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Medik8 is a pioneering skin research company, working in the field of 'sensitive skin green cosmeceuticals' that give results ... without the irritation! The carbon-neutral company uses natural ingredients whenever possible and is dedicated to bringing professionally formulated, highest quality, and 100% paraben-free skincare products to market. Medik8's development team consists of biochemists and pharmacologists with over 40 years of combined experience in skincare research and product formulation.

All the brand's products are processed in small batches to ensure freshness, stability, and potency. Medik8 incorporates the best ingredients at the correct strength to address common skin problems such as hyperpigmentation, blemishes, and hypersensitivity. For example, a particular antioxidant actually loses potency when in concentrated form. The development professionals at Medik8 research the correct concentration that will deliver the best results.

Medik8 is proud to tailor its formulas to different skin types and needs. Through intensive trials, Medik8 has determined that vitamin C, vitamin A, hydroxy acids, and sunscreens are the best ingredients for age-defying skincare. Such ingredients remain stable and are effective at addressing dry lines and wrinkles while moisturising the skin.

www.adorebeauty.com.au is pleased to offer Medik8 products as recommended by Alexandra Raymond. Medik8 products contain high levels of active ingredients and are recommended for use in professionally monitored regimes

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There is a myth that has been circulating for a while now, which says that a product designed for sensitive skin would be less effective simply because it is less irritating. The joy for sensitive skins is that latest independent research finds the opposite. Most skin is sensitive, it is just to what degree that distinguishes it from others. People of all ages and skin types can periodically suffer from sensitive skin, making them particularly susceptible to certain irritating cosmeceutical ingredients. Medik8 recognises that people with sensitive skin and redness can also have oily, dry or combinations skin which is why the Medik8 range for sensitive skin encompasses all skin types rather than offering one sensitive option. The challenge for Medik8 is to make effective professional skincare formulae less aggressive without reducing potency.

Medik8 has been able do this in many ways, for example using film-encapsulation, chirally correct actives, non-acid derivatives and patented anti-erythema technologies.


In the late 1990’s Dr Elliot Issacs’ sister began to develop a skin redness that would not go away. One skin cream she used appeared to contain the right anti-inflammatory actives but paradoxically seemed to be causing more irritation than it calmed.


In between returning from 4 years of travelling in Asia and embarking upon his yet undecided career, he decided to investigate this problem and see if he could make a better product using the small lab in his father’s pharmacy. Weeks turned to months and with the eventual success in calming his sister’s redness, the decision to get more involved in skincare and to manufacture this cream formula was taken.


Several years passed satisfying regulatory steps until Medik8 launched Red Alert® in 2004.


Medik8 is proud to be the first green cosmeceutical company, using only bio-available ingredients and green chemistry technologies to help minimise its carbon footprint. Green technology involves formulating ingredients and products with energy-efficient processes that result in more stable formulations. To this end, Medik8 uses plant emulsifiers for cold processing — or blending at room temperature — of many of their products, saving time and energy. Cold processing makes the products less likely to clog pores. This green chemistry process follows all guidelines as outlined by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. All Medik8 packaging is carbon-neutral and approved by the Forest Stewardship Council.


In the retinol products category, Medik8 has developed a unique method of encapsulating reactive molecules, such as all-trans-retinol. This process ensures stability and freshness while releasing retinol molecules slowly into the skin. The time-release formulation prevents the skin irritation that commonly results from regular retinol-based products.


Medik8 is proud to make a philanthropic contribution to Africa via World Vision. For every litre of water used in the production of its products, Medik8 donates 10 litres of water to Africa. All Medik8 products are free of parabens, petrochemicals, sulphates, SLES, SLS, and soap. Medik8 also partners with and supports all principles of the Fair Trade Organisation.


Medik8 Hydr8 B5 Serum

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Medik8 Pore Refining Scrub

Non drying, gentle but effective scrub Leaves skin feeling smooth and... read more >>

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Medik8 beta Moisturise

This would be great for really oily skin, but not so good for drier skins.... read more >>

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Medik8 Red Alert Cleanse

I use this as it is the only cleanser I can find that doesn't irritate... read more >>

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