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Dermalogica Special Cleansing Gel 250ml - 250ml 250ml

4.5 of 138 reviews

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4 instalments of $13.64

Or 4 instalments of $13.64 with LEARN MORE

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Dermalogica Special Cleansing Gel is a soap-free botanical blend of Quillaja Saponaria and calming Lavender that foams away impurities without leaving the skin feeling tight or dry, while super-soothing Balm Mint helps calm sensitivity.
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SUPERIOR - 91% recommend

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Dermalogica Special Cleansing Gel 250ml - 250ml Reviews

4.5 of 138 reviews

91% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Best cleanser


I have used this for years and won’t try anything else

Most Helpful Criticism

Okay product


I really wanted to love this product due to all the hype I hear about it but there are much better cleansers that are a lot cheaper on Adore Beauty. Might work for others but did not help my skin.
  1. Okay product


    I really wanted to love this product due to all the hype I hear about it but there are much better cleansers that are a lot cheaper on Adore Beauty. Might work for others but did not help my skin.
  2. Best cleanser


    I have used this for years and won’t try anything else
  3. Best face wash!


    Best face wash. I started using it about 3 to 4 years ago when my beautician recommended it. It gives you a great clean without stripping away all your natural oils. Leaving your skin feeling soft and hydrated. I use this everyday and I love it. Would highly recommend to anyone wanting to achieve great skin.
  4. OG simple no bull cleanser


    Just a classic good cleanser to have in your routine. Love it and will continue to use for a longtime. One bottle last forever
  5. Love it


    Love this product, your face actually does feel clean after use and it doesn’t have any strong chemical scents that so many products have!
  6. Amazing


    I received a sample of this product with my order and gave it a go and was pleasantly surprised by how gentle yet effective this cleanser is.

    Your face just seems amazingly clean but not in a tight, drying, oil-stripping way.

    The sample lasted me a good week and I love it so much that I'm going to purchase it when I can afford to do so (xmas shopping makes us all broke)...
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  7. LOVE


    I love this cleanser it does its job but doesn't strip my skin
  8. Gentle


    This cleanser is gentle and soothing on my skin. It takes off my makeup effortlessly!
  9. Skin saver


    Helped get my skin routine together and halps remove makeup and sunscreen without stripping skin
  10. great


    This face wash is gentle, soothing and smooth to cleanse your face with. It takes makeup off really well and gives your face a fresh thorough clean!
  11. The best ever!


    This is the only cleanser that stops my skin from getting too oily and prevents/heals breakouts. I have been using it for years and will never stop.
  12. good.


    Good cleanser, gets rid of all the dirt, oil and makeup off your face, not too harsh. Only down side about this is that it is fragrance in it which I personally don't like.
  13. Great cleansing gel


    Smells a bit citrusy and refreshing and it cleanses just enough to get the excess oil off my skin without making me feel dry
  14. Staying with this cleanser


    I Love this cleanser. I've used it for years and won't do without it. My pores are smaller and my skin looks better than it ever has.
  15. Gentle and effective


    This is sooo gentle for my sensitive skin, yet does a thorough job of cleansing!
  16. gentle cleanser


    i love using this cleanser and how its gentle on my skin and doesnt dry me out, in sayign that it still does a good job of making my face feels clean after using it.
  17. Favourite cleanser


    The perfect cleanser. Leaves skin clean without being drying or irritating. Have since repurchased in the larger size as I never want to run out
  18. Good cleanser


    This Dermalogica gel cleanser cleans your face perfectly without drying your skin.
  19. Fabulous Cleanser


    Dermalogica Special Cleansing Gel is the first step in my double-cleansing. It leaves the skin clean, soft and refreshed. The skin is not left dry and taunt but soft and supple. I am sure this cleanser would be suitable for all skin types. Highly recommend.
  20. Does it's job


    A nice cleanser! Does it's job and makes your skin feel clean but not stripped of all the natural oils. I've since transitioned onto a different cleanser but I do like this cleanser, i just didn't see a huge difference in my skin after using it long-term.
  21. Good products


    I have very dry skin and recently learnt about the double cleansing which makes sense. I use the Clinique balm for step one and in the past used to use foam cleanser from Shiseido, but the advise was to use a gel cleanser in the step two. The Demalogica is a mild gel cleanser, and I think it does the second phase well, but if you want to clean the make up no way, wont work much. It is smooth and ...
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  22. Works a treat


    Cleanser that makes your skin feel fresh and clean.
  23. does what it says


    works really well, got while on sale at a good price! would re purchase
  24. Nice cleansing gel


    Good cleansing gel that lathers a little bit but not as much as a foaming cleanser and doesn't dry out my skin.
  25. Nice gentle cleaser


    Cleanses without completely stripping my skin. Feels like clean skin but not squeaky dry clean skin, only the excess oil is removed.
  26. Lovely


    A great cleanser, gentle but effective and doesn't leave my skin feeling stripped or dry.
  27. Best cleanser I have ever used

    Tan P

    Have been using this religiously for a year and a half. It has done wonders in clearing my skin and I would 100% recommend. I now use this with a Foreo facial brush followed by Vitamin C cream in the morning or Vitamin C serum at night and my skin has never been clearer. A staple product in my skin care regime.
  28. Haven't noticed a difference


    After reading the reviews I decided to give this one a go. I have dry/combination skin as I am always at the beach/ in. the salt water. I have used this for about 2 months. It feels great on my face and foams up nicely as well as smells nice but I haven't noticed much of a difference. After I have cleansed sometimes my face still feels clogged. Maybe not for dry skin gals :)
  29. Deep cleanser without stripping skin


    This is my favourite cleanser for the morning as it helps cleanse my face without drying my skin out and making it feel tight. I use this in the morning or after a day in as it isn't the most effective at removing stubborn makeup so I tend to double cleanse with this if I have makeup on. Otherwise, this is a great mild cleanser for irritation prone skin.
  30. Decent product


    I used to use this a couple of years ago and then stopped as I think my skin was getting used to it so I mixed things up and tried something else for awhile. Went back to this product as couple of weekend ago after not using for awhile and I wish I never stopped using it. Very neutral smell, you only need a tiny bit as it lathers up quite nicely . Highly recommend!
  31. Gentle indeed


    I have combination skin and this cleanser is effective for a deep cleanse without stripping away too much. Scent isn't too strong and doesn't over lather
  32. Not for me


    I swapped my cheap cleanser for this one and so far it hasn’t suited my skin. It doesn’t fully remove all of my foundation, which is only light. It also leaves my skin feeling dry and since I’ve started using it I’ve had pimples and cystic acne appear. My skin may need to get used to it so I will persist with it. At this stage I’m not stoked, but hopefully in a week or two I will be
  33. Great Basic Cleanser

    Amy W

    I have been using this cleanser for years and love it. I have combo skin and sometimes have sensitivities. This cleanser hasn't caused any irritation at all. It is fairly basic with no active additions which makes it great for cleansing post skin treatments ie. needling, great for morning use after you've thoroughly washed your face the night before or I sometimes use it as the first cleanse in th...
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  34. Decent cleanser


    This is a great, basic, no frills cleanser. It foams up nicely and leaves the skin nice and clean.
  35. A great cleanser to have in your bathroom cupboard at all times!

    Tanya S.

    I use this in the morning with a wash cloth and double cleanse at night. It throughly removes makeup and leaves the skin feeling clean without the drying, tight or itchiness afterwards. Has a soft pleasant smell. You only need a small amount so products last a long time (5 months for twice daily usage).
  36. Good all-round cleanser


    I got this as a sample and really liked it. It's a good all-round cleanser that is gentle on the skin. I feel like it cleansed my skin really well without stripping it.
  37. so good


    a gentle cleanser that is good to use if you use harsh aha, bha and serums etc
  38. Dermalogica Cleansing Gel

    Dermalogica Cleansing Gel

    I used the special cleansing gel as a part of the travel kit. As a whole the kit was excellent and I have bought more. However, I didn't find the cleansing gel to be particularly special. It felt no different to the normal cleanser I use (Redness Solution from Clinique which is about $15 cheaper). Its not a bad product but its not worth paying extra for.
  39. Good cleanser


    This is a nice a thorough cleansing gel, I use this as a treat when I want a deeper cleanse. It’s does a great job
  40. Love this


    Cleans well and my face feels fresh and soft afterwards
  41. Best skin ever


    I've tried so many different cleansers on my skin and have always come back to this one. Nothing makes my skin so clear and soft.
    I have mature dry skin and find this so gentle on my face and afterwards my face feels so clean.
  42. Light weight and no fragrance


    I really love this face wash. I initially received it as a sample but have been buying it ever since. The product is light weight and doesn't smell at all which I like.
  43. Best cleanser


    I have tried many cleansers but was hesitant to buy this one because it is quite expensive. The reviews everywhere were amazing. Now that I started to get hormonal acnes and currently having in-salon treatments, I needed to get a gentle cleanser that won’t dry my skin and clean effectively to prevent further breakouts. The ones I had before were either did not clean properly, or too drying, or had...
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  44. reduced my redness


    I found this made my skin tone more even
  45. My current go-to cleanser


    This cleanser has helped reduce congestion and leaves my skin feeling super clean. I definitely prefer gel cleansers and this one does the job and does it well. I tend to lather and leave whilst showering to really let it soak into my skin. My complexion is overall looking better since I started using this product a few months ago.
  46. The right PH level for your skin


    The begining of my better skin care routine. I'm having trouble with my skin and finding products stinging my skin which adds to the trauma of having problem skin.
    This product gave me none of those sensations and felt calming because it was the right PH for your skin.. no more angry skin.
  47. Nice and Gentle

    Laura M

    I got this to try in the Dermalogica Meet Dermalogica Kit, I have since purchased the full size bottle.
    A little bit goes a long way, well worth the investment.
    My skin is feeling the best it has in a long time.
  48. Super clean feels!


    I love this product. My skin feels squeaky clean after using it. It literally squeaks when I rub it into my skin! Having said this, I don't really wear much makeup and some people have mentioned that it's not the best at removing heavy product build up.
  49. not for me


    I have been using the Ultracalming Cleanser for ages, and thought I'd try this gel for a change. It cleans skin and removes makeup beautifully, but leaves my skin feeling a bit tight the following morning. So, back to the gentler Ultracalming for me.
  50. good everyday cleanser


    i use this with my dermalogica micro-exfoliatant and it works super well, i find this good for an everyday cleanser! super gentle but does the job
  51. Good Cleanser


    It’s a good cleanser, doesn’t leave skin feeling tight and dry.
    Removes some makeup however you still need a wipe. Has controlled break outs. Reputable brand and the bottle lasts!
  52. My Go-To!


    I've been using this cleanser for 9 years and whenever I try something new I always come back to it. I like a cleanser that is gentle but effective and this is definitely it! It also doesn't strip my skin.
  53. Gets it done


    Non stripping, gentle, smells ok. Removed makeup fine and doesn’t result in that tight feeling most cleansers give to dry skin. It’s nothing glamorous, just a good quality workhorse.
  54. Effective cleaner not drying


    I like this cleaner as it really cleanses your skin, but it doesn't leave it dry of flaky like some other cleansers can do.
  55. Good


    Cleans skin well, I have oily skin and its not drying. Smells nice and fresh.
  56. Great cleanser - clear skin!


    I started using this cleansing gel nearly a year ago and love it! My skin is much clearer and less prone to breakouts. Skin feels fresh and clean after using and I will continue to use this for many years to come.
  57. Everyday cleanser


    The perfect travel size cleanser! This Dermalogica cleanser is fantastic and can be used 1-2 times per day! I have sensitive skin and do not react with this product. It leaves your skin feeling fresh and clean!
  58. A trusty cleanser


    I've been using special cleansing gel for about 4 years now and it has done wonders for my skin. I've tried so many cleansers in the past and occasionally try others just out of curiosity but always come back to this one. Always leaves my face feeling so clean and never breaks me out (like almost every other cleanser I've tried has!)
    The only problem I've ever had with this cleanser is that ...
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  59. Pretty good


    I didn't notice anything amazing about this cleaner that would make me want to go and purchase it again but it foams up really easy and smells good and took all my makeup off. Cant fault it but it also didn't stand out. I prefer the lactic cleanser from skinstitut.
  60. Great


    Non stripping, gentle, smells ok. Removed makeup fine and doesn’t result in that tight feeling most cleansers give to dry skin. It’s nothing glamorous, just a good quality workhorse.
  61. Good


    This was a great cleanser and it took off my makeup well. Was not a fan of the smell though
  62. Works well


    Received this as a sample, a 50ml bottle and it’s great. It has lasted a long time and it’s not harsh.
  63. My travel buddy


    i love this cleanser for everyday use and this size is absolutely perfect for traveling. It's perfect for all climates and for whatever my skin is throwing at me. It's great for all skin types as it's a gentle foaming cleanser which doesn't strip the skin.
  64. Dermalogica Special Cleansing Gel


    This is my favourite cleanser ever, i have very sensitive skin and no reaction. It also helps with my enlarged pores and combination skin. 10/10 worth the price tag, the little bottle lasts me months as you only need a teeny tiny amount
  65. Pleasant, non-stripping cleanser


    I quite liked this cleanser for my combo/oily skin, but I wouldn't rave about it. It's one good positive is it lathers well and if water is added it doesn't strip the skin, and it can be used on a range of skin types except really dry skin. It did it's job but I didn't really have any results, it was just pleasant to use. It didn't last me for very long either, I would go the larger size. It's goo...
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  66. Great for sensitive skin


    My skin improved drastically with the cleansing gel! I feel a lot more confident with my skin, as I don't break out anymore. After a few months of uses I could say it's a great product and my skin is glowing. I have received compliments from friends & family on how great my skin looks. I honestly couldn't be any happier ! Thank you dermalogica
  67. Classic product


    This is the best gel cleanser I’ve ever used. It’s fairly gentle and cleanses well. My only gripe is that it’s a bit harsh on my forehead and leaves it a little dry (combination skin). That being said I’ll continue to buy this product. May it never change.
  68. Great product


    This cleanser doesn’t burn My sensitive skin or aggravate my red areas. I’m very happy with it and will purchase again.
  69. Excellent daily cleanse


    I was recommended to use this product twice daily for cleansing. Normally I get too dry if I wash too much, however, I then get blackheads. This is the perfect product for me because I get the best of both. No soap, no problems. Also, great value for money. Lasted me at least 6 months.
  70. Maybe not so special


    Decent? Yes. Special may be an over statement though. Clear gel that cleans skin nicely, works well with my FOREO Luna, but nothing real special to report. Pretty forgettable actually.
  71. Cleared my acne!!


    Have been using this for 4 months now and it’s the only thing that keeps my skin looking clear and clean! Leaves skin feeling soft and well washed yet not dry or stiff!
  72. Perfect cleanser


    can't recommend this cleanser enough. keeps my acne prone skin clear, removes all traces of makeup and just makes my skin super healthy looking. can't live without it
  73. Drying


    I received a sample with my last order, and I won’t be purchasing. Far too drying on my skin, which is sensitive. I am more used to oil based/ creamy cleansers, maybe that’s Why I find this tol stripping. Nice subtle smell though.
  74. Can’t go wrong!


    I have fallen in love with this cleanser! In the past I used to only enjoy using gel cleansers as foaming cleansers would irritate my sensitive skin. However, since I have combination skin this cleanser foams up just enough to thoroughly clean my skin whilst also nourishing it at the same time. You can’t go wrong with this cleanser no matter what skin type you have!


    I cannot recommend this enough. I have written many reviews because I want everyone to know how great this product is. I have currently run out and my skin has broken out, isn't looking as smooth and is just overall dull and I know as soon as I use this again it'll bounce back to normal, smooth, healthy looking skin. THE BEST THERE IS!
  76. ok but not worth the price


    Although this cleanser does clean your skin well, it is not beneficial for those with acne prone skin or oily skin as it does nothing to combat the breakout or prevent it from happening. My skin continued to go on with breakouts while using this cleanser.
  77. really good


    I love to use this before bed. I always take this with me when I’m travelling!
  78. Gentle


    This product is gentle yet feels like a deep clean! Love it
  79. Recommend


    Gentle product as face cleanser yet rich foam. Leaves skin with a clean feeling after using
  80. Clean and gentle


    I struggle with cleansers that dry my skin out! The dermalogica cleanser is amazing. You only need a small amount and it gently cleanses removes make up and doesn’t dry my skin out!
    I keep it in my shower for easy use every night.
  81. Very happy


    I love this cleanser! I have oily skin and it is perfect for my skin type.
  82. Clean, balanced cleanser


    I used the Essential Cleansing Solution for years until they discontinued it. This was my next go-to solution and it thoroughly cleanses the skin. However, I do feel like it's not moisturizing enough for my already dry skin. Overall, good cleanser for the warmer months. Might need something more hydrating for the colder months.
  83. Love it


    This is one of my fave all time cleansers. Cleans well without ovetdrying even though I branch out to try other cleansers looking for my holy trail, I often come back to this. A good staple.
  84. Amazing!


    I brought this facial cleanser for my mum, who has more mature and quite sensitive skin, and she absolutely loves it! It’s a little pricier than other brands, however I think it does wonders, as it’s improved my mum’s skin. I would say it’s perfect for those who have really sensitive skin, as it doesn’t irritate, but gently cleanses the skin
  85. Perfect face wash!


    Adore this clenser I use it morning and night and find that it has really helped with my overall complexion and really helps take my makeup off after a long day. I will continue to use this product!
  86. excellent face wash


    This is such a good face wash!!! it makes my skin feel so clean and soft, it definitely gets all the dirt out and even helps clear my acne I love this so much


    My holy grail cleanser!!!
    feels soft, ddidnt dry my skin, suitable for my sensitive, acne prone skin
    3rd time repurchasing.
  88. Not my favourite


    Skinstitut is way way better than this. I don’t like this much. It sits in my bathroom and I don’t use it very often! :(
  89. A simple cleanser


    This cleanser is by far the best cleanser i have ever used. I trialled the small bottle first to make sure that my sensitive skin can handle it and it did. So now i got the bigger bottle. Best for someone who needs a no fuss simple cleanser that actually clean really well without drying the skin.
  90. Great cleanser, very gentle


    I recently trialed a sample of this product and thought it was a great, gently daily cleanser, but probably didn’t love it enough to switch from my regular products.
  91. Love this - a great daily cleanser


    I love this cleanser and use it everyday. As the name suggests, this is a gel formula, which foams up slightly as you rub it into damp skin. No discernible scent and is clear (so no dyes).

    I'm particularly fussy with my cleansers because I have very sensitive eyes, and I can use this around my eye area with no irritation. It's also really nice to use with my foreo cleansing device, as...
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  92. Great daily cleanser


    I first tried this in the Meet Dermalogica Kit and fell in love with it. It leaves your skin feeling soft and clean but not stripped and tight. I use twice daily and it had=s helped keep any breakouts under control.
  93. Great cleanser


    This is a great cleanser for my combination skin. I am on my third bottle of this. I only to need to use a small amount and my skin feels great.
  94. Perfect all rounder cleanser!


    Perfect everyday cleanser. I have a normal/oily skin type and this cleanser does such a great job at cleansing without stripping my skin or causing breakouts and congestion! Only need a small amount so it last for ages too!
  95. so good but expensive


    I wouldn't say dermalogica is affordable but i am absolutely obsessed with this range!I have pretty oily skin that can be sensitive at times. Would definitely recommend to anyone with a similar skin type! Cleans my face super well!
  96. Love it!


    Doesn’t dry out the skin but still leaves your skin feeling clean without feeling tight and like you’ve just had all the water and oils stripped from your face
  97. FAV


    I have been using this cleanser for the past 2 months and love it. I was worried it might not be suitable being a gel foam cleanser and leave my skin feeling tight as I get breakouts and have combo skin but it doesn't at all. Couldn't recommend highly enough!! Skin feels soft and clean every time
  98. Cleans well


    i use this in the morning and it is great for oily skin. after using this my skin feels clean and soft and makeup application on it becomes so easy
  99. Great


    In only three washes my face has never felt so soft! this cleans deeply while not feeling abrasive or drying. Only the smallest amount is enough so it will last forever also! highly recommend!
  100. Go-to Cleanser!


    I love this cleanser because a little goes a long way and it leaves my skin so SOFT! Highly recommend!
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