How to Choose the Right Shade of Concealer

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For a flawless makeup look, concealer is essential. There are a tonne of different uses for concealer beyond brightening and concealing, if you have the right concealer. 

Choose your concealer based on your unique colouring, and your purpose in using the concealer. 

You can tackle everything from dark under-eye circles to red spots with this go-to advice on how to nail these easy concealer techniques. 

How to Choose the Right Shade of Concealer_MAKE UP FOR EVER ULTRA HD CONCEALERHow to Choose the Right Shade of Concealer_MAKE UP FOR EVER ULTRA HD CONCEALER

You don’t necessarily have to match your under-eye concealer to your skin

For a brightening effect, your under-eye concealer shouldn’t match your skin colour. While you want your foundation shade to be spot-on, you can strategise a bit more with concealer.

When you're working on red spots, the objective is to make them blend into the rest of your skin, so it makes sense to use a concealer the same shade as your skin. 

When you're working with dark under-eye circles, your goal is to slightly lighten the area. This means a lighter shade should do the job

For under-eye concealer:

Go for a shade that's around 1-2 shades lighter than your skin. If you have to choose between two products, for example one that's one shade lighter and one that's three shades lighter - grab the concealer that's closer to your natural skin tone.

Hot tip:

An easy way to find a good match is to test cover-up on the veins on your wrist. If the product hides your veins and looks natural, it'll look perfect under your eyes.

Here's a few of our favourite concealers:

Need powerful coverage? We adore Benefit Boi-ing Industrial Strength Concealer. The cream formula is long wearing and sweatproof, and never looks cakey or creased. No need for touch ups, this concealer will stay all day and keep you looking fly!

For a flawless, glowy under-eye look, go for the IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Under Eye Illuminating Anti-aging Concealer. This radiant high-coverage formula comes in a wide range of skin tones, and won't crack or crease. Super long wearing and water-resistant, this is the concealer for every season.

How to match your spot concealer to your skin

If you're looking to cover pimples and red spots, go for a product that's exactly the same colour as your own skin. Whilst it’s good to colour-test your concealer before you buy, there are some general rules of thumb to follow.

Basically, if you have a light-to-medium skin tone, you’ll want to go for a yellow-based concealer. If you have medium-to-dark skin, go for a red or orange undertone.

Prone to breakouts? Clinique Beyond Perfecting Super Concealer will make your life so much easier. This oil-free formula is long lasting and non-acnegenic. Plus, it blends in super easily and can handle any climate. Great for all skin types, this formula is fragrance free and allergy tested!

The M.A.C Cosmetics Studio Fix 24-Hour Smooth Wear Concealer is a lightweight fluid concealer which blends into the skin seemlessly to look like real skin. We recommend this formula for anyone covering redness, blemishes or pingmentation. It blurs, smooths and stays all day!

Applying your concealer:

When it comes to applying concealer, some makeup artists suggest that using a clean finger to lightly dab works well as the warmth from your skin helps to soften the concealer making it smoother to apply. However if you choose to use a brush, these are some of our faves:

Watch a pro makeup artist share her tips on choosing and applying concealer in the YouTube video below...

How to Choose and Apply Concealer with a Pro Makeup Artist

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