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Ultimate Guide to Mascara
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Luxe Mascara
Swimming in a sea of fluttering lashes? If you're totally lost in the world of department-store mascaras, it's time to take a step back and weigh your options. Whether you want a bold false-eyelash look or a barely-there tint, there's a perfect Luxe mascara formula here for you. From trendsetter Benefit to classic Lancôme to makeup-artist fave Bobbi Brown, the options are limitless. Want bold lashes? Opt for a primer and a fattening mascara. Whilst a lot of mascaras promise heavyweight results, you just won’t get a falsie look without the primer. So grab a two-in-one wand or pick your favourite primer and mascara duo separately. Struggling with sparse lashes? You aren’t alone there! If you have light or fine hair, your eyelashes need a little extra help. You can get assistance in a tube from a conditioning and lengthening mascara. Conditioning mascara includes a hydrating balm or oil that can transform your lashes. Looking to keep it simple? Brown waterproof mascara is foolproof. If you're going to be working up a sweat or are looking for a summer style, this is a must-have.
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Professional Mascara
As a pro, you know the importance of lashes. A strong lash look is integral to any pro makeup application. It's important to have the best products on hand in order to maximise your client's features. Lucky for you, we offer more than a few great options in our Pro mascara selection! Not sure where to start? Try a few different shades and formulas to ensure you've got something for everyone. A curling mascara, a lengthening mascara, and of course, a basic waterproof, lash-defining mascara make for a great trio to start with. Since not everyone loves a bold black lash, it's also important to have shades that flatter every skin tone and eye colour. Don't just go for black. Grey, navy, brown, and soft or brownish black are great options. Whether it's a demure curl for a night out or a bold, waterproof, long-wear look for a wedding or prom, our selection of Pro mascaras has you covered. With brands ranging from the luxe and fabulous to the tried-and-true professional brands that are the cornerstone of the industry, our selection guarantees you'll find more than a few great mascaras to keep your kit current and universal.
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Essentials Mascara
Everyone who loves makeup needs a great mascara. With so many choices on the market, it can be tough to know which product will work best for you. That's where our Essentials selection comes in! With a great range of shades, price points, and formulas, our collection includes the perfect mascara for any occasion—whether it's everyday wear or a sultry night-out look. Not sure what mascara will work best for you? No problem! Everyone's different, and we're all flattered by different formulas. Frustrated by short, weak lashes? Try a strengthening or lengthening mascara that's washable. It will be less difficult to remove, ensuring you won't have to scrub at your lashes and weaken or break them off in the process. Looking for a simple, everyday eye definer? Try basic brown for maximum effect. Brown appears natural and highlights the eye without overdoing it. So check out our Essentials for the best choice for you. And remember, mascaras need to be replaced frequently. Generally, a formula begins to dry out and accrue bacteria after about three months, so don't open your new baby until you're ready to use it.
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Ultimate Guide to Mascara

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