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Benefit The POREfessional Primer 22mL 22ml

4.4 of 254 reviews


4 instalments of $13.75


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4 instalments of $13.75


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Need a POREfessional, and fast? Choose your size! A travel-sized mini so you can be primed and pore-fected anywhere, or a full size so you can be pore-free every day!

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GREAT - 86% recommend

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Benefit The POREfessional Primer 22mL

Benefit The POREfessional Primer 22mL

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4.4 of 254 reviews

86% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Such a nice primer


I like to wear this on its own (when my skin isn't angry at something). It blurs my pores and makes my skin look really smooth. Also works well under my makeup (obviously) and doesn't make me break out or causes any irritation.

Most Helpful Criticism



I have large open pores so this is exactly the product I need.... . It does apply nicely and feel soft on the skin, doesn't have any negative effects on application of other products however I find it just doesn't make that much of a difference for me. Not worth the cost in my opinion, would certainly use again and perhaps be persuaded into buying a gift set that included this, but wouldn't buy this product outright.
  1. Such a nice primer


    I like to wear this on its own (when my skin isn't angry at something). It blurs my pores and makes my skin look really smooth. Also works well under my makeup (obviously) and doesn't make me break out or causes any irritation.
  2. Best primer.


    I brought these few months back and I love it. It blurs our all my pores. My foundation looks so smooth and beautiful. It last all day.
  3. Go to primer


    I have been using this product for years. I have tried other primers in the past but always regret it and go back to Porepfressional. It is lightweight. Does not leave my face shiny and does everything it says it does. Pores look smaller and makeup sets nicer
  4. Silky Smooth

    Court B

    I bought this to wear under makeup and to try and give my acne scarring a little more love. It works a treat to give you a smooth to touch finish but didn't feel like my pores were completely hidden. It is great for a little extra support and gave my acne scarring a bit of a buffer. I wouldn't wear daily, just when doing a full makeup look.
  5. Amazing!!


    I received a sample of this with my Adore order and I was amazed at the immediate results. I have large and noticeable pores both on my nose and chin and they were minimized instantly. A little really goes a long way.
  6. A classic for a reason!


    This is probably the only primer I regularly repurchase, I've tried a lot but keep going back to the Porefessional. It goes on nicely and definitely makes my pores less visible, would highly recommend for anyone with oily skin!
  7. Great Primer


    The Porefessional primer works really well. It helps reduce the appearance of pores, helps your makeup go on smoothly & stay on for much longer. I use it whenever I have a special event to attend.
  8. Lovely product!


    I have large pores and this primer is incredible to cover them up. It really fills them all in and my foundation looks great over the top.
  9. Good


    It’s shuts the pores and gives u a smooth matte finish .
  10. Good primer


    Good primer, just make sure you don't use too much or it gets funny. But really good to cancel pores when you use it right.
  11. My favourite product


    All time favourite ever. Been using this primer for years and can not fault it. Creates a wonderful base and visibly refines pores! Works under almost any foundation and really prolongs the wear/quality of makeup. Could not live without it.
  12. Poor primer


    Not sure how this primer has such a huge hype, I found the primer didn’t blend into my skin, it just clumped up, so I had to get a face washer to get the clumpy bits, The scent seemed to have bothered me for the remaining day, . Didn’t notice a difference in the size of my pores, for the price tag it’s not justified. It’s one of the worst primers I have come across.
  13. Good


    This minimises my pores and makes my face look slightly airbrushed. Goes well under my foundation too or alone
  14. 50/50


    I have large open pores so this is exactly the product I need.... . It does apply nicely and feel soft on the skin, doesn't have any negative effects on application of other products however I find it just doesn't make that much of a difference for me. Not worth the cost in my opinion, would certainly use again and perhaps be persuaded into buying a gift set that included this, but wouldn't buy this product outright.
  15. Not Great


    I have normal to dry skin with large pores on my cheeks so I opt for a silicone primer to help minimise their appearance.
    Everytime I've tried this, my foundation doesn't sit nicely on top. I've tried some different formulations but get the same result.
    Sadly, this primer is not for me!
  16. Benefit The POREfessional Primer


    This product is a life saver! This is my goto primer! Helps keep my makeup where i put it despite my oilyness. I highly recommend this primer to all my oily girls! Combine with kickass skin care, and setting spray, you'll wonder why you never converted earlier!
  17. Okay


    I was so excited to try this after reading so many positive reviews, but honestly it doesn't stand up to its claims.I found it doesn't really blur or give the appearance of filling pores at all. Instead made my makeup application more difficult as the foundation would pill off as I was applying using a brush. I think there are other primers that can do a better job.
  18. Use sparingly and it'll be worth the price tag!


    I love this primer so much. It's pricey but you really don't need too much, just a pea size. I often don't wear makeup, just my primer and feel flawless.
  19. Erases my pores and probably my mistakes too


    I’m going to be honest, I have a shocking amount of crater-like scarring and a huge amount of large and visible pores, especially on my cheeks. This became a real issue when I’d apply my foundation and find that my face would be scattered with foundation coloured pores, otherwise known as polka-dot pores. This primer fills in my scars and my pores and gives me a noticeably smoother appearance. It also doesn’t affect my dry skin and gives my skin a beautiful, satin like appearance which I love. This is a pricier product but if you have textured skin like mine, it’s worth the purchase.
  20. Best pore-filling product!


    This primer does exactly as it says - it's porefessional and does a great job to minimise pores and get your skin looking that little bit clearer and smoother. The only criticism I have is that there's not much product for the price you pay, BUT if you're like me and only have visible pores around the nose area, you only need a very small amount to apply. I've had mine for over 6 months and have used it weekly, and still have not finished the tube. Plus it has a nice smell. Would definitely repurchase.
  21. Blurs pores

    Tegan R

    This product reminds me of spakfilla in the way it literally fills in your pores to create a blurred finish and illusion of smooth pore-less skin. It doesn't block my pores afterwards or give me breakouts. It is great for events and nights out however I use this sparingly as it is on the expensive side.
  22. Great if you have large pores


    I purchased this because the lady at the benefit counter showed me the difference in texture once this is applied on your skin. But I don't really have large pore therefore I don't notice a major difference when I use this, although it does make your skin feel silky soft. Probably will be better if you have very oily skins or large pores.
  23. Soft skin


    This was a nice primer that made my skin feel extremely soft. Can’t say it did anything for my pores but my makeup looked nice and smooth
  24. erases pores!


    I love how this product makes my makeup glide over my pores and make them disappear!!
  25. You’ll notice the difference


    I have combination / oily skin with large pores. I was a little shocked when I applied this product for the first time! I immediately noticed the difference. My skin appeared smoother and the pores less visible. It does have to be reapplied throughout the day though.
    I think if you have large pores, this product is worth a try.
  26. Great!


    After using a sample of this I’m sold! My skin looks and feels great after using this and makes my pores less noticeable
  27. Hides my pores!


    It actually does what it says it does and that's hide my pores! Also my makeup sits so we'll all day!
  28. Erases pores like there’s no tomorrow


    OMG! This primer is amazing! This is the first primer I’ve used that has actually work wonders! It hides all my pores and makes my makeup go on flawlessly. It allows my makeup to stay put all day long and doesn’t make my face oily whatsoever! Definitely recommend
  29. Excellent!


    Excellent product! Texture and effect, wonderful! It is very worth it !!! It delivers what it promises!
  30. Great primer


    Great primer. I use it mainly on my t zone and works really well to minimise the appearance of pores.
  31. Does blur pores


    Definitely blurs the appearance of pores and creates a super smooth canvas - but! For me the smell is too strong.
  32. Love it


    I have large pores on my nose and cheeks as I have oily skin.
    I received a sample of the pearl porefessional in one of my orders and loved it. I use a small amount and push the product into my pores and then when I applied my foundation my skin looked so much better so much so I brought this big tube :)
  33. Love this primer!


    This primer is expensive but for me it’s worth every cent. I have visible pores (not super large) on my nose and forehead and this does an amazing job at blurring them. I use this alone without foundation and I’ve noticed that it also controls my oil!
  34. Love it!


    This primer allows my make up to glide on smoothly. My skin doesn't dry out and it adds time to how long my foundation stays put. It's quite expensive but I find a little goes a long way.
  35. Not impressed


    I bought this after seeing the rave reviews about this, I finally caved and bought myself one. I have enlarged pores and based on reviews and recommendations I thought this would help smooth out their appearance.
    Upon application it does seem to do this, however, once makeup is applied, this primer flakes off. It doesn't stay on the skin and therefore doesn't work for me! I really wanted this to work but unfortunately it didn't so I won't be repurchasing.
  36. Hides my pores so well


    This hides my pores really well but I find it makes liquid foundation harder to apply, this works better with powder foundation for me. Some days I put this on by itself without make up
  37. Helps my make up glide on and stay on


    This is my favourite primer I have oily skin and this helps to glide on my matte foundation. Long lasting and my skin looks flawless all day.


    holy grail primer right here!!! Hides my large pores and large blemishes! Leaves me with a smoother finish
  39. Great for oily skin


    Didnt work all over as a primer for me. Only on my nose it worked blending out pores. Made my foundation go funny when i used on my whole face.
  40. Used to love it


    I loved this primer as it does exactly what it says it will do but found that after a while my foundation would ‘slip off’ my nose and wouldn’t sit right.
  41. Not my favourite pore minimising product


    I have very enlarged pores on my cheeks and have tried a lot of different pore minimising makeup. I like porefessional if I wear it alone but I find when I use it with foundation (either before or after) it doesn’t blend well. I think there are better (and less expensive) options out there so I wouldn’t purchase this product again
  42. Smoothing


    Smoothing and left skin feeling velvety, a little goes a long way, found it didn’t control oil in my T zone all day but did for at least 5 hours then needed to blot my chin and forehead with a tissue.
  43. Love it


    It blurs my pores and makes my complexion look really smooth!! I’ve recommended to everyone!
  44. Not the best


    I absolutely love Benefit products but this one was no good for me. It didn’t feel particularly good on my skin and my make up didn’t sit it well on it. Unfortunately only used it once or twice. Will try something else next time as every other Benefit brand product I’ve purchased has been spot on.
  45. Tiny pores


    This stuff makes my pores look tiny. Do be careful not to use too much product otherwise it can ball up and make make-up slide a little.
  46. Perfect finish


    Classic primer from benefit - controls oils and fills in pores. Can break me out if I use it too much though and it does have a tint which can look ashy on deep skin. It gives a great finish when you wear foundation over the top
  47. Not sure


    This stuff kind of made my skin worse, it didn’t minimise my pores either. Wasn’t into the smell or the thick texture which didnt feel nice smearing it on my face.
  48. Smooths complexion


    I like how this smooths the complexion, filling in pores. However, I don’t think that it controls oil very well. But overall it’s a nice product and I like how it makes makeup apply on top of it.
  49. Leaves skin dry but smooth


    I started using this product roughly a month ago. I moisturise prior to using this product as I already have quite dry skin. I find that this product still leaves my skin quite dry after use and the makeup doesn't glide on as it does with other primers. However it still leaves skin smooth once applied.
  50. Smooth!


    This product applies so easily, leaves your skin feeling soft and it covers up your pores I was so amazed!!
  51. Leaves skin dry


    I do like this product I feel that it helps with covering large pores before putting foundation on! Although it does leave my skin very dry around the nose area unsure if it would clog pores even more?
  52. silk in a tube


    this literally feels like silk being applied to the skin. the only downside i did find is sometimes it balled up on my skin, but other than that it literally feels amazing
  53. I don’t love it


    Everyone raves about this product but it really doesn’t sit well on my skin and do a whole lot. It texture ends up oily after a few hours. I want it to work for me so bad!
  54. Game Changer


    This stuff is INCREDIBLE! I cannot speak highly enough of it. It goes on so smooth and reduces the look of pores giving you an airbrushed look. A little goes a long way too, I have had mine for a year now and have barely used that much. Love love love!
  55. Amazing


    I find this primer to be very smooth & a little goes a long way.. I'm 44 & I guess I'm very lucky I don't have many wrinkles.. & my whole life I have never washed my face with chemical's as my eyes are so sensitive to everything.. even makeup so I don't wear any as my eyes water for 2-3 days after.. UNTIL now I have found anything benefit has just been amazing.. I feel like a teenager again getting excited about makeup.. I would recommend anyone with sensitive skin to try this
  56. Don't believe the hype!


    This product is known as a cult classic, and so I was very excited to try it. I have to say that I'm not a fan. I think it leaves skin congested and doesn't create a flawless look at all. This may not be true for everyone, speaking for myself as a person with sensitive combo skin. I personally get way better results prepping my skin with a good routine and using a quality moisturiser before makeup application.
  57. Must have


    Love how this primer glides on the skin effortlessly, fills in pores amazingly and I find it helpful to use a gentle pressing motion when applying!
  58. Little goes a long way


    I bought mine 3 months ago and there's still heaps left. I have oily skin and large pores so it matches the target description, but not sure if it's actually good or because it's so heavily marketed.
  59. Good Enough


    I dont hate this product, but I'm also not convinced it does a whole lot across a day. My makeup sits on top of it well, initially. By the end of the day there is little difference between using this product and not.
  60. Not suitable for me


    I don't like it. I bought this sample to try it after I heard alot alot of good comments about it, but unfortunately I shocked, it's not work for me. I didn't find any difference after used it.
  61. Love this product


    This is amazing it’s silky glides on and is just the perfect primer
  62. Does cover pores, but quite thick


    I do like this product, but not on its own. I feel like it is a bit thick and hard to get good coverage if using over the whole face, however, when I combine it with the ordinary high speadability fluid primer it is perfect. I use the ordinary one first, then I put this one over where my pores are more enlarged (nose, cheeks and chin) and get the best coverage. Would buy again in combination with the other primer.
  63. Go to pore filler!


    A must have for my professional and personal kit - amazing to fill in pores leaving a flawless base to apply makeup. Literally FLAWLESS!
    Like a real life blur tool haha!
  64. Smooths out under eyes


    I wasn’t looking for a new primer but I wanted to try out some of Benefit’s most hyped products so I purchased the mini Porefessional and I was surprised by how much I loved this. Having dry skin I usually use an illuminating primer because I love that dewy hydrated look but I’ve been struggling lately with trying to create a smooth (but not matte) finish. Well I’m so happy with this product because it actually does what it claims, however, I only use it under my eyes and in my t-zone and I use my other primer everywhere else - it seems to be working really well and my under eyes are looking so much smoother. Would definitely repurchase!
  65. Nothing special


    I'm not super convinced about this product - I've recently grown my fringe out and have realised that the pores on my forehead have become quite a bit more noticeable over the last few years - I was hoping that this would cover them but to be honest it hasn't made a noticeable difference. It works fairly well as a primer, and does control shine to a certain extent, but I wouldn't go so far to say that it gives a matte finish like it has for some other reviewers. Helps my makeup stay on, but doesn't really do what I was hoping it would do, and I think there are other, silicone-free general-purpose primers out there that would be better if that's all I was after. Probably won't re-purchase but I'm not completely disappointed.
  66. Glides right on


    This primer is really great when you are wanting your skin to look matte. Sometimes I even use this without wearing any foundation just to keep my skin looking smooth and matte. It goes on so smoothly!
  67. Great but pricey for small tube


    I love this product. Works so well at hiding pores and it is great for controlling my shine and leaves my make up on flawless all day.

    Only negative would be it is a tiny tube and pricey.
  68. Good little primer


    This primer makes my skin feel so smooth. It's the best primer I've used so far and helps cover my large pores well but I still feel my pores could be hidden better so I will continue my search for one that suits my skin. The tube is so small and is very pricey considering how long it lasts.
  69. Glad I bought


    I really like how this product feels on my face - helps control shine throughout the day, even with my oily skin. Great for putting in your handbag.

    Only negative was that the tube was super tiny!
  70. Slightly fills in pores but not the best primer for oil control


    I bought this because the sales rep suggested it would be beneficial for my combo skin. I get very oily on my t-zone and nose area and since using this, I cannot say that this issue has improved. it goes on very smooth and has a silicon texture which results in a smooth and good base for foundation. However, I find that it does not work well as a primer as I get oily within 30 mins of application and cannot see any lasting effects of it in smoothing my pores. I feel that there are much better and more affordable options for pore refining/priming products.
  71. Good primer


    This is good to use with other primers. I usually use a brightening primer then the POREfessional primer then my foundation to give me a good base so my makeup lasts all day.
  72. Smooths your skin


    It vanishes my pores in a split second..worth buying..a bit pricey but does its job..hide all imprection of combination skin.
  73. The must have


    One of the only primers I consistently use. I can definitely notice my pores become less noticeable when I use this primer and it helps to keep my oily skin matte all day.
  74. A staple


    Although this primer isn’t perfect, it definitely does the job! It blurs my pores so beautifully but because it has a silicone base, you have to make sure to pair it with the right foundation for seamless results.
  75. A staple


    There's a reason everyone knows this primer. I will say, it isn't the greatest for a super liquidy foundation but it's really good under a thicker textured one.
  76. Awesome


    forever my favorite fills in my pores well before applying foundation and that givves a beautiful finish, highly recommend
  77. My fav Primer


    This is always in my makeup bag. Smooth to apply and sits in my skin well. I don't need foundation on if I wear this primer. Nice mattify look. Can go a bit oily by the end of the day if you touch your face.
  78. Smells lovely and minimises pores!


    This definitely minimises pores and creates a smooth canvas for your makeup. The smell is almost like green tea which is quite pleasant. I find it doesn't control oils so you will need something else for that - I'd suggest Benefit Matte Rescue and this lightly over the top. Make sure you don't use this on any dry patches as I find it really emphasises them!
  79. Holy grail


    Certainly a staple in my makeup bag and will continue to be! Love that it blurs out my pores and gives a smooth base for my foundation.
  80. so good!


    One of the only primers I consistently use. I can definitely notice my pores become less noticeable when I use this primer and it helps to keep my oily skin matte all day.
  81. Favourite primer!


    I love this primer & have been using it for several years now.
    I am over 40 with pretty good skin that is combo.
    A little of the primer goes a long way!
    I press & dab a small amount into areas of roughness, enlarged pores & wrinkles & it is like a perfecting putty for the skin! Letting it set for at least 5 mins is key!
    It is mat in finish which I like & I have never had a problem with any foundation I use over the top.
    It can pill on top of some moisturisers that are high in hylaronic acid if not careful but give it a try! This tube lasts for ages too.
  82. Large pores who?


    This primer literally fills in all of my pores and leaves my skin looking and feeling so smooth ready for makeup! This is a must have primer especially for those with oily skin.
  83. Great at hiding those pores especially on the cheeks


    At first I was skeptical due to never paying that price for a primer but I was shocked when I tried this!
    This product fills in pores great and makeup glides over the top very easily! I have tried this primer under so many foundations and it works with them all. Also a small amount goes a very long way which means it lasts ages!
    The only reason I have given it 4 stars is that I find that it does tend to make my skin get oily earlier on during the day compared to other pore filling primers I have tried.
  84. Never knew how much I’d love this!


    I must admit, I’d never given too much thought to the size of my pores and they’d never really bugged me. I doubt I would have ever tried this had I not received it as a GWP - but wow! It makes my makeup glide on and stay all day and helps smooth my fine lines! This is the primer I never knew I needed to take my makeup next level! Thanks Adore Beauty!
  85. Literally hides your pores


    Favourite primer! It hides pores and leaves a velvet feeling over your face. Keeps make up looking great all day
  86. Great primer


    I’ve tried many primers and I received this as a sample and fell in love! Make up glides on and makes skin look so smooth
  87. Make up glides on


    Great primer!!! Not heavy at all, after applying my skin feels like velvet & so evenly textured, my make up glides on.
  88. Got the sample and now I've bought the big size!


    Adore Beauty you win again! I was lucky enough to receive a generous sized sample of this with a previous purchase and OMG I love this stuff! I've used other high-end primers but this one is my favorite. At 40 years of age (oh gees) pores are your worst enemy when applying makeup. I love how this glides on and dries almost immediately. Yay for awesome online stores that reward their customers! This is one of my favorite online shops.

    Back to the review...if you haven't tried this primer yet, give it a go! My makeup looks even more flawless because of it :)
  89. Lovely texture and good value for money


    I really loved the feel of this primer when it was on and think make up applies really nicely over the top. The tube lasted me a long time as a little went a long way so I think its good value for money. I'm not sure it added any extra staying power to makeup but I often feel that way about most primers
  90. Fabulous primer


    Absolutely love this primer - not heavy on the skin and makes my make up go on really smoothly
  91. My favourite primer!


    This is my absolute favourite primer. I have tried a fair few over the years, but this has been my firm go-to for the last couple of years. It is expensive for the amount you get, but a little goes a long way.
  92. It's all in the name


    I love this primer! Not only does it glide on smoothly but it's doesn't go all clumpy and gross when I'm in a rush and have to put it over wet moisturizer. Foundation is a dream to brush on after using it. I also have large pores on my forehead and it fills them in without my face breaking out.
  93. Hides pores, stays matt - awesome


    I’ve tried other primers, as this one is pricey, but haven’t found anything as effective, I have oily T zone and enlarged pores particularly on my nose. I only use the primer on these areas and it hides the pores beautifully and stays matt. Awesome product.
  94. I tried a sample and...


    I got this as a sample and have not used it before, thought I'd give it a try. I usually use Too Faced Hangover primer because I am sometimes prone to dry skin and it's very hydrating. One one hand, yes it definitely reduced my pores - big winner in that department However it was a little drying. Also, cost wise - The Hangover primer is actually cheaper for the amount of product you get. I do think I will purchase this though because I'm going to break all the rules and use this on the areas of my face that tend to have my pores show and use the Hangover on the rest...total anarchist I am! And may I just say that I am a huge fan of Adore Beauty (really big fan) and I think you guys are very clever sending me all these amazing samples - I buy so many things that started off as samples, hahaha...plus you can't beat a Tim Tam with every order... :)
  95. Great Product


    This was on an acne safe list that my beautician gave me because it won't clog your pores and is safe to use if you are prone to breakouts. It's a GREAT product and I use it under my Youngblood mineral loose powder foundation and it makes it last alot longer during the day! I just wish the contents was bigger for what you pay for it :)
  96. Great Product


    I purchased this product after it appeared on a list of acne safe products that my Beautician gave me. It's great because it is safe on skin that is prone to breakout and doesn't clog your pores.
    I use it under my mineral loose powder foundation and it lasts longer during the day.
    I just wish the bottle was a bit bigger for what you pay for it!
  97. Good Product


    Love to use this just where my pores are enlarged (cheeks and nose) does a good job at smoothing it out.
    personally, prefer to use a thinner primer that is a bit more radiant for the rest of my face but this could be used for the full face.
  98. One of the best.


    I used to use this everyday I wore makeup and wouldn’t turn to anything else! So incredible! Leaves your makeup looking so smooth and flawless, without clogging the pores AT ALL! Definitely recommend if you can get your hands on it!
  99. smooth canvas, can be troublesome with various products


    Fills pores effectively leaving a smooth canvas for makeup application. My only concern is that this product can cause balling when used with some foundations and has a scent which may cause irritation for sensitive skin...
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