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ghd original professional styler

4.8 of 227 reviews

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4 instalments of $41.25


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The original, multi award winning ghd original professional styler is the perfect styling tool for all hair types and hair lengths.

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SUPERIOR - 97% recommend

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Hair Concern:

  • Fine or limp hair

Hair Curl Type:

  • Wavy

Hair Texture:

  • Fine
  • Medium

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ghd original professional styler

ghd original professional styler

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Customer Reviews

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4.8 of 227 reviews

97% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive



Not the newest edition but it still works as well. Straightens hair and leaves it looking smooth. Worth the investment!

Most Helpful Criticism

Ok, but do yourself a favour, buy a Cloud9


Not the same.. where is the original GHD quality?
  1. Amazing


    Not the newest edition but it still works as well. Straightens hair and leaves it looking smooth. Worth the investment!
  2. Ok, but do yourself a favour, buy a Cloud9


    Not the same.. where is the original GHD quality?
  3. A decade old!!

    Mehvesh Madda

    I bought this straightner in 2010 and it has completed a decade with flying colors!!! Never had any problem with it. My daughter uses it now, along with me. I hope it lives a very long life and keep straightening hair for my generations to come
  4. Had it for Years!


    These are popular for a reason - they work! I've had one for years and use it most days. Quick and easy to use. Hands down amazing! Worth the investment for sure as you have it for years!
  5. My saviour!


    After years and years of using other straighteners I can finally say that I have converted and I'm glad that I have! I have fine and frizzy hair and after using the GHD, my hair feels smoother and lasts for days. It also eliminates a lot of the frizz and keeps my hair looking healthy!
  6. My first ever straigtener


    I have had mine for nearly 10 years and it is still kicking - such a reliable, slim line and effective hair tool. Such a great gift idea for a teen!
  7. The original holy grail straightener


    I just don't think this can be beaten, mine is an absolute workhorse and has been going strong for 6 years now with no issues at all.

    It straightens, curls and does a sleek job in minutes with no fuss.
    I do think the auto turn off function is essential and would recommend a good heat protectant spray
  8. Did not live up to the hype


    I have naturally straight-ish hair and sometimes I just like to run a flat iron to smooth it and make the ends look better. I usually stick to cheaper brands like VS Sassoon or Remington etc as I never felt the need to get a really good one. I never got great results from these brands, just so-so results and I really thought the ghd would be life changing. My friend has one of these and before a n...
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  9. Worth it


    Definitely worth the money. Best hair straighteners out there. Owned for over 10 years
  10. Simply The Best


    This is hands down the best hair straightener ever made. It gives me a sleek, soft, straight and beautiful hair. I have extremely thick hair that gets dry on the ends and this product is like magic for my hair, it makes it look great and only takes me 15 mins to do my hair everyday. I love it. I have been using GHD straighteners for over 10 years and this is the best in the range.
  11. Effective


    Leaves my long smooth and shiny.Quick to heat up and glides easily. Would reccommend although it is very pricey
  12. Sleek results


    I’ve been using GHD hair products for over 10 years and this is my favorite straightener. Easy to use, warms quickly and sleek results every time. Will go strong for years so great value for money.
  13. Best hair tool I've ever owned!


    Just bought my second GHD after my last one finally died on it's almost 10 year anniversary. My hair is naturally unruly curly ringlets and this styler has always managed to have it sleek and shining in 15 minutes. I use mine for straightening, volumizing straightening (blow wave look) or for loose curling. Love GHD!
  14. Great straightener


    Use this all the time. Great straightener. fast at heating up. defiantly recommend
  15. love


    use this all the time. makes my hair feel so good and straight for the whole day. great for thin curly hair
  16. High quality


    A very high quality product. I’m satisfied with the results.
  17. Great


    This hair straighter is great for thick hair. It heats up quickly and leaves my hair smooth, straight and so soft. Highly recommend
  18. Love it!


    I use this to straighten my thick fizzy hair and it does a perfect job! My hair is straight and silky smooth. GHD is the best!
  19. Worth the investment


    Have had my GHD professional styler for years now and it still continues to always leave my long, thick hair smooth, sleek and shiny. It heats up super quick, glides so easily and doesn't sizzle or frizz my hair! Would highly recommend the investment in a GHD - it's a decision that won't be regretted!
  20. It’s not the same as it used to be


    The quality of this GHD is not as great as it used to be 10 years ago. I heard that GHD sold their business to a Chinese manufacturer so this may result in the lack of quality. My old GHD used to straight my hair flawlessly and smoothly and I don’t get the same smooth finish anymore.
  21. Top!


    Top quality and versatile product. Great for creating a range of hairstyles and leaves my hair looking smooth and shiny.
  22. You can't go past this


    I have been using a GHD for 10-15 years. I don't feel the need to try anything else. My GHD's have always done the job. This iron is particularly good for the little flyaway hairs around my face.
  23. Best styler


    Easily the best straightening iron I have ever used/owned. Leaves hair perfectly straight and smooth, and if you use it with quality heat protection products it doesn't damage your hair, and definitely doesn't damage it as much as other irons. I have had mine for years and it still works perfectly so it's surely worth the price point it is at.
  24. The Original and the Best


    I've had my ghd for over 10 years and absolutely adore it. It's reliable and is brilliant at straightening or putting waves through my hair (once I got the knack for it of course!) I have fine to medium hair but lots of it. It also makes my hair super shiny.
  25. The original


    Have always used ghd. Does a great job at straightening and curling. I used to straighten my hair all the time but now I only do it for special occasions. Make sure you use a heat protectant spray.
  26. Buy now!


    I honestly should’ve bought this ages ago. I had put it off due to price and not wanting to commit, but omg I wish I bought this ages ago. The waves I do in my hair stay for days! Perfect heat and easy to use. Now I want more ghd products!
  27. Perfect for a Novice

    Kirsten M

    The GHD Styler is the perfect hair straightener for dry and frizzy hair. Doesn't cause more damage to the hair, works quickly so the heated application is minimal and is easy to use for creating waves and curls of different styles.
    My only note would be to get a heat pad as it doesn't have a stand/mount - you don't want to burn the table or carpet wen you place it down.
  28. Perfect for a Novice

    Kirsten M

    The GHD Styler is the perfect hair straightener for dry and frizzy hair. Doesn't cause more damage to the hair, works quickly so the heated application is minimal and is easy to use for creating waves and curls of different styles.
    My only note would be to get a heat pad as it doesn't have a stand/mount - you don't want to burn the table or carpet wen you place it down.
  29. the best


    I love this straightener, i have had it for a long time and it's still going strong.
  30. Great!


    Love this hair straightener! I've been using ghd hair stylers for years now and would highly recommend to anyone! This hair straightener works so well always producing great results. It's doesn't dry the hair out and always looks and feels soft and shiny! Highly recommend!
  31. works great


    love GHD straighters. after years of using cheap ones you can tell how much better the GHD works. always leaves hair feeling silky and less damaged
  32. One of my fav


    I have used this for years. This was the first of it's kind. I have wavy hair and it straightens them in 1-2 times and my hair feels soft afterwards.
  33. Sticking with GHD


    I promised myself that I will purchase a GHD Straightener soon and I did! I have to after using it so many times from my friends and family.
    It's just amazing and makes your hair look so sleek and soft. Definitely worth the money!
  34. The original and the best

    Mrs S

    I can't go past the original GHD styler. This is my third one so they don't last forever (especially if you drop them on the bathroom floor) but they are so great and worth making the investment. Thankfully the price has come down over the years too!
  35. Lasts FOREVER


    GHD Straighteners are seriously built to last. I am still using the original one that I purchased (but have also purchased a mini version since then).

    It is worth its weight in gold and is still the only appliance I trust to straighten my hair to perfection.
  36. Great results


    I didn't realise how much better a GHD would be than my cheap straightner, if I had I would have bought one ages ago! You turn it on and it's ready to go really quickly. The results are great, my hair is left smooth and very straight! I love the sleep function too as I often worry that I've left it on.
  37. The best


    I have been using ghd hair straighteners for over a decade. They never fail me. I have super thick frizzy hair and Ghds can give me super slick straight hair like no other. Will always use ghd
  38. I need the safety features!


    I’d been using a cheap straightener from kmart for years and I always had nightmares of leaving it on or forgetting about it, I love the sleep feature of this I rarely worry anymore. Results are sleeker and smoother too which is a plus!
  39. Perfect to tame the frizzies


    I have straight hair already, but it's prone to frizz in humid weather. I love this straightener as it tames the frizzies and makes my hair look smooth and shiney.
  40. Awesome


    I've been using this for ages and it always does an amazing job!
  41. Never fails me


    I've used this straightener almost daily for close to 10 years and it still does such a great job at straightening/curling my hair (I have thick, wavy hair). Only thing is, I've begun to notice is it doesn't smoothen as well as it used to and I'd need to touch up my hair the following day if I still wanted to have straight hair.
  42. Great Straightener


    Great straightener for mid-length to long hair. GHD make the best straighteners in terms of ease of use, warm up time and their ability to straighten hard to style hair, however the quality seems to be lacking as I’ve had two break that we’re both less than two years old.
  43. Does the job


    Works really well, but is quite basic. Good for straightening but feels a bit light and flimsy compared to the Platinum range and isn't as smooth gliding over hair as the Platinum range. But a good straightener otherwise
  44. Old faithful


    Had this for years and it's very good. Lasts a long time does a good job
  45. Long lasting


    I have had 3 GHD straighteners ! And they're all still well and fully functioning. Myself and my mum use them on a regular basis. I would definitely recommend purchasing one as they will be with you for years to come ! I have never had a problem with it and it continues to be my favourite.
  46. The original and the best


    I've had 3 different GHD's since I was 16 years old (over 10 years now), they are more than worth the investment. All in one styling tool, I don't use anything else to straighten or put waves through my hair! The original and best hair straightener.
  47. Best Straightener ever


    BOth my daughter and I use this straightener! Love the way it is quick to heat up and glides through your hair. Great to do curls too
  48. The original and the best.


    Been using ghd for years. For me its the only hair straightener.
  49. Great quality, straightens well!


    This straightener has lasted me for years and it is still very quick to heat up, working well! One of the best purchases I have made, a great investment.
  50. perfect!


    this straightener is honestly the best I've ever used! it heats up so fast and makes my hair so straight! it doesnt tug at my hair and is so gentle on my hair! Definitely recommend!
  51. The best


    I love love love my GHD. Smooths and straightens hair so well. By far the best straightener I have owned.
  52. Very disappointing


    This is my 3rd GHD. I bought it to replace the last one I had which died after 9 years use and I am so disappointed by this new model. It feels flimsy and doesn't grip my hair properly. I also suspect it doesn't get as hot, as the curl isn't holding properly. I was GHD's biggest fan until I got this new one, now I may have to look at other brands.
  53. Amazing!


    I love my ghd straightener! My hair can be quite difficult and can’t be tamed by other lesser quality straightening tools, but the ghd straightens my curls and tames the frizz easily! Heats up quickly and leaves my hair glossy and smooth! Couldn’t live without it!
  54. Not for fine hair


    I have long, fine hair that has a natural wave / curl in it so I use a straightener most days to smooth and straighten it all out. The GHD only has one heat setting and it is WAY too high for my hair. I think it says it's meant to be 185 but it feels more like 200+. Makes my hair dry, even with protectants. Just seems like a real oversight for the market leader, when there are so many other brands...
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  55. best straightener


    This is the best straightener
    keeps my hair straight for a few days until I rewash
    makes me hair shiny too
    worth the money
  56. GHD for life


    I have had my god for ten years and it’s still working as well as when I bought it. Heats up so quickly, leaves my hair shiny and doesn’t take long to style a full head of hair- either curly or straight. You won’t need (or want) another straightener for life.
  57. great straightener


    this straightener is easy to use and makes my hair super shiny. however i find that it does not keep it straight for more than 2 days
  58. LOVE IT


    Everyone raves over cloud9 hair straighteners, but honestly i think GHD ones are so much better! this one heats up so far, doesn't tug on your hair, and straightens your hair so well! when i use the GHD straightener my hair stays straight all day without fail!
  59. The original and the best!


    This is my holy grail for hot tools! I use heat tools daily and this one is very durable and achieves dependable results! Go for gold!
  60. Best on the market


    I've had my original GHD for 10 years and it has only now died! Repurchased the original as the platinum is just nowhere near as good as the original.
  61. the original


    One of the most reliable, high quality, excellent straighteners out there. it lasts for YEARS and gives hair a unique silky sheen
  62. A beauty staple


    An absolute must have! It’s reliable, easy to use, and delivers silky smooth hair. Would never use any other straightener.
  63. Amazing


    This is honestly the best hair straightner on the market
  64. Great straightener


    GHD is a great company that makes good straighteners. I have never had an issue with them, although I recently bought a Cloud Nine and I feel I might like it even better. Still a fantastic brand and product!
  65. Good product


    Never had a problem with the straightener. Did such a good job and used it almost everyday on my thick wavy hair but only lasted about 5 years and upgraded to the GHD Platinum
  66. Good


    Best hair straighter I have ever had, and I've had a few. I feel like everyday is a good hair day. Can't fault!!!!
  67. A favourite


    I purchased a new GHD because our old one just stopped working one day. It was at least 10 years old. It was a great hair styler as is the new one.We in our family can rely on GHD for smooth, straight hair.
  68. Great straightener


    I have thick, curly, frizzy hair and this GHD works wonders to leave it straight and smooth. It heats up quickly and is easy to use, literally switch it on and then straighten your hair! My only issue with it would be that my first one broke just outside of the warranty period and I had to purchase a new one.
  69. Fantastic hair straightener


    Easy to use, heats up quickly and glides through the hair leaving it smooth and straight.
  70. Good but Cloud Nine is better


    This straightener is great but I personally think cloud nine do it better. Can be used for straightening and curling but the temperature can’t be adjusted like it can on a cloud nine
  71. The best straightener


    Just purchased my second ghd - wouldn’t use any other straightener.
  72. BEST hair straightener EVER


    This hair straightener is the absolute best, I had the exact same model before buying a new one and it lasted 10 years!! With four girls in my household . Only had to buy a new one because it broke and I will never buy anything but this type
  73. The best


    You really can't go past this straightener. It's simple to use and effortlessly straightens, curls, crimps, you name it. Heats quickly and glides through my hair.
  74. Trusty old friend


    Had this for so many years now and it has never disappointed. Is so reliable and easy to use
  75. Nothing Beats The Original GHD


    I’ve had a number of hair straighteners before and nothing beats this one. I’ve had this one for over 2 years and it’s still in great condition. All my other ones start to wear by now but this one is still like new!

    It’s so smooth and doesn’t pull the hair which my others did when the plates got worn!

    It’s also great to curly if you don’t like using a curling iron.
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  76. So quick and effective


    I’m a late adopter of the GHD hair straightener as I incorrectly thought that all straighteners were created equal - I was so wrong. This one heats up in seconds, only needs one touch per strand of hair, and voila - perfect. I love love love this straightener.
  77. No secret, these are the best


    Ghd! 7 years strong! Only took me 5 years to work out how to use it for curling! Not just a straightener. This tool takes me from 4-9 in confidence and I love it
  78. The best!


    Love my Ghd I have crazy curly hair and this straightens it all day
  79. Great straightener!


    I love my ghd, it makes my hair feel smoother.
    I have very long hair and this straightener makes me spend less time on it! Heats quickly and doesn’t damage my hair. It is great at putting curls and waves in hair also.
  80. The OG hair styler


    I had the GHD original for many years and only upgraded to the platinum when it finally died on me, it does everything you could need. Worth the money.
  81. Can't fault it


    Ive had my ghd for 4 years and I love it. Straightens my frizzy hair and is great for curling as well. Leaves my hair looking shiny and smooth. Cant fault it!
  82. Styles hair with ease


    I have used this straightener for over 10 years and have absolutely loved it. I have thick stubborn hair and find that this GHD styles my hair with ease. It creates the perfect curl that will last in my hair for days. I prefer using the thicker GHD styler for straightening as it is quicker, but love using this one for beautiful curls.
  83. My first ghd lasted for 10 years!


    The first ghd had lasted for 10 years and I loved every moment with it. I went on to purchase a second ghd a few years ago. This product is perfect for so many different hairstyles and hair types. I love using this to curl my hair and give it a natural look. I have long dark brown hair that is rather fine and I don't find this styler too be damaging for my hair. With a light strokes and twists, I ...
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  84. Pretty good!


    I’m not sure if I love ghd’s all that much as I have had 2 break within my time, but I seem to go back. They definitely straighten your hair so much easier then most, and leave it somewhat shiny. Note: I have curly frizzy hair. Make sure you keep up cleaning it though cause I find the matte black can become dirty so easily!
  85. Will last a lifetime


    I’ve had my ghd since 2010 and it’s still going strong 9 years on. The absolute best for hair styling.
  86. Popular for a reason


    While not cheap, I believe these are worth the investment. I had my first one for over 10 years before replacing. I love that you can use it to straighten and curl. The high temps mean you can style your hair very quickly without the need for going over the same area multiple times. And the ceramic plates protect the hair. Definitely recommend to anyone looking for a hair straightener.
  87. Love it


    Been using this straightener for years and I love it. Excellent for curling hair as well, can't fault it
  88. Have been using this straightener for centuries & many centuries to come!


    My hair is quite dry, thick & curly (the worst combination possible), ever since the first time I used this straightener in my teens it has stuck by me. It is the quickest & easiest straightener to use for my difficult hair and after using the GHD my hair feels smooth, silky & best of all STRAIGHT.
    I would recommend to anyone with difficult & stubborn hair!


    I cannot live without this product since the day that I bought it - it is the best straightener for my thick, coarse hair & I can straighten it all within 20 minutes thanks to this gem!
  90. Love love love!


    Could not reccomend ghd hair straighteners enough, I have super duper dry curly hair and often found other brands would rip and catch on my hair but I definitely don't have this problem with ghd. Not only do I find it a quality product, I have noticed how healthy and soft ghds make my hair feel! Love love love, highly recommend!
  91. Keeps hair perfectly straight


    I adore my ghd, my hair is no longer fuzzy and it stays perfectly straight for days unlike my older other brand straightener. Definitely worth the money!
  92. Worth the price


    This is one of those items that you can't really substitute for a cheaper product. I used a very cheap one for a long time until I finally received this one as a gift. The difference is so noticeable. Hair is straighter and smoother. And you achieve the result in a fraction of the time. Highly recommend.
  93. One of the best


    I’ve been using this for years and honestly don’t think I’ll be changing any time soon. Works great with my hair (naturally wavy)
  94. Great first straightener


    I have really curly frizzy hair, so straightening is a nightmare. GHD is always my go to and I loved this as my first GHD straightener. Plus they last forever.
  95. amazing!!!


    I bought my GHD last year and can't ever see myself buying another straightener. I have very thick and curly hair and it used to take me over an hour to style. WIth my GHD it barely takes me 15 minutes. I love how quick and easy it is to use! I wouldn't recommend to people with limp hair as it will make your hair flat. Would recommend to any ladies with curlier hair !!!
  96. This is the one


    If you want to get a ghd definitely only get the original, they are awesome and do not compare to the others. The new ones are really terrible, the originals last years and hold heat really well.
  97. Very good straighner


    I'm glad I brought this it's a very good straightener. better than any I have used before..My hair is smoother and stays straighter for longer
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