How do I choose the right cleanser?

It can be confusing, right? There are so many cleansing options out there! Firstly, it’€™s going to depend on your skin type. Does your skin tend to feel oily, dry, combination or normal? Secondly, it’s going to depend on what you like in texture: a milk, gel, oil or foam.

There are no hard and fast rules, but there are some general guidelines that might affect your choice. Oily skin types usually fare better with gel or foaming cleansers, while dry and dry-sensitive skin types tend to benefit from the extra nourishment found in a milk cleanser. Those with oily-sensitive skin will find that a fragrance-free gel cleanser is going to work really well to treat the oiliness and will offer a little more TLC than a foaming cleanser. The same goes for those who have an oily skin with dry cheeks.

You’€™ll find cleansers do vary in the ingredients they use. Some are fragrance-free, which works well for those prone to allergies, and some have exfoliating ingredients like AHAs (alpha-hydroxy acids).

It really does come down to a case of your skin type, and your preference regarding texture. Combine the two and you’ll find your perfect cleanser!

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