This New Concealer Is Legit an Eraser for Dark Circles Like Mine

Clinique Even Better Concealer reviewClinique Even Better Concealer review

Finding a good concealer is like finding gold.

Sure, gold can buy me a house and pay my bills, but can it conceal my dark circles? Nope.

My under eye circles take up a lot of real estate on my face. Unfortunately, it’s genetic and no amount of magic eye cream or sleep is ever going to banish them forever, and that's OK.

A dude even once told me I was “carrying luggage under my eyes” (yep, really), but despite that jerk face, I’m learning to embrace them.

A great concealer, however, is the next best thing. I've been using the same two concealers for the last five years. They do a pretty good job, but I’m always open to trying buzzy new ones.

Enter: Clinique Even Better All-Over Concealer + Eraser - a new concealer that promises to erase dark circles and improve the appearance of your eye bags over time.

Too good, or too good to be true? I put it to the test and here are my thoughts…

What Is the Clinique Even Better All Over Concealer + Eraser?

Clinique Even Better Concealer reviewClinique Even Better Concealer review

The first thing that drew me to the Clinique Even Better All-Over Concealer + Eraser was that it’s a makeup product that includes skin care.

That’s right. The concealer is formulated with some really good shiz, including ingredients like:

  • Vitamin C - instantly brightens and improves skin clarity over time.

  • Hyaluronic Acid – helps plump and smooth the appearance of lines and dehydrated skin under the eyes.

  • Caffeine - energises the skin to reduce signs of fatigue.

  • Phytosphingosine- a ceramide derivative that helps with puffiness (gimme).

  • Optical diffusers – these create a more even skin tone, and camouflage redness, hyperpigmentation and dark spots.

  • Fragrance-free and allergy-tested so it won't make your eyes water.

Next, let's discuss the applicator.

Clinique Even Better Concealer reviewClinique Even Better Concealer review

This concealer comes with a doe foot applicator, but the soft, contoured sponge on the end of the tube is great for gently blending over the delicate under eye area. And it means no more getting your fingers dirty.


My Clinique Even Better Concealer Review.

If you have dark, shadowy under eye circles like mine, a heavy-lifting concealer is paramount because it has the power to transform your whole face.

And honestly, that’s what this concealer did.

The texture is creamy but light, and left a natural full coverage finish, just like it said it would on the box.

My face instantly looked more awake after application. Case in point, here's a selfie with concealer applied under the left eye only. See the difference?

Clinique Even Better Concealer reviewClinique Even Better Concealer review

The coverage is buildable - I applied two layers and it didn’t look too cakey - and I was super impressed with how seamlessly it blended into my natural skin colour.

(My other concealers don’t actually do this as well. I usually have to buy two different shades and blend for ages for concealer to match with my foundation.)

Now, because I'm a good beauty writer, I scribbled down notes after applying this concealer. Here's what I wrote:

"Face looked dewy. Mum says it makes my under eye area look more radiant. Made my cheeks look plump."

clinique even better concealer reviewclinique even better concealer review

On days you want more of a 'no makeup' look, spot concealing with this in place of using foundation works a treat.

You can also use this product as a concealer for blemishes, and to cover any pigmentation or uneven skin tone.

How does the Clinique Even Better concealer wear throughout the day? When I read ‘hours of flawless coverage’ on the packaging, I was HYPED. And let me tell you, it didn’t disappoint. 2PM: at the dog park. The concealer was still intact – hoorah!

The long-wearing formula also claims to be ‘sweat resistant’. I was a little sceptical about this because, by this point, it was already 6PM…

Now, I’m no Usain Bolt, but a few light jogs later, there was definitely some sweat happening. Time stamp: 6:21PM. A slight crease visible but she’s still going strong!

Clinique Even Better Concealer reviewClinique Even Better Concealer review

Final thoughts: Clinique Even Better Concealer delivered on its promise to blur and cover dark circles.

The winning combo of radiance and staying power had me looking well-rested for the whole day (even after a sweaty jog), which alone made me want to tell every person I've ever met about this concealer stick faster than you can say “2020 was a scam”.

Final, FINAL thoughts: Jerk face, if you're reading...

I am who I am, I love my 'imperfections' and I love great concealers. The end.

You can watch how Sadaf applies this concealer to add coverage to her dark circles in this YouTube video below!

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