The 3 Best Foundation Palettes for Makeup Artists

Building your kit as a professional makeup artist can be daunting. You really need to be able to accommodate anyone you might meet. Whether someone has a fair and dry complexion or is deep-toned with oily skin, you’re expected to have the perfect makeup match for them. The best way to build your collection quickly and efficiently is to invest in some high-quality palettes. Makeup palettes let you easily create custom shades, ensuring the perfect colour match every time. If you’re looking to build your beauty collection, discover our favourite professional makeup artist foundation palettes.

Why Do Makeup Artists Use Foundation Palettes?

Makeup artists use foundation palettes for at least three reasons. First, they’re portable. Instead of having to drag around multiple bottles of foundation, you can access a wide range of shades in one streamlined package. Second, foundation palettes let you easily blend custom shades for all skin tones and undertones for a seamless colour match. Last, palettes are incredibly versatile. Nowadays, a foundation palette isn’t used only to create a makeup base. It can also be used to conceal, contour, and highlight for a fully sculpted look.

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How Many Foundations Should a Makeup Artist Have?

A pro foundation kit lets a makeup artist cater to all skin tones. This is surprisingly pretty easy to do with an extensive foundation palette. Just be sure you have suitable colour options for warm, cool, and neutral undertones. You should also consider skin types when building your makeup kit. Invest in an oil-free foundation for oily skin, a hydrating foundation for dry skin, and a long-lasting, matte, full-coverage foundation for special events.

How to Use a Foundation Palette

Professional foundation palettes typically have much higher concentrations of pigments than regular commercial foundations do. So, remember that a little goes a long way! When you’re working with multiple clients, we recommend using a palette knife or the back of a brush to remove some product from the pan. Then, blend shades on either the palette itself or the back of your hand. The warmth of your hand will warm the pigments and so may make blending easier. Blend until the colour is consistent; then apply to your client’s skin with a foundation brush.

What Are the Best Foundation Palettes for Makeup Artists?

Specifically designed to suit common skin tones amongst Australians, the RCMA Custom Australian Foundation Palette 18pc is a great place to start when building your professional beauty kit. This RCMA foundation palette features 18 cream foundation pans, each containing a long-lasting makeup that’s been developed for the stage and screen. Either blend them to create a customised shade or use one shade alone. But remember: each shade contains 50% pigment. You only need a small amount to obtain excellent coverage.

See the makeup palette in action in our Cream Contour + Highlight: RCMA x Adore Beauty tutorial.

RCMA is a professional makeup brand designed for stage work, screen work, and editorials. This makeup base palette contains 18 real-tone cream foundations that can be used on their own or mixed to create the perfect foundation shade. Each pan contains 50% professional-grade pigment, which is more than double the amount of pigment in a consumer foundation. So remember: a little goes a long way. And the long-lasting formula stays put under stage lighting and in humid weather conditions. The RCMA Makeup 18p VK11 palette is perfect for all skin tones and undertones.

The Kryolan HD Micro Foundation Cream Palette 15 was expertly created for high-definition camera work. These creamy foundations blend seamlessly into the skin for an undetectable finish. This professional-standard Kryolan foundation palette has been infused with unique micronised particles and light-reflective qualities, both of which help reduce the shadows and contours of your skin. With these expertly formulated foundations, it’s a cinch to minimise dark circles, fine lines, and wrinkles—even under harsh stage and set lighting.

Cream Contour + Highlight: RCMA X Adore Beauty

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So, let's recap the 3 Best Foundation Palettes for Makeup Artists

  1. RCMA Custom Australian Foundation Palette 18pc

  2. RCMA Makeup 18p VK11 Palette

  3. Kryolan HD Micro Foundation Cream Palette - 15

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