How To Apply Your Foundation When Your Face and Neck Are Different Colours

When it comes to foundation, finding an exact shade match for your face is difficult at best. When your neck is a noticeably different colour, you may just give up. Matching your foundation to your neck isn’t always the best option, so how do you make sure your face doesn't look like it's on the wrong body?

  1. Assess the Degree of Colour Difference Between Your Face and Neck

    Step 1 - Model wearing no makeup assessing which foundation to applyStep 1 - Model wearing no makeup assessing which foundation to apply

    Stand back from the mirror; take a good, honest look; and assess the difference between your face and neck. Decide whether the variance is radical enough to warrant a move up or down from your current foundation shade.

    You're always more critical of your own appearance than others are, so try to be objective in your analysis. If you need confirmation, ask a trusted friend or family member.

    If you’re still not sure, pop into your local cosmetics retailer and see what the consultants have to say. Beauty consultants see tons of faces in a day and can probably assess your situation with a keener, less biased eye.

  2. Choose a New Foundation Shade

    Step 2 - Choosing foundation shadeStep 2 - Choosing foundation shade

    If you’ve decided you do need to change your foundation, take into account the undertone of your complexion, meaning your face and body skin overall. Cooler undertones look best with a pink makeup, whereas warmer tones need a yellow foundation.

    You don’t want to go radically pink or yellow. Just a hint of tint helps your face match your neck and décolletage better. Just a small change can make your look more natural and cohesive.

    When purchasing your new foundation, don’t go too dark or light unless the difference in your face and neck is truly drastic. Going one shade up or down in the correct undertone should be enough of a change.

  3. Apply Foundation to Minimise Face and Neck Colour Differences

    Step 3 - applying foundation to brushStep 3 - applying foundation to brush

    Once you’ve got that new foundation at home, don’t apply it just to the face. Blend your makeup, preferably with a blending sponge, all the way down, over and beneath the jawbone, to the neck. This creates a seamless look. Who knows where your foundation begins and ends? Just you, babe, and no one else.

  4. Keep Your Face Colour in Place

    Step 4 - Model wearing foundation that matches face and neckStep 4 - Model wearing foundation that matches face and neck

    Set your makeup with a setting spray or powder to keep your colour locked in place all day. The last thing you want is to see in the mirror is the same two-toned mess that you thought you'd put behind you.

    After you’ve set your makeup, walk out that door with confidence; you’ve tackled your face–neck match-up with ease! For some great setting powder and setting spray options, check out our website. We’ve got what you need to keep up that seamless look all day long.

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