Clarins Water Comfort One-Step Cleanser (Peach)

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Clarins Water Comfort One-Step Cleanser (Peach) by Clarins


The wonderful, fresh feeling of cleansing with water without water! In a single step and without rinsing, this cleansing water gently and effectively eliminates light make-up and impurities with no foaming effect. Peach Essential Water is obtained from distillation of the fruit and contains all its softening and soothing properties. The skin feels incredibly comfortable.

Beauty Benefits :
- The skin is clean and pure.
- It remains smooth, supple and velvety-soft.

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- 10-06-2010 by

I love this as a morning refresher. As a do a thorough cleanse at night my skin only needs a quick swipe of toner in the morning to remove any residue from my night cream. This one is gentle but effective. The scent is soft but fresh. The huge 200ml bottle last for ages.

- 16-11-2008 by

I use this mainly as a toner but it is great for a quick morning cleanse. It removes all traces of makeup as long as you have used a cleanser before hand. Lovely peach smell too, not overpowering. Great if you like to cleanse without water. Leaves the skin feeling lovely and hydrated.

- 07-08-2008 by

This is my designated morning cleanser and every morning I still get excited about using it. The smell is lovely, like fresh peach. The product is very liquid, but on a cotton pad is very effective in cleansing the face. I don't think it would be strong enough for heavy make up removal though. The formula is non-drying and doesn't leave my skin feeling tight or filmy. Judging by my current usage, I would say a bottle would last about 6 months.

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