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Ultra Violette Clean Screen SPF30 Skinscreen 50mL

4.5 of 106 reviews


4 instalments of $10.50

Or 4 instalments of $10.50 with LEARN MORE

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4 instalments of $10.50

Or 4 instalments of $10.50 with LEARN MORE

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New formula, who dis? Your favourite Clean Screen, revolutionized to be even better - fragrance-free, preservative-free, paraben-free, grease-free. 

  • Australian Made
  • Cruelty Free
  • Artificial Fragrance Free
  • Has SPF
  • Sulphate Free
  • Mineral Oil Free
  • Alcohol Free
  • Paraben Free

What customers say

GREAT - 89% recommend

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  • Teens
  • 20s
  • 30s
  • 40s
  • 50+

Skin Concern:

  • Acne, breakouts and blackheads
  • Oiliness and shine

Skin Type:

  • Normal to dry
  • Normal to oily
  • Oily

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Ultra Violette Clean Screen SPF30 Skinscreen Reviews

4.5 of 106 reviews

89% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Love love love

Jackie Z

Love love love this product. It is not sticky, does not cause me to break out and dries matte. I wish I discovered this product sooner/in my 20s before I got the sun damage I now have :(

Most Helpful Criticism

New formula is fab, but breaks me out now...


Updated review. I used the old formula Clean Screen for about a year and was very happy with it. This new formula was initially one I loved - so silky, light and yet a proper SPF30 I could use a decent amount of. Unfortunately, after a couple of months of observations and usage, this new formula is giving me a few spots around the chin and neck. I haven't changed anything else but this. A breakout is rare for me, but I've had frequent ones since starting this new formula. Mega sad face. :( I know it's a lovely formula with the newest chemical sunscreen blockers, but clearly my skin doesn't like one of them or something else in it. Back to the sunscreen drawing board for me.
  1. The lightest sunscreen ever


    Super light weight, great under make up, non greasy, matte finish. They didn’t have the new clean screen 50+ released when i bought it so i have ordered it o try next the only thing i would have liked is if it was 50 not 30+
  2. Love love love

    Jackie Z

    Love love love this product. It is not sticky, does not cause me to break out and dries matte. I wish I discovered this product sooner/in my 20s before I got the sun damage I now have :(
  3. Nice and easy


    I like this sunscreen it is lightweight and absorbs quickly. I’m not sure if it has a very slight white cast or colour but it works nicely with my skin for a little bit of coverage. I have quite oily skin and I need to powder over the top of it.
  4. Love


    Obsessed with this SPF, I have sensitive skin due to eczema and this causes no irritation. It also can be used as a makeup primer.
  5. Love love love this!!!


    Love love love this brand they do not dissapoint! I have sensitive skin and i have no problems with it. And I love that it is tinted and makes me feel great at the beach. And the protection is amazing.
  6. Go to face sunscreen brand


    Absolutely love this brand! I was a little skeptic at first due to how many influencers have this product but it was actually so lovely and light on the skin and doesnt give that ugly white film left on the skin. Great to apply on a daily basis
  7. Just glows


    This sits so comfortably on the skin, it sinks in so smoothly. You don't feel like you're pushing the sunscreen in just to get rid of the product off your hands. What ever makeup you apply on-top of this will look so dewy and fresh.
  8. BEST


    Loved this. as someone who hates sunscreen, i used this when i went to the beach and i felt like i had nothing on & it blended super well. I have oily acne prone skin which is always quite red and flushed. this gave excellent protection, i didnt get burnt (i also used a hat as you should) and it stayed on all day. my redness wasnt enhanced like it does with some chemical sunscreens (cough cough.....
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  9. Great for Acne Prone Skin


    Lovely sunscreen, feels really nice on my oily and breakout prone skin. Easy to reapply throughout the day!
  10. Care with sensitive skin


    Clean screen looks and feels really nice, gives skin a nice glowy look, spreads easily and sinks in. Loved it until I realised that the “maskne” angry bumps across my cheek bones that I have not been able to clear at all, was actually a reaction to one of my new bougie sunscreen ingredients. Swapped to an old sunscreen I had and voila! Angry bumps started clearing almost overnight. Not what I was...
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  11. Amazing! Wish if


    My third favourite! I love this so much but I wish it was SPF50.
  12. Great


    This formula is non greasy and does not clog my pores. It also doesn't feel heavy and is great
  13. very light and no white cast


    i got this as a sample and i loved it. i have not tried spf 30 before but this one is pretty good. it didnt leave white cast on my face and i felt quite comfortable wearing this.
  14. The best spf is the one that you wear !


    My fave spf.
    Thin, easily spreadable. Lightly tinted but doesn't offer coverage. Doesnt make my white skin look orange.

    Fragrance free and non irritating.

    Its only spf 30, but its better than avoiding spf at all !

    Will def repurchase.
  15. lovely scent


    I really liked this one. I usually use the scream queen, but wanted a more portable option. it's quite lightweight, but has a lovely minimal scent that doesn't smell like sunscreen. Would prefer if it was 50+ though
  16. A Christmas miracle


    Say hello to the most perfect sunscreen formula ever. This is the 4th (eeek) Ultra Violette sunscreen I’ve bought & it’s officially my favourite. NO sticky feeling, NO oily feeling, NO dull/matte feeling. I genuinely wanted to re apply this product...mind blown. I’m happy I’ve FINALLY found a sunscreen that works for me. Thank you Ultra Violette :) I hope I look forever in my 20’s now.
  17. A Christmas miracle


    Say hello to the most perfect sunscreen formula ever. This is the 4th (eeek) Ultra Violette sunscreen I’ve bought & it’s officially my favourite. NO sticky feeling, NO oily feeling, NO dull/matte feeling. I genuinely wanted to re apply this product...mind blown. I’m happy I’ve FINALLY found a sunscreen that works for me. Thank you Ultra Violette :) I hope I look forever in my 20’s now.
  18. Great product


    I like this product and would give it 5 star if the SPF is 50+. It is non greasy and the cap is easy to use and very calming on the face. Love love this product.
  19. I am OBSESSED


    Hands down ny favourite Ultraviolette product and best sunscreen I have ever used in general. Living in far north Queensland its put to the test daily. Never feels oily or clogs my pores. Have got all my friend's addicted to it too
  20. Jury's out


    I had high hopes for this but I'm on the fence as to whether it lives up to the hype. I have combination skin that breaks out easily and is also dry (lucky me). The pros, sits well under make-up, definitely protects the skin from the sun, and for a zinc-based product, you don't get that whitewash look. The cons, every time I've used this it's broken me out, the pump leaks so you get a build-up ...
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  21. An oily gals best friend


    I have struggled with sunscreen as I hate the heavy feeling and greasy look sunscreens used to give. I asked the ladies at adore for a recommendation and they nailed this one. This sunscreen skins into the skin and it mattifying without contributing to oil production. An oily gals best friend and won't cause breakouts. I won't use another sunscreen and love this one so much. Everyone struggling t...
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  22. Good sunscreen


    I can’t say I love this product for my skin, personally, but I love the others in the range and they suit my skin so much better. I found this caused drying and the scent was awful. But - my nephew who has sensory issues, does NOT like wearing sunscreen - it makes him very uncomfortable and triggers him. He hates the feel of it on his skin and flat out refuses to wear it, he is scared of the sting...
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  23. Oily white sheen


    I really wanted to love this product but it just didnt work for me. I have been searching for a great SPF that sits well under my make-up, and this product had some good hype. It made my skin look noticeably oily and shiny. However the white sheen this product left was the worst. I waited for it to absorb, i tried applying more/less, i tried with/without moisterisor and serums. Nothing changed it....
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  24. A beautiful sunscreen that doesn't make me break out like crazy


    It has been tough trying to find a sunscreen that doesn't make me break out like crazy and/or shine bright like a disco ball. Add to that the challenge of not breaking out while wearing a face mask this year, and boy oh boy have I finally found a winner!! Comes in a gorgeous sleek bottle. Spreads really well over my other skincare and under makeup without feeling thick or oily or pilling. Pretty k...
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  25. Not happy jan!!


    What on earth??!! Since the new product lean screen came out I clicked on this one to read the product information again, because I was 100% under the impression that this one was the physical sunscreen of the bunch!! I’ve been using this one happily with the incorrect knowledge on it! I am not impressed as I’m after a complete physical sunscreen and would never have bought it if I was aware. I’m ...
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  26. happy


    I like this SPF - made the switch to this after many spfs have caused breakouts for me (none so far). It leaves my skin slightly dewy to the eye but still matte to touch. There is a slight white cast but not as bad as others.


    Amazing product!! Doesn't feel heavy, super easy to apply and does't make you oily or breakout.

  28. Less break outs!


    I love this sunscreen - I have to be honest, I use it in conjunction with Supreme Screen. I have very combination skin - the top half is dry and the bottom half is oily and acne prone.
    I use Clean Screen from under my eyes to my neck - my acne prone areas. I find I break out WAY less than any other sunscreen. Its matifying but still feels hydrating. I love it!
  29. On high repeat order for whole family


    Love this for when I'm going to be outdoors for long stretches of time, in the water and active. I have normal/dry skin but a lot of sunscreens make me break out. This one doesn't and feels like it really grips to the skin. My tween daughter is such a fun she uses it every day before school which is a bonus. Partner also loves it and has oily skin so a great all-rounder.
  30. Amazing so far, just not keen on white cast


    I have been really enjoying this sunscreen. I love that it is fragrance free and handy to put in my bag. Though for someone who rarely wears makeup, it does leave a white cast I haven't been happy with for daily wear. I'm considering trying the Supreme screen in this range as it seems to leave little to no cast. Great product! A bit pricey for average buyer though a good investment, perhaps better...
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  31. Slight white cast, elegant sunscreen


    One of the best mineral sunscreens I've tried! There is definitely a slight white cast, but if you use makeup over it, it's really not a problem. The sunscreen spreads easily and sinks in after 10 minutes.
  32. YES! BUY IT!


    I purchased this on Adore as I have skin in my twenties and after listening to the girls on Beauty IQ, I had to invest in Ultra Violette... I recommend this product to all my family and friends! I'm an Aussie and love the sunshine so for me, UV protection is essential and I love this product. It is not oily and goes on the skin beautifully after my morning skin care routine. 10/10 LOVE!
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  33. ultra violette


    I thought this was the best out of ultra violette's line up for me. I have oily, acne prone skin for reference. It's matte and still gives good SPF. I just wish it was maybe SPF50 or a larger size
  34. Daily Love


    My go to everyday - apply after moisturizing and leaves me dewy and glowing with the benefit of SPF30. Finally a product im happy to embrace SPF daily use.
  35. nice under makeup, slight white cast for a naked face though


    This has a nice texture and finish for use under makeup and not oily/greasy looking for those that also want to moisturise. Can't stand using it without makeup though as it leaves just enough of a white cast that I look unwell.
  36. Best sunscreen


    I'm a long-time user of Korean sunscreens as I love the formula, but it can be hard to buy in Australia. I tried this after reading many reviews and it exceed my expectations! Pumps out as a tinted gel, but spreads like liquid then sinks into the skin very nicely. It gives me a bit of glow, but it's not the oily shine so I don't mind it. No breakouts from using this too! I have repurchased.
  37. Love this!


    I recently purchased this one from Adore and fell in love. After hearing the Beauty IQ girls rave about the Queen screen serum, I purchased that one and woah - totally different but same incredible SPF coverage. I could not pick a fav better this one and the serum, although with the harsh Aussie sun, I lean to grab the serum more. Enjoy! It is fab!
  38. great


    this is a great sunscreen and has not been too irritating on my skin
  39. Light and matte


    My absolute favourite sunscreen ever! Use it daily, it is light and matte with a light tint. Doesn't go on oily or cause breakouts like most sunscreens tend to do with my skin, love it!
  40. perfect!


    doesn't look, feel or smell like a regular sunscreen. by far the thinnest physical sunscreen ive ever used. not too mattifying, not too glowly.
  41. My HG sunscreen!


    This is my absolute favourite sunscreen. It works well on my combination skin, has no sunscreen-like smell and sinks into my skin quickly. The sunscreen itself is tinted, which allows it to avoid a white cast, and blends beautifully into my skin with no tint evident. This formula has made me love wearing sunscreen everyday. I do wish it was an SPF 50 though! Have repurchased this numerous times no...
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  42. Lightweight sunscreen


    I bought this sunscreen after hearing such good things about it and I was impressed. It is lightweight and moisturising, and the perfect last step for your morning skincare routine.
  43. Great spf


    I reach for this spf when my skin is feeling irritated and fussy. It doesn't cause any stinging or redness and it feels comfortable on the skin over serums and under makeup. The texture is nice, it absorbs well and it has no distinguishing smell. I have normal/combo skin.
  44. Good, not great


    This product is good, but not great. It is fresh and creamy, but my face is incredibly oily after 2-3 hours of wear and it's a shame that it is only SPF 30. I would recommend buyers to purchase the Lean Screen instead- better product and better value, plus it's SPF50!
  45. Not bad, but not for skin on the drier side...


    I got a sample of this and I was very excited for it as I've tried both Queen and Supreme and love them both. This went on like a dream and blended into my skin so well, kinda giving off a slight natural-looking makeup look on the skin. However, as the day went on, I found my skin was feeling quite tight. My skin is normal-dry so I think I'll stick with the others but if you have oilier skin I thi...
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  46. Only thing I wear most days


    The best sunscreen on the market. Perfect for acne-prone and oily skin, I put this on every morning without fail after cleansing. I feel it helps with breakouts too! It also balances out my shine throughout the day.
  47. Simply the best!

    The best!

    Best sunscreen ever! No breakouts or whiteness (it’s kinda tinted) and no sunburn!
  48. A rose by any other name


    Thank God they have changed the smell. Now I'm living this even more. I read most reviewer had the same complaint as me. It smelt awful. Now it is scentless and perfect. I'm using it more now as an undercoat with a light dust of powder for a no makeup look. Or I mix it in with my usual liquid make up for more coverage. You can also use it as a straight undercoat before your usual make up applicati...
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  49. Nice, Easy and Clean


    I am an Ultra Violette STAN. However, I think I favor the Supreme Screen (yellow cap) over this one. I find it much more hydrating than this, plus the extra SPF appeals to me more.
    This Clean Screen SPF30 is great though! It is very light and mixes well with all of my other products. I have sensitive skin and it doesn't irritate or cause breakouts. It has a slight white cast at first, more...
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  50. Good for sensitive skin


    I use this sunscreen when my skin if feeling angry or sensitive and it doesn’t irritate it. Doesn’t leave a white cast either and applies like a gel. Would recommend
  51. Great but a little drying


    I wanted to LOVE this as I thought it would be the perfect UV sunscreen for me. It is great, amazing under CC cream however is just a little drying around the chin where I tend to get dry patches. I still use it on the days I am extra hydrated and will wear a hydrating CC cream over the top and likely to still purchase again.
  52. Great


    This doesn't make me break out unlike some other sunscreens. It doesn't have an oily finish too
  53. My New HG Sunscreen for working from home


    Received it this morning and used it straight away.

    Love the texture and how gentle it is on my skin and my eyes. It's non greasy and perfect for working from home!

    I've got the SPF50 hydrating one as well and absolutely love both of them!
  54. Best SPF on the market


    I bought this and ASAP daily moisturiser 50+ and this one was the star for me.
    Highly recommend!
  55. ultra violette


    clean screen is a really good sunscreen that doesn't make my oily skin look very greasy by the end of the day. it is really expensive for the amount you get though
  56. ultra violette


    i like that this doesn't feel like a typical sunscreen. very pleasant to use, works well under makeup. however, very expensive
  57. WOW! Wonderscreen


    I have dry skin, yet prone to oily patches, and particularly prone to looking grimy and shiny after a day of wearing sunscreen. So, while I wanted to address that, I was worried about my dryness being exacerbated by a product like this. Well, I need not have stressed - this is an incredible sunscreen. My dry skin is kept looking plump with my usual hydrating products, and my oily patches stay matt...
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  58. loveee it


    it is perfect under makeup, would repurchase :)
  59. Great product


    I will definitely keep repurchasing this sunscreen. No white cast and glides on really well. I’m always reaching for this in the morning, it’s great!
  60. Great product


    I will definitely keep repurchasing this sunscreen. No white cast and glides on really well. I’m always reaching for this in the morning, it’s great!
  61. love it


    would repurchase, perfect for under makeup and you can wear it alone also!
  62. Nice, but I won't buy again


    This feels nice on my skin and doesn't look too shiny. It does leave a white cast on my pale-medium toned skin, so good for when I am in my yard, or out exercising, but not likely to wear out.
  63. Where has this been!


    I am so happy to have discovered this product! I hate the feel and smell of sunscreen so avoid using it where possible, until now. I love the texture and smell of Clean Screen. Now i dont miss a day
  64. Amazing


    This product is fantastic for sensitive and dry skin. The light tint evens out your complexion and it hasn’t irritated my sensitive and eczema prone skin. The packaging is also great.
  65. Gorgeous


    I use heaps of serums so am generally a shiny gal. I got this because it said “matte” but it’s definitely not. However it does leave me with a gorgeous satin finish and my skin looks lovely once it has sunk in properly. I love this but not sure I’ll repurchase in summer due to only being spf 30
  66. Amazing


    Received this as a sample with the other ones from this brand. This is amazing when my skin is super sensitive which it loves to be. I will be purchasing this and the hydrating one as soon as my other sunscreens are finished. Shattered I didn't listen and try this earlier.
  67. Surprisingly nice


    I am always sceptical about tinted SPFs, especially since I have a pale complexion and so many just end up making me look like I have jaundice. But this was a surprisingly nice addition to my skincare. The tint is light and blends in perfectly, the feel on my skin is great, and it’s not greasy at all and leaves no white cast. I still probably prefer the feeling of Queen Screen, but this is a reall...
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  68. Not the best


    This one is ok, but not their best. It leaves quite an obvious white cast
  69. Love this product, inspires me to wear sunscreen


    As someone with sensitive and acne-prone skin, I used to avoid sunscreen. This one is great though and doesn’t break me out at all! Highly recommend.
  70. Smooth sunscreen


    I love this product for being fragance free. A small pump of this sunscreen does go along way as it spreads beautifully and evenly. Best part is that it is a partial physical sunscreen however, I wish it was completely physical, however, not a deal breaker. I will be buying this product again.
  71. Best UV skinscreen


    This product is the best, most underrated of the ultra violette range. It’s lightweight and matte, without drying and fragrance free - feels amazing on the skin and sits perfectly under makeup. 11/10!
  72. Best sunscreen for oily skin


    This is the first sunscreen that I have re purchased! It has no smell, sinks right into the skin, sits well under make up, is not thick and doesn't leave me feeling oily! I tend to get oily and prone to texture in my t-zone but can be dehydrated over the rest of my face and this sunscreen doesn't upset either of my skin types! Best sunscreen I've tried by far!
  73. A non-greasy everyday skinscreen


    As someone with an oily t-zone and congestion on my forehead, I was worried that I might break out or look really greasy using sunscreen everyday. Clean Screen is lightweight and has a wonderful mattifying gel texture that works wonders on my skin. My forehead doesn't get greasy at all and I haven't broken out after using this. Really happy so far!
  74. Best clean sunscreen


    Loved the fact that this product was free of harmful ingredients and I couldn't get over how silky smooth the texture was! It also has a very slight tint which meant there was not white cast left on my skin! Love it
  75. Good for sensitive skin


    The texture is light and doesn't irritate my sensitive skin. I also like that it's fragrance free . But it does leave a light white cast on my skin.
  76. New formula is fab, but breaks me out now...


    Updated review. I used the old formula Clean Screen for about a year and was very happy with it. This new formula was initially one I loved - so silky, light and yet a proper SPF30 I could use a decent amount of. Unfortunately, after a couple of months of observations and usage, this new formula is giving me a few spots around the chin and neck. I haven't changed anything else but this. A breakout...
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  77. Skin looks flawless


    I recently purchased the trio of skinscreens from the Ultra Violette website, it's a great way to try before you commit to a full size, and select the best version for your skin. This was definitely my favourite of the 3! It's slightly more matte, but still leaves a gorgeous sheen to the skin. It looked like it minimised the look of my pores, and my makeup looked flawless and lasted all day long. ...
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  78. Not for dark skintones


    First impressions - not suited for medium dark to dark skintones (think NC45 and above) as it leaves a grayish white cast on your face. If it wasn't for the tint I would give this 4+ stars. If you plan to wear this under makeup then the tint shouldn't be an issue. Really hope they come out with a clear formula!
  79. Clings onto dry patches


    This would be the perfect sunscreen for me if not for my dry skin. I tested this out on different days where my skin condition was varied and on one particular day my skin was especially flaky due to a recent breakout. Instead of the usual balling up I tend to get with some products, the sunscreen was clinging and clumping in areas which were flaky. Other than that the sunscreen performed quite we...
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  80. Great for sensitive skin


    I have recently had PD and have been clearing it up. This bad boy didn’t make me react after reintroducing sunscreen back into my routine.
  81. Awesome product


    I am a 40 year old that has combination skin, suffers from eczema and psoriasis
    This product has been a GODSEND! No reaction, Light and feels amazing all day
    I will admit I’m struggling to build up to recommend 5 pumps but trying
    Use alone now with just a bronzer every day and was a person that never left the house without mineral powder foundation of course this is also in co...
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  82. Good sunscreen but has it's flaws


    I used this after Supreme Screen as I found that to be too heavy on my skin and left me very shiny, so this is definitely better in that regard but I find it leaves a bit of a white cast/changes the colour of my skin. Doesn't glide on as nicely as supreme screen either. I believe the funky smell is no longer part of the new version. Overall it is a good sunscreen but I'm not wowed by it!
  83. Best sunscreen I have used yet


    This is a great sunscreen for those with oily skin. I typically use this over summer as it leaves my skin protected but not oily either. Typically I also try to use a moisturiser as well so this is great for me to combine the. two. I only removed half a star because the. initial smell is a bit odd. I'm unsure if they have changed this?
    Also, important too point out, this. is a physical sunsc...
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  84. One of the best physical sunscreens I have used


    I really love this sunscreen. It is easy to apply and does not leave a white sheen like many other physical sunscreens. It is lovely under makeup. Will definitely be purchasing again
  85. Great!


    Love this. Does the job, goes on smoothly and easily and is instantly mattifying. I don't love it for winter and find it can be drying, but it's great in summer. The smell is a little off putting but it's sunscreen so to be expected!
  86. New everyday fave!


    Love this sunscreen - it has a nice mattifying effect that keeps oil at bay. I love the subtle tint of colour that means the gel blends nicely into my skin (fair-medium tone) and doesn't leave a white cast. Perfect for oily or acne-prone skin and doesn't aggravate breakouts.
  87. Excellent mineral sunscreen


    This is very good for oily people including boyfriends! Highly recommend. I loved the smell but I know its fragrance free now which I think people will appreciate. Nice and calming, doesnt exacerbate acne.
  88. aesthetic


    This goes beautifully on my skin and leaves no cast. Wish the brand came out with a tinted zinc only sunscreen too
  89. great sunscreen


    I love this one! Use it every morning after moisturiser and it does the job well!
  90. Not for winter time


    This glides onto the skin so beautifully and was surprisingly thin. However, even for my skin which is prone to oiliness, this was too mattifying for the winter time and dried out my skin. However, this would be so great for some people and I would consider re-purchasing in the summertime to try then because of this mattifying effect!
  91. best zinc sunsceen


    I am allergic to chemical sunscreen and i also have oily skin, so this has been amazing. It keeps my skin matte and stops it getting oily. The only thing is i have olive skin and the tint doesn't match my skin tone at all, so I use powder over the top. IN saying that, it sits perfectly under powder and does not cake at all, so I cannot complain about that. If i were to go makeup free i think my sk...
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  92. The best!


    This makes my skin feel SO SOFT, it does look like it has a tint but I don't think it does. Perfect for everyday use with or without makeup.
    The only problem I had was that it left a weird cast on my face but rubs away after time.
  93. Really good, but shiny


    The new formula of this sunscreen, which includes the gentlest chemical filters (so it's not actually a mineral sunscreen anymore) is really beautiful. Light, glides on smooth, feels good. Thankfully, these are the two chemical sunscreen ingredients that don't cause me any issues and I know they score low on the EWG site. This product does, however, look *very* dewy on my skin. I don't have oily s...
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  94. Wear it everyday


    I personally prefer this product to the queen screen as it has a nice matte/satin finish compared to the glow of the queen screen which I think can look oily when you put a lot on. It’s a gentle formula and the packaging feels expensive.
  95. Great daily sunscreen


    I recently made the switch to physical sunscreens as I discovered that they reduced/didn't aggravate my facial redness. This is the first skincare physical sunscreen as I still have memories of the old terrible sunscreens of my youth. This is a joy to put on. It glides on easily, skins in well, although it takes a few minutes for the white cast to disappear. I have noticed that the more you put on...
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  96. Amazing


    After listening to a podcast about this product I thought I’d try and , it Is one of the best spf sunscreen I have ever used.
    Being matte it avoids you looking shiny/ oily.
    Does have a slight zinc smell to it when you apply but goes away after. an affordable anti ageing product that will be in my skin care regime forever.
  97. Absolutely extraordinary


    Incredible sunscreen. It evens out skin tone too, has a very slight tint. No smell at all! No breakouts, no sensitivity. Amazing amazing amazing, I wish I could give this twenty stars!


    I hate sunscreen cause it always feels thick but this, this is amazing. I have oily skin and it just feels like a put moisturiser on. Highly recommend trying this out
  99. Best sunscreen ever


    Amazing! By far the best sunscreen I have tried. Goes on smooth and doesn't make skin feel too sticky, but also feels nicely moisturising. Doesn't make me oily like most sunscreens, and hasn't upset my skin at all. Some reviews notice a smell but I think it smells less than any other sunscreen I have used. This product feels and smells the least like sunscreen I have ever tried (and I have tried a...
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  100. Best


    Probably my favourite sunscreen that I’ve ever tried. I will say it has a bit of an odd smell, but it seems to vanish quickly
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