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Medik8 Hydr8 B5 Liquid Rehydration Serum 30ml 30ml

4.6 of 239 reviews


4 instalments of $19.75

Or 4 instalments of $19.75 with LEARN MORE

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4 instalments of $19.75

Or 4 instalments of $19.75 with LEARN MORE

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Containing a nourishing blend of moisture-boosting Hyaluronic Acid and skin-softening Vitamin B5, this face serum is a must-have for all skin types suffering from dehydration and dullness.

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SUPERIOR - 91% recommend

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Medik8 Hydr8 B5 Liquid Rehydration Serum 30ml

Medik8 Hydr8 B5 Liquid Rehydration Serum 30ml

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Medik8 Hydr8 B5 Liquid Rehydration Serum 30ml Reviews

4.6 of 239 reviews

91% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Best HA I have tried


I love this hyaluronic acid, even more so than the skinceuticals one! Great texture and feel on the skin.

Most Helpful Criticism



Not the best serum I've used and definitely one of the more pricey ones. Although the packaging is very pretty and sleek.
  1. Average


    Medik8 have some lovely products, this however is not one of them. Consistency is runny and it dries sticky, My skin still feels tight after using. I wouldn’t recommend.. you can get better serums for around the same price.
  2. Best HA I have tried


    verified purchaser
    I love this hyaluronic acid, even more so than the skinceuticals one! Great texture and feel on the skin.
  3. Gentle hydrating serum


    verified purchaser
    I have sensitive skin and I have rosacea. I started using this serum to help with dryness. This didn't irritate my skin at all and did not flare up my rosacea. It does not have a noticeable fragrance.

    I have been using it morning and night for 6 weeks and my skin is so much better, it definitely works. I used a generous amount each time and the bottle is nearly empty. I was hoping it...
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  4. Lightweight hydration


    This product is amazing at boosting hydration. It would be great for oily skin as it is super lightweight. I personally have dry skin and layer a lipid vitamin C and moisturizer. Make sure you apply on damp skin for best results.
  5. lightweight, absorb fast


    verified purchaser
    Love this product. Doesn't break me out - in fact haven't had a major breakout since using it. It sinks in almost immediately and doesn’t pill when applying products after it
  6. Very hydrating and works well in plumping my fine lines on forehead


    Very impressed with how well this B5 Serum plumps my skin and absorbs so well too! I highly recommend this to anyone looking to hydrate their complexion.
  7. Super hydrating and smooth application


    This is a super nice serum, really hydrating. Applies smoothly to the skin and spreads easily. Dries quickly so it’s good in a routine and doesn’t pull when you apply products over it. Really enjoying using this serum.
  8. Super hydrating


    I use this serum when my face feels super tight and dehydrated after showering and my face would feel super hydrated after using it. Strongly recommend it and it doesn't feel greasy or anything for oily skin.
  9. Great, but not amazing!


    Really nice HA serum, I love how plump it makes my skin.

    I received this as a gift, and am unsure if I would spend the $$ myself. It's great, but for the price I would probably stick to the Ordinary version for repurchasing!
  10. Heaven in a bottle


    I was recommended this by a friend and I fell in love from the very first application! I have oily skin but this hydration leave my skin looking glowy without the unwanted shine:
    Sinks into your skin perfectly, leaving it feeling fresh and plump!
  11. Incredible hydration!


    I've never tried a hydrating serum but WOW, I will never go without now. I've been using this every morning and night and my skin feels plump hydrated and just healthy all day long. Cannot recommend this product enough!
  12. If only i could rate 6 stars


    I do not apply any other product on my face without applying this one first. It feels like sucking in all that moisture into my skin leaving no pulling skin on the exterior. Mix it with my vitamin C / BHAs and its the best thing ever
  13. Heaven in a bottle


    I wish I had found this miracle serum sooner!
    So gentle and hydrating on the skin, sinks in like a dream!
    Pairs well with all skincare and such a staple in my routine.
  14. Light but hydrating


    I enjoy the light weight and fast absorbing texture of this serum.
  15. Best of Medik8s


    I love literally ALL of Medik8 products, but this product was what made it a clear winner. Results in an instant, no irritation whatsoever, can be mixed with any other product (AHA, BHA, Retinol, Vita C)
  16. Hydrating!


    Love this! Makes my skin so hydrating and a perfect base for make up. Haven't used a B5 serum before so I don't have much to compare it to but will repurchase again!
  17. It works and good price point


    This really is a lovely hydrator and for a cosmeceuticals brand it’s a good price too! Easy to layer
  18. Ok


    I had a sample of this which was great as i was just starting to introduce myslef to a B serum.
    No complaints. Love the dripper bottle. Not sure if id purchase again unless on discount. I like Asap B as it has more forms of VitB. But this one has Hyaluronic acid so if you dont have this ingredient in any of your other skincare products its worth it!
  19. Love it, but expensive


    Love this serum! I have recently switched to The Ordinary's equivalent, as I'm currently unable to justify the price of this, however I absolutely adore it!
  20. Hydrating


    Nice hydrating serum, goes on well. I have sensitive dry skin, this product didnt irritate at all, did hydrate, although coming into winter I felt like I needed perhaps something more intense. Would be interested in trialing the intense version. Bit pricey, wouldnt repurchase due to price.
  21. Light and refreshing


    This serum has a refreshing and cool feel to it. A little goes quite a long way and absorbs nicely into the skin. It doesn’t have a scent.
  22. so-so


    Not the best serum I've used and definitely one of the more pricey ones. Although the packaging is very pretty and sleek.
  23. The difference between this and The Ordinary HA + B5 ($12.90)


    I bought this product and the Ordinary Hyaluronic Acid 2% + B5 to compare the two. For two weeks, every morning and night, I used three drops of Medik8 on the left side of my face, and three drops of The Ordinary on the right side of my face. I noticed no difference. I love them both. I cannot believe I have only just started using HAs in my skincare routine. The Ordinary is slightly runnier and a...
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  24. I’m buying it again


    I love this serum! It absorbs very quickly and makes my skin softer instantly. For my combination skin, I pair it with Murad water gel and a light weight lotion. You may need a heavier cream on top as this serum is very light weight and may not be enough if you have dry skin.


    I honestly don't think i can use another hydration serum other than this now. Can't go back . It is so soft and sinks in smoothly. Remember to use on a damp face with either water or facial mist as the hyaluronic acid will attach to the molecules f the water and sink it into your skin. So beautiful
  26. Repurchase on repeat!


    I have tried a bunch of hyaluronic acids and this is one of the best. Goes on beautifully and absorbs quickly for a plump, hydrated face! I would say it's one of the better quality products at this price point and it's comparable to products double the the price. Will definitely be repurchasing.
  27. Love This Product


    I was worried being an oily skin type that this product would be too hydrating for me.. it is not at all. Absorbs straight into the skin and doesn't leave any residue. I put my SPF and moisturiser over the top and feel super hydrated but not too oily all day. Will 100% repurchase or even try the intense one next time.
  28. Nice serum


    I received a sample of this product and it easily fit into my night time routine as a last step hydrating serum. It added hydration and moisture to my skin and had a nice serum texture. My skin felt smooth and refreshed in the morning after use. It is a bit on the pricier-side though.
  29. Fantastic hydration


    I have used a range of B serums at a range of price points. I have dry to sensitive skin and am starting to experience fine lines. My skin loved this serum - it performs exactly as it says. I have used B serums for three times the price and this performs almost as well. It's really hydrating and plumping. I use a thick layer at night and wake up with skin refreshed, looking brighter and plumper an...
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  30. A little bit meh..


    So to be quite honest, I just don’t get this product. It’s not offensive but seems useless. It has no scent which I don’t mind, it goes on like a slippery gel that drys eventually, but I just don’t think it doesn’t anything. My skin didn’t react poorly. But it never made it feel or appear different. I would defiantly not repurchase as water is cheaper and just as effective
  31. effective for aged skin


    i have a relatively aged skin and this product is so good at keeping my skin hydrated and soft. i feel my skin to have become brighter too after using this.
  32. A beautiful HA serum


    Love this serum for evening time to deliver extra hydration and soothe my skin before going in with any actives! I think I will try the intense version next time as I would love to see what extra benefits it can give me.
  33. love love love it!


    This is my first medik8 product but 2nd HA product and it is fabulous. Yes, expensive but my skin has reaped the benefits of this product by using it daily after cleansing and before moisturiser!
  34. Impressive hydration


    My skin is quite dry and also dehydrated at the moment. This serum is super hydrating, really smooth to put on and doesn't pill under other products.
  35. Drink of water for skin


    This was my first medik8 product - but not my first B5 product ever but it's absolutely my favourite. I feel like with most B5 it's hard to notice a difference, but when i put it on it feels like a big giant drink of water for my skin.

    My skin is combernation and very reactive, and get's quite sensitive. And whenever the air is dry, or i've put my skin through a lot, or it's red and r...
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  36. Sinks straight in


    This is my first every hyaluronic serum and I love it - sinks straight into the skin and leaves it feeling plump and full. The only drawback is that I went through the whole bottle in only a month, so makes it quite an expensive step in my routine.
  37. Amazing for skin needling


    I have acne/combination skin which has just recently cleared up a bit more. I used my at home dermapen to needle my face (I have had it done in clinic before but now doing it at home because of isolation) and used this as the serum during and after needling. The pipette was also useful for hygiene reasons! It is so soothing and hydrating for my skin and does not break me out at all. This is my 3r...
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  38. Such an amazing serum


    I bought this serum after reading the reviews and it did not disappoint. A little goes a long way and it is so hydrating.
  39. Rehydration


    I have really dry sensitive skin! this has helped with my dry flaky areas! really hydrates the skin without causing redness!
  40. Beautiful serum, definitely worth it


    This is my first Medik8 product and HA serum after being highly recommended the Intense version by a friend. I decided to try out the non-intense version first. I absolutely love everything about this - texture, bottle, feel and how it makes my face look more hydrated. In particular, I like the texture and clear formula compared to the Skinceuticals HA serum. Excited to try the Intense next and se...
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  41. my go-to


    I love this for stressed and dehydrated skin, especially now that we're indoors more. I use it every morning as it instantly moisturises and creates a great base for other serums and creams.
  42. very hydrating and not sticky


    I love this serum, it is light, non sticky and very hydrating. It has not broken me out and I can use it when my skin feels sensitive for example it I get a little sunburnt. Would repurchase, bottle seemed to last a long time with twice daily use.
  43. Love


    I love all things Medik8 - this is an amazing hydrating serum that is suitable for sensitive, dry, oily - all types of skin! I put a tiny bit on in the mornings under my moisturiser and it keeps my skin hydrated and smooth throughout the day. You'd like this if you also like Alpha-H!
  44. Prefer the Intense version.


    I used this before the Intense version in the purple bottle came out, it's a good HA serum, a little sticky on the skin after application. I prefer the purple version though so won't be going back to this.
  45. Standard hyaluronic serum - hydrates well


    A reliable hyaluronic acid serum. I switched to Skinceuticals because I found this one more sticky and didn't really notice much 'plumping' effect (like I have with Skinceuticals) but definitely increases moisture in the skin and for a cheaper alternative this one is still quite good.
  46. Still not 100%


    This is the 2nd bottle I've bought. I done a review on it during the 1st bottle and was a bit "meh" on it. I thought I'd give it another go. It's very hydrating and the feel of it is a bit sticky when it first goes on but then sinks into your skin nicely. I always put a moisturiser on over it anyway. Will I buy a 3rd bottle? Not sure...
  47. Wow


    I suffer from quite dry skin that never, ever feels hydrated. This serum is a game changer. After 3 days my skin is feeling plump and hydrated to the touch. I love this serum so much and am annoyed it took me so long to purchase!
  48. A glass of water for your skin


    This product is like a glass of water for your skin.
    It's a no fuss hydration serum that won't cause any irritation at all.
    Can be used morning and night, and your skin will look so plump afterwards.
    Always apply a moisturiser afterwards though! (need to lock in that goodness).
  49. Great first step in routine


    A good first step in your routine. It’s light, hydrating, sinks in well and primes the skin for other layers such as C in morning or retinol in evening. Thin, wet texture
  50. Light and hydrating


    Love this serum - feels like water on the skin, absorbs quickly and is really hydrating! Initially purchased the ABC Kit to try Medik8 products - this is by far my favourite and I'm on to my third bottle. The only downside is the amount of product you get for the price - only 30ml in the bottle (and recommended to use day and night - I fly through this!) Wish it came in a larger size. Otherwise am...
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  51. The best


    Seriously the best it keeps the face so hydrated amazing 10/10
  52. Lovely but can’t justify the price


    This is a lovely serum. It applies beautifully, dries down and sits nicely under skincare and make up. But I found that I couldn’t justify the price. It’s only 30mls, and using it every day, only lasted me a bit over 2 months. I’ve since found another HA serum that does just as good a job at a more reasonable price.
  53. Light serum and luxurious!


    This serum is light-weight with a soft luxurious texture! If you are looking for a perfect light-weight hyaluronic acid this is perfect. Also great value at this price point.

    I personally prefer a heavier hyaluronic serum so I like the Medik8's Hydr8 B5 Intense. Nonetheless, this Hydr8 Rehydration Serum is still such a great product!
  54. Hydration


    I highly recommend this serum, I’m always restock it
  55. Not for sensitive skin


    I was given this as a sample and was excited as some of my friends rave about the Medik8 range. Unfortunately this did not work well on my skin. Firstly, after application it made my skin feel tight & dry, not nourished. There are many drums that I think can stand alone but this one definitely enquires moisteriser afterwards. Anyway, I persevered for three nights but at that point I then broke ou...
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  56. Love this serum


    This serum is so light weight, no offensive smell and a beautiful texture. I apply both day and night before moisturizer, and i find my skin feeling very plump and hydrated. Will definitely re-purchase when I run out.
  57. Love this!


    My favourite hyaluronic acid serum! Have repurchased this a few times now. I like how fast it absorbs and how there is no tacky feeling like with some hyaluronic products. Also sits well under makeup. I use this every morning and evening after washing my face - would recommend! Have tried cheaper products but don’t feel they work as well as this one.
  58. Juicy, and nourishing for my skin

    Alice Feez

    This is refreshing and plumps my skin up, so its nice and juicy before applying makeup. It feels a bit tacky after application and i often feel like i need moisturiser post-application. In the case of makeup application, this wokrs wonderful, as it holds onto my foundation, prolonging the wear as my skin is hydrated.
  59. Hydration powerhouse!


    I use this serum day and night, I am totally addicted to it! It hydrated like nothing else! I highly recommend this product as a must have in anyone’s routine.
  60. Great results


    Best serum for hydrating the skin and giving t a beautiful glow. Leaves it feeling very smooth also
  61. Must for summer


    This is a must for summer to balance the extra oil in the skin with hydration. You will see results immediately, i also mix it with my vitamin c serum
  62. very moisturizing


    I love this serum, its super hydrating and really helps my dry skin, especially during winter
  63. Sinks In Beautifully


    I received a sample of this but I already have the hydra8 b5 intense that I bought from Adore at beginning of this year however, I found this version to be much better at hydrating my skin. This one sinks in beautifully, is not sticky and feels so hydrating whereas the intense version is sticky and sits on top of my skin. Will purchase the full size of this one as soon as I use up the intense vers...
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  64. Amazing hydration!


    I have combination oily skin, and with a better skincare routine from my beautician, it is now normal-oily. I’m converting my makeup to Jane Iredale and Youngblood, as I found the foundation I was using (The Body Shop) looked amazing, but left dry patches on 2-3 prominent areas on my face. It took me a while to understand the difference between having oily skin and having hydrated skin. Once I tri...
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  65. Beauty in a bottle


    I love it how you see results INSTANTLY. After i wash my face, it start to pull after 5 seconds. Immediately put this on and pull no more!
  66. super hydrating!


    Love this so much! super hydrating and makes my skin look more glowy! prefect to use before applying makeup for that youthful glow!
  67. Hydrating smooth finish!


    This product is beautifully hydrating and the finish is beautiful and smooth and not at all sticky, can be worn under make up as your skin drinks this up!
  68. A definite must-have!!


    I bought this when starting out in my skincare journey, shortly after listening to the podcast episode with the Medik8 specialist. I have always had dry skin and this has changed that! This put my skin into a hydrated state to actually start using more active ingredients on my face without reaction.
    It is also amazing for after microneedling/microdermabrasion for repair, hydrating and calmin...
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  69. Sample


    Doesn't really helpful. Won't buy the full size. Don't really like the texture.but This brand's vitamin c is the Best
  70. Sample


    Received a sample recently, not surprised result thou. I have alternative serum for hydrating so this one for me is just average. But this brand is fantastic overall.
  71. No change


    Unfortunately I haven't noticed any change in skin hydration since using this serum for the past 3 months. It goes on nicely but doesn't seem to have any lasting effects. I won't repurchase
  72. yep love it!


    this is one i now won't go without. i got a sample of this and fell in love overnight. it leaves you feeling soft, smooth and glowing. Definitely one of the better quality hyaluronic b5 products on the market. you really get what you pay for with quality and i won't hesitate in dropping a little extra cash for better quality stuff. I use 4-5 drops for my entire face and neck, goes on so smooth, i ...
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  73. Meh


    To be honest I'm not sure this product is doing anything for my skin. I was expecting it to be more hydrated and glowy but it is only like that when I first put on the product and doesn't last. I won't purchase again and it didn't blow me away. I don't mind paying $$$ for good skincare - if it works.
  74. Meh


    To be honest I'm not sure this product is doing anything for my skin. I was expecting it to be more hydrated and glowy but it is only like that when I first put on the product and doesn't last. I won't purchase again and it didn't blow me away. I don't mind paying $$$ for good skincare - if it works.
  75. Very hydrating


    I have very fine lines and have noticed my skin losing moisture and elasticity recently. This serum has helped with the appearance of these early signs of ageing. It applies very smoothly and disappears into the skin leaving no sticky residue.
  76. Light weight


    Received as a sample and I liked it so much that I purchased the full size. It's not world changing but it's a quality product for a good price. It's hydrating and lightweight and with my acne prone skin it caused no irritation.
  77. Lightweight and good for my combination skin


    I have a oily combination skin and this product doesn't cause breakout and it keeps my skin hydrate for the whole day.
    Nature smell and simple ingredients, keep my skin healthy.
    Compare to Skinceutical B5, this one is more affordable.
  78. Hydration


    Feel skin smoother and hydration ,and no breaks outs
    Will buy again
  79. Great starter


    I have normal to oily skin. I bought this an an intro to face serums. It’s a great starter. Whilst it’s both gentle and hydrating I will consider moving to retinol after going through this bottle. Goes on nicely and feels lush on the skin.
  80. Awesome and not sticky


    First time trying this brand and product and absolutely loved it! Not sticky at all but thick enough for it to feel effective! Layers well with makeup and other skincare. The little tube thing actually has measurement on it to let you know how much you are using - very helpful. A little also goes a long way, I don’t use as much as the recommended amount, half is sufficient to cover my who...
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  81. Hydration in a bottle


    Ahh this serum is fab! It’s hydrating and easily absorbed into the skin without leaving a sticky feeling, easy to apply other products on top of it too. I’ve just changed over from ASAP B super complex and not looking back.


    I LOVE this product. I bought this during the 15% off top 10 AB sale lately; it's amazing. Soaks in so easy. Decent size. Not sticky or tacky. Will do an update review in a few months to see further results.
  83. incredible


    This is a wonderful way to try the range! I always take it with me when I’m travelling, great for the plane!
  84. Love this serum, keep coming back to it.

    Medik8 Hydr8 B5

    Have used several HA serums and I'd have to say that this has been my favourite thus far. I recently switched to another highly rated HA after using this one for a while and this one still comes out on top. I have combination skin with a bit of post pregnancy rosacea and I find this feels really nice & hydrating (without being too much) on my skin.
  85. Can't live without it!


    I was happy to add this to my skin routine. It has been the only hyaluronic acid ive tried but I feel like it gives my skin a big "drink" which makes it plump and seems to smooth everything out. I only apply5 drops and it makes SUCH a difference. Won't ever try any other product this is perfect
  86. It's OK


    Received a sample, won't buy the full size. Too expensive for just average performance. But it's good to try for sensitive skin people because it's really gentle
  87. Handy hydrator


    This serum is great for me on days my skin is feeling a bit irritated or sensitised. It layers well with other products and hasn’t broken me out.
  88. Skins best friend


    Used this for 5+ years, then thought id give it a change and use the Drunk Elephant B-Hydra serum, and regretted it. Went back to this product and have been using it since. Its got a better packaging than the Drunk elephant, less creamier so you can easily combine with a vitamin c or other serum. Results after one application and on the spot!


    this is pricier for a HA serum but I LOOOOVE this because a) it lasts a good three months with twice a day use since you don't need much and b) its extremely cosmetically elegant as it is one of the few HA serums that dry down and don't stay sticky. I love this and I've already bought another one!
  90. Liquid gold in a bottle!


    Absolutely love this product! I have been using it for over a year alongside the Medik8 clarifying foam and balance moisturiser. It provides instant hydration to my skin and leaves my skin feeling soft and smooth. Worth every cent!
  91. Immediate results


    You put this on after you wash your face and honestly you will feel the results instantly. I wouldnt use it on its own, and definitely need to seal in the hydration with other serums + moisturiser as soon as you apply it. I use it together with my Vitamin C serum and its so hydrating.
  92. Love


    High recommend to use with Retinol .6% serum and C tetra in the AM & PM.
    Your skin feels hydrated straight away after putting it on.
  93. Rehydration


    This really does help hydrate your skin! fast absorbing!
  94. Sooo hydrating!!


    This serum is a must have! It is so hydrating and will leave your skin smooth glowy and looking beautiful
  95. This serum is a must in every girls skin routine! I’m on my third bottle & absolutely love it .


    This product Hydrates & keeps the skin looking moisturised.
  96. Skin feeling softer and looking plumper


    Having read all the reviews, I decided to give this product a go as my first serum. I apply at night before moisturiser and have to say, I love the results. My skin feels softer and appears to be plumper in the mornings. I feel like after a month, my skin is looking soo much better. You only need to use a very small amount, so the pricetag is worth it.
  97. Skincare regime must-have


    This is the best serum that I have tried. It's a light-weight formula that's hydrating and doesn't clump when layering other skin care products. I use this morning and evening after applying my Medik8 C-Tetra Serum.
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