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Dermalogica Age Smart Dynamic Skin Recovery SPF50 50mL 50 mL

4.5 of 144 reviews

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4 instalments of $24.64

Or 4 instalments of $24.64 with LEARN MORE

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A reformulated version of Dermalogica's best-selling Dynamic Skin Recovery SPF30, this new, higher SPF50 helps reduce triggers of skin-aging while remaining a medium-weight, emollient daily moisturiser.

What customers say

SUPERIOR - 93% recommend

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Skin Concern:

  • First signs of ageing
  • Wrinkles and loss of firmness

Skin Type:

  • Dry
  • Normal to dry
  • Normal to oily

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Dermalogica Age Smart Dynamic Skin Recovery SPF50 50mL

Dermalogica Age Smart Dynamic Skin Recovery SPF50 50mL

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Dermalogica Age Smart Dynamic Skin Recovery SPF50 50mL Reviews

4.5 of 144 reviews

93% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Good hydration


Really good! My skin looks great when I use this. I just tend to use a sunscreen over the top as well because I want to make sure I’m getting the max amount of protection that I can.

Most Helpful Criticism

Good, but not obsessed


I have noticed my pigment has decreased and fine lines are less noticeable.
  1. Handy


    I like this product as it combines both moisturiser and sunscreen in one which is handy for convenience. It's nice to apply and not greasy like most spf products. I didnt notice any of the anti ageing benefits though however if your looking for a nice everyday moisturer this product ticks the box.
  2. A good go to

    Pirates Play

    I'm still on the hunt for a perfect day moisturiser. This one came with many reviews from friends and online research. I like the product for it's light consistency but don't find my skin feels nourished for the full day.
  3. Good hydration


    Really good! My skin looks great when I use this. I just tend to use a sunscreen over the top as well because I want to make sure I’m getting the max amount of protection that I can.
  4. Good spf moisturizer


    It provides good uv protection and it is moisturized.
  5. Light and protective


    I love that this moisturizer is 50spf but does not come on really thick and white. It is easy to spread and makes your skin feel great after.
  6. Very comfortable


    I use SPF50 every day. Summer and winter. This one is suitable for daily use. The consistency is quite fluid and spreads easily. It leaves no white trace and I had no sticky feeling. After the cream has penetrated, I can make up without difficulty. Very slight smell but very pleasant and not at all annoying. A bit expensive
  7. Nice


    My friend recommended this to me and she was so right - it doesn't even feel like I'm wearing suncream.
  8. Good, but not obsessed


    I have noticed my pigment has decreased and fine lines are less noticeable.
  9. Okay


    I received a sample of this product and I was quite surprised when I realised how much it costs only because I thought it was a bit average. Firstly I did not like the texture, I found it greasy and the smell was just like an old sunscreen. I believe there are better products and especially spf
  10. Great for Sun Protecion


    I love dermalogica moisturisers and so when I needed an SPF this was my go to. It has a semi-thick consistency but does not apply heavily nor does it leave a white cast like some SPF products. It's super hydrating and nourishing and it is great knowing my face is protected with such a high rating of SPF50
  11. Amazing product!

    Hydrating 50plus sunscreen

    This product, definitely delivered its promise. I don’t feel no burning at all and I have young skin. It’s a lovely product. I only use the best brands and found that most sunscreen products are way to oily. This is perfect so hydrating but not matte and definitely not oily. It’s the perfect blend. Also doesn’t go on white.
  12. Stingy and shiny


    Yowzers this sample had my face on fire - I really didn’t expect it to react the way it did as I have tough skin which isn’t usually sensitive. It felt stingy burny for a good while too, and even after applying a matte-ish bb cream my face was still glistening like an oily mofo. So I guess it’s not for me then!
  13. Chemical sunscreen


    It is a fine sunscreen but is a chemical sunscreen and it irritated the skin around my nose so I won’t buy it again. Also too expensive.
  14. Great product


    This has been my go-to sun screen after I wash my face before make up. It does not irritate my very sensitive eyes and also does not make my face too greasy for applying make up. Love it!
  15. my go to


    This is so hydrating on the skin and I love the fact it has SPF 50+ in it
  16. Light on the skin


    I love the fact that this is 50+ yet it feels so lightweight on the skin. It doesn't feel like you are wearing sunscreen at all, which I love.
  17. Expensive but worth it


    This product is the most flattering and comfortable sunscreen I have ever worn. It also does not sting my eyes, which tends to be the case for most sunscreen. The thing preventing me from repurchasing is the price tag.
  18. Strong smell, a little greasy, can cause skin irritation, burning sensation


    I was keen to try this product as it seemed quite popular and I wanted to have a daily cream with a high SPF count to use on a regular basis, however it has a rather strong smell like cloves and my skin did not agree with the product because as soon as I put it on and for hours afterwards i had a burning sensation and honestly couldn't tell why this was happening as I don't have sensitive skin. I ...
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  19. great


    My friend recommended this to me and she was so right - it doesn't even feel like I'm wearing suncream - it's not heavy or greasy
  20. Amazing!


    I’m super picky when it comes to spf, it needs to not break me out or be greasy. And this is it!! I love that I can use this as my every day moisturiser and know that I’m being protected. It’s not greasy, doesn’t pill, feels like on the skin and makeup sits on top beautifully!
    It is pricey but I love that this product has a pump so there is little to no waste, plus I see it as a 2 4 1 becau...
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  21. Brilliant


    A very satisfying product it makes my face smooth and not dry and also SPF as well.
  22. Good product


    i received this as a sample. It smells lovely, easily absorbs and feels nice on the skin.
    I prefer a separate moisturiser and sunscreen but if you enjoy a combo its a great product
  23. Definitely worth the price


    I love the convenience of a moisturiser and sunscreen all in one as it means I never forget to wear sunscreen. This isn't greasy at all but light & very moisturising. It's not the cheapest product but I've tried cheaper options & keep coming back to this one. This is my fourth bottle.
  24. Great sun protection


    I love Dermalogica! I would highly recommend this product if your looking for moisturiser with high sun protection. Won't make you feel greasy or sticky like most other sun screens. Also has great anti ageing benefits and works well underneath make up.
  25. Great sun protection


    I love Dermalogica! I would highly recommend this product if your looking for moisturiser with high sun protection. Won't make you feel greasy or sticky like most other sun screens. Also has great anti ageing benefits and works well underneath make up.
  26. Lovely day SPF moisturiser


    This makes your skin look lovely and glowy! As many of the reviews have already mentioned, this is great under make up. Nice texture, not thick and doesn’t break me out. Also helps with any dehydrated/dry areas. Would definitely repurchase, especially in the summer months.
  27. Best sunscreen


    I am very particular when it comes to sunscreen. This is the best sunscreen with no white-cast, nice smelling sunscreen and very easy application. Highly recommend.
  28. Good under makeup, moisturising


    I purchased this because I struggled to find a good quality, high SPF sunscreen to wear underneath a full face of makeup (foundation, powder, blush, eyeshadow, etc). I wanted something that doesn't leave a white cast and importantly does not cause my skin makeup to separate or go oily. Despite being quite rich, it doesn't make me oily throughout the day (of course, I use powder over foundation to ...
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  29. Perfect under make-up


    I had been looking for a product with SPF 50 to wear underneath my everyday make up for a long time and this is the product! It seamlessly applies over my regular serums and sits perfectly beneath my regular makeup. It does not have any over-powering scent and no white tinge (I have olive skin so SPF products can often make me look grey!) Exactly what I was looking for!
  30. I use this EVERY. DAY.


    I've been using this moisturiser for a couple of years or more now. Lazy by nature, I love that it includes two steps in one - moisturisation AND SPF application! I've been caught out in the sun longer than expected a few times, and I've never gotten burnt - not even on my nose, and that's really saying something with my fair skin! Works beautifully under makeup as well. One of my fave products.
  31. Light sunscreen


    This is an excellent sunscreen for everyday use.
    It's a lightweight lotion, applies easy and absorbs quickly leaving a satin finish. It doesn't dry down completely bit it leaves a natural finish.
    It's not thick, sticky and does not leave a white cast.
    There is no scent which is great.
  32. Helped repair skin


    I got a small sachet of this product as a sample. At the time I had a previous reaction to another product - a cleanser- which left some dry flaky skin around my noise, mouth and cheeks. I tried this product and it helped repair the skin really quickly, drastic improvement after one day of trying this product. It moisturises your skin very nicely and definitely doesn't feel like some products whic...
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  33. expensive for the long run


    This gives good sun protection and is not chalky like some sunscreens.
  34. Amazing


    I've tried a lot of high end sunscreens and nothing compares to this! It's lightweight, non-greasy, looks great under makeup and does the job! Although expensive, it lasts for awhile! Highly recommend!
  35. Haven’t noticed a difference


    Feels nice on the skin
  36. Wonder Worker


    I have been using this gorgeous product for about three years. I had tried numerous products as I have very sensitive skin. I have had many comments about how good my skin looks and people are surprised at my age!
  37. Love this product


    I have sensitive, 'mature' skin that still breaks out. I have used this product for some years (I love the whole dermalogica range) and still find that at 57 this product works for me. I also like that it has spf50 as most sunscreens will cause breakouts but this one doesn't. The smell is lovely too as well as the feel of it. I use it every morning and will continue to use this product
  38. Dermalogica Age Smart Dynamic Skin Recovery SPF50


    Dermalogica Age Smart Dynamic Skin Recovery SPF50 is my go to sunscreen. Hydrating with a high SPF 50 - perfect for everyday use. Feels light and breathable on the skin.
  39. Not a fan


    I received a sample of this product, and gave it a go - not a fan at all! It felt thick, oily and heavy on my skin. It left a thick white residue on my skin which lasted for approx 30 mins until some of the product absorbed and was then left with a white film on my skin. I couldn’t stand the feeling of it on my skin.
  40. So great for daily use and under makeup!


    This makes my skin feel so smooth. It’s perfect for every day use and to wear under makeup. It’s also got SPF! Originally received a sample but had to buy the full size product.
  41. HG


    Really light, great fragrance. Expensive for the amount of product, but lovely
  42. Everyday essential!


    I received a sample of this and had to purchase the full size product as soon as I finished. Leaves your skin feeling so hydrated without looking oily. It also doesn't leave your face looking white like some other sunscreens do. Would 100% recommend.
  43. great for day use


    I love the addition of the spf
  44. Adverse Reaction


    I use a lot of dermalogica and bought this for a ski trip as I knew I would be looking for a nourishing SPF. It was a little too strong for me to use every day, with a slight stinging reaction and rosacea flare up. It does have a great feel and smells heavenly, take care on introduction if you have slightly sensitive skin.
  45. Not for Me


    I found this way to heavy and greasy! I have oily skin on a good day, and this would be to much for my skin. I received this as a sample, and probably glad I did, and not have bought a full size
  46. Great but expensive


    This is a really good SPF that doesn't make my skin look oil slick or white. Love it
  47. awesome


    good for during the day, sits well under makeup
  48. Fantastic


    I have a travel size of this. Great product! Stays on the skin for ages. Feels very hydrating and it goes on the skin so smoothly. I love knowing my skin is protected when I go outside with it on
  49. love!


    this product is so amazing but its best to slowly introduce into you skin routine. I started to use daily but it was too much for my skin at once had to gradually bring into my skin routine , my skin feels amazing!
  50. A great sunscreen under makeup


    I love this sunscreen, it works well under makeup and doesn't cause any breakouts. It's a chemical sunscreen and sometimes I wonder if I react to it as my cheeks are a bit pink sometimes.
  51. one of the best SPF


    it doesn't give you white film like many other SPF, so it's great that way.
  52. Fantastic, light weight


    Non greasy and absorbs really quickly. A little goes a long way. Great packaging
  53. bad reaction


    received a sample , tried it and had a very bad reaction...strange because I dont really have sensitive skin....pores expanded and dripping sweat and felt so hot and burning... must be something in it I cant tolerate ?
  54. repeat purchase


    I use this daily as insurance against environmental damage and aging. Plus it moisturises, and is a good base for makeup. I do love a multi-tasker :)
  55. like it


    love dermalogica everything. this product is great for all ages -It is super light in texture and hydrating
  56. Best SPF


    I have tried many sunscreens and this is the only SPF product that doesn't make my skin itch or breakout. It's non-greasy but moisturizing. Just wish it was a bit larger for the price you pay
  57. amazing


    I've been trying so many sunscreens and moisturisers, I found dermalogica's mostly work well and this one might be my favourite yet! so comfortable on the skin
  58. Great sun protection


    Yes this moisturiser is a little pricy, but I love it, it's both a great moisturiser, and the highest sun protection you can get. Nice and light, non oily and soaks in quickly.
  59. Amazing


    This provides my skin with great protection, has great ingredients and is not greasy for me
  60. Age Smart


    Perfect moisturiser as my skin starts to age - non greasy, spf, leaves my skin supple and smooth. My make up also goes on smoothly over it, as it's not too dry and not too oily.
  61. Dynamic Skin Recovery


    I loved this moisturiser. I was struggling to find a good moisturiser with SPF that didn't feel like sunscreen. After using many that felt thick or greasy or even left me looking even more pale than I already am this was a game changer. I use it daily and I love the feel as well as my makeup still sits well over the top.
  62. Great


    This helps my skin when it is feeling very dry. I love that it keeps my pale skin protected too
  63. good for mature skin


    this would be perfect for more mature skin, is both a moisturiser and spf which is perfect. This product is a bit too much for my combo, teenage skin but my mum loves this product
  64. Good but pricey


    This sunscreen is very lightweight and goes under makeup well. I do feel a bit of sting each time I apply it. I don’t know if this is normal, I tend to get a bit of redness after application which goes away after about 15 minutes or so. However, for the price I might go for something else such as La Roche Posay or Ultraceuticals sunscreen in between repeat purchases.
  65. This is the BEST ever


    I would strongly recommend this product if you have dry skin, with the SPF 50 is great.
  66. Not bad


    This is a little greasy for me.
  67. Best sunscreen


    Love this so much. It's a nice light sunscreen that doesn't feel heavy. But a little expensive.
  68. Great


    This product is light and non greasy or sticky. It is moisturising and have SPF50 at the same time. It’s very convenient and I’m definitely gonna repurchase this.
  69. Super light, but very moisturising


    I use a few Dermalogica products, however this would be one of my favourites. It's a great, light moisturiser that has high SPF protection (which is important to me).

    My skin's quite dry, and this is moisturising without being heavy. It works perfectly under my makeup and doesn't ball when makeup is added over the top.

    Love it.
  70. It's nice but shiny


    I really wanted to love this because I am searching for a daily sunscreen with SPF50. I find it leaves my face a bit greasy. I have started to use a bit less to try to combat the sheen but I worry I'm not getting the full benefit of the SPF50. Maybe it's my skin type but I find it doesn't sit well under makeup and I get greasy during the day. I don't know if I will repurchase because there aren't ...
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  71. Smells amazing


    Love this moisturiser and it smells incredible but it is a little pricey for the size you get
  72. Love that it's SPF50


    This is my first time using a moisturiser with SPF50 so I was a bit skeptical about how greasy/shiny it would be. It does make my skin slightly shinier than my old SPF15 moisturiser but my skin hasn't broken out so I think I can live with a bit more shine.
  73. Great product but expansive.


    Love this product because it is light, non greasy, moistures & SPF50 all in one. Like the pump pack too.
    The only draw back is that it is an expensive product. So I use it in between days, but definitely when I’m outdoors.
  74. A must use everyday


    I switched to the aged dermologica range and this moisturiser when I moved to Australia, purely for the high spf! I use this every morning before applying makeup and I love it! It’s lightweight and sinks in quickly after application.
  75. Loooove this daily moisturiser and sunscreen in one!


    I love this product! Moisturising? Check! High SPF coverage? Check! Antioxidants? Check! It maybe won't be hydrating enough for dehydrated or seriously dry skin, but in summer for me it's perfect. I just wish it wasn't so expensive... I use sunscreen liberally, so with daily use it runs out quickly :(
  76. Leaves skin a bit too shiny


    I’ve just started using this but im not a fan of how shiny my skin is left. The sheen, which I’m guessing is from the SPF, is pretty noticeable and leaves my make up looking a bit shiny too. It still feels nice on my skin, but may need to play around with what products sit well over top of it to reduce how shiny I look.
  77. Oily and stings my eyes


    This is an effective suncream and is great when my skin feels dry and dehydrated, however on warmer days I feel it’s a little too oily and sweats off easily. The biggest issue however is it stings my eyes whenever I apply it, so often need to administer eye drops and not apply near or around my eyes area.
  78. Best


    This is such a hydrating, light weight sunscreen that I wear on my face, neck and hands for protection. It is slightly expensive though.
  79. Best sunscreen & moisturiser combination

    Hiking Mum

    I don't like putting sunscreen on my face as it's always so greasy. I love that this product is a moisturiser & sunscreen in one but isn't greasy at all. I'm already onto my second bottle of this & it's my favourite Dermalogica product.
  80. Yes


    I wear this everyday under my makeup and it gives high sun protection and keeps my foundation in place all day.
  81. multi use


    This is a medium weight moisturiser that absorbs quickly. I love it because it moisturises, has a high SPF so protects, AND works well as a primer under makeup. So happy to have found it.
  82. Wonderful product


    Love love love this sunscreen from the age smart range. It works well with my vitamin c serums in the morning. Doesn't leave your skin greasy at all. Recommended for summer seasons. In winter I like to use a water base sunscreen
  83. good for elderly skin


    I brought this for my mother in law as a day moisturiser and she loves it. It is very hydrating as well, and due to her age she needs something that comforts her skin and boosts her hydration as she is very dry and her skin always looks dull. It has a nice brightening affect and makes the skin look alive again.
  84. Full sun protection without breakouts


    Thank Goodness for this cream!! I need full 50+ protection in summer but sturggled to find a product which was not pore-cloggingly greasy, or wouldn't leave me with a white cast

    This one is perfect . Slight herbal scent, spreads smoothly and lightly, none of the clagginess I usually expect from 50+ creams. Perfect primer for makeup
  85. Amazing


    Amazing product!! Great for anyone in there 30s wanting to prevent signs of aging.. softens out my overall skin tone and makes skin feel healthy and hydrated
  86. Finally the SPF I've been waiting for


    I couldn’t live without this product. I use it several times a day. It’s gentle and not greasy. As well as being a sun cream it’s a lovely moisturiser.


    Wow!!! I recieved a free sample of this in my last order and it is amazing!! It is thin and so hydrating. It doesnt effect my makeup at all, as soon as you have rubbed it in it soaks into your skin and doesnt leave you oily. Plus it is spf50!! The only downfall is the cost, but... since the product is so good I think I can justify the spend.
  88. Hydrating SPF 50 moisturiser


    I absolutely love this daily moisturiser and have been using it for many years. I have tried several other brands but this one is the least like sunscreen yet delivers 50+ protection. It feels beautiful and light on my skin and very hydrating.
  89. Sooooo hydrating


    I love this product and will make it a daily part of my skincare routine. I was surprised at how hydrated my skin was after using this product- it also left a nice glow. I have normal/combination skin and this product was perfect for me.
  90. Great


    This is a great moisturiser with excellent spf protection. Leaves your skin well hydrated without the oiliness. Skin looks luminous under make up and actually looks firmer around the jowls. I have oily/dry combination skin and it does not break me out.
  91. Great for normal skin


    This is amazing for normal skin, very moisturizing
  92. doesnt even feel like sunscreen is in here


    This is such a wonderful lightweight moisturizer that isn't oily or too thick. Usually, moisturizers don't have SPF higher than about SPF15 so having a moisturizer with an SPF of 50 is amazing. It also doesn't smell or feel like a regular sunblock or sunscreen.
    I recommend this product to all friends and family!
  93. The holy grail of SPF


    This has got to be one of the best SPF's I have used in a very long time! I have combination skin and the struggle between finding an SPF that protects my skin while not feeling heavy, oily or sticky is a real problem.

    Dermalogica's Dynamic SPF ticks all the boxes, it is creamy and nourishing. Goes on smooth and leaves you with a healthy glow, not an oily t-zone by midday day. It als...
    Read More
  94. Perfectly moisturising


    After years of searching for a good SPF/moisturiser I found this little gem years ago and have not looked back since! My skin is dry and often products aren’t nourishing enough but this product is luxurious and protective. Without doubt the best!
  95. Light and Amazing


    I have used this product for awhile now and just love love it! I use it as my morning face cream and put it on before I put on my foundation. The cream is really hydrating and not oily at all. It makes your skin feel so soft and dewy and the fragrance isn't too overpowering. Highly recommend.
  96. Best SPF


    I love love love this! I’m constantly searching for a strong SPF that will fit into my routine and not be greasy or clog my pores. I can layer it easily with my skincare and makeup and my skin looks glowy and I feel protected from the sun!
  97. Great


    I struggled for a long time with finding a face cream with spf and the creams in which I did use I was always left disappointed and not wanting to purchase them again.
    I received a sample of this and had to buy one straight away.
    I think most people relate to a sunscreen with being oily and heavy so people don’t apply them as often due to the feeling on their skin - this has a slightly...
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  98. Daily moisturiser + sun protection


    I had wanted to find a moisturiser for some time that was spf, but was non-greasy and would still work well as a moisturiser, and I found it! I have been using this product since about June last year. I had tried it as a sample first and then bought one of these bottles (using it daily it has lasted about 6 months). While it is the tiniest bit greasy, it is soft and smooth and soaks into my skin w...
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  99. Lovely light sun cream


    I couldn’t live without this product. I use it several times a day. It’s gentle and not greasy. As well as being a sun cream it’s a lovely moisturiser.
  100. Love it!! Great moisturiser and suncream


    This is a great product! I have sensitive skin and have had no problems using it, where as I have had stinging and red blotchy skin after using other anti aging products. Rubs in well, not greasy and the sunscreen lasts a long time even in hot weather.
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