What's The Best Way To Remove Sunscreen At Night?

Even if you choose not to wear makeup, you should still wear some type of sunscreen when leaving the house. Evening cleansing is a must, but thicker sunscreens can be difficult to remove. We’re here to show you how to best remove your sunscreen in the evening: the double cleanse.

Double cleansing is effective for anyone who wears multiple layers of product, whether moisturiserprimersun care, or makeup. Cleansing twice ensures you’ve removed not only the products from the surface of your skin but also oil, dead skin, and impurities from your pores.

But what kind of cleansers are best for each step—removing sunscreen AND actually washing your face? Let’s go through the steps of the double cleanse to show what works for Step 1 and Step 2.

How Long Should I Leave a Cleanser On My Face?How Long Should I Leave a Cleanser On My Face?

The First Cleanse: Best Practices

To remove a heavy product such as a physical sunscreen or makeup containing sunscreen, you want a cleanser that breaks down heavy formulas effectively. The ideal product to use in this stage is a cleansing oil.

While oil may seem a little scary to those with oily skin, no worries. You too can benefit from a cleansing oil, and it won’t cause your complexion to produce more sebum!

A cleansing oil binds to the excess oil already present on the skin and removes that oil plus anything you’ve put on your face that day. In the process, cleansing oils maintain the healthy pH balance of your skin.

Oil breaks down makeup most effectively, which is why it’s present in most eye makeup removers. Using a warm, damp washcloth—or a cotton round in a pinch—ensures complete removal of a cleansing oil from your face. Rinsing does little to nothing for removal of cleansing oils.

Some of our favourite cleansing oils are:

For those of you who are still just a little afraid of an oil cleanser, try one of these products for your first cleanse:


How Long Should I Leave a Cleanser On My Face?How Long Should I Leave a Cleanser On My Face?

The Second Cleanse: Best Practices

This is where you want to use treatment cleansers: foams, liquids, creams, and gels. Choose a high-quality second cleanser, as this product will be doing the most for your complexion.

You’re actually cleansing your skin in this step and ensuring that no additional SPF or makeup is hanging around. As for specific products, try:

Double cleansing is the best way to ensure that no SPF residue is left behind. A second cleanse is also the best way to make sure your night-time treatments are able to penetrate the epidermis and do their best work. So armed with that knowledge, you’re all set to get that SPF off and get your glow on!



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