Five reasons you need exfoliation in your life

Exfoliating is one of the most important parts of your skincare routine, whether you use a product daily like a serum or a weekly scrub! It is always recommended to all skin types, from sensitive right up to oily. Exfoliating regularly is a vital step to clear, healthy, youthful-looking skin and here are five reasons our beauty therapist, Kristina, wants you to incorporate it into your regime today…

1. Sloth off dead skin
This is the main reason why people use exfoliants. A misconception is that people with dry skin shouldn’€™t exfoliate because scrubs may irritate their skin. That may be true, but exfoliation is essential for getting rid of those flaky or dry patches in the skin, so your skin may prefer a chemical or serum-based exfoliant that doesn’t have beads and isn’€t as harsh on your skin. Exfoliating a more mature skin, which may have a build-up of pigment, will help remove some of that dead skin sitting on the surface. For oily skins, exfoliating will help breakdown the coarseness of your skin as your skin may feel quite thick. It is also important to note that as our skin begins to age, it doesn’€™t sloth off our dead skin as quickly or as effectively as in younger years, so it may need a helping hand!

2. Better penetration of your products
Now that we have removed all that excess dead skin just sitting there, we can get to the good stuff! The dead skin sitting on the surface almost creates a barrier between your skin and the products you’re applying, so you’re not receiving full absorbency of your actives. When using actives like vitamin C and vitamin A, the molecules penetrate much further into the skin when there is nothing blocking its entry. This reason alone makes me love chemical exfoliants, as I can use them daily, right before my actives!

3. Brighten and even complexion
Exfoliating regularly creates what I like to call skin uniformity€. With the dead skin and blockages being removed, you’re left with healthy, smooth-to-touch skin, as well as evenness colour-wise. Exfoliants won’t remove pigmentation altogether but it can decrease the colour and give the skin a more uniform appearance, leading to less make-up being required in an effort to cover blemishes.

4. Stimulate cell-turnover
Exfoliating helps to increase cellular turnover. As mentioned above, as our skin begins to mature, we do not bring our healthiest, youthful skin to the surface as quickly as before. Exfoliating helps to kickstart this process to bring your best-looking skin to the surface from inside out and when regularly exfoliated, it will maintain that youthful appearance.

5. Dislodge blackheads and balance oil
The trick to oily or blemish-prone skin is a mixture of both exfoliants; scrubs weekly and serums daily (apart from the day you use your scrub, of course). The scrub works on the outer layers of the skin, removing all that dead skin that oily complexions naturally hold on to, and the serum works in a very special way. The way I like to describe it is it’s like using a scrubbing brush in the pore – the serum gets right in and yanks all the gunk out! This in turn reduces the likelihood of clogged pores and blemishes.


So, what are you waiting for? Shop the best exfoliators right nowor call to make an appointment with Kristina here.


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