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Ultra Violette Clean Screen SPF 30 Mattifying Mineral Skinscreen 50ml

4.3 of 118 reviews


4 instalments of $10.50


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4 instalments of $10.50


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Does your skin need extra TLC? Ultra Violette knows the struggle. Not all skin responds well to chemical sun filters, but mineral based sunscreens don’t always play nicely with your skincare or makeup. Clean Screen features a broad spectrum formulation that is loaded with zinc oxide, which not only defends but also helps to reduce inflammation. Clean Screen is a dream come true for skin concerns like breakouts, eczema, rosacea or dermatitis.

  • Cruelty Free
  • Australian Made
  • Artificial Fragrance Free
  • Has SPF

What customers say

GREAT - 79% recommend

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Skin Concern:

  • Acne, breakouts and blackheads
  • Oiliness and shine
  • Sensitivity and redness

Skin Type:

  • Normal to dry
  • Normal to oily
  • Oily

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Ultra Violette Clean Screen SPF 30 Mattifying Mineral Skinscreen

Ultra Violette Clean Screen SPF 30 Mattifying Mineral Skinscreen

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Customer Reviews

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4.3 of 118 reviews

79% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Great physical SPF


I prefer physical sunscreens over chemical sunscreens for various reasons, however I’ve always found those for the face to be chalky (leaving a white cast), difficult to apply smoothly (especially with makeup), and not very comfortable on the skin. This one, however, has probably been the best physical facial sunscreen I have ever tried. It feels almost like applying a moisturiser, and makeup applies smoothly on top. I have very dry skin so the ‘mattifying’ label concerned me, but it has still worked well on my skin if I apply it after my moisturiser. I highly recommend this product if you are looking for a physical sunscreen.

Most Helpful Criticism

Not for me


I was only able to wear this twice as it increased the inflammation and redness on my sensitive skin. I also didn't like the way it dried matte. Not a bad product per se, just not for me.
  1. Good sunscreen and primer!


    verified purchaser
    Pretty good tinted sunscreen that also acts as a great primer. I use this daily under make up and it doesn't clog my pores or make me shiny. It does have a bit of an odd smell at first but that fades as the day goes on.
  2. Great physical SPF


    I prefer physical sunscreens over chemical sunscreens for various reasons, however I’ve always found those for the face to be chalky (leaving a white cast), difficult to apply smoothly (especially with makeup), and not very comfortable on the skin. This one, however, has probably been the best physical facial sunscreen I have ever tried. It feels almost like applying a moisturiser, and makeup appl...
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  3. Dissapointing


    I purchased this thinking it be the be all & end all of my SPF products. I wear a tinted moisturiser with SPF currently and thought that this product - being a specialised mattifying face sunscreen - would somehow be a lot better for when I didn't want the tint. I found that it was definetly mattifying but felt very dry to apply and not smooth. Even though it looked very slightly tinted, not white...
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  4. Does what it says


    verified purchaser
    I have normal to oily skin.. have trouble using sunscreen as it makes my skin really oily and shiny and if i have foundation on.. it just gets rub off. This sunscreen has solved my problem. Perfect under makeup.. does not make my skin oily or dry. I have been using it for over 2 months on and off .. no problem so far. In nutshell, it does what is says. The only negative factor for me is that it is...
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  5. Mattifies


    This one is much better for oilier skin and if you have blemishes
  6. Will use everyday


    After hearing this mentioned on the podcast I was excited to try it, also wasn’t aware of how important spf was. I like that it has a tint so my face doesn’t look white or greasy, like most sun screens. Although it does have a strong plastic smell. Will continue to use.
  7. So far, so good!


    verified purchaser
    I recently purchased Clean Screen to try as my new daily sunscreen. I really like the way the sunscreen goes on - no white mask, dries down to a nice matte finish and generally has a very good texture. It also stays matte all day which I love. The smell is very intense. It does disappear quickly but even as someone who is relatively unphased by scents, the initial smell can be somewhat off-putting...
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  8. Clean and Effective


    verified purchaser
    I was very pleasantly surprised with this product - I wanted to move to a clean, mineral sunscreen for the environment and my skin but had reservations about performance and how it would sit under makeup. I can now say Clean Screen works great (I have combo skin) and sits perfectly under my makeup (I use liquid foundation) it does have a very distinct smell, kinda like herbs, but the smell isn't s...
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  9. Love love love


    verified purchaser
    I was using Queen Screen for a while (which I also love), but lately I've been using different serums in my morning routine which is making my skin a little oilier, so queen screen is too much shine for me. I switched to Clean Screen and absolutely love the way it feels on my skin and there is no oily shine. While I'm on these serums I'll keep using this one.
  10. Good sunscreen


    verified purchaser
    It's a good SPF and did not clog pores, wore great under make up but moving into summer I have opted for another product that is SPF 50 and water resistant. As an everyday SPF to wear to work, the gym, etc it's great.
  11. Obsessed with this!


    I am very oily and acne prone skin type and this sunscreen is phenomenal! Very mattifying. The smell takes some getting used to but I love it now, cucumber and green tea. Will repurchase forever!
  12. Feels good smells bad


    The Ultra Violette Clean Screen SPF 30 Mattifying Mineral Skinscreen does what it needs to do, slightly tinted easy to apply quickly absorbed and non-greasy but the fragrance is horrible, to the point that my partner even commented that it smells odd. Suggest changing the fragrance or removing altogether!
  13. Awesome, but....


    I would've hands down given this 5/5 stars had it not been for the smell. To be fair, the smell completely disappears pretty quickly but it is quite strong when you first apply. Other than that, this is the best sunscreen i have ever used. It really sinks into the skin, leaving a beautiful matte finish that is great under make up. My makeup stays in place all day and is perfectly matte even at 5pm...
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  14. Not the best


    The packaging is nice and easy to use. But I do find the consistency is a bit weird. It's like it wasn't properly blended together, part being cream and part being oil. I tried to shake the tube but it didn't help. I suppose it's just how it is? I didn't get any red or rash on my face. My husband did say it stings a bit when he put it on.

    I don't think there is any fragrance in it cuz...
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  15. Amazing Mineral Sunscreen


    For the past few years I've mostly used a mineral sunscreen and have always been annoyed with the white cast most mineral sunscreens tend to leave. Having used Ultra Violette Clean Screen daily for the past week, I haven't had the same experience. The sunscreen is not white and blends perfectly in. Great for those like me with sensitive skin. I highly recommend this sunscreen. Another great produc...
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  16. Great


    This is a great matte sunscreen for my oily skin and I wear it everyday since it makes my skin look very good.
  17. Not for me


    I was only able to wear this twice as it increased the inflammation and redness on my sensitive skin. I also didn't like the way it dried matte. Not a bad product per se, just not for me.
  18. Best sunscreen


    Beautifully light, gorgeous matte product....that's a sunscreen! I don't even feel like I'm wearing sunscreen this feels more like an everyday face product. It's fab
  19. The sunscreen you will always remember to put on

    Sunny smart

    I never thought I would be the type of person to enjoy putting sunscreen on, I always thought of it as an annoying nagging step that I knew I had to do. This mattifying mineral sunscreen is a complete dream, it not only helps protect my skin, it is sits really nicely under makeup. It is also not irritating, which was a big plus for me having sensitive skin. I have already repeat purchased.
  20. Good but Supreme Screen is the best!


    I have sensitive skin so decided I would try this when my Supreme Screen ran out but it really agitated my eye area. Supreme Screen was much better for my skin and felt more like a moisturiser. Clean Screen still feels nice on the skin and I am sure works well for many people!
  21. Great for sensitive skin


    Have been using this for a couple of weeks now and it's amazing. After listening to the podcast, I knew I had to step up my SPF game. I have very dry, sensitive skin (eczema) and am quite acne prone. Clean screen did not break me out at all and does not leave a white cast on my face. Will be buying again.
  22. Best sunscreen EVER, hands down


    I've been using clean screen for 4 months now and my skin looks the best it ever has. I suffer from Rosacea and live on the Sunny Gold Coast. I never liked typical mineral sunscreens: too thick, white cast, smelt bad, felt heavy on the skin. This one is like nothing else. Goes on smooth, feels light, no rubbing in, no white cast. But best of all my Rosacea is much much better. More effective than ...
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  23. Really happy with this sunscreen


    I put off buying this product for so long and now I wish I hadn't! I have really dry, sensitive skin. I'd heard such great things about Ultra Violette and immediately went and bought the Queen Screen. Unfortunately I had an allergic reaction to it. This Clean Screen is listed as mattifying which is why I hesitated over buying. However, I was pleasantly surprised that this sunscreen doesn't dry my ...
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  24. Best yet


    Best sunscreen I've ever tried. Originally I tried the Supreme Screen but found it made me breakout in small whiteheads all over. Once I switched to Clean Screen I was hooked. This skin-coloured product mattifies, smoothes and corrects skin colour imbalances. It dries quickly and then feels as though you're not wearing anything. My skin has never been clearer since beginning to wear this sunscreen...
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  25. Love this Brand


    I have tried all 3 of their skin products. This one doesn't smell as good as the others but it does leave my skin less oily than supreme screen
  26. Love it but the perfume smell is a lot!


    This sunscreen is great. It hasn’t made me breakout and if anything dries my skin a little so works well with moisturiser underneath. The zinc smell of sunscreen is fine but the perfume used to cover is really strong and makes it hard to wear.
  27. So good but needs a more natural scent


    I really like the sunscreen it’s a little drying but with a good moisturiser underneath it hasn’t given me any breakouts. It definitely goes and well under makeup. I love that it’s more natural than other sunscreens but the strong smell stops me from wanting to put it on. I’m pregnant atm and just haven’t been able to wear it lately.
  28. Only sunscreen that doesn't break me out!


    I am absolutely in love with this product! I had previously been super naughty and had not been incorporating spf into my routine daily, because everything I had tried would break me out without fail. This is the only sunscreen that does not break me out or leave me looking like an oil slick. It's mattifying, great under makeup and perfect for my combination/oily skin type. It also has a pleasant ...
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  29. Pros and Cons


    Glowy finish with no white cast
    Does not cause blemishes!

    Smelly (though it fades)
    Looks really gross if you get it in your hair (which is easy to do if you're applying up to your hairline)
    A bit "pilly" if you don't rub it all in really quickly
    Can be a bit tingly
    Definitely not moisturnising (while I like that it's mattifying, th...
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  30. Great SPF for everyday


    I was hesitant to try this product as I have sensitive skin and breakout easily.
    I wear SPF everyday and love mineral sunscreen instead of chemical. I went from using invisible zinc moisturising sunscreen to medik8 physical sunscreen. I loved the medik8 however it does leave a white veil unless you put an oil under it. I thought UV might be a good alternative and I think I am officially conv...
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  31. Really hated this spf


    After all the rave reviews I had high expectations for this one. But it has an awful smell, felt grainy and my make up separated with my face left looking like an oil slick. So disappointed with this.
  32. Really hated this spf


    After all the rave reviews I had high expectations for this one. But it has an awful smell, felt grainy and my make up separated with my face left looking like an oil slick. So disappointed with this.
  33. Impressive


    I'm a bit of an oily girl (mostly t-zone) and I've been trying everything to have my face stay pretty matte through most of the day. And this sunscreen has really come through for me. It definitely has a bit of an odd smell - but I only really notice it when applying, and once it's on my skin it's fine. It's slightly tinted, I think only to make sure the product doesn't look bright white on your s...
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  34. Great Sunscreen


    I have super sensitive skin & am allergic to alot of sunscreens so always concerning to try a new one, but this is lovely and light doesn't feel like its clogging my face even when I wore it to work out this is my new everyday sunscreen
  35. amazing sunscreen!


    When I saw LabMuffin recommend this brand, I knew it was worth trying out. And yet again she has come through for me! I bought three of these to take around Europe with me, and I very specifically wanted mineral sunscreen. I am also an oily girl, so seeing it was mattifying was a huge plus! This performed superbly on it's own and under makeup. I am thrilled with this sunscreen!
  36. Great but smells a little


    This is great. I'm prone to oileness in my t zone and it really did help. It doesn't mention being tinted but it does have a very mild tint to it. It dries very well, doesn't irritate or dry my skin and it sits well under makeup. It loses a half star because of the zinc smell. It actually lingers and I get wafts of it throughout the morning but it's not horrible. It just smells like sunscreen.
  37. Finally, I can wear sunscreen without breaking out


    I am prone to breakouts and as a result haven’t been able to apply sunscreen to my face without breaking out. I’ve been sold so many high grade sunscreens and none have been any better than the last.
    I was so keen to try Ultra Violette and am SO pleased to report back that I can wear this sunscreen WITHOUT breaking out the next day!!
    I find it sits well on top of my usual morning rout...
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  38. Love but not a fan of the smell


    The product is great. Not oily or drying. Sits well on the skin under makeup and if fast drying. The only negative is the smell is horrible. If you can stand the smell I would definitely recommend, but it is offputting.
  39. Disappointing


    Tried the clean screen as I have really sensitive skin. I found it so drying that I ended up having to use double moisturiser in the morning and night to hydrate my skin! I was so looking forward to using an Aussie brand, Aussie grade sunscreen that would give me both the protection and professional finish for a day at work but after using it for a week I had to stop because it was so drying. Also...
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  40. Best sunscreen yet, but not still not great


    I really wanted to love this sunscreen. It's the first one I've tried that didn't increase my oiliness. However, I find my skin still breaks out with daily use. And of my skin is feeling dry it exaggerates the feeling.
  41. This is the one for me!


    After trying Queen Screen and breaking out I decided to try this formula instead and absolutely love it!! I didn’t find it drying at all but I do use a rich moisturiser underneath. I also didn’t have a problem with the smell it dissipated very quickly and no worse then most other sunscreen smells.
  42. Good Daily SPF


    I find sunscreen SO hard because I’m oily. This is the best I’ve found so far that I can wear daily under makeup. It does have a matte finish, the texture is pretty good, being a physical formula. Hoping during really hot months it still holds up. I’d give 5 stars if it was a little more affordable.
  43. Good everyday product


    I have combo skin with rosacea, so my preference tends to be a physical sunscreen when I can. I have tried lots of different physical sunscreens and this does rate highly. I bought this after Queen Screen which tended to leave my T zone in an oil slick, but there are no problems like that with this product. It is a great consistency which applies well and works under makeup. It doesn't make me...
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  44. Amazing


    I have oily skin but am allergic to chemical sunscreen filters, so have been trying to find a zinc based sunscreen that doesn’t feel oily and break me out. This is it! It is very mattifying so can be actually quite drying if your skin is on the dry side, but I think would be fine as long as you wear a heavier moisturiser underneath. It sits perfectly under my make up. Has a slight tint that doesn’...
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  45. Great sunscreen for oily skin


    I have super oily skin and recently used this for a week on a summer holiday. So keeping in mind, I did only use this for a week - I haven't tried it on a regular basis yet, but I did like it. I liked the look it gave my skin, smooth and even, which I was not expecting. Other reviewers have mentioned they didn't like the smell, but I did not find this an issue. Would definitely purchase again.
  46. Mattifying


    Good sunscreen, is mattifying as per the description, good for me as I have oily skin. Does have a weird scent as others have mentioned but seems to go away after a little while.
  47. Exceeded Expectations


    This is the best physical sunscreen I’ve tried. Very lightweight, hydrating and easily absorbed into the skin. Definitely no white cast. It does have a smell, as the other reviews mention, but I don’t notice it after application so it’s not an issue for me. It also doesn’t peel if I wait a good 5-10 mins after applying my skincare. Love this sunscreen!
  48. Staying power!


    I have been using another brand of matifying sunscreen and this is sooo much better! I have no shine after a full day of wear and it sits lovely under make up. Highly recommend!
  49. First Sunscreen I want to Repurchase!


    The first sunscreen i have used that truly doesn't leave a white cast or oil slick on my face! it dries down to a soft matte (still lets your natural glow shine through). Easy to use pump packaging, although be careful if you store it upright as it can leak through the sides of the pump. I like to mix this with a couple of drops of liquid bronzer and wear it as my base. Only thing that could impro...
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  50. Updated review - HG sunscreen!


    When I first used this, it warmed my skin a bit, and I didn't like that sensation, so gave this 3 stars. However, having continued to use it (not wanting to throw out $42)I have found that the initial warming sensation fades very quickly, and I'm left with an incredible, light, yet fully applied SPF!! This product does smell strongly when first applied, but that goes away fast, and I am just amaze...
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  51. Nice texture!


    I like this sunscreen! I got it after using the supreme screen queen and found that was a bit oily - this is nice and matte option. The smell isn’t good but if you can get over that, it’s bloody great.
  52. Good sunscreen


    As some other reviews have mentioned, this sunscreen does have an odd smell when you first apply it but it goes away within a few minutes. It applies nicely, only leaves a very slight white cast (which doesn't bother me as i usually follow with tinted moisturiser or foundation). It definitely leaves the skin nice and matte! Would be perfect for particularly oily skins.
  53. Finally a great SPF for oily skin!


    I have tried so many brands of SPF facial creams for oily skin and have never found one that works. They leave my oily skin with that shiny, white cast and just don't look good at all.
    But finally I have found one that works! This product is amazing. It really does have a matte finish and actually feels like it is getting into my skin properly rather than just sitting as an oil slick on the...
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  54. Good


    It is not the easiest to apply and takes times with application. However, it does not irritate my sensitive skin and goes well under makeup
  55. Pleasantly Surprised but not loving the smell


    For a physical and zinc-based sunscreen this stuff is excellent. It's not thick, goopy and 'ghosting' like so many other physical sunscreens are. Sinks into skin beautifully. Probably wouldn't wear it under make up but great for the days that I plan to be outdoors and at the beach etc. Only thing is the smell is not great but then again no real physical sunscreens are. Would def buy again.
  56. Love


    Really lovely product, It’s a slightly tinted sun cream and primer. Goes beautifully under make up.
  57. Really good


    I use this everyday! I find initially when I put it on it looks like it’s leaving a white cast but it goes away as you rub into skin, definitely has a matte finish but still feels really hydrating on the skin. Could do without the scent but I find it dissipates throughout the day
  58. Great Brand


    Love this brand. A nice light weight sunscreen that doesn’t make your skin feel greasy but I found this one was not as easy to rub in as the supreme screen and is only spf30. Will stick to the supreme screen in future.
  59. Really good


    This thin textured physical sunscreen is perfect for me. I have oily skin and this mattifies just enough without drying. Great makeup base.Will definitely re-buy.
  60. Favorite Sunscreen Thus Far


    To say that this is the best sunscreen is a bit of an understatement, I have used other non-drugstore high-end sunscreens before and they had done the trick but the Ultra Viollette has changed my mind and standard.

    It leaves no residual sunscreen feeling to my face, smells amazing, texture is light and airy and a little bit goes a very long way ! Easy to apply and easy to dispense an...
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  61. Pills really badly


    Unfortunately this was a terrible product for me. I use vitamin C, hyaluronic acid and moisturiser daily and when I put Clean Screen on top, it pills really badly. It’s especially bad around the hairline and makes me look like I’ve got dandruff. I’ve tried waiting for longer periods of time between moisturising and Clean Screen and I’ve tried putting it on with different methods like patting, mass...
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  62. Good but drying


    I was excited to use this mineral SPF and enjoyed putting it on as it smells fresh and sinks in beautifully! After a few days of using and reapplying regularly while travelling I found it to be quite drying though.
  63. Not for me


    I’m sad because I love this product, I have been looking for a physical sunscreen that will not leave greasy finish and white cast and this product has it all. Unfortunately, it breaks me out every time I use it, I don’t have problems with other physical sunscreen and it’s quite drying as well !
  64. Best Physical Sunscreen but very drying

    Maya’s skin

    Brief: best physical/mineral sunscreen I have tried as it absorbs well, doesn’t leave a very obvious grey/white sheen on skin and no harsh additives (sulfates, parabens, silicones).

    Packaging: cute and easy to dispense sunscreen, easily fits into any handbag. Not very much sunscreen considering the price. I’d like a larger size and recyclable material as I wear sunscreen everyday.
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  65. Love the texture - really dislike the scent.


    The texture of this product is fabulous - really light and applies beautifully. What I don’t like at all is the scent which is overpowering upon application. To me, it doesn’t smell like roses - it smells like a fake rose air freshener which is meant to mask a bad smell - but the bad smell wins through. I actually need to hold my breath for a minute until the scent wears away. Such a shame as I lo...
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  66. Almost perfect!


    Basically everything you could possibly ask for in a mineral sunscreen. I have very sensitive skin so pleased there was no irritation. It has a very nice matte finish and no white cast - almost impossible to find until now!! My only very small gripe is with the smell, which is a more personal preference I guess. But its basically perfect in every other way. Worth spending the money on!!
  67. Great product, funny smell


    I’m not a fan of the scent of this one, however I like the product itself. It’s a slightly tinted sun cream and primer. Goes beautifully under make up. The smell doesn’t hand around for long and it’s the only downfall.
  68. Love Love LOVE


    I've battled to get the right sunscreen to work for my oily face (as well as one that's mineral based) - and this is it. This is the first product that hasn't left my face shiny or greasy, and I can even skip blotting my make up mid afternoon. I'm not a fan of the smell, but I've adjusted - it's a small annoyance for a product that works so well compared to everything else I've tried.
  69. Definite re-purchase


    I love this sunscreen! I am allergic to chemical sunscreens and this is the best physical I've come across. It provides great protection with a glowy finish and doesn't break me out. The only negative for me is the smell but it's not a dealbreaker..
  70. Great for oily or Rosacea prone skin


    I use this on makeup-free days, I don't find that it plays well with my makeup however this could be the cosmetics I use (which otherwise agree with my skin really well) so don't take it as a criticism of this product.
    On days where I don't wear makeup this is my go-to, don't leave home without it!
    I quite like the scent, and it sits well on my skin and noticeably settles my Rosacea an...
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  71. Not For Me


    I wanted to love this sunscreen. I used it once and I couldn't get past the strong scent. It lingered throughout the whole day. I could literally smell my face and it was giving me a headache. I also found it didn't mattify my skin at all and made me look more shiny. I loved the idea of this product, but sadly it just didn't work for me. I will definitely try some of their other sunscreens though ...
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  72. Nice sunscreen with a disgusting smell


    Bought the SPF 30 as I also have the SPF 50. Wish I hadn't bothered, the smell is disgusting.
  73. Great sunscreen, gross smell


    I really wanted a mineral sunscreen and I was so excited to try this one. It does what it says, it works really well and doesn't make your face shiny. It also doesn't irritate my sensitive skin. Unfortunately this sunscreen smells really off-putting, so much so that I can't use it on my face, which is annoying because that's what I bought it for. Will not buy again unless an unscented version come...
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  74. Doesn't make me break out!


    This sunscreen definitely lives up to the hype. I used to hate wearing sunscreen under makeup as it would ALWAYS make me break out. But this one has turned me into a religious sunscreen all-day-ever- day gal!
  75. Perfect!!


    I have oily skin and until I found this I was never able to wear sunscreen under my makeup, it would just end up looking terrible. I love this and use it everyday. It’s perfect for wearing under makeup or by itself. I’m so happy I found this and so is my skin.
  76. Great


    This sunscreen does not feel oily and it does not leave behind a white cast. Great for sensitive skin
  77. Very good but not amazing


    I do like it. It’s very light and doesn’t dry out too much.

    However I do get a bit of an oily sheen after first applying. I do find after a period of time it seems to soak in and become more matte.

    It’s good under makeup however and very good for sensitive skin. I have quite sensitive skin and have no issues at all
  78. Does not sit well under my foundation


    I wanted to love this sunscreen, but sadly it doesn't work for my everyday routine. It doesnt matter what moisturiser or foundation i use, when I use this it always seems to break up my foundation on my skin.
    It does feel lovely on my skin and absorbs right in, however I wanted it as an everyday sunscreen and it just doesn't work with my foundations. Will keep to use on days at the beach an...
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  79. Decidedly average.


    As far as mineral sunscreens go, this one is okay. The tint is fine and there’s no white cast. It’s not as matte as I would like and the smell is quite overpowering and it didn’t dissipate even after several hours.
  80. Best sunscreen I’ve ever tried


    I use to hate wearing sunscreen on my face because they would all make me oily after 1 hour. After I heard all the hype about this brand I gave it a try and wow. It does what it says by leaving a matifying feel and is also great for my sensitive skin would highly recommend
  81. Amazing


    This is the best physical sunscreen I have ever used. No white cast and doesn't break me out! It is a pleasure to apply :)
  82. Good sunscreen


    This is a good sunscreen but I would advise being very careful around the eyes as it does really sting. For that reason, maybe not the best on days you are going to be active/sweaty
  83. Lovely sunscreen but too fragranced


    Lovely sunscreen - I've been using the recommended 1/4 tsp for face (=4-5 pumps)

    It is a matte finish, I have dry skin but don't find it too drying (but I use moisturiser underneath)
    Being a physical screen there is a slight white caste initially but I find it sinks in well (I am fair-light skinned though)
    Sits well with my moisturiser & other skincare - no pil...
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  84. combine this and Supreme screen for the perfect product


    Nice physical sunscreen but a tiny bit drying, maybe better for summer. I personally use this on my T Zone and Supreme screen everywhere else on my face, a combined product would be great.
  85. Great on my oily skin


    I've been searching for a sunscreen that won't exacerbate my oily skin for what feels likes an eternity. I have now found it (thanks to the help of Adore's online chat).
    This goes on nicely, doesn't pill under foundation or BB cream. Even better, when worn alone, my skin stays nicely matte all day - previously unheard of. It doesn't irritate my skin or my sensitive eyes at all.
    It held...
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  86. Lovely everyday sunscreen


    This sunscreen is so beautiful and amazing for everyday wear. I have quite oily skin and this really helped to neutralise my skin all day. The smell isn’t great but it goes away quick!
  87. Really nice, but too drying


    This is a really lovely mineral SPF - not thick, not white (even when using the proper amount!) and while it does have a botanical scent that goes away pretty quickly. Unfortunately, it dries my skin out, makes my skin a bit warm and tingly, and also has caused a couple of break outs which is highly unusual for me. I wish I could return/exchange but sadly cannot. I would still recommend this to pe...
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  88. My holy grail sunscreen.


    Finally I found my favourite sunscreen. It's definitely not greasy, absorbed well to your skin quickly, not heavy nor sticky. It feels good on your skin and subtle smell. Everything that I wanted in this tube. It does not dry my forehead or corner of my nose, which other brands normally do to my combination skin. It keeps my T zone area matte. I love it!
  89. Amazing for oily skin!


    I have very oily skin so I am constantly scared of putting anything on my face in fear that it will break me out. After this was recommended to me by a family member I decided to give it a go and am so pleasantly surprised with the results! A little goes a long way and my skin doesn’t feel oily by the end of the day! It does have a scent which I don’t mind, and I honestly don’t notice it after it’...
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  90. Good


    I love that this is a mineral sunscreen and it does not leave a white cast so recommend it
  91. Great for oily skin


    I recently purchased this and I have to admit; I'm in my late 20s with medium skin tone and I have NEVER worn sunscreen on my face. I used to be a tanning enthusiast but now than I'm closer to 30, I want to start looking after my skin. This sunscreen has a floral rose scent which some might not like but I'm not really sensitive to smells. It leaves a matte finish and the tiny amount of white cast ...
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  92. New Favourite


    Game changer! This sunscreen is great for oily skin types, it's perfect under makeup or even on it's own! It gives a nice smooth finish and I find it sinks into my skin nicely. I have tried that many different sunscreens for oily skin and can finally say I have found a winner! Probably the only downside is the smell, but it quickly fades away once applied.
  93. Fragrance is a let down


    I have oily skin and this sunscreen blends beautifully and kind of smooths out the skin, giving a really natural finish. I really wish they would take out the perfume though because it's really sickly and personally I would rather a sunscreen smell. It's definitely not fragrance free like some people have said. Also I don't think 1 pump is enough to sufficiently protect your face from the sun, but...
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  94. Doesn’t work for me :(


    I really wanted to this to work but it just ballad up on my skin no matter what moisturiser I use underneath or foundation over top - it just doesn’t like my skin (oily and acne prone). It also has a distinct unpleasant smell (not off or out of date just whatever fragrance they’ve used). The search continues for the perfect sunscreen :(
  95. A great physical sunscreen


    Pros: high SPF, physical sunscreen that blocks out UVA and UVB rays, wears beautifully under makeup and not shiny.
    Cons: it does smell like sunscreen (which personally doesn't bother me but might some people), and my reactive skin felt a bit tingly when I applied it. This didn't last long though.
    I would repurchase Clean Screen for sure.
  96. favourite sunscreen!


    I have very oily skin which is acne prone. Every sunscreen I use breaks me out but i decided to give this sunscreen a chance. It did not cause any breakouts, it leaves the slightest white cast on my skin but disappears and fully absorbs within 30 seconds - a minute. It does have a smell but I personally don't mind it. this sunscreen is definitely worth and a little goes a long way. I use one pump ...
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  97. Nice texture, not a great smell


    I wanted to try this as it's a physical sunscreen. I have fairly oily skin and this sunscreen sat well and left a matte finish. I wasn't keen on the scent though.
  98. LOVE


    This is the best sunscreen ever! I've tried so many and thus stuff is the holy trail. It's lightweight, non sticky and absorbs quickly. Make up sits nice over it.
  99. Execellent Product. Love this Sunscreen.


    I have oily skin and have been searching for a mineral zinc oxide based sunscreen that dosen't leave a shine or white cast. This is the one! It has a light texture that easily absorbs into the skin without much fuss. And it does exactly what it says by leaving a natural matte finish that lasts for hours.I would highly recommend this product!


    I’ve been looking for a physical sunscreen for my dry combination and sensitive skin for a while, and finally found something that won’t irritate or clog up my pores!
    It also doesn’t migrate into your eyes which is great for hot days. And no smell for the extra sensitive people! I’ve also been using it everyday under my makeup and find that it doesn’t interfere with my makeup application an...
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