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Medik8 Hydr8 B5 Liquid Rehydration Serum 30ml 30ml

4.7 of 142 reviews


4 instalments of $19.75


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4 instalments of $19.75


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Containing a nourishing blend of moisture-boosting Hyaluronic Acid and skin-softening Vitamin B5, this face serum is a must-have for all skin types suffering from dehydration and dullness.

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Medik8 Hydr8 B5 Liquid Rehydration Serum 30ml

Medik8 Hydr8 B5 Liquid Rehydration Serum 30ml

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4.7 of 142 reviews

93% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

This serum is a must in every girls skin routine! I’m on my third bottle & absolutely love it .


This product Hydrates & keeps the skin looking moisturised.

Most Helpful Criticism



Medik8 is one of my favourite high end brands. This serum is nice, but just being a basic vitamin b serum I wonder if it's worth the price tag
  1. This serum is a must in every girls skin routine! I’m on my third bottle & absolutely love it .


    This product Hydrates & keeps the skin looking moisturised.
  2. Skin feeling softer and looking plumper


    Having read all the reviews, I decided to give this product a go as my first serum. I apply at night before moisturiser and have to say, I love the results. My skin feels softer and appears to be plumper in the mornings. I feel like after a month, my skin is looking soo much better. You only need to use a very small amount, so the pricetag is worth it.
  3. Skincare regime must-have


    This is the best serum that I have tried. It's a light-weight formula that's hydrating and doesn't clump when layering other skin care products. I use this morning and evening after applying my Medik8 C-Tetra Serum.
  4. No sticky finish


    I received this as a sample. I don’t feel this is the best hydrating serum out there, but I love how it leaves behind no residue or sticky film, goes well with skinstitut moisture defence normal.
  5. Does the job


    I received this product as a sample and I enjoyed using it. It hydrated my skin really well and made it supple whole using it with my regular moisturiser.
  6. Very Hydrating!


    An amazing serum which did a great job o hydrating my dry skin! I apply it before bed and wake with glowing, soft skin. It also wears well under make up to ensure my face is well hydrated throughout the day. Absorbs well and my skin loves it!
  7. Skin slurps it up!


    I can’t live without using hydrating serums! I was using ultraceuticals B2 before this. I feel they are comparable and I love that medik8 absorbs super quickly instead of having to wait a little before applying other products. So far I’m impressed and happy with the ingredients!
  8. Super hydrating


    Love this serum! I was recommended this at a skincare salon to help with hydration. It is extremely hydrating, lightweight and soaks nicely into the skin. Great to use before your moisturiser and a little goes a long way. Definitely worth the cost.
  9. Lovely hydration

    Ms Z

    I recently received this sample and I really loved it especially now for winter has my skin was really dry it plumped my skin and wasn’t heavy at all. Still have some left has a little goes a long way.
  10. Hydrates and plumps skin


    I have been using this product for years! It is my go to product when my skin is feeling on the dry side, particularly during winter. I use this product in conjunction with a vitamin c serum (medik8 also) and the results are amazing. My skin feels hydrated and plump and my skin does not feel oily at all (I have oily/combination skin). Would definitely recommend!
  11. Super lightweight but hydrating


    I really enjoy this serum! It is super lightweight but keeps my skin hydrated. Amazing product!!
  12. Hydrating and NOT sticky


    This serum is perfect if you are looking for a simple hydration step in your routine - it does not leave sticky finish on the skin and I notice an instant plumping effect after it has absorbed. This works amazing if applied following the Medik8 Vitamin C serum and onto wet skin too as it locks in the hydration! A must have!!
  13. must-have

    Bonnie-Jade (Adore Beauty Staff)

    This serum is a game changer! Best HA I have tried. Provides instant hydration, is lightweight and easy to add into any routine
  14. Hydration


    I have really dry and dull skin during winter and trying to find something that isn’t heavy on my face was really hard! Then I found this product! I use it every day and night and my skin has never been more hydrated and soft! The oil is not greasy as you would think it would be. A definite must have for your skin care regime
  15. So lightweight and quick absorbing


    I received a sample of this and liked it. I was surprised at how quickly it absorbed into my skin and it has great spreadability so a little bit goes a long way. There was no stickiness or tackiness like some other serums. Keeping an eye on this one once my current serum runs out.
  16. Love it!


    Received a sample of this ages ago and have used it predominantly as a serum after double-cleansing to remove makeup since I've found it to be more calming on my skin than all my other serums! Follow it up with a face oil (The Ordinary Borage Seed) which glides on smooth after the serum, and in the morning my skin is taut, smooth, and super clear..which is rare for me haha!
  17. Love this product


    Got this as a sample from Adore with another purchase. I have combination skin that can get very dry but moisturising at night usually causes breakouts. This product has absolutely saved my skin and I have stopped breaking out. I’ve noticed my skin is glowing and my fine lines have disappeared. It soaks in to your skin straight away. I will not go without this product in my routine ever again.
  18. Hydrating


    Received as a sample, will be purchasing the full size after trying the sample!
  19. Love this!


    I love this serum so much! I got this as a sample and I have fallen in love with it. It makes your skin so smooth and dries super fast, and it's not sticky at all. I just wish this wasn't so expensive! I don't know how I'm going to go without this now.
  20. My favourite serum


    This has been my overall favourite serum. I'm just about to try Medik8's stronger B serum, but honestly can't imagine it being any better than this.
    It absorbs straight away and goes we under makeup.
  21. Love


    Medik8 is one of my favourite high end brands. This serum is nice, but just being a basic vitamin b serum I wonder if it's worth the price tag
  22. Lightweight and hydrating


    Received a sample of this. Pleasantly surprised. I have combination skin (which gets really dry in winter) and I feel like I have to choose at nighttime between leaving it dry or risking spots in the morning. Used this before I went to bed and was really happy. It was really lightweight and soaked up without leaving any residue. Just felt really nice on my skin. Skin looked nice in the morning and no break outs. Came here to buy a bottle and see what it can do long term. Bit pricey but I'm hoping itll be worth it !
  23. Great hydrate


    Got it in medik8 travel kit from adore great way trying out new things.
  24. Dewy


    Very hydrating serum especially over winter but it’s a product that is a must have. If your using any retinol products this will help keep your skin looking plump and dewy. I love it and will repurchase.
  25. Just love this serum!


    I have combination skin but tends to get quite dry in winter months. Hence, extra hydration is a must. I received this product as a sample. Although, I have used this product before and have loved it, I just found it too expensive so I didn't repurchase. Now that I have used the sample, it has just reminded me how good this serum is. It provides the hydration I need, brightens and smooths my skin as well as providing that much needed plump. Need to purchase again.
  26. Great serum!


    I initially received a sample from AdoreBeauty and I thought it was nothing amazing. However, I decided to give it another try (blame the reviews!) and bought a full sized bottle. You know what? I loved it! I have been using Vitamin C serum during the daytime, and this is the perfect serum for a nighttime. Loving the result so far!
  27. Hydration dream


    I recently received a sample of this Serum, I’ve been using it at night time on my combination skin, I found a flash my skin more hydrated and smooth looking.
    I would definitely consider purchasing The full size products in the future.
  28. Hello Hydration


    This is a great staple and after-cleansing step. I always spray a water-mist after using this, just to ensure it pulls moisture from the out-in, not the other way round!
    So soothing and a quick dose of deep-hydration.

    I removed a star because once you discover the Medik Hydr8-Intense, this product shines a little less. - BUT this is still a great product, and I would always suggest trying this version first!
  29. Amazing overnight results


    I recently got this as a 10ml sample with a purchase and to be honest i loved this more then the new serum i had bought! It goes on smooth and absorbs quickly its not greasy. The difference it makes overnight was amazing, my skin hydration softness and the glowing texture blew me away! highly recommend it.
  30. Great product


    Very hydrating on my combination skin soaks in well
  31. Lightweight non greasy


    Recently received a sample of this, a little goes a long way. Lovely and hydrating. Not sure if I’d purchase a full size due to price.
  32. Plump skin

    Ms z

    I was really excited when I received a 10ml sample of this as I heard great reviews on this product. I really liked how it gave my skin hydration and made it looked plump the price is a little steep so will save before I purchase
  33. So hydrating, changed the way my skin feels!


    I purchased this product a few months back and have been using it religiously since then. My skin was surface dry and would quite flaky. I was this every night and have noticed such a difference the next morning, my skin is plumper and makes applying makeup effortless! Just one tip, make you apply this product in a damp environment as it works a lot better, I usually apply straight after the shower while the bathroom is still steamy. Would definitely recommend this product for those struggling with dry skin!
  34. great product


    I received this as a 10ml sample and i am really enjoying it - it absorbs into the skin nicely. full size is a bit pricey but worth it.
  35. I am onto my third bottle!


    100% lightweight and fast absorbing. I am prone to oiliness if products are heavy and the serum makes my skin feel soft and plumped. I’m into my third bottle and one of the best hydration serums I have used. Highly recommend!
  36. Wonderful!


    My friend who has been using and loving this gave it to me to try, will definitely be purchasing!!! Soothes and hydrates my skin!
  37. Soothing and hydrating


    This is a lovely serum! It feels really soothing (think that's the b5?) and the hyaluronic doesn't feel too sticky on the skin. I mix it in with a C serum occasionally on damp skin. Works well under my sunscreen and makeup.
  38. Just like the old one


    This is a new one with more ingredients, as the old one was purely hyaluronic acid. But works just as great if not better because it doesn't evaporate as quickly.
  39. Medik8 B5


    I have purchased my second bottle of this magic!
    I have very dry skin and this product helps so much! Makes my face feel so plump after every use!
  40. Love this product


    I have been using this product for over a year now and definitely noticed a difference in the hydration of my skin. I have combination/ dry skin and this product paired with the Medik8 C tetra cream have really improved the overall hydration of my skin.
  41. Lightweight hydration


    Have just purchased my second bottle of this product. I have very dry skin, especially after my micro+LED appointments, and this serum fixes right up. I love how quickly it absorbs into the skin and I feel like it helps all my other products absorb quickly too, making my skincare routine much faster. Makes my skin feel silky smooth, I will definitely be continuing with this product in my routine.
  42. Worth it!


    I got this beautiful serum as part of a free gift with purchase. A little of this product goes a long way. You apply only 6 drops to your entire face and BAM! Extreme hydration for my very dry skin, it leaves you with a subtle feeling and works best when used at night before bed time, for the ultimate beauty sleep. It is quite pricey for the full size, but go on spoil yourselves! It's very luxurious and does exactly what is says!!
  43. It’s not bad


    This isn’t bad, it smoothed my skin but that was about it. The intense version is 100x better showing better results.
  44. Cured my flakiness


    This serum is what I recommend to all my friends. I've used a lot of different one in the past but this one is the best. Leaves the skin feeling amazing and hydration lasts all day
  45. Perfect hydration


    This product delivers amazing lightweight hydration. I used to struggle with hormonal acne, and started using this product after antibotics to manage my skin caused dryness and an itchy tightness. This product was amazing at delivering perfect hydration without making my skin oily. I used it liberally twice daily in addition to my normal moisturiser and it made my skin noticeably plumper. I now use it at night to give my skin a boost! Great for lips and neck too.
  46. Hydration!


    I love this product a little goes a long way. Keeps my skin feeling hydrated and supple. I use it AM and PM after my Medik8 Vitamin C serum and then add a thinker moisturiser/ humectant at lock it all in.
  47. So hydrating


    My skin, although combination is quite dry. This is an absolute must have. It conceals fine lines with its hydrating properties and my skin literally drinks this stuff up. A beautiful product
  48. Amazing hydration I use morning and night and my skin never becomes dry no matter what the weather.


    It is light and does not clog my pores. It provides hydration for the whole day and works perfectly under my night serums I am on my 4th bottle and would highly recommend
  49. Really like this product


    I have been using this product for over 6 months now as part of my morning routine and I love it. It goes on very smooth and is absorbed very quickly. My hairdresser had noticed my skin looking dull in some areas (perhaps because I don't always drink as much water as I should...) but this product has my skin looking brighter in the morning to the point now where I have stopped wearing as much make-up on my face - now just tinted moisturiser.
  50. Good


    My skin likes this. It looks hydrated and plump after I use it!
  51. My Skin Drinks This UP!


    I recently had to purchase after my facialist used this after a micro. I was blown away with how quickly my skin needed this hydration. I use twice daily morning and night and love the plump feeling i now have. Cannot do without!
  52. Really good


    I really liked this serum! Works well and my skin would always look healthy and hydrated. I have since started using “the ordinary” version instead and found it works just as well. This is still a really great serum and does what it claims
  53. Hydrate and plump


    This is a great product which I have consistently re purchased. I have combination skin with the odd breakout and this sits so well on the skin under makeup. It’s great at hydrating the skin and calms down any redness or irritation. I really like the consistency and a few drops cover the whole face. I bought the B5 from The Ordinary recently and immediately regretted it, when compared to Medik8 the consistency is terrible and it does nothing.
  54. Hydration station


    I love the way this feels on your skin. You’d think because it’s gloopy coming out of the bottle it’d stay like that on your skin but no! It gives you ample time to apply to your face before drying. I love it, gives the skin a nice glow. I use it every morning.
  55. Serum


    I got the 10ml as a gift with purchase and it’s good but not something I’m rushing out to buy. It’s very similar to The Ordinary serums only this one doesn’t leave a sticky feeling and hydrates pretty well as a base
  56. Best hydrating serum


    Initially, I received a 10ml bottle of this as a tester with one of my Adore Beauty orders... at the time I was using the Hylamide Sub-Q Anti Age serum which I found quite heavy (it does have a number of additional ingredients in it, which would definitely be suitable for someone with more mature skin than I) so I started swapping Medik8 into my morning routine and the Hylamide one to night time.

    Even before I finished the full tester bottle, I went and bought the full size. Honestly, if you're even thinking of trying this just jump right in. It has a beautiful, light consistency, no weird smell and has cleared up so many minor blemishes on my face in just a few weeks. It's even at the point I don't think I need to wear moisturizer over it anymore! You won't find this serum leaving you greasy, even under makeup. It's just perfect!
  57. Expensive but indispensable


    If you're on the fence about this one just try it and keep your routine up. Your skin will thank you.
    I was confused about how this could be moisturizing as it's a gel.
    I don't know how it works, I just know it works.
    My skin is plumper, my texture is smoother and skin has a nice glow about it.
    This has cemented itself in my pm routine. I love it.
  58. Love it


    This is so helpful for rehydrating the skin, especially as I have dry skin! It also provides long-lasting hydration. I received this as a free sample and am looking forward to purchasing the full size!
  59. nice product


    Nice sample from Adore Beauty. Super hydrating and not sticky at all.
  60. Super hydrating!


    Been using this for years. Super hydrating and calming on my skin
  61. Great product!


    This serum is the best iv tried! Not sticky at all and makes my moisturiser glide on. Highly recommend this product for anyone who wants that extra hydration.
  62. best hydration ever

    perfecting skin

    i have looked for a good hydrating serum for a long time but i think i have found it. this serum is so light and hydrating and leaves the skin so soft. i received it as a sample but i think i am going to switch to this hydrating serum.
  63. Hydrated skin without a greasy feeling


    I have dehydrated skin with an oily t-zone so was concerned about using this product as I thought it might make my skin greasier. I was wrong. This serum is so light and dries quickly leaving my skin feeling moist but not wet or greasy. I use this twice a day and it has definitely addressed the dehydration. My chin, forehead and nose used to be peely and dry but since using this serum it has left my skin in those areas moisturised.
  64. Love this hydrating serum!


    Love this serum, it absorbs well and leaves my skin feeling so good.
    Having dry and aging skin, this serum works wonders. It is pricey but you only need a little bit so lasts pretty well.
    Have ordered a few times and will continue to again!
  65. Take it or leave it


    I received this serum as part of an Adore Beauty promotion with my last order. I liked using it but I don't think I will buy the full version. It goes on nicely, doesn't feel sticky on application and did make my face feel more hydrated, however for the price, I definitely wasn't blown away by it and it wasn't one of those products that I have to have! I didn't really see any different results compared to a cheaper alternative.
  66. Hydration plus!!


    I spend a lot of time in an aircraft which drys my skin out like beef jerky.
    I use this product morning and night, it's a staple for me! It re-hydrates my skin and leaves it feeling fresh.
    I absolutely love this product!!
  67. Leaves skin beautifully soft


    I love this! My skin has never looked or felt better. It’s so smooth and it’s made my skin look amazing. Definitely worked wonders for me
  68. Easily absorbed, feels great on the skin. A little goes a long way.


    I received this product as a free sample and love it! I love the texture and how it goes onto my skin and how quickly it's absorbed. A little really goes a long way. The serum absorbs really well and it's not sticky or greasy, it kind of feels like there is nothing on your skin once it dries but your skin feels great! I have used other serums in the past and so far, this is my favourite (I had purchased a serum in my order which I also need to try but I wanted to try this one first as I was considering purchasing prior).
  69. Drink of water for your skin


    I love this product. I’ve got very dry skin, particularly my nose. I wanted a little extra hydration kick for a recent long haul flight and found this was exactly what my skin needed. It’s light and not oily at all. It made a huge difference compared to how my skin normally feels after 24 hours flying.
  70. Like, but not LOVE


    I liked this serum, but I felt the consistency and the effect did not blow me away.
  71. Gorgeous product


    I received this as a gift with purchase and I would not hesitate to purchase the full size product. It really does hydrate your skin!
  72. Amazing product for dry skin


    I received this item as a sample and was so impressed that I purchased the full size product. Extremely rehydrating for dry, aging and sensitive skin without feeling heavy. I apply this serum before applying my vitamin A serum at night and my skin feels amazing in the morning. This is definitely something I will keep purchasing.
  73. My new favourite serum!


    I have been wanting to try this serum for a while and recently received one as a sample. I have blemish free skin, but it is dehydrated due to medication. I have found this serum to be incredible at hydrating my skin so it not only stays healthy, but make up finally glides on and can be retained during the day without separating or cracking. I will definitely buy the full size in future!
  74. Definitely buy again


    I have recently received this as a sample with a purchase, and love it!
    My skin is beautifully hydrated with it, I noticed the difference after one application.It's a great texture, and absorbs quickly.
    Will definitely be purchasing the full size product
  75. Holy Grail but wallet fail!


    I got the 10ml sample with purchase of this product in the Adore Beauty promotion. I was curious and skeptical of the product claims, especially the product use. All you need is 6 drops for the entire face, and at first it doesn't feel as though you have applied any product on your face, there was no feeling that the product has satiated the skin. However, I applied this at night and I woke up in the morning the next day to have overnight successful results. My skin was supple, hydrated, plump, clear and felt very soft.
    I applied in the morning this time after cleansing and had the same results. This product is fantastic. It is however very pricey hence my 4 stars instead of 5 stars.
    I am not sure if The Ordinary has a similar serum to this, and produces the same results, but this product is definitely worth saving up for!
  76. Amazing product if you have the money


    Just received this as a gift with order and have used it three times now, it feels amazing on skin and absorbs beautifully leaving no tacky feeling afterwards. I've seen an instant difference in contrast with my usual hyaluronic (Tarte h2o). In terms of pricing with a similar offering from the ordinary at a 1/7 of the cost, would be hard to justify the price point on this even if it does feel lovely on the skin.
  77. Amazing


    This stuff is amazing! I have dry patches around my eyes and it has gotten rid of those straight away, and on top of that, when I wake up in the morning my skin feels so soft and tight all because of this product. Love it!
  78. Excellent Serum.


    I have been using the Medik8 B5 Serum for about one year now and absolutely love it. Beautiful texture, fragrance free and I have noticed the difference in my skin's hydration level since first using. I would highly recommend this product.
  79. Plump, hydrated skin from the first use


    I received a 10ml sample of this serum and from the very first day of using it morning and night I noticed a difference in my skin. It felt and looked plumper, softer and my forehead lines were less obvious. It also made my makeup sit beautifully on my skin. It absorbs super quickly and is a wonderful extra step between a toner and a face oil to give your skin an extra burst of hydration. My main skin concerns are fine lines and dehydration and this addresses both of these. Wonderful!
  80. My favourite serum


    I am on my second bottle of this serum and will continue using. It was recommended to me by my sister who is a beauty therapist and I cannot thank her enough. It has done wonders for my skin! I use it morning and night and it is my favourite step in my beauty routine, it feels so refreshing and hydrates the skin like nothing else.
  81. Hydrating


    I have oily and dehydrated skin (acne-prone). This serum really helped to calm down any flakiness and dry patches while soothing my skin. I didn't experience any new breakouts while using this product. The product is quite runny, so it sinks into the skin quickly.
  82. Drink for the skin.


    I use this during the day as a 'drink' for my skin. I wouldn't use it as a stand alone moisturizer but it is awesome to keep in my handbag to use a couple times during the day to rehydrate my skin. It's also great over sunburn!
  83. Cheaper options available


    Feels nice to apply and does what you expect - gives you a nice plumping effect to the skin. It does do what it says and so for that, it gets 3 stars.
    However, the problem is the price. There are so many other options out there and some which are markedly cheaper. For example, The Ordinary Hyaluronic Acid 2% + B5 is another multi-weight HA serum that does pretty much exactly the same thing this does - granted the consistency feels a little different on application and some may prefer the feel of the Medik8 but I couldn't tell the difference in terms of its overall effect.
    The clincher is that you can get a genuinely more advanced HA serum (precursors, better penetration, etc.) and one that feels even nicer to apply (to me) for a more affordable price...for that, look to NIOD MMHC2. You get so much more bang for your buck with that one.
    I received this as a free sample from another website and have another coming now from Adore (thanks!) but I wouldn't purchase it. Firstly because many regular serums already give me a good dose of HA so I find a dedicated one to be redundant, but also because, if I genuinely needed it, NIOD would be my pick.
  84. Insanely good


    This product is amazing! My normally dry peeling skin is soft and hydrated after using it! Amazing
  85. Absolutely love it


    I have combination skin with some dry patches some areas on my face after having my baby. Not to mention about fullness of skin too. I decided to try this Serum after read the recommendation from skin expert and well being book writer. I absolutely love it! Very well hydrated, slowly brighten up my skin and diminish the problem skin. Someday I just wear it alone and happy with the result.
  86. Skin is never dry


    I use morning and night. My skin feels super hydrated. Never gets flaky or dry anymore. Would recommend however it’s pricey.
  87. Hydrating but not oily

    Deborah (Adore Beauty Staff)

    This was a really lovely serum.
    I have mature age skin prone to combination dry spots and oily t-zone and this serum it was easily absorbed by my skin without leaving any oily residue and played beautifully with my moisturiser and foundation.
  88. Not good


    I bought 2 bottles at once after seeing so many good reviews, just started 1st bottle and I wanna return. Lightweight, fast-absorbing, yes, but it balls up on skin every time! Even the remaining product on my palm, still roll up if you rub it... With such an expensive product, not even better than the Ordinary HA
  89. The best serum


    I absolutely love this serum. It is very hydrating but doesn't leave my skin feeling oily, it soaks in straight away. It has really improved my skin texture and reduced the severity of my breakouts. It sits really nicely under moisturiser and foundation.
  90. Great product


    Water like feel. Glides on. Not sticky. Skin feels hydrated. No heavy scent. Will buy again
  91. Very Hydrating


    I have oily yet dehydrated skin and the Medik8 serum did wonders in helping regulate my oiliness and hydrate the dehydrated areas.

    I usually use the serum after having derma rolled my face for optimum effectiveness and I find my skin is more hydrate and plump after every use.

    I would recommend to anyone with dehydrated or dull skin but also for people with combination or oily skin types looking for a non-greasy moisturising alternative.
  92. Great but slightly expensive


    Got a sample from Adore Beauty. It felt great after application and did not cause breakout/oiliness. I bought a full sized one after the trial. I really love how it feels on my skin.

    I have combination to oily skin and had difficulty getting the right skincare product that does not make it worse. This is definitely becoming part of my skincare routine. I love it. The downside is the price.
  93. Great Hydrating Serum


    I have combination skin and would be dry and oily in different areas on my face, this has calmed everything down. I put this on under my MEDIK8 BALANCE MOISTURISER every morning before my make up and my make up sits beautifully all day, where as before i would go extremely shiny due to my oily skin in places.
  94. Super Hydrating


    Best serum for dry and aging skin, always feels amazing to use on my face and neck and I apply it every day under my Advanced Day Total Protect Anti Aging moisturiser. It keeps my skin well hydrated!
  95. Love!!


    I received this as a sample, finally got around to using it and I didn’t expect much but my dry skin felt so supple, fresh and hydrated!! I was amazed and addicted! Safe to say the sample bottle didn’t last very long..
  96. Incredible option for sensitive skin!


    This is an AMAZING, repeat, AMAZING for sensitive skin prone to dryness and redness. I have rosacea which is triggered by so many things- not this! Hydrates and makes a visible difference to my skin with no irritation.
  97. Super Hydrating!


    Was recommended this product by my beautician and have loved it ever since. I combine this with the redness reducing cream day and night and have noticed a massive difference in the reduced redness through my cheeks and forehead. If only it wasn't so expensive; but worth it.
  98. a must for hydration


    i use this product every night under my night cream. a must if you are struggling with hydration and skin texture. highly recommend !!
  99. Lifechanging


    I noticed a difference overnight, this serum has been life-changing for my skin! It's improved moisture, texture and skin feels and looks so so much better
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