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Benefit POREfessional 22ml by Benefit Cosmetics

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When you need serious help with your pores, it’s best to consult a professional—or rather, a POREfessional! Benefit’s bestselling, cult favourite primer, The POREfessional, is a well-loved primer designed to smooth the skin and minimise pores, uneven texture, and breakouts.


Simply smooth on before makeup application to create a perfect canvas for your complexion look or rock this primer on its own to smooth skin on a bare-faced day. However you use it, you’ll be looking smooth and poreless!


Key benefits

  • Light, airy texture glides onto skin
  • Oil-free formula to keep pores free of excess oil and prevent breakouts
  • Antioxidant-rich formula helps protect against free radical damage
  • Smooths skin to minimise appearance of pores, fine lines, and uneven texture
  • Creates a beautiful, even canvas for makeup application
  • Fights oil and shine all day long


Key ingredients


Vitamin E provides antioxidant protection against free radical damage.


How to use

  • After the last step in your skincare routine, apply The POREfessional to the high points of the face: forehead, nose, cheeks, chin.
  • Ensure areas where pores are visible are also covered.
  • Rock it on its own or apply your foundation on top for a flawless base.


Who is Benefit The POREfessional for?

This product is suitable for all ages, skin types, and genders. Those with visible pores, uneven texture, or fine lines looking for a smoother appearance to their skin will benefit most from the use of this product.


Why do pores become enlarged?

Pores can become enlarged from dehydration, improper products, or excessive oil production—and sometimes, all three. Ensuring skin is properly hydrated and minimising the use of harsh exfoliators or cleansers will help keep pores tiny and happy.


Taking proper care of your skin can minimise the look of large pores. Though this product minimises pores visually, it can’t actually shrink them. Pores can stretch further but can’t become smaller in size.

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Good but overhyped and overpriced - 26-12-2018 by

I have Sensitive skin - leaves fab texture and matte finish, improves pores a little.
I think it’s the silicone. I know I have it on... all day, not in a good way. Possibly not non comogenic.
Tried many silicate primers with same devine texture - there are plenty that are less expensive.
Might be better for different skin types.
Used selectively in t-zone it helps, but I’m not sure what all the fuss is about. Not a keeper for me.

Amazing for oily skin - 10-12-2018 by

Great primer it really does fill in the pores and my concealer goes on like a dream. I wish their was more product, either im using too much or I have a big face lol. Product is amazing recommend.

Staple primer - 30-04-2018 by

I always have this in my collection it works so well. It smooths and disguises larger pores and problem areas. My skin for reference is rather dry, it tends to get a little oiler around my nose. I've used this for years now and will continue to repurchase.

Doesn’t cause break out - 06-02-2018 by

I have sensitive skin and this one doesn’t cause any breakouts..smoothen out the surface and foundation seems like smooth finish with it..also it makes my make up last for little doesn’t control any shine for me still shows little shine at t zone area for me

Fantastic primer! - 22-11-2017 by

Great primer, smooths out pores, keeps the makeup looking fresh and matte, lasts ages. I use it on all skin types under the foundation (after moisturiser) and its beautiful. Definitely recommended

Love! - 12-09-2017 by

Smooths my pores making my skin feel fabulous. My make up glides on so beautifully after POREfessional. I've tried quite a few primers but nothing has worked as well on enlarged pores as this. I wish the tube was bigger but it won't impact me buying again. Best primer I've ever used.


Soooo silky smooth and a little LITERALLY goes a long way !!! Made my skin look soooo flawless ! Decided to stop wearing foundation because it make my skin PORELESS, SMOOTH & CLEARER/BRIGHTER !!

Beautiful product to use - 01-01-2017 by

Although expensive for the size, it gives a nice light coverage and is perfect for sensitive skin.

LOVEEEEE - 02-12-2016 by

I love this product! makes my skin feel so smooth, making makeup application amazing!

A MUST - 23-11-2016 by

ive been using this for years now and hasnt done me wrong once! I use it to give my skin a smooth base before i put anything on top.

Great Primer - 25-08-2016 by

This primer is great to make the appearance of your pores disappear, I absolutely hate mine & this works a treat! My skin is very oily as well & this helps a lot with that.

Love it for lasting smooth foundation - 14-03-2016 by

I absolutely love this product as a primer, over moisturizer and under foundation for a matte long lasting base for the day. I also use the porefection agent zero shine powder as a setting powder. Absolutely brilliant a must have.

The POREfessional - 21-06-2015 by

Love this product, use it everyday and it lasts ages!

A must have - 25-05-2015 by

I use this on my t-zone daily under makeup. It keeps me looking pore free and less shiny than I usually would be without it. A little goes a long way so lasts for ages. Have not used anything as effective on pores.

Actually does what it says - 14-03-2015 by

This is a fantastic product. I have oily/dry/sensitive skin with noticeable pores and this product works so well. It fills in all the pores but hasn't made my skin congested. I like to wear it alone without foundation for the "no make-up" look. It works really well under foundation as well. I was sent this product as a sample and will definitely be purchasing once it runs out.

excellent product - 25-09-2014 by

excellent product by benefit- highly recommend- makes applying makeup an even better experience!

Pore-amazing! - 02-08-2014 by

Benefit have done it again! Porefessional is a must for every woman; it has a soft-feeling primer-based texture & provides great coverage of nasty pores! Porefessional is a dream in a tube!
Highly recommend to all as it gives your skin an even finish & your foundation glides on so nicely over the top.

A little expensive for what you get, but happy to pay for it as I think it's top quality!

Porcelain skin is a real thing! - 30-06-2014 by

I never really believed in primers making a real difference until I tried Porefessional. I had heard plenty of amazing reviews and it was always recommended by my friends but I stayed sceptical. I had received a sample and gave it a shot and was amazed by the results!

Porefessional smelt sooo good it almost didn't make it to my face because I would have eaten it if I could. After smoothing it over my face and concentrating on my T-zone, I found that my foundation glided on satin smooth. I wore it out for an entire night out on town and found that I didn't have to touch up my foundation didn't fade at all and just a light dusting of translucent powder was needed my for T-zone.

After that, I bought a whole bottle for myself and kept the other half of my sampler for a friend to try -- and now she loves it too! It is now an essential for my special occasions or when I want to glam up, as it's a bit too expensive for my everyday use. The great thing about it is that a little goes a longggg way!

It's okay - 19-12-2013 by

You have to be careful with what products you use with this as it can separate on your face. Filled in pores okay, but not as much as I would hope. I can't apply it over my foundation as it sticks and is visible. Didn't find it helped at all with controlling oil or anything. Could only apply it on my nose as it my chin is sensitive to break out. It is very silky and the colour blends out to be invisible.

Amazing product - 04-12-2013 by

Received this product as a sample recently. It's truly amazing! I've tried all sorts of products over the years...I'm 53 and wear makeup almost everyday. One of my favs has been Clarins smooth as a primer... but this is even better! Actually I'm currently using both. My moisturiser ,then POREfessional first and then Clarins smooth over the top followed by my foundation. No BOTOX required! I'll be adding this product to my "ESSENTIAL" list from now on!

L-L-Love it! A must have product! - 05-10-2013 by

Benefit Porefessional is amazing! I have very obvious pores and this product glides on so smoothly it leaves me with an almost perfect complexion - and that is saying something! I am in love! This product is the perfect base for full makeup, or you can even use it on its own for a 'natural but flawless' look. I just cannot get over how smooth it made my face look! And it did not clog my pores or irritate my skin either. I will never be without this product from now on!

Great Investment - 08-09-2013 by

I'm so glad I grabbed Benefit's Porefessional when I could. I debated for ages because of the price, which I thought was very expensive...but after having the product for over 12 months and still having probably 1/2 a tube left, I realised it was a great investment. Thing only need to use a little for each application. It spreads on my face so easily.
I am 43 with mature and very dry skin, so I really need to make sure my face is super-moisturised before applying makeup, otherwise it looks cakey and gross. I apply this as a primer, so after my moisturiser and before my foundation. As I said, it glides on my skin beautifully, and helps diminish the visibility of my pores (which are large).
Benefit's Porefessional works great as a primer as it covers some flaws while still looking natural and being hydrating.
This is a must in my beauty bag!

Amazing! - 07-08-2013 by

Words cannot even begin to describe just how much I adore The Porefessional. I usually use it alone, without make up. I dab a bit on my t zone for porcelain looking skin. Yes it is expensive, but you only need to use the tiniest amount, and the tube will last for ages. It feels so lovely on my skin. This is a must have for me.

Worth the price - 30-07-2013 by

Makes a huge difference to the visibility of pores

Clever! Porefection - 29-12-2012 by

I received porefessional as a sample and loved it! It is not something I would normally try so I am glad I received the sample. Nice work Adore Beauty ;)

A little goes a long way and my skin was instantly soft, smooth and matte. There was an immediate improvement in the look of my skin, it looked smooth and even.

This is a gem of a product. My skin stayed matte for most of the day. Makeup was so easy to apply. The only reason I gave porefessional 4 out of 5 is that it's a tad expensive. Great packaging though.

Benefit porefessional is my new must have - 17-09-2012 by

I received this as a free sample ( clever, clever) and fell in love with it. My skin is oily and since being off the pill has been harder to control. This product is wonderful, makes skin super smooth for for make up, makes it stay on longer and helps my skin look flawless. You don't need a lot of this product, a little goes a long way. This product is now an essential part of my make up routine!

From porous to porcelain - 18-06-2012 by

I received a free sample of this with my last order and was so impressed with it that I felt inclined to review it.

I applied this beautiful, skin coloured creme on top of Napoleon Perdis Auto Pilot and my tinted moisturiser/sun cream. When I applied it, I actually said "OH WOW" out loud (this requires mentioning because I live alone and subsequently shouldn't be talking to myself!). Thats how impressed I was.

The effect was immediate! My T-zone went from porous to porcelain in an instant. The product is like silk under my fingers and the effect lasted for hours. I didn't think it felt greasy or heavy or in any way nasty at all.

The best thing about it is that it can be applying on top of your makeup, so it's perfect for touch ups through out the day.

I will DEFINITELY be purchasing the full size product.

- 20-09-2010 by

Although this primer feels a bit 'greasy' when you first apply it, it makes your skin super smooth and flawless! I have quite visible pore on my t zone and they were pretty much invisible with this primer. Cant get enough of benefit products at the moment!

- 15-09-2010 by

I found the texture of this product amazing!! felt light and glorious! Will be great for summer and just pop it in your handbag for i quick refresh. I found it made my pores a little less noticeable but not a huge amount

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