Know Your Undertone: How-To Figure Out If You’re Warm Or Cool

Knowing your skin’s undertone is essential, especially when you’re selecting makeup.

But how do you know if your undertone is warm, cool or neutral? Here’s how:

Check Your Wrists

Are the veins in your wrists mainly blue or mainly green? Or a mixture of both? If your answer is ‘a mixture of both’, you likely have a neutral skin tone. Green veins often indicate warm undertones, while bluey-purple veins usually equal cool undertones.

The White Test

Does wearing white make you look washed out and sallow? Or does it make your complexion pop? If you have warm undertones, white is usually very flattering. On cooler-toned people, wearing pure white can cause the skin to look a little dull – off white or cream might be more suitable. And if you look pretty much the same in both, you likely have neutral undertones.


Does silver or gold look better on you? If gold is your jewellery of choice, you may have warm undertones, and if you gravitate towards silver, your undertones are probably cool. If you rotate the two, you’re probably neutral!

Your Complexion

This isn’t a definitive test, but comparing how your skin reacts to the sun can determine your undertone. Skin with warm undertones usually tans under the sun, while cooler complexions are likely to burn. If you have a neutral undertone, you may find you do burn but it fades out to tan.


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