Dyson's Newest Innovation Has Landed!

I've always imagined I'd be a great detective. Not only can I predict the outcome of nearly every crime podcast I listen to (I also might be psychic but that's a story for another day), but I also thrive on things being top secret. Like surprise parties, pregnancy announcements, you get the drift.

So, when we were invited to a top secret briefing with Dyson late last year, I was giddy with excitement. There was a new product being unveiled but it was SO secretive that we had to sign non disclosure agreements.

Fast forward to early March (on what I didn't realise would be my last interstate trip for a long time), Dyson's new Corrale hair straightener was unveiled to media. She looked sleek, she looks stylish, and she looked.... expensive?

That's right, the Corrale doesn't come cheap. So, here's everything you need to know about it before you make the investment.

Dyson Corrale 002Dyson Corrale 002

What Sets The Dyson Corrale Apart From Other Straighteners?

In true detective fashion, I formally questioned one of Dyson's mechanical engineers behind the creation of the Corrale, on exactly what went into this tool.

See, I expected in the theme of all of Dyson's other products, that this straightener would use some kind of fancy air technology. So when I realised that wasn't the case, I had some questions. Mainly, what makes it different to Cloud Nine or ghd?

#1: Flexible Plates

For starters, it's the first straightener in the world with flexible plates. What on earth does that mean, I hear you ask?

According to Rory, Dyson's mechanical engineer, these plates help to effectively and gently grip each section of hair, allowing for even heat and tension distribution, and preventing the hair from splaying out the sides of the straightener.

Put simply, these flexible plates contribute to less heat damage because you don't need to straighten over the same section of hair 50 times to get a smooth result - most hair types will be able to glide the Corrale over the section once for a sleek, straight finish.

#2: Cordless

You read that right. The Corrale can be used completely cordless, and is operational while cord-connected as well.

It has up to 30 minutes of battery for cordless use, operating on a 4-cell lithium-ion battery, which provides the same amount of power as a conventional corded product.

So, it gives you the flexibity to style anywhere, any time. I particularly noted this point for professional hair and makeup artists working on set outdoors who may need to touch up the hair with heat tools, but haven't been able to. Until now.

Dyson Corrale 004Dyson Corrale 004

#3: Superior Safety Features

Safety was at top of mind when creating the Corrale, especially when travelling with this machine (not that any of us will be doing that for a while).

To operate the Corrale, you need to go through a little sequence of unlocking the plates (you can lock the plates together for convenience), turning it on and then selecting your heat settings.

It also has a flight mode which can be easily enabled to to ensure you encounter no issues with the battery while travelling - and it's got universal voltage so you can use it wherever you are.

The device can also detect when it hasn't been in use for 10 minutes, and will turn itself off, so you can avoid the dreaded feeling of leaving your heat tools on at home.

#4: Multiple Heat Settings

The Corrale's three heat settings make it suitable to all hair types and textures. These precise settings range from 165°C to 185°C to 210°C.

The lowest setting is best for damaged, fragile hair types prone to breakage, or anyone looking to reduce the impact of their heat styling habits. Your middle setting, at 185°C has been recognised as the most optimum temperature for heat styling the hair, so this is the one I'd recommend for most people. And then your 210°C is more suited to thicker, courser, curlier hair that requires additional heat to deliver the sleekest finish.

Remember: always use a heat protectant before styling!

An integrated sensor system checks and adjusts the temperature of the plates 100 times a second, so you can be confident the temperature on the dial is the temperature on your hair (again, just another feature that delivers superior styling and limited heat damage).

Dyson Corrale 003Dyson Corrale 003

Is It Really Worth The Price Tag?

Retailing at $699, Dyson's Corrale is sitting at the highest end of the pricing scale when it comes to straighteners on the market. So, it is worth it?

In my opinion, it all comes down to your individual needs and budget - that's not up to me to determine. If you have the means to purchase a $699 hair tool, power to you! Enjoy it! But if that's completely out of the budget and you're still on the search for the perfect straightener, you might be able to find something within your budget here.

You can watch Yasamin's first impression video below, which might help you decide if it's worth the investment:

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