would make a great gift as well.
  4. Reliable


    This hair straightener is great. I've been using mine for about 5 years and it consistently gives great results. I have thick, frizzy, wavy hair and my ghd always makes my hair look smooth and shiny. It is well worth the investment.
  5. good but I prefer Cloud 9


    This is a good product but I think the Cloud 9 products leave my hair feeling healthier and straighter for longer
  6. Not as hot ???


    verified purchaser
    I made my old pair of GHD for about 12years. they were amazing but unfortunately gave up on me. I purchased these one but they aren't as hot. Still amazing
  7. The original and the best


    I have tried many other hair straighteners in my time on my very dry, thick and and curly hair, but nothing comes close to this one. I will be buying another one
  8. Always reliable


    Great quality straightener, mine always last forever before they need an upgrade. The only minor downside is that you can't choose the heat setting - sometimes it would be nice to have a slightly lower temp as my hair is quite fine and doesn't need a lot to straighten.
  9. Sturdy


    I purchased this hair straightener 3 years ago and it’s still in perfect condition. Does as it claims
  10. Great straightener


    5 years in and still going strong, a good investment
  11. Love this


    Heats quickly and straightens good leaving my hair silky
  12. Ok not amazing


    It does the job and works as expected but I don't feel like it's as good as I remembered. My thin hair can slip through the plates without being affected by the heat sometimes, especially when I try to curl it. It also doesn't work so well from root to tip as my hair thins out it feel like its tugging in the plates rather than gliding through, meaning I only go halfway down my hair and then for th...
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  13. Amazing


    This is a wonderful styler. Heats up super fast and really comfortable to use. The tongs glide over the hair and are easy to use to create curls and waves. Totally worth the price for super sleek hair.
  14. Great for Frizz


    This is my 2nd GHD, the first one I bought was over 13 years ago and it still works, I just wanted to get a new one.
    I have thick coarse dry frizzy hair and its long. I found the old one I would only need 2 passes over the hair and it would be done. The new model I have to go over it more than a few times.
    I actually feel like the older model did a better job, however both leave my hai...
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  15. The perfect simple straightener


    This straightener is straight forward and does what it needs to do. Heats up super quickly! And is a good straightener. It can be a bit annoying because I have thick hair and I needs to go over my hair a few times, but it is still worth it.
  16. Still going strong


    I think I've had this for 5+ years... still works like the day I bought it! Great quality
  17. Absolutely incredible


    Cannot recommend enough!!! Lasts so long and is just so incredible.
  18. the best hair straightener


    I have had this for such a long time and it's never failed me, will never use anything else!
  19. Do it


    It doesn't get much better than this... if you're in the market for a good-quality hair straightener that does the job, look no further.
  20. Good product


    Sleek and compact size. Performs quickly. Only downside probably is that the temperature is not adjustable. I can see steam coming out of my hair. my old cheap straightner didn't have that. Wonder if it does any damage to my hair...
  21. Reliable


    I've used ghds all my life and they never disappoint. I have super straight hair and using these to curl it is the only way to get lasting curls (and I have tried everything) aside from the Dyson airwrap. They last forever with moderate use and they're great quality.
  22. Lasts for years


    This is one of my favourite beauty items. I purchased mine over 7 years ago and have used every day. Still works perfectly. I blow dry my hair and then run the straightener through my thick hair- works a treat.
  23. Excellent item

    Hair crazy

    This was the 1st - & only curling iron ive ever bought.Their hair products & styling goods are equally excellent.I dont even see much of a price rise from when I 1st started buying their items either.You do need heat protection with this - seriously, use heat protection!! Highly recommended brand!!
  24. O.G and still great


    Still the best hair straighter. Great for taming curly frizzy hair and quick to heat up.
  25. The best!


    I have had my GHD original styler for almost 7 years now. I use it almost daily and it has NEVER failed me. It still works as perfectly as it did when I first got it, and I have never had any issues with it. I have thick, wavy hair, and I am able to achieve smooth and soft hair when combined with a hair serum/heat-protectant spray.
  26. silky hair


    this GHD leaves an amazing finish to my hair, it never feels damaged after using it, it's always looking silky and smooth, i love this!
  27. okay


    I've always wanted to own a GHD and finally decided to upgrade. I went with the original as i've read really good reviews about the original. The straightener felt light, its long cord is a winner and its very very fast heat up time was impressive. However, it just didn't live up to expectations and felt cheap considering its price. I wish the temperature was able to go higher and when curling, my...
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  28. Have one 7 years old that I still use!


    I've owned a GHD styler for 7 years now and it works just as good as the day I bought it. Heats up quickly, gets the job done quickly and straightens my frizzy fine hair. The plates are on flexible supports so you can grab the hair without worrying about applying too much force to the hair. The 30 min auto safety sleep mode is a life saver as I've left home with the device still on a number of tim...
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  29. The best!


    I recently repurchased the ghd original professional styler after taking a break from using a ghd straightener for a couple of years. However, after using it again, I have no idea why I ever stopped! I am able to do so much with my hair and style it in various ways using the ghd professional styler. My hair looks fabulous and I get so many compliments when I use it to curl my hair. Such a staple p...
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  30. Love


    It’s easy to use and light. It heats up quickly and it leaves my hair silky smooth and super straight!
  31. Can always rely on GHD


    I purchased this straightener as my old one had died (after about 9 years). Does a great job at straightening and curling my hair. No complaints.
  32. Helllooo beautiful hair


    As always, GHD comes through!! Have had this straightener for more than 5 years and it is still working perfectly. Could not recommend a better straightener!!
  33. Original and best


    I love this ghd. This is the cheapest product in their straightener range and works just as well as the newer models. Makes the hair shiny as it straightens and does the job so quickly.
  34. My trusty companion


    Have owned mine for just over 5 years now and I still use it every week to straighten and curl. I have curly frizzy hair and it was the only straightener I'd rely on to tame my wild hair
  35. Still the number one straightener

    Nina S

    This is is still the number one straightener! I have bought this straightener 3 times in the last 14 years and it is still the best. I’ve also tried Cloud9 and Mud and I believe this is the best straightener out there. My hair is coarse, wavy and bleach treated.
  36. Old favourite


    GHDs started my straight hair journey. With very curly hair these helped for years but I will say I was converted to Cloud 9 for the wider iron and temp controls. While I converted I can’t really say a bad thing about GHDs - they are the OG.
  37. OG & reliable


    I bought this a while ago and it’s amazing quality. It straightens fly aways and is so reliable. Highly recommended if you’re more basic like me and want to use the same tool everyday
  38. Hair's Best Friend


    I love this hair straightener - it smooths out my hair and leaves my hair frizz free!
  39. the best


    had this for a long time now and it still works great! has last for ages
  40. Trusty friend


    Have owned mine for over a decade and I still use it every week to straighten and curl. I have curly frizzy hair and it was the only straightener I’ve used to get hot enough to work on my hair
  41. The best there is


    This one was bought as present, but I can guarantee you will never use another hair straightener again. I have owned my ghd so far for 13 years and its still going strong. I have heard the newer models don't seem to last as long, so I would recommend sticking to the original. Definitely worth the price.
  42. Love


    Good but some cheaper ones do just as good of a job
  43. My favourite styler


    I absolutely love my GHD and it has lasted years. Very reliable and the best brand of styler I have owned.
  44. the best


    best hair straightener
    can't go wrong with a ghd
    worth the money
  45. The one i have is 10 years old!


    So, my mum bought this straightener 10 years ago, and it still works perfectly today. It delivers a smooth and glossy finish, and my hair is really curly, thick and unruly.
    The only criticism I have is that, for someone with thicker hair like me, straightening your whole crown could take a while - takes me about one hour, because the plates are relatively narrow, meaning I have to pass the ...
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  46. amazing quality


    last so long, i bought it because my friend recommended it, and hers lasted for 10 years!
  47. Amazing!


    I've had this for ages! Does such a good job totally worth the money!
  48. GHD straightener vs. Cloud Nine


    I had my original GHD for many years and then passed it onto my dauhter who used it for a couple of years as well. It was far superior to the Cloud Nine I bought from Adore 2 and a half years ago. It died on me suddenly and without warning so I sent it back to them as it mentioned on their website. They wanted money just to give me a quote to fix it! I am buying another GHD to replace it, which I'...
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  49. The best straightener


    This is hands down the best straightener out there. Leaves my hair so much straighter (in less time) than any other straighteners. If you can afford it, get it!
  50. 10 years of ghd


    I have been using my ghd for 10 years and it’s still going strong. Best investment ever. At first I thought the price was steep but after having it for so long and still working I am very impressed
  51. The best


    Have had mine for years and absolutely love it!! I like that ghd has safe for hair temperature as their default setting.
  52. Can't fault it!


    Received my GHD as a gift a couple of years ago. Certainly always delivers a 'good hair day'. It heats up quickly and is easy to use. Would definitely recommend to a friend.
  53. Had one for almost 7 years. Hero product


    Have owned multiple GHDs in my life and I'll keep buying them each time. I swear by their products. Good quality, and they last.
  54. Great Straightener


    Really good straightener and great for doing all different styles. The only downside is no control over the temperature and can be too hot for finer hair!
  55. Holy grail


    The best straighter on the market, nothing compares to the OG! Quick and easy to use.
  56. Great!


    What can I say? GHD's are the best straighteners. I love my GHD original.
  57. The Best


    Love the Original GHD. Definitely worth the money. Leaves your hair smooth and soft after straightening, not coarse and dry. Does waves well too. Product delivery was so quick too.
  58. Old faithful


    I've had this for years! Still works great and has always been one of my favourites.
  59. Straightening newbie


    Heats up quickly does the job well and had an off switch. Very user friendly I actually like there's no panel to change the temperature. I also heard some people have their GHD for 10 years. I waited for a good promotion and got a little carry bag and brush for free.
  60. Good


    Good product. Have used this for years. Does the job well.
  61. Worth the money


    Worth the investment. Especially this particular design all the new ones aren’t the same but this has great durability and the played are actuallt really good on the hair.
  62. The BEST!


    This is hands down the best straightener I've purchased in years. Works miracles on my crazy bed-head. Bought it for mum as a Christmas present.
  63. The best


    I’ve held off purchasing a GHD for years due to the cost. Well now I get the hype, it just works so well, well worth the cost and I hear they last for years.
  64. Quality


    After years of using cheap straighteners, I finally got a ghd and boy am I glad I did. After the first use I noticed that my hair doesnt have any static to it and it looks shiny! My hair actually stays straight for a few days and doesnt feel like it's been fried.
    Its a worthy investment for good looking hair.
  65. Simple straightner that works amazing


    I've owned this straighter for years and even taken it on many trips and it still works amazing! It is a simple straighter with simple features but it is worth it and works great on thick somewhat coarse hair. My hair is smooth and soft after straightening it.
  66. Worth it!


    Heats up super quick and is really good at straightening out course hair. I have also learnt how to curl with it and the curls hold really well! Highly recommend the GHD
  67. Amazing


    Not the newest edition but it still works as well. Straightens hair and leaves it looking smooth. Worth the investment!
  68. Ok, but do yourself a favour, buy a Cloud9


    Not the same.. where is the original GHD quality?
  69. A decade old!!

    Mehvesh Madda

    I bought this straightner in 2010 and it has completed a decade with flying colors!!! Never had any problem with it. My daughter uses it now, along with me. I hope it lives a very long life and keep straightening hair for my generations to come
  70. Had it for Years!


    These are popular for a reason - they work! I've had one for years and use it most days. Quick and easy to use. Hands down amazing! Worth the investment for sure as you have it for years!
  71. My saviour!


    After years and years of using other straighteners I can finally say that I have converted and I'm glad that I have! I have fine and frizzy hair and after using the GHD, my hair feels smoother and lasts for days. It also eliminates a lot of the frizz and keeps my hair looking healthy!
  72. My first ever straigtener


    I have had mine for nearly 10 years and it is still kicking - such a reliable, slim line and effective hair tool. Such a great gift idea for a teen!
  73. The original holy grail straightener


    I just don't think this can be beaten, mine is an absolute workhorse and has been going strong for 6 years now with no issues at all.

    It straightens, curls and does a sleek job in minutes with no fuss.
    I do think the auto turn off function is essential and would recommend a good heat protectant spray
  74. Did not live up to the hype


    I have naturally straight-ish hair and sometimes I just like to run a flat iron to smooth it and make the ends look better. I usually stick to cheaper brands like VS Sassoon or Remington etc as I never felt the need to get a really good one. I never got great results from these brands, just so-so results and I really thought the ghd would be life changing. My friend has one of these and before a n...
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  75. Worth it


    Definitely worth the money. Best hair straighteners out there. Owned for over 10 years
  76. Simply The Best


    This is hands down the best hair straightener ever made. It gives me a sleek, soft, straight and beautiful hair. I have extremely thick hair that gets dry on the ends and this product is like magic for my hair, it makes it look great and only takes me 15 mins to do my hair everyday. I love it. I have been using GHD straighteners for over 10 years and this is the best in the range.
  77. Effective


    Leaves my long smooth and shiny.Quick to heat up and glides easily. Would reccommend although it is very pricey
  78. Sleek results


    I’ve been using GHD hair products for over 10 years and this is my favorite straightener. Easy to use, warms quickly and sleek results every time. Will go strong for years so great value for money.
  79. Best hair tool I've ever owned!


    Just bought my second GHD after my last one finally died on it's almost 10 year anniversary. My hair is naturally unruly curly ringlets and this styler has always managed to have it sleek and shining in 15 minutes. I use mine for straightening, volumizing straightening (blow wave look) or for loose curling. Love GHD!
  80. Great straightener


    Use this all the time. Great straightener. fast at heating up. defiantly recommend
  81. love


    use this all the time. makes my hair feel so good and straight for the whole day. great for thin curly hair
  82. High quality


    A very high quality product. I’m satisfied with the results.
  83. Great


    This hair straighter is great for thick hair. It heats up quickly and leaves my hair smooth, straight and so soft. Highly recommend
  84. Love it!


    I use this to straighten my thick fizzy hair and it does a perfect job! My hair is straight and silky smooth. GHD is the best!
  85. Worth the investment


    Have had my GHD professional styler for years now and it still continues to always leave my long, thick hair smooth, sleek and shiny. It heats up super quick, glides so easily and doesn't sizzle or frizz my hair! Would highly recommend the investment in a GHD - it's a decision that won't be regretted!
  86. It’s not the same as it used to be


    The quality of this GHD is not as great as it used to be 10 years ago. I heard that GHD sold their business to a Chinese manufacturer so this may result in the lack of quality. My old GHD used to straight my hair flawlessly and smoothly and I don’t get the same smooth finish anymore.
  87. Top!


    Top quality and versatile product. Great for creating a range of hairstyles and leaves my hair looking smooth and shiny.
  88. You can't go past this


    I have been using a GHD for 10-15 years. I don't feel the need to try anything else. My GHD's have always done the job. This iron is particularly good for the little flyaway hairs around my face.
  89. Best styler


    Easily the best straightening iron I have ever used/owned. Leaves hair perfectly straight and smooth, and if you use it with quality heat protection products it doesn't damage your hair, and definitely doesn't damage it as much as other irons. I have had mine for years and it still works perfectly so it's surely worth the price point it is at.
  90. The Original and the Best


    I've had my ghd for over 10 years and absolutely adore it. It's reliable and is brilliant at straightening or putting waves through my hair (once I got the knack for it of course!) I have fine to medium hair but lots of it. It also makes my hair super shiny.
  91. The original


    Have always used ghd. Does a great job at straightening and curling. I used to straighten my hair all the time but now I only do it for special occasions. Make sure you use a heat protectant spray.
  92. Buy now!


    I honestly should’ve bought this ages ago. I had put it off due to price and not wanting to commit, but omg I wish I bought this ages ago. The waves I do in my hair stay for days! Perfect heat and easy to use. Now I want more ghd products!
  93. Perfect for a Novice

    Kirsten M

    The GHD Styler is the perfect hair straightener for dry and frizzy hair. Doesn't cause more damage to the hair, works quickly so the heated application is minimal and is easy to use for creating waves and curls of different styles.
    My only note would be to get a heat pad as it doesn't have a stand/mount - you don't want to burn the table or carpet wen you place it down.
  94. Perfect for a Novice

    Kirsten M

    The GHD Styler is the perfect hair straightener for dry and frizzy hair. Doesn't cause more damage to the hair, works quickly so the heated application is minimal and is easy to use for creating waves and curls of different styles.
    My only note would be to get a heat pad as it doesn't have a stand/mount - you don't want to burn the table or carpet wen you place it down.
  95. the best


    I love this straightener, i have had it for a long time and it's still going strong.
  96. Great!


    Love this hair straightener! I've been using ghd hair stylers for years now and would highly recommend to anyone! This hair straightener works so well always producing great results. It's doesn't dry the hair out and always looks and feels soft and shiny! Highly recommend!
  97. good


    best hair straightener mine lasted for years
  98. works great


    love GHD straighters. after years of using cheap ones you can tell how much better the GHD works. always leaves hair feeling silky and less damaged
  99. One of my fav


    I have used this for years. This was the first of it's kind. I have wavy hair and it straightens them in 1-2 times and my hair feels soft afterwards.
  100. Sticking with GHD


    I promised myself that I will purchase a GHD Straightener soon and I did! I have to after using it so many times from my friends and family.
    It's just amazing and makes your hair look so sleek and soft. Definitely worth the money!
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