Mirenesse Lash Whip Mascara - Black

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Mirenesse Lash Whip Mascara - Black by Mirenesse


Whip those lashes into shape! Mirenesse Lash Whip Mascara - Black is a three in one lash lift that defines those lashes, tightlines, all while nourishing your lashes. Up to 24 hours of wear, with Mirenesse's smallest brush ever that allows you to lift and volumise every single lash.


No more panda-eyes either - Mirenesse Lash Whip Mascara is formulated with ultra precise application and Micro-Wrap Technology. With Organic Waxes, lash growth peptides, Biotin and Panthenol, your lashes will look better than ever.

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On the fence - 04-12-2017 by

Not sure if I'm doing anything wrong or if my lashes just don't agree with it; but one coat, it clumps so badly. I don't hate it, and I'll keep trying with it, but I'm not super happy with it yet. That brush though? The size and thinness is so good for my short, straight, thin lashes. Best brush I've come across so far.

No 1 Mascara - 13-11-2017 by

I have spent years searching for a good mascara and finally I have discovered the holy grail. The smaller brush is strange at first but after using it for nearly a year, I can’t go back to anything else. It’s so precise and gets to even the tiniest of my lashes. It doesn’t clump or smudge. I wear contact lenses and I have no problems with it like I have other brands. I’ve also worn it while swimming and had no panda eyes. Yet it easily removes with just a normal cleanser when I wash my face.
Stop looking elsewhere. THIS is all you ever need.

Tiny Tiny Tiny Brush is Perfection - 28-05-2017 by

Call me fussy but I detest mascaras full of fibres and fat mascara brushes. This mascara is the total opposite - tiniest of brushes and creamy mascara with no obvious fibres. I have short straight fairish lashes but after using my eyelash curler, this mascara after only 1 coat gave me separate long lashes. The tiny brush made it so easy to use so I didn't make the usual mess on my eyelids nor did I accidentally poke myself in the eye ( a regular occurrence with fat brushes. The wand made it easy to reach all lashes and the mascara has great durability. I apply at 530am and it's not usually washed off till around 9pm. I have never needed to touch up during the day nor has there been any flaking. I have finally found the mascara that is perfect for me.

Never stop manufacturing this tiny beauty! - 17-05-2017 by

Call me fussy but I don't like mascaras full of fibres and thick brushes. I
came across this mascara when I purchased a 3 pack from the Mirenesse site
while they had a flash sale. Didn't like the other 2 (see my 1st sentence)
but loooooved this one. I have short straight eyelashes that are fair from
about halfway to the top. This mascara has the thinnest possible brush that
holds just the right amount of stuff so you don't have to scrape most back
into the container before applying. The thinness of the brush allows each
lash to be coated without getting stuff on my eyelids. One coat after using
my eyelash curler and I have long separate luxurious lashes. I think this is
the perfect mascara for we ladies that have short straight and not thick
eyelashes. It stays on all day (530am to 1900hrs) with no flaking and
washed off easily in the shower when cleansing my face. I like it so much I
ordered 2 more via AdoreBeauty! Hopefully Mirenesse will never stop
manufacturing this tiny beauty.

THE ONE ! - 26-04-2016 by

I have tried every mascara under the sun and this is THE ONE . This mascara does all it claims to do and more. Apart from lifting my lashes , it also defines my eyes so i never have to use an eyeliner ! And, it comes off with water so you don't need a separate cleanser for your eyes. And, it has natural ingredients so it's good for my eyes.Once you try this ONE you will never look back.

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