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RCMA Custom Australian Foundation Palette 18pc

4.6 of 22 reviews


$30.00 x 4

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$30.00 x 4

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  • Teens
  • 20s
  • 30s
  • 40s
  • 50+


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Skin Type:

  • Dry
  • Normal to dry
  • Normal to oily
  • Oily

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RCMA Custom Australian Foundation Palette 18pc

RCMA Custom Australian Foundation Palette 18pc

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4.6 of 22 reviews

94% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Great range
Every makeup artist needs one of these to match almost any skin tone

Most Helpful Criticism

not a fan
great shades and an excellent ideas for muas but the formula is just not that great, hard to blend and build up
  1. not a fan

    great shades and an excellent ideas for muas but the formula is just not that great, hard to blend and build up
  2. Great shades

    Perfect shade range. It has a sheer to medium coverage and a little goes a long way. Great for my pro makeup kit.
  3. Worst Foundation I've Ever Used

    I bought this foundation palette for my professional makeup kit due to the wide range of shades. That is the one thing I like about it. The shades are amazing, and it was initially very useful when working with indigenous actors on film. Many makeup brands do not carry the shades required to match the wide range of Indigenous skintones, but with RCMA I never had a problem. So 5 stars for diversity! However, that is where the positives end.
    RCMA claims this foundation contains 50% pigment, but I find this hard to believe. It's easy to get sheer coverage but SO MUCH is required to get medium coverage that it's a joke. I have never got close to full coverage without is caking up. I have tried every method of application there is, none have worked for me. I've tried many primers, powders, setting sprays, I just can't get coverage without cake. If you are thinking I am a bad MUA, that it is my fault, I assure you that is not the case.
    My biggest problem with this foundation is the complete absence of longevity. The heat melts this product off your face like crazy. Any sort of weather change eliminates your whole face full of foundation, and don't even think about working out with it on. By the time you finish a light warm up your face will be completely free of foundation, plus all the makeup applied over it. After noticing how bad this foundation was on set, I tested it extensively on myself, desperately trying to get it to work. I have tried every application method under the sun. None of them achieve full coverage without severe cakiness, none of them last a reasonable amount of time. I kid you not, by the end of the day my face looks like I never put foundation on at all.
    I have used drugstore foundations that a far superior. Bottom of the range drugstore foundation is better than this. I am baffled by the positive reviews! This foundation is absolutely horrible!
    Bottom Line: Worst foundation I've ever used. Hard to work with, slides off face within hours, impossible to get beautiful looking full coverage.
  4. Great range

    Every makeup artist needs one of these to match almost any skin tone
  5. Great palette!

    - wide range of shades suitable for most of skin tones
    - multipurpose as it can be used for foundation, concealers, contours and highlighting etc
    - suitable for most of skin types; combination, oily, normal and dry skin
    - handles pretty well in both heat and cold season as long as you use RCMA powder and lotion primer too. I feel like if you use all RCMA products on your face, this helps the foundation to stay semi matte for whole day, no transfer etc whatsoever.
    - Perfect for makeup artists!

    - there arent some of shade for very very pale/ dark skintones so if you’re a makeup artist it would be best to purchase individual foundation compact from RCMA

    Overall, I really like this foundation as I have light- medium skin with combination type, two shades of RCMA foundation matched my skin tone really well. Rcma foundation held up really well throughout the day like there was a small amount of oily on my t-zone but it looked like semi-matte though compared to wearing different brand of foundation that my Tzone appeared very greasy. Before applying makeup, my face is prepped with moisturised and sunscreen protection then I apply RCMA lotion as primer, rcma foundation mixed with thinner, rcma no colour powder and then set it with finishing spray from Skindinavia.

    This palette will last long time as long as you have foundation thinner and use really small amount of rcma foundation and one drop of thinner. Without thinner, you will finish palette quicker compared to with thinner.
  6. Great to have in kit

    Loved it the first time I used it. Can't wait to use it more. My sister in laws make up lasted so well in 30 degree heat and pregnancy sweat! Highly recommended!
  7. Great kit staple

    The shade range in this palette is excellent and the product is easy to work with. I decant a small amount onto a mixing palette, add a drop or two of the rcma thinner and mix it until the product has warmed, before pressing it into the skin with a beauty blender. The coverage is buildable and has a skin like finish.
  8. Phenomenal Foundation

    This foundation is comparable to (not quite as good, but close) the Kryolan Micro HD Palette, but half the price, and the makeup is denser so you do not use as much. In practical terms it is probably four or five times better in terms of value for money, and the performance is very close, especially if you're not using it on camera.

    It is a heavy product, and must be warmed up or even thinned (RCMA sell a thinner which works beautifully) prior to application. I warm it up on a silicone blender, and then dab product where I want it before blending it out with a dense, synthetic brush and buffing in with a dual-fibre or kabuki. The coverage is excellent, and very buildable and it has a very natural, skin-like finish when buffed in.

    For the 'end user,' there are better foundations, but for a makeup artist who will be working on many different skin-types and undertones I can't recommend this enough. It just works. The results are beautiful and the product is extremely cost-effective. This is a default foundation for me unless the work is going on camera, or I'm airbrushing.
  9. Amazing

    Wonderful for a artistry kit, shades are so reliable and spot on!
  10. Love love love

    I love all the rcma palettes! Definitely need to warm them up and you only need the littlest bit, but if you mix with a illuminator it gives a beauty look.
  11. One of the best!!!

    The creamy texture is easy to apply. The amount of different colour combinations in the palette is endless. It can be used as a foundation, highlighting and contouring. The trick is to make sure you blend. I have found using this only adds a couple of extra minutes to my morning routine but the final look I achieve is definitely worth it.

    I bought this to add to my kit, overall the palette was a little smaller then i expected but a little goes a long way with this product.
  13. Awesome

    Me and my friends went in together to buy this to practice doing our makeup for formal, and i've fallen in love with it! Such a staple. Good for all seasons, when i'm tan and when i'm not and when i went to go full out contouring! Quality is really great too - comparable to nars or bobbi brown.
  14. Must have in your kit

    If you're a makeup artist you need this in your kit. It had a shade for everyone and if not, you can mix the perfect shade. Best to warm the product up on your hand or something so it blends better.
  15. Flawless

    I use this on my clients, scoop a tiny bit out and warm it up on the back of my hand. I find it blends better when warmed. Can be used as concealer too!
  16. Must have for makeup artsists

    Love, love, love this palette. Such a beautiful formula and only a small amount is needed for great coverage. I find it looks beautiful on all skin types and I love that it can also be used for concealer. Looks stunning when blended out with a beauty sponge. I usually scoop out a tiny amount with a spatula onto a metal tray and warm up with my finger before applying with a sponge. Absolutely beautiful skin-like finish with great staying power.
  17. Perfect for my kit

    I bought this to add to my kit, overall the palette was a little smaller then i expected but a little goes a long way with this product. Im very happy with my purchase and will always make sure i have this on hand to use on clients
  18. Amazing

    Absolutely amazing pallete. You can customise your foundation colour, there’s a colour for every person. Longwear & looks fresh till last wear.
  19. Best foundation ever used

    I bought this for my clients , but i use it myself also, stays on everyone i have used it on, perfect shades, perfect coverage , just looks fabulous and stays even through rain and a good stint on a hot stage !
    I always apply it with a brush over primer and moisturiser , with a setter,,does not seem to crinkle under eyes either when used around area as or with a concealer
    great mirror in the palette too ..
    can not speak highly enough of it!
  20. Love it!

    Purchased this for my kit and so far its definitely living up to its 5 stars!
    Im definitely going to invest in the larger economy palette once i need to re-stock!
  21. Amazing!

    I purchased for my kit- after wearing on myself for three days I'm in love!!
    I did feel I had to use more product than I thought would be needed but once applied to the skin I simply had naturally stunning and beautiful skin- once I set (I just used my kryolin powder) I felt like I had no make up on! It lasted all day- 29 degree heat!
    I think I need a few extra single shades (and for me personally) because it's simply such a beautiful product to wear! I can't wait to try it on some of my clients!!!!
  22. Stunning palette

    I love this palette so much! The colours are so versatile. You just have to make sure you use the no colour powder with it for great staying power.
    RCMA is an amazing brand. I love it!
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