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Ultimate Guide to Sunscreen
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Luxe Sunscreen
Once upon a time, a golden tan was seen as the epitome of health. The sun-kissed look that skin developed during a week-long luxury vacation was a status symbol, a sign of wealth. And let's be honest: a tan helps to cover a multitude of skin concerns that are more visible on a pale complexion. That was then; this is now. Today's scientists know that untanned skin tan is the real sign of health. Science has revealed that there's no such thing as a healthy tan. Whenever your skin colour deepens, it's because of DNA damage. Switch out the tanning oils for age-fighting sunscreens and sunblocks that prevent not only tanning but also wrinkles. Our Luxe range of sunscreens combines sun protection with the best, fastest-absorbing formulas. Whether you're jetting away for that luxury vacation or on a daily mission to defend against the signs of ageing, our Luxe range of sunscreens includes just the product for you.
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Professional Sunscreen
UV exposure is the most significant ageing factor under your control. The effects of the sun are powerful and range from sunburn to collagen breakdown to cancer. The benefits of using sunscreen while on holiday are well promoted. The benefits of using sunscreen when at home, in your office, or outside during winter aren't. Take it from us: integrate a broad-spectrum sunscreen into your skincare routine EVERY DAY and enjoy youthful-looking skin for many more years. The UV light that reaches your skin daily consists of both UVA and UVB light. UVB light is strongest during the summer and is the primary cause of sunburn. UVA light is consistent all year round, penetrates deeply, and causes damage without sunburn. Integrating a high-SPF sunscreen that advertises broad-spectrum protection, UVA protection, or a PA+ rating will safeguard your skin with daily use.
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Essentials Sunscreen
Sunscreen is the least expensive anti-ageing cream you'll ever have the opportunity to use. The rate at which your skin ages is determined by both nature and nurture—in other words, by your DNA as well as lifestyle factors. Of all lifestyle factors, UV exposure has the most dramatic effect on your complexion, being estimated as accountable for over 80% of ageing that's under your control. With statistics like these, there's no better reason or time to start using daily sun protection. Choose from chemical or physical filters and SPF protection of 15 to 50+. Choose from UVA-assured, PA+++ rated formulas and sunscreens with added moisturisers for well-rounded skincare. If you have normal or dry skin, our range of sunscreens with chemical filters works perfectly for your skin type. If you have oily or sensitive skin, or want to stick to the safest and most natural ingredients, choose a sunblock based on physical filters such as zinc oxide. Whichever sun protection suits your skin type best, you'll be sure to find a suitable UV guard in our Essentials range.
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Ultimate Guide to Sunscreen

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