What Concealer Colour Should I Use on My Dark Circles?

A full face of beautifully applied, high-quality makeup can actually make you look less attractive if you choose the wrong colours. It's especially important to choose the right shades for your face makeup. You've likely seen a TV personality whose skin appeared orange or green on camera.

Because under-eye circles are so difficult to conceal, the right shade of cover-up is even more important. The undertones of dark circles vary from person to person, and the wrong makeup colour can result in reverse raccoon eyes. Here's how to pick the perfect shade of concealer for a flawless finish.

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The Role of Colour-Correction

Because dark under-eye circles are so intractable, you'll get better results if you pair your concealer with a colour-correcting formula such as Napoleon Perdis Pro Palette Concealer. By first neutralising the undertones of your circles, you'll get better coverage with less product.

Whether or not you use a separate colour-corrector, give some thought to concealer shades that will counteract your dark circles. If you need an intro to colour-correction, simply consult a colour wheel. Colours opposite one another tend to cancel each other out. Here's your quick-start guide:

  • If your dark circles are more green, balance them out with a reddish or peach-toned concealer.

  • Yellowish concealers can effectively neutralise purple and blue circles.

  • If your circles are red or pink, try a concealer with greenish undertones.

For a more in depth guide check out our Ultimate Guide To Dark Circle Concealers.

Reflecting Light

Dark circles absorb lots of light. That's why they look so dark and are so challenging to conceal. To get the most out of your concealer, pick one that's a shade lighter than your foundation or skin tone. It will reflect more light, keeping your eyes looking wide-awake and free of dark circles.

Want to increase your skin's radiance even more? Invest in a concealer with light-reflecting pigments. Steer clear of anything too sparkly or glittery, but a subtle shimmer can help further conceal your circles. Try applying KORA Organics Rose Quartz Luminizer on top of your concealer for a youthful glow.

High Praises For This Natural Luminizer


Love this highlighter from Kora. I have found it so easy to apply with fingertips & get the desired effect of a healthy natural glow. A little application of the cream is all I need to give my face a healthy look. Best of all is that it is an organic product which won't harm your skin. Even the packaging looks high quality.

Matching Your Makeup in Every Light

Concealer, like foundation, might look great in one setting but dry, cakey, or orange in different light. Before investing in any face makeup, get a sample.

Test the concealer in natural light, at work, at home, and in photos. If the results are less than beautiful, try some different shades and formulas until you discover the perfect product for you.

How to Choose and Apply Concealer with a Pro Makeup Artist

How to Choose and Apply Concealer with a Pro Makeup Artist