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Mirenesse Lash Whip Mascara - Black 5g

4.5 of 41 reviews


4 instalments of $10.75

Or 4 instalments of $10.75 with LEARN MORE

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4 instalments of $10.75

Or 4 instalments of $10.75 with LEARN MORE

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Whip those lashes into shape! Mirenesse Lash Whip Mascara - Black is a three in one lash lift that defines those lashes, tightlines, all while nourishing your lashes. Up to 24 hours of wear, with Mirenesse's smallest brush ever that allows you to lift and volumise every single lash.
  • Australian Made
  • Artificial Fragrance Free
  • Certified Organic
  • Sulphate Free

What customers say

GREAT - 88% recommend

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Mirenesse Lash Whip Mascara - Black

Mirenesse Lash Whip Mascara - Black

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Mirenesse Lash Whip Mascara - Black Reviews

4.5 of 41 reviews

88% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Great choice


this separates my lashes and makes them look so long

Most Helpful Criticism

Not convinced


I wanted to love this but it leaves my lashes clumpy. In terms of tubing mascara, it doesn't come off as nicely as other's I've tried. I think I'll be going back to Kevin Aucoin.
  1. Pretty good


    Smudges just a tiny bit at first, but I think that’s just while it dries. Most mascaras gives me panda eyes within an hour of wearing and this does not. I’ve taken a nap in this mascara and looked bright as daisy post. Not the biggest fan of how my lashes look with it on, I think that’s the brush? I’d try the same formula with a different wand for sure.
  2. Great choice


    this separates my lashes and makes them look so long
  3. Great tubing mascara


    verified purchaser
    This is a great mascara, it's jet black and doesn't clump. Tubing mascaras are all I use as I work long hours and normal mascaras are all over my eyes by the end of the day. This is great because it reaches all the tiny inner lashes and lower lashes.
  4. great brush


    This mascara coats all my long and short lashes. My lashes look long when I use this
  5. Useless


    verified purchaser
    Really surprise because there are so many good reviews. But this mascara was just useless for me. I have used a tubing mascara forever, the loreal double xtend from USA, so maybe the tubing effect and super easy removal at night earns all the points. The brush is so small, my eyelash do not actually get combed through it, its like the brush just clumps the lashed next to their neighbors. Does not ...
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  6. ideal for oily skin


    i have some of the world’s oiliest eyelids. a regular mascara will last seriously about half an hour before i’m wearing it under my eyes like it’s 4am and i need to book an uber... even when i just put it on the top lashes. not the lash whip though... i put it to the test applying before work (i work at a restaurant and was about to do an 11hr double shift) feeling cautiously optimistic based on r...
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  7. Great mascara


    verified purchaser
    I have short, pathetic eyelashes, oily lids, and am naturally a little sloppy, so mascara and I have a difficult relationship history. I bought this one based on the reviews, and it didn't disappoint. The little wand means that it's easy to get every last one of my paltry little eyelashes, the formula lengthens them beautifully, and it's easy to get off at the end of the day. I went through it pre...
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  8. Best mascara on the block


    Love the super tiny brush - it gets right down to the roots of the lashes and is super easy to use. No more globs of mascara ending up on your eyelids - this is the best little mascara wand in town. Highly recommended.
  9. Great tubing mascara


    verified purchaser
    I love this mascara because it lengthens and separates my eyelashes perfectly. The only downside is that it doesn’t work very well in humid conditions so in summer I layer it with another mascara on top to ensure it lasts. Same in winter if it’s raining. I can look past those things though because of how easily it goes on without lumping. Love the small brush too!
  10. i recommend


    love the wand super good for reaching the start of lashes
  11. love this


    amazing, love the wand application is super easy
  12. Good product


    This wand is able to coat all my lashes in the corners. I apply a little bit and my lashes look separated and lengthened
  13. Good


    This coats each of my lashes and makes my lashes appear so long but does not make them look that full
  14. Amazing


    It is truly amazing and works wonders
  15. holy grail


    This mascara is my holy grail. I love how it targets all of my lashes and adds a beautiful, natural looking coat of mascara. I absolutely love it
  16. short lashes be long!


    This is a really great lengthening mascara. The micro brush works really well for short lashes. This mascara won't give you anything in the way of volume, so be prepared to layer with an alternate mascara if that's the look you're after. Otherwise, go ahead and be Twiggy.
  17. Doesn’t smudge or flake.


    I use this mascara for my bottom lashes since the wand is so small and thin and it does an amazing job making them look thick and natural.
  18. Long lashes!


    More than one person has asked if I’ve had lash extensions while wearing this mascara. I love how it separates your lashes and makes them look super long. The only thing I would say is it it doesn’t really create volume but it really does add length. Nice to apply, I always find fatter brushes go on clumpy, I didn’t have any issues with this mascara
  19. Great


    This brush coats all my lashes and really makes my eye pop. It also gives me a natural look which I love
  20. Lower lash


    Perfect wand for the lower lash line. so easy to apply and gives volume to the lashes.
  21. Amazing


    This mascara really coats and separates my lashes and is perfect for an everyday look
  22. Not convinced


    I wanted to love this but it leaves my lashes clumpy. In terms of tubing mascara, it doesn't come off as nicely as other's I've tried. I think I'll be going back to Kevin Aucoin.
  23. Great as a base for small lashes


    I bought this due to the reviews and the wand as I’ve used similar wands in the past and they’re great for separating lashes...
    I have very light, sparse lashes though and I couldn’t use this on it’s own. I use it as my base coat and then put another one on top and sometimes finish with this one for very dramatic effect.
    It dries quite quickly though so you need to be ready for the ne...
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  24. Perfect


    This is my favourite mascara. Most mascaras make my long lashes super clumpy, cause fallout and smudge but this mascara does not do these things and makes my lashes appear even more lengthened. It is perfect for a day look and a night look.
  25. Perfect for natural or dramatic lash looks


    The small lash wand makes it perfect for creating a natural lash look after 1 or 2 coats, or it can create a dramatic look after a few coats without getting clumpy. I love to curl the wand around on my outer lashes to create a natural yet dramatic look!!
  26. What devilry is this?!?!?


    What on earth is going on with this mascara? There must be some kind of magic involved! When I opened the tube and saw the teeny tiny wand I was very confused. But after one quick swipe my eyelashes were transformed into lushes long fluttery doll lashes! This stuff is truly magical and the only mascara I will use from now on
  27. Amazing


    Love this marscara simple easy to use without getting it on the upper lid, gives lovely length & and defines the lash to look elegant . Love the easy removal with water.
  28. 2 in 1!


    Love how this mascara tightlines at the same time of doing an amazing job of separating my lashes! I pair this with a volumising mascara and it’s awesome!
  29. Loved the small brush


    It wasn’t messy like other mascaras can sometimes be and the small brush let me get to lashes I never could before. Great formula too, easy to remove but stays on all day, no running
  30. Best tightliner


    This is incredible for getting every single lash.. It delivers colour right to the root and its micro wand makes applications a breeze.. I highly recommend Lash Whip!!
  31. Best mascara


    I love this mascara as a topcoat over my waterproof mascara. It combs, separates & lengthens. If I don't put it over my waterproof layer, I get panda eyes!


    This is the best mascara I've ever used. The small precision brush makes it so easy to coat all the lashes - I've never realised how long my lower lashes are until I used this beauty. The formula is not clumpy so I can get a great result very quickly. I now down need lots of eye liner to enhance my eyes. Won't buy another brand again.
  33. Best mascara EVER!


    Don't under estimate this gorgeous little mascara because it really packs a punch. It gets all the lower and inner lashes without leaving overstrokes on your skin. It is my go to mascara and well worth the money. Simple and does the job...as well as cry proof!
  34. Great for lower lashes!!


    This mascara is really good for lower lashes, I got it when I had lash extensions, so I only ever needed them for my lower lashes.
    It’s super easy to remove, takes no effort at all :)
    Since my lashes have grown out and haven’t had them refilled yet I have tried them on my top lashes too, and while it’s not volumising or thickening it gives a nice natural look and it lifts them up cause...
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  35. Great mascara


    I really hated the wand on this mascara...at first! Once I got used to the teeny tiny size it worked really well for getting to every little lash. Regular sized mascara wands feel clumsy to me now. The mascara itself went on like a dream, giving a very natural eye-opening effect. I'd repurchase.
  36. Not for me sadly


    I really wanted to like this. The brush looked perfect for my short, thin, straight Asian lashes. But the bristles doesn't like my lashes at all. Doesn't separate or brush through them properly. Mascara always clumps. And a nightmare for my smaller bottom lashes. I've tried from the roots, just the tips, but nope, my lashes hates it :(
  37. Great stuff!


    Mirenesse make my favourite mascaras and the Lash Whip is perfect for making sure you get those tiny, soft little lashes that usually evade a bigger wand/brush. Regardless of what most mascaras say, I usually end up with panda eyes, however I've never had that problem with Mirenesse, including this one. I love it and highly recommend it.
  38. Best mascara!


    I love this! The tiny little brush allows you to get to your lashes big and small, my lashes are separated and long and no clumps! Finally found my mascara!
  39. On the fence


    Not sure if I'm doing anything wrong or if my lashes just don't agree with it; but one coat, it clumps so badly. I don't hate it, and I'll keep trying with it, but I'm not super happy with it yet. That brush though? The size and thinness is so good for my short, straight, thin lashes. Best brush I've come across so far.
  40. No 1 Mascara


    I have spent years searching for a good mascara and finally I have discovered the holy grail. The smaller brush is strange at first but after using it for nearly a year, I can’t go back to anything else. It’s so precise and gets to even the tiniest of my lashes. It doesn’t clump or smudge. I wear contact lenses and I have no problems with it like I have other brands. I’ve also worn it while swimmi...
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  41. Tiny Tiny Tiny Brush is Perfection


    Call me fussy but I detest mascaras full of fibres and fat mascara brushes. This mascara is the total opposite - tiniest of brushes and creamy mascara with no obvious fibres. I have short straight fairish lashes but after using my eyelash curler, this mascara after only 1 coat gave me separate long lashes. The tiny brush made it so easy to use so I didn't make the usual mess on my eyelids nor did ...
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  42. Never stop manufacturing this tiny beauty!

    Angeleyes (Adore Beauty Staff)

    Call me fussy but I don't like mascaras full of fibres and thick brushes. I
    came across this mascara when I purchased a 3 pack from the Mirenesse site
    while they had a flash sale. Didn't like the other 2 (see my 1st sentence)
    but loooooved this one. I have short straight eyelashes that are fair from
    about halfway to the top. This mascara has the thinnest possible brush that...
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  43. THE ONE !


    I have tried every mascara under the sun and this is THE ONE . This mascara does all it claims to do and more. Apart from lifting my lashes , it also defines my eyes so i never have to use an eyeliner ! And, it comes off with water so you don't need a separate cleanser for your eyes. And, it has natural ingredients so it's good for my eyes.Once you try this ONE you will never look back.
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