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Face Halo PRO - 3 Pack 3 pack

4.7 of 176 reviews


4 instalments of $7.50


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4 instalments of $7.50


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Make light work of heavy makeup with Face Halo PRO. This reusable microfiber pad easily removes makeup with only water, replacing up to 500 traditional makeup wipes.

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SUPERIOR - 94% recommend

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Skin Concern:

  • Sensitivity and redness

Skin Type:

  • Dry
  • Normal to dry
  • Normal to oily
  • Oily

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4.7 of 176 reviews

94% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Best thing since sliced bread


I've used and loved the white ones before but they can get quite dirty very quickly (esp as i wear full coverage makeup).
I use this in the shower and it gently and easily removes all my face and eye makeup with no need for pesky oils. I finish off with a gentle cleanser and voila.
Helps keep my skin clean and prevent breakouts

Most Helpful Criticism

Not bad but there’s better options


The Face Halo pads to remove makeup quite well but I’ve always had trouble drying them so they perpetually smell damp which is really off putting to have near your face. The black is nice but it makes it hard to see if you’ve gotten all the makeup off.
The Makeup Eraser cloth is a better option in my opinion (and larger) but these would be great to throw in your bag when traveling
  1. Best thing since sliced bread


    I've used and loved the white ones before but they can get quite dirty very quickly (esp as i wear full coverage makeup).
    I use this in the shower and it gently and easily removes all my face and eye makeup with no need for pesky oils. I finish off with a gentle cleanser and voila.
    Helps keep my skin clean and prevent breakouts
  2. Squeeky Clean


    Love this product my skin feels squeeky clean after, removes makeup easily. I just pop these in the washing machine and reuse. Excellent product, excellent quality
  3. Surprising results


    I was skeptical of how well the face halo would work with just water, but it constantly amazes me how it so easily leaves my skin free from makeup after each day. I started with the white ones, but much prefer the black as my mascara would leave marks and look dirty no matter how well I washed them. I prefer to use warm water or use them whilst I shower. So easy and much more environmentally frien...
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  4. amazing


    great for the environment, gentle on my sensitive skin and amazing to remove even stubborn eye makeup
  5. Worked wonders


    Such a simple product to use. I didn’t think it would work as well as it did and thought it would create a mess while cleaning my face. The pad itself holds a decent amount of water without dripping everywhere. It really broke down the makeup on my face and completely removed it (including mascara) after going over my face twice with it. It was very quick and you don’t need any face wash on it. It...
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  6. #1


    Can’t fault these. I use for makeup removal, face mask removal and even eyelash and eyebrow tint removal.
  7. Love this so much!


    I love how this cleans makeup really well!
  8. Love these face halo's


    The face halo are so so great! They remove makeup so well and I really like how sustainable they are and so easy to clean. They remove makeup so well! Black is also so great because they stay looking quite clean
  9. Waste Not


    verified purchaser
    I was looking for a less wasteful alternative to my cotton throw away makeup remover wipes, and these are fantastic! Rotate the three so the other one can dry completely. Removes makeup gently and less waste. win win!
  10. Nice and sustainable..


    I purchased these on a whim, and have been pretty impressed with the performance of the pads. They remove makeup well, and can be washed pretty easily. I like the black colour, as it fares better than the white long term, but it is a little hard to see what is coming off. I can't really fault this product, but I've given it four stars as there are similar products which offer better value for mone...
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  11. Love it!


    Such a great reusable product. I double cleanse and I find that this is great for taking off most of my make up before I double cleanse and when I'm done my face is super clean.
  12. Game Changer!


    Can’t get enough of face halo ! Makes my face feel so clean whether it’s after a full day of make up or a sweaty gym session ! Environmentally friendly and no harsh chemicals !
  13. Makeup off in minutes


    Actual time saver! I love how simple these are and that all is needed is water. You dont have to rub too hard to get eye make up off and they last a good 3-4 months! They make late nights easy when coming home and not having to use heaps of wipes to remove makeup is such a bonus. Love, love, love and will be repurchasing
  14. Love the face halo!


    I love my face halo and have been using them for about a year now! I love the new black ones, they don't look as dirty at the white ones so I love that
  15. So far so good

    Face halo reusable wipes

    I purchased these to try and eliminate the disposable wipes I had been using and have been impressed so far. With just water they do manage to lift a fair amount of makeup. I find that I still need to wash my face properly afterwards, but it certainly does a good job in removing most of the surface layer of makeup.
  16. Great for removing makeup


    I already own the white version & these are great for removing makeup. They are a bit difficult to dry so I wouldn't recommend them when travelling.
  17. Super handy makeup remover


    They are a little expensive but definitely happy with the face halo's. They really do help remove makeup! As others have mentioned they do take a little to dry, so worth rotating the three. Eye makeup still needs help but that is expected when only using water. I tend to use a combination of washing my face with cleanser and the face halo and have lovely clean skin at the end without exhaustive wi...
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  18. essential bathroom product


    Heard so much about these products and they certainly didn't disappoint, love the fact that its reusable instead of constantly buying makeup wipes and go easy to chuck in the wash.
  19. Total Game Changer


    These are a fabulous must have!! I wear very heavy makeup and this combined with a little cleanser leaves my skin so perfectly clean. Great over the sink or in the shower, and much better than makeup wipes.
  20. So handy


    I was very skeptical about the face halos (are they really better than a face washer?), but I received a white one as a gift and now I'm a convert. I still use a makeup remover balm/oil before (I don't think they really get off waterproof mascara etc without a cleanser), but these are so nice to use to remove makeup after. They are very soft and dense so get every little last bit of makeup off. Th...
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  21. Removes Make-up


    Removes make-up when damp with water really well, especially impressed with how effective on the eye area. However I haven’t much luck air drying them between uses as I don’t want to machine wash every time.. They can smell.
  22. Great to have around


    I don't use these every day as I prefer to just wash my face over the sink with a cleanser, but they are very handy to have around when I'm feeling lazy. I also use them when I'm travelling, going camping and to thoroughly remove face masks. I love that they come in black now. The white ones ended up looking pretty dirty after awhile no matter how many times I washed them.
  23. Easy!


    If you're in a rush these are great to give your face a clean. Would love them slightly bigger. The wee tag is a bit annoying as you have to hold it away on one side. But a very minor hassle!
  24. SO EASY!


    This is exceptional to remove makeup with! Effortless, easy, hassle-free! I also use a clean Face Halo as a face towel when I'm not home and can't find a clean face towel to use!

    I've purchased both this and the white one and prefer this as you don't see the stains, although I'm sure they exist much the same!
  25. banish makeup wipes


    I was looking for an alternative to makeup wipes as I'd been researching and found that they weren't really supposed to be used every day for makeup removal. they are often full of terrible ingredients, not to mention totally wasteful. I decided to try these despite thinking they were super expensive for what they were. the condition of my skin has significantly improved since ditching those awful...
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  26. Great


    I love these as they don’t stain, but I do like the white ones more as I can see what is actually coming off my face easier
  27. Makeup removing made easy, quick, and good for the environment.


    Usually, to remove makeup, it means a cleansing wipe that's full of harsh chemicals and doesn't remove quite everything, a rough face cloth that's not great for sensitive skin and not much else in between, which is where Face Halo enters the market.

    They are packets of round, soft and gentle, microfibre discs, that are machine washable and reusable, that take off every scrap of makeup...
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  28. great for a full face


    These halo's are great at removing heavy makeup & they definitely help lift more than just a standard face cloth. I do find I need a new one each use as they dont rinse well & even after being in the washing machine I often find traces of foundation.
  29. Pretty good


    These are good at removing makeup without having to rub harshly at my skin and I agree with other reviews that these don't dry well and can get smelly.
  30. Doesn't dry very well


    These are great at removing a precleanse i.e. balm/oil, but they don't dry fully and end up smelling damp. I thought I bought a faulty pack so I bought another and same thing with those.
  31. Great addition to my skincare routine


    I find that this has been a great addition to my skincare routine I use these after I have washed my face with a gentle cleanser this allows any residual makeup to be removed. They are also great as they are reusable and easy to clean.
  32. Finally!!


    Finally, I don't have to keep buying the once only towelettes. I am very happy with this and helping the planet too.
  33. OK but can get smelly!


    I have two that I use on rotation and find that they are great at removing my first cleanser (balm/oil). It gently exfoliates at the same time too. One huge downside is the fact that it never dries properly! I have towels in the same bathroom that dry fine but the microfibre material just does not dry and leaves it with a continuous damp smell.
  34. Next step, climate change


    A beautiful option to finally ditch the one use make up wipes. Do yourself a favour
  35. Good for the environment


    I like these wipes. They do the trick and remove the make-up but I actually feel like thay don't bash very well and after time become a bit irritating to the eyes. I much prefer washable cotton rounds.
  36. Great for Cleansing


    I love the Face Halo to cleanse my skin some days without all the harsh chemicals, particularly as my skin is sensitive.

    However, the Face Halo always seems to feel/smell damp. I wash it regularly but after a few uses find it has the "damp" smell lingering.
  37. Good eco-friendly alternative to wipes


    Really good to remove makeup but I find there’s quite a bit of rubbing in the eye area required to remove eye makeup. Definitely more friendly to the environment than the waste produced by those plastic packs of makeup wipes
  38. Takes makeup off with ease


    I like these to help remove makeup when I have a lot on after a special event. They work great as a first step in the cleansing process.
  39. Completely worth it!


    I was sceptical buying microfiber face wipes as I couldn’t get over the fact that they feel unhygienic. But I bought this as a trial after having to use twice the cleanser and still I was left with a face washer with makeup on it. I am so happy I bought this! They are amazing. My face feels so clean after it, just with water, it feels different and I don’t feel like I’m smearing my makeup around, ...
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  40. Better than I expected!


    I was really impressed by the Face Halo pads: they remove the vast majority of my make-up, no matter if it's just my light daily makeup, or heavier makeup from a night out. It's great that they're black, so you can't see any staining, and having the three pack is super handy, because it means that you always have one on hand when you throw one in the washing machine.
    I also use mine to remov...
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  41. A win for a sustainable option and a win for my skin!


    I love the Face Halo in Black, I use it to remove my make up, and then do my usual cleanse to make sure my skin is super clean. I know a few people get frustrated by the maintenance of these - but I find having a pack of 3 makes it super easy. I use the Dr Bronners cleanser to give them a little bit of a clean with each use, and after a couple of uses, I throw it in the washing machine with my tow...
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  42. Fantastic for my skin & the environment


    In love with these, as someone with sensitive skin I don't think I will ever be able to live without them now! Fantastic first step in my cleanse, and I travel a lot so love the environmental benefit too, less waste! I just wash and rinse in the shower, and it is always clean by the following night. I rotate them & wash in a stocking bag regularly.
  43. Love these


    Converted! Environmentally friendly, easy on the skin and removes makeup so well - I've got black and white but black's my preference just given the foundation stains.
    Love them
  44. Convenient and works well

    I buy too much makeup

    These work well. I keep one in the shower and one at the sink. They help remove makeup and very gently exfoliate with each use. Would repurchase but don't expect to need to for a long time.
  45. Great for my face and the environment - WIN WIN!

    Mrs S

    I love the Face Halo cleansing pads, especially since they became available in black. I use them to remove heavy eye make up and foundation, and also face masks. Such a great product and way cooler than the Enjo ones. The only downside is remembering to pop them into the washing machine so having a pack of three is handy!
  46. Black is better


    There’s so many choices out there, I even tried the enjo ones... I find the size and colour and how these wash are the most durable. You will always find it hard to remove eye make up with these pads and want to be more sensitive around the eyes. I use these for my masks as well
  47. Gamechanger


    When I first heard about these I didn't think they would be able to do the job. Mum, my sister and I split a three pack to test out and they are a gamechanger! It is literally the only thing I use after a night out (instead of making excuses not to remove my makeup before bed).
  48. Removes makeup like a boss.


    This is my second time purchasing this product ( I had the white ones before which ended up really stained)

    Love how effective it is at removing make up , the only let down is the maintenance part is a bit of a pain
  49. Effective and gentle


    I had been meaning to try Face Halo for a long time. I kept hearing good things about them but I was worried they would be hard to use - washing them, storing them etc. I finally took the plunge and I have mixed feelings. I love how environmentally friendly they are vs disposable wipes or cotton pads, and they are incredibly effective at removing makeup. My skin definitely feels clean after using ...
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  50. Clean Face ahoy!


    This is one of my favourite beauty products.
    I use these with warm water to remove all my makeup before cleansing and it's fantastic! They are soft on your skin and never feel like it's pulling. sio easy to clean, just chuck them in the wash with your towels!
  51. LOVE


    Environmentally friendly, easy on the skin and removes makeup like a boss.
  52. Eco friendly and works a treat!


    Face halo is the real deal!
    Love that it is black so you cant tell how stained it is which is good!!
    these are so great for the environment and highly recommend as they work so well and great for traveling !
    Only downside is that they do take a while to dry out, so make sure that it is completely dry before putting it away so it doesnt get mouldy
  53. Pleasantly surprised


    I suffer from super dry skin and my face is prone to eczema. Many makeup removers aggravate the eczema. And I hate using cotton rounds with micellar water as it creates too much waste. I was surprised that the Face Halo actually removes all my day to day makeup including mascara with only water. I’m glad I got the black ones as I’m positive I probably would have stained the white ones.
  54. Actually the best


    I try to usually stay away from hyped up products that influencers 'part own' but this has changed my whole routine. I keep one at my boyfriends house so I never have an excuse to not remove my make up and usuing a cleanser after makes my skin so clean. Never going a day without this again. I dont understand how its so good at cleaning but its just amazing.
  55. really great


    Removes make up extremely well, I was quite impressed!
  56. Pretty Darn Effective!


    I started getting pimples around my ear lobes traveling towards my jawline and neck from what I think was some lazy cleansing. I wear a full coverage foundation on most days and sometimes, even though I'd double cleanse, I'd just miss those spots.
    Face halo has really solved this problem (and I love a quick, cheap problem solver). I use it initially to get all makeup off and double check af...
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  57. All I use now


    I love that the face halo is a re-usable product, eliminating the need for make up removing solutions and single use cotton pads. It is all I use now to wash my face and remove make up. I started with the white face halo which is good for seeing all the make up removed, however, they do get dirty. The black is good to disguise makeup stains, mascara and heavy make up. I usually wash after use, and...
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  58. Make Up Lovers Must Have!


    I am completely obsessed with my Face Halo!
    I always buy a three pack and end up giving away two of them to family and friends to try. Everyone so far has loved them just as much as me! Even those who don't wear a lot of make up can benefit from this product. I also love how eco friendly it is, and I have found the Face Halo Pro has lasted months and months with twice daily use. It's incred...
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  59. Good but difficult to use


    I really like the idea of having a face pad that I use to remove my makeup and reuse. However, because these pads are so thick and stiff, it actually makes it really difficult to access certain parts of my face like my eye area. I also have to use more of my makeup remover because the pads soak up so much of the remover.
  60. Obsessed

    Megan Gee

    Love it! Actually removes makeup with just some water no idea how it works but I am not complaining!
  61. Love


    This works so well to remove makeup and dirt, easy to clean and perfect they now are black!
  62. Eco friendly and soft on the skin.

    Laura O

    Like everyone, I've seen so many youtube videos / advertisements of the face halo and was super keen to try it out for myself. I do love the eco friendly nature of it and saving money on face wipes long-term. It's super soft on the skin and really does remove all your face make-up. The only reason I'm not giving this 5 stars is because I find it quite thick for trying to remove eye make-up, it's g...
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  63. Love


    I didn't realise how much I would love these. They work so well. Love them
  64. They work!


    I don't know how they work. But they do. Amazing game changer!


    I'd watched people on Youtube use these to take their make up off and figured it would worth a shot. I'm a changed woman. These are great! I wet them with warm water and use one side to take my entire face of make up off. I'll use the other side the next day before I chuck them in the washing machine. They wash like a dream and are super handy when travelling. I especially like them in black - the...
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  66. Great for Makeup Removal


    These are great for removing makeup without the need for additional products and cleansers. I have replaced my face washers with the Halo PRO and love them for traveling.

    I still find that I need to use eye makeup remover to remove all my mascara.
  67. Not bad but there’s better options


    The Face Halo pads to remove makeup quite well but I’ve always had trouble drying them so they perpetually smell damp which is really off putting to have near your face. The black is nice but it makes it hard to see if you’ve gotten all the makeup off.
    The Makeup Eraser cloth is a better option in my opinion (and larger) but these would be great to throw in your bag when traveling
  68. Must Have


    These are a must have for anyone who wears any form of make up!
    They remove make up so easily without irritation and will save you a tonne of money on make up wipes, pre-cleanse, double cleansing if you would normally have to double up to remove make up before cleansing.
    Even if you don't use a cleanser after using this it will still remove a lot more make up than your standard make up...
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  69. Clever invention


    I was unsure whether to purchase the black or white of these.. either way what a fab product. So simple yet so effective!
    Fantastic for washing your face whether you wear a lot of make up or not. No more splashing water everywhere or sticking your head in the basin!
    I was concerned about it flaring up my redness but it feels like a big soft hug on your face yet is super effective at re...
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  70. whaaa???


    I was really surprised by these! I have skin that's really sensitive to friction, and I was assuming the worst when I decided to try them. I don't wear a stack of makeup but I do use waterproof mascara, and these take that off easily. I find they work better with warm water.

    They're also great for things like removing face masks and treatments. Definite fan, would buy more of them.
  71. An absolute essential!


    LOVE THIS! I previously owned the original face Halo but this pro version gets my vote for being dark in colour and not looking a bit festy after using for a while. Removes all makeup with no product required and is so easy to pop in a linen wash bag and put through the machine. Lasts for ages, wouldn’t be without this!
  72. Great product


    It's nice to not have to use too much cleanser on your face and it works great
  73. better than wipes


    Although I like to see the amount of makeup it removes this black version of the facehalo definitely looks a lot cleaner. Performance wise I don’t think there is much difference between these compared to the white ones. But these are definitely a better alternative to using wipes as I know how many wipes I can get through from just makeup removing. However I always make sure I double cleanse in ca...
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  74. Does what it says


    Happy with this eco friendly makeup remover. It really is like a terricloth but does feel nice on the skin. I ordered the black after reading reviews of the white staining and am happy with the choice as this doesn’t show up marks. Not necessarily life changing but if you’re looking to reduce the amount of cotton pads then this is a great start!
  75. Amaxing


    Such a great product, they really work so well to remove all your makeup without any harsh soaps.
  76. Amazing


    Love the Face Halo, It takes all of my makeup off in one go without the need of scrubbing my face. It’s so gentle and super easy to clean! It's great that you don’t have to use it with any makeup remover. You just have to wet with water and wipe you makeup away. Love the black colour so it doesn't stain easily as the while ones.
  77. So thorough


    It’s amazing how much these take off, even after using micellar water. An absolute mast and they last and last and last! Personally I prefer the white so I can see what’s on it better.
  78. Love this makeup remover


    Love this product. Effectively removes 95% of my makeup which I am happy with. It is so soft and does not tug on the skin as face wipes can do. I love the black colour so that you can not see as many stains after washing it.
  79. Works well


    I now understand the hype after using the Face Halo! I tried using it with water only but I much prefer using it with my regular face cleanser. It is far more gentle than using a regular face washer towel. It has a little ribbon loop which is handy to hang it up to dry. I've been drying my makeup brushes on my spare one and it works quite well for that purpose too.
  80. Highly recommend

    Tiffany (staff)

    I bought these about 6 months ago now and I haven't used any other method of removing my makeup since.

    It is definitely the fastest way to remove my makeup i've ever tried and the cleanest and I love how I am not creating extra waste for the environment.

    My only area of concern is that I find it extremely difficult to take the makeup off completely around my eyes as its ...
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  81. Makes my face routine so much faster


    I’ve been using this to both take off my makeup, and instead of cotton pads during the cleansing part of my skin routine. I love how soft and gentle it is on my face. I’ve got fairly normal skin, but I like not having to rub hard at all and avoid any red patches.

    I’ve got a fairly long Korean styled skin routine at night, and this has really sped up the removal of my makeup without be...
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  82. Great


    I am loving these. So easy to use, does not irritate my face. Easily removes make up and easy to clean.
  83. White face halo better


    This product takes makeup off well, however I prefer the white version so you can see your mascara and know when you’re finished
  84. Reusable


    Easy to remove makeup with these, may be a bit too exfoliating on dry skin. Love the black shade as it doesn't stain so bad.
  85. Awesome


    amazing at removing makeup, even heavy eye makeup, easy to wash and best part is it's good for the environment
  86. Great!!


    So awesome! Removes all my makeup and really great for the environment. Really happy with this!
  87. Must have product


    I couldn’t be without these anymore, I use them every day with water to wash my face/remove makeup and soak them with cleanser when I have heavier makeup on. Great price and great for the environment as you just stick them in the wash and re use them!
  88. Amazing!


    Love these! I have had the white ones in the past but these ones are great in the sense it doesn't get that stained faded colour after awhile, takes off makeup great maybe slightly harsh on the eyes but if you put on some oil cleanser (or gel) its a dream.
  89. recommended


    Bought this after seeing the good reviews. Being using a micro fibre cloth for a couple of years, but this was instantly so much easier to use. Soft around the eye areas and easy to take my eye makeup off. Highly recommended. Love that it comes in black too and you don't see the black mascara on the pads.

  90. Just ok - muslin cloths better


    Was hoping for much more. These do take off a bit of makeup, but they definitely don't take it all off unless I use a cleanser all over my face first. I wear a very light layer of The Ordinary Serum foundation, so nothing heavy. I've tried numerous ways of using them - just with water, on a wet face, on a dry face, in the shower, etc. and they only work with cleanser applied. They are lovely and s...
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  91. amazing


    Very well priced for such an effective product, will be repurchasing! Product removes all my makeup very well and doesn't leave my skin feeling dry after using
  92. Surprised


    I was super surprised after trying these. I thought that they would be effective but I didn't expect them to be as good as they are. Super impressed. Love that the black covers the makeup.
  93. Amazing


    I am amazed at how good these are! I wear a fairly heavy full face of makeup daily and use this to firstly remove my makeup, then to remove my cleanser, I’ve found since using it my skin isn’t feeling as congested, and afterward when I tone I have barely any makeup/debris coming off. I highly recommend these!
  94. Better than wipes


    Way better and less harsh than using make up wipes and not to mention, so much better for managing waste!
  95. A must have


    Such a great eco-friendly makeup remover. I love how I don't have to use any other product with it and my make up comes right off. So easy to clean as well.
  96. Removes makeup


    I soak these in micellar water and it helps remove makeup well while physically exfoliating my skin. Love how the material is black so it doesn't look so dirty.
  97. these are amazing


    Very well priced for such an effective product, will be repurchasing! They've lasted me ages!
  98. Smart product


    I admit I am not the best at monitoring my contribution to the waste problem but I am making small changes.

    These are a great product. I find them suitable enough for you sensitive skin - I was worried they might be a tag rough but they aren't super soft either.

    I personally find they remove my make-up without much effort and tugging of the skin.

    The only ...
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