Find Your Make Up For Ever Foundation Colour Match

Learn the differences between tones to find your perfect shade

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Make Up For Ever is known and loved all over the world for its extensive high-performance beauty products, in gorgeous shades and outstanding formulas.

When faced with the brand’s variety of professional foundations designed for every skin type and tone, you may be a little overwhelmed with choosing a formula.

Not to mention with finding your fit among the vast list of Make Up For Ever foundation shades.

Don’t worry! We’re here to help you find your ideal Make Up For Ever foundation colour match so you can enjoy a perfected complexion in no time.

How Should I Choose a Make Up For Ever Foundation?

Choosing a foundation comes down to three main elements: your skin type, your preferred finish, and your desired coverage. It’s important to consider your skin type, as different formulas react differently to skin types.

Some foundations are best on oily complexions, whereas others are perfect for drier skin types. Whether you prefer a dewy, satin, semi-matte, or full matte finish is completely up to you. You can also choose your level of coverage, from a sheer tint to a full-coverage look.

Make Up For Ever offers a great choice of foundations suitable for all your desires and needs. You can discover more about choosing the right foundation, concealer and primer for you in our helpful guide What Is the Difference Between Concealer, Foundation, and Primer?

What Is My Skin Undertone and How Do I Find It?

If you want to find the perfect Make Up For Ever shade match for your complexion, you’ll first need to identify your skin undertone.

There are three skin undertones: warm, cool, and neutral. Knowing your undertone not only helps with picking a foundation but can help with everything from choosing your perfect red lipstick to dyeing your hair.

If you have warm-toned skin, you typically:

  • Suit gold jewellery better

  • Have green veins

  • Tan easily

  • Have a yellowish hue to your skin

If you have cool-toned skin, you typically:

  • Suit silver jewellery better

  • Have blue veins

  • Burn in the sun

  • Have a pinker hue to your skin

If you have neutral skin, you fall somewhere in the middle and likely:

  • Have a mixture of blue and green veins

  • Are flattered by both silver and gold jewellery

  • Have a slight green hue to your skin.

Once you know your undertone, this will greatly help with picking your Make Up For Ever foundation shades.

Watch Nkisu take us through her tips on finding the best foundation shade in the YouTube video below...

How Do the Make Up For Ever Foundation Shades Work?

Make Up For Ever shades use a clever lettering and numbering system to ensure a perfect match for both your skin tone and your undertone.

The colour system labels shades with a yellow undertone as ‘Y’ and shades with a red undertone as ‘R’.

The shades are then further sorted by number, moving from palest/lowest to deepest/highest:

  • The lightest shades fall in the 200 range.

  • Medium tones are in the 300 range.

  • Tan tones are in the 400 range.

  • Dark tones are in the 500 range.

If you want to compare your Make Up For Ever shades to those from MAC or other makeup brands, be sure to check out Findation, a clever foundation shade matching tool. Now it’s time to choose the best foundation for you.

Once you've matched your foundation shade, be sure to check out our Beauty IQ article on How to Find the Right Eyebrow Colour

For oily complexions, we recommend MAKE UP FOR EVER Matte Velvet Skin Liquid Foundation. Its long-lasting matte finish helps control shine and regulate oil levels throughout the day. Providing ultimate full coverage, this non-cakey and crack-free foundation effortlessly airbrushes skin and uses Flexi-Fit Technology to adapt to facial movements to prevent masking. Both long-lasting and waterproof, this Make Up For Ever matte velvet skin full coverage foundation is perfect for oily skin. It sits comfortably on the skin with a lightweight feel from morning to night.

For dry skin, we recommend MAKE UP FOR EVER Water Blend Foundation. This formula feels completely weightless on the skin without clinging to dry or rough patches. With a natural, fresh, and comfortable finish, this deeply hydrating foundation consists of 80% water. The water base allows it to blend effortlessly on the skin for a natural-looking satin finish while boosting hydration levels. Water Blend Foundation can be applied to both the face and the body, and leaves the skin looking smooth and flawless.

If you’re after a full-coverage foundation, MAKE UP FOR EVER Ultra HD Foundation is a beauty must-have. This cult classic foundation is adored for its light-diffusing liquid formula, which blends to a full-coverage finish while remaining naked to the human eye. Nourishing Make Up For Ever HD foundation conceals every imperfection while boosting lustre and refreshing the skin for a completely revitalised look and feel. Suitable for all skin types, this high-performance foundation promises a long-lasting and seamless finish.

The Best Foundation for a Natural Finish
The Best Foundation for a Natural Finish

If you want a sheer and natural tint to your skin while blurring imperfections, look no further than MAKE UP FOR EVER Ultra HD Perfector Blurring Skin Tint. Suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin, this buildable finish provides natural satin coverage to subtly perfect your complexion and minimise irregularities. Blurring the lines between makeup and skincare, this skin tint also contains sun protection factors to keep skin shielded from harmful UV rays.

To discover more about sunscreens and SPF, check out our Ultimate Guide to Sunscreen

MAKE UP FOR EVER Ultra HD Stick Foundation is a multifunctional foundation stick designed for both the pro and the beauty novice. Meeting the needs of high-definition filming and 4K cameras, this lightweight foundation provides buildable medium to full coverage. Yet the product can also double as a concealer stick on problem areas. Encased in travel-friendly packaging, Make Up For Ever stick foundation is ideal for on-the-go use, ensuring your complexion stays flawless from morning to evening.

For a radiant and dewy finish, we recommend MAKE UP FOR EVER Reboot Foundation. It’s the perfect way to boost your complexion with instant lustre and luminosity in a natural but healthy finish. This light to medium coverage foundation targets signs of dullness and skin fatigue to encourage a brighter and more youthful complexion. And the skin-loving ingredients in Reboot Foundation rejuvenate lacklustre skin over time.

Watch Megan share her tips on applying the perfect makeup base in the YouTube video below...

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