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Benefit The POREfessional Primer 22mL 22ml

4.3 of 351 reviews


4 instalments of $14.00

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4 instalments of $14.00

Or 4 instalments of $14.00 with LEARN MORE

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A pore minimising primer to create a smooth, even base for makeup.

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GREAT - 83% recommend

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Benefit The POREfessional Primer 22mL

Benefit The POREfessional Primer 22mL

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Benefit The POREfessional Primer 22mL Reviews

4.3 of 351 reviews

83% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive



Perfect for smoothing and bluring pores. Only need a small amount on the nose, chine and forehead so the tube lasts a long time.

Most Helpful Criticism

wont repurchase


it may work for some people. for me it wasnt worth the price. i have acne prone oily skin so i have bigger pores and i did notice a slight difference. but i had to really work it in there. it pilled and balled up and my makeup just didnt like sitting on top of it
used it a few times. gave it away.
  1. Smoothing


    Perfect for smoothing and bluring pores. Only need a small amount on the nose, chine and forehead so the tube lasts a long time.
  2. Blurs and fills in pores


    Such a a good product blurs and fills in pores prefect for under foundation
  3. Works well


    This is a lovely product, it has a silky siliconey consistency and makes such an improvement to the appearance of your pores and works well with layering. The only resason i didn't give it more stars is i have been personally gravitating to concealers that are already pore refining such as the Benefit airbrush concealer.
  4. Pores be gone


    As someone with large pore and oily skin, this product really helps with smoothing out my complexion. By prepping my skin with Porefessional, I find that makeup goes on wayyyy better and the final result is a more even look with less texture. Brilliant!
  5. amazing


    I have quite large pores around my nose area and one on my forehand. Without using this prime my foundation sinks into the pore making them more noticeable. When I use this benefit porefessional primer it fills them in making them seal and unnoticeable. It has a matte finish which I love recommenced.
  6. Pretty good


    I use this as a spot primer as if I used it full face it would last like 1 week haha. It blurs nicely and sits well under my makeup.
  7. The holy grail of primers.


    Immediately makes skin feel soft and silky. Has a matte silky finish and sits perfectly under make up. Also looks flawless on its own as it glides over pores and hides them. Love love love!
  8. Pore be gone


    Pores are not my friend and this helps fill and hide them, I like to use this on most days and really notice the difference if I don't use it- my pores are so visible without this
  9. Not great for dry skin


    I find this to be a really decent primer for filling pores, but definitely agree it is best suited to oilier skin types. As someone with dry skin, I find the dry, almost powdery texture to be a bit uncomfortable and so I typically gravitate towards more hydrating primers. Otherwise it is great at extending the life of your base and sits well underneath the several foundations I have tried it with.
  10. good but expensive


    this is good but it is very expensive, can probably spend less money on another and still get the same affect
  11. Oily gals BFF


    Amazing primer that you can rely on to actually blur your pores feels matte on however wouldn’t recommend for dry or aged skin suits oily or combo well and insures foundation staying power
  12. cult classic


    love this product, blurs and fills in pores, and mattifies my face
  13. Love


    I swear by this product. It is the BEST way to prepare my face for a smooth base for my makeup. I have somewhat sensitive combination skin and I am in my 40s.... No other primer comes close to this.
  14. Favourite primer


    I have acne prone skin. This primer I received as a sample and then bought the bigger version. I absolutely love this product it’s so good for my skin keeps my makeup on all day and I only use liquid/cream products no powder and the primer makes it stay on my face the whole day. I can’t find any other primer that can beat this one. 100% everyone needs it.
  15. Perfect for bad skin day!


    I have dry skin all year round and sometimes gets oily in the T zone. I also have larger pores near my nose.

    This primer is perfect for filling in the larger pores and make your skin looks perfect. It also makes the T zone less oily.

    I also use it under my eyes when it has some fine lines some day.
  16. Love this!


    A little goes a long way! This is great fro having your foundation go on smooth and lasting all day. Would recommend
  17. A little goes a long way


    I only need to put a little bit on my nose and next to my nose where there are pores, so a little goes a long way. Also can't use too much at a time or on dry skin, or would ball up and form little peels.
  18. Magic in a tube


    Literally magic in a tube for my pores. Application of this alone makes my nose pores invisible! Also makes foundation application easier and smooth on other parts of my face
  19. great!


    feels so smooth and silky over the skin and the absolute perfect base
  20. Pricey


    I saw so many people rave about this product and decided to give it a try however was pretty disappointed. There is a SLIGHT difference when using this but it is very pricey so would not recommend.
  21. Favourite Primer


    I have used this primer for years and have repurchased many times.
    I have oily and sometimes sensitive skin & multiple other primers have caused me to break out. This one does not cause breakouts and feels lovely on the skin. It helps to reduce shine when I first put on, on top of my moisturiser and it also is useful to apply during the day to reduce.
    I do not wear foundation so I am...
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  22. A classic


    Love this primer, been using it for years. Feels beautiful on the skin, doesn't cause breakouts, and helps makeup to stay on all day.
  23. One of the best


    This is truly one of the best primers I have used. I like how it doesn't come on too tacky on the skin - it really smoothes and fills all the 'ridges' - much like a base coat nail polish!
  24. wont repurchase


    it may work for some people. for me it wasnt worth the price. i have acne prone oily skin so i have bigger pores and i did notice a slight difference. but i had to really work it in there. it pilled and balled up and my makeup just didnt like sitting on top of it
    used it a few times. gave it away.
  25. Classic for a reason


    This primer is famous for a reason. It really does fill in your pores and smooth your skin.
  26. Alternate primer


    I use this primer alternating with others and works well. Feels fresh on your skin and tightens up the feel of your face.
  27. Instantly less noticeable pores


    This product works well, it makes an immediate and noticable difference to pores.

    I don't use it every day because I want to let my skin breathe but for special occasions this is definitely a go to product. Would definitely recommend.
  28. All right


    Honestly felt this was over priced - for me it just did what any other cheaper primer would. But I don't have overly big pores so this wasn't a huge concern. Just wanted something to soak up oily skin.
  29. amazing


    This is my favorite primer. This really fills in my pore and I have a lot of pores. Thank you acne. recommend
  30. Blurs pores


    This really is the most blurring primer I have found. While the product can feel heavy at the end of a hot or humid day, a little goes a long way and the blurring properties are undeniable. It didn't block my pores as other silicone primers do and the only real learning curve was not over applying. Very good product if you need to smooth skin.
  31. Hides the pores


    This really is a good product that truly hides your pores. It’s almost like a foundation in terms of how it conceals it. Texture is not like foundation, pretty unique. Havent found something else like this. 100% recommend
  32. Expensive but does the job perfectly


    This is just perfection. It covers pores perfectly. A little goes a long way and the tube will last a long while too.
  33. Skin canvas


    didnt know if it covered my pores at first, but i tried other brands and none worked quite like this one. I guess my pores are just too big for any product to blur completely, but this one will be the closest i can get to!
  34. Such a good product


    This primer delivers exactly what it claims. Pore size is reduced & imperfections blurred. A beautiful base for foundation and makes my foundation look perfect
  35. Good for minimising appearance of pores


    I really like this product for minimising the appearance of pores. The texture is velvety and smooth and a little goes a long way. I think this primer works best when you use a very small amount and really massage and blend into the problematic areas where pores are. I find fingers works best although a dense brush will work too. It really minimises the appearance of pores and definitely helps wit...
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  36. Mattifying primer


    This primer is super good for people with oily skin! It really make the pores look smaller on your face and control the sebum very well!
  37. I love this primer


    I really do enjoy the blurring technology in this primer, but it does make my skin feel slippery. Feels a little as if the primer never truely sinks into your skin, but still a wonderful primer for the pores on my nose!!
  38. Smooths out pores


    Really smooths out pores, helps foundation look flawless.
  39. Good Finish for a few hours


    The primer feels really great on my skin initially, however, throughout the course of the day makes my skin quite oily.
  40. Sadly wasn’t great


    I really wanted this product to work but sadly it didn't. For some reason it made my skin feel terrible and my makeup didn’t apply great, I used it about 5 times before I realised I couldn’t save my makeup when i wore this primer
  41. Not convinced


    I was hoping after all the reviews this could be a great primer for me. Although I do think it works well, I don’t see any difference in reducing/ minimising pore size
  42. Definitely earns its title as hero product


    Was sceptical at first but this really is a good quality product. It comes at a high price point but it makes make up glide on the skin and feels great.
  43. Unbelievable so perfect


    My pores literally disappear when I wear this primer. It is a lifesaver when my skin isn't at it's best!
  44. Use a teeny tiny bit


    this is pretty good, although I have loved other primers more. The best thing about this one is that it does blur your pores and if you use a very small amount it wont pill. If you find you have it balling up or moving you have used too much. To do my nose and forehead I used about a quarter of a pee amount. If you dont need to wear makeup but you want to give your skin a velvet finish with a blur...
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  45. Great primer!


    Did a reasonable job of smoothing out my pores around my nose and helped the foundation to sit a little smoother. Does increase longevity of makeup as well. However it is a little pricey for the quantity of product.
  46. Amazing!


    Just amazing. Nice primer that fills in texture on my skin. Love it!!
  47. Makes my skin look amazing


    I find it works better when I apply it on top of my (sheer) foundation. Really fills in scarring and pores.
  48. Great


    This makes my pores look smaller underneath foundation
  49. Just amazing!


    Never believed this would cover my big pores so I bought this and I am hooked. Covers my pores and it's so smooth on the skin. I have already ordered the larger tube of this. Love it!
  50. Cult classic


    Fantastic primer, I've been using it for years and it masks the pores on my cheeks/beside my nose perfectly. I only use for special events, I imagine it might be a bit heavy for daily wear.
  51. Love it so far


    This product certainly deserved the hype it received. It is one of the best pore filling primers I’ve tried, to date. Noticeable smoothing both on bare skin and under makeup. One star deducted due to product not prolonging the wear of makeup, as claimed. Otherwise, worth a try.
  52. Blurs pores but not much else


    Using this product alone, it does actually reduce the appearance of pores - however once applying foundation over it, my makeup clumped and didn't go on smoothly at all. Throughout the day, it would actually flake off. Also don't think it's good for your skin at all as it literally clogs your pores...
  53. Good primer


    I don't think this particularly good for pores, but is a nice primer. Light in consistency, feels smooth on skin.
  54. great for pores


    only pore primer that actually works and that fills in pores.
  55. Great for my oily porous skin


    I'm in my early 40's and this primer is great for my very porous skin. I have large pores on my nose and whilst this primer doesn't perform miracles by making them completely disappear, it does minimise their appearance. It definitely controls shine too. I've found I'm blotting maybe once rather than several times a day.
  56. Not worth the price tag


    I used this before I switched to cruelty-free cosmetics. It does an okay job of priming foundation (although not much more effective than sunscreen), and it gives my skin a nice velvety texture, but it doesn't really cover my pores the way elf's Poreless Putty Primer does, which is disappointing since it costs nearly four times as much.
  57. Best primer ever for pores

    Julia Hothersall

    I have quite an oily skin and it is my favourite primer of all times. I always apply it before make up and it stays all day and I don’t have oily problem on T-zone if I use it. It literally makes my pores disappear and the texture is very light and I would say even a bit silky. After I use it all my face look smooth and make up looks flawless if applied after I use it. I also love how velvety ...
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  58. Girls best friend


    Best primer in the game. Great for sensitive and dry skin. Helps with foundation setting and literally hides pores. Love it.
  59. Good


    This fills in my pores and makes my skin look smooth. It makes my skin look good even without makeup
  60. not amazing


    this was not very good. Way over priced. Didn't do much to my skin.
  61. don't like it


    I love almost all Benefit cosmetics products but this I just don't like. This goes gritty when I apply and I have tried using my hands as well as brushes but the texture just doesn't sit right on my skin.
  62. not the best


    not a fan of this product, i feel like it did fill in pores and fine lines i just didn't like the texture of it and feel like ot rubs off easily and didn't make makeup last longer.
  63. Unsure about this primer


    Sometimes I love this primer and sometimes I don't. I feel like it is an amazing pore filling primer but it doesn't make the makeup last too long and it rubs off my nose quite easily.
  64. Great product


    I actually got this primer not to smooth out my pores but to smooth out my textured oily skin. It defs does do the job, however only giving it 3 stars because I find it doesn't work well with all my foundations.
  65. My all-time favourite


    This is my favourite primer. It literally makes your pores disappear. Everything looks smoothed over.
  66. blurs my pores


    always apply it when I have to wear makeup for a whole day. it blurs my pores and smooth my skin after I apply the foundation. the makeup also last longer.
  67. Hides pores!


    Makes any obvious pores impossible!
  68. Good but not good value


    This is a fantastic dupe for Hourglass veil but not worth the cost. It doesn't go very far and I find it overpriced for the amount you get. While it is an effective smoothing and blurring primer, it does little for oiliness or dryness or any kind of makeup longevity- you'd need a great setting spray. I do like it, but I don't recommend it. There are many better than this.
  69. Fave primer


    This definitely blurs my pores and worn together with the Estee Lauder Double Wear foundation are my holy trail.

    This primer makes your skin feel so velvety and keeps my make up in place all day and night - and I have a slick t zone.
  70. So good


    I have very stretched pores and dry skin, and I would even use this daily without makeup, it really feels like its blurred my skin like photoshop. It's a bit pricey but you need a good base to start a makeup routine!
  71. Great for pore control


    This product certainly hides the appearance of pores. The formula is quite slippery though and I have found that it can cause cakey looking makeup with ceratin foundations used over the top. I would suggest buying the smaller "trial" version before spending big $$ on the larger sized one. This seemed to work well with my oily T-zone. But I would certainly look into more reviews about which foundat...
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  72. Fills Pores, Doesn't Work With Every Foundation


    I don't know what it is about this primer but not all foundations work with it. Half of my foundations work well with this and it provides a perfect base for underneath and I think it does help smooth out my pores especially on my cheeks and nose and keeps my foundation looking fresh literally all day. But then with other foundations they simply won't stick onto the silicone texture of this primer...
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  73. Great primer


    Really great primer, helps to keep fundation on most of the day without touch ups. Smooths lines and pores.
  74. best primer


    best primer for pores. leaves a silky finish and great for under makeup
  75. Didn't love this


    i really did not love this. Super expensive and I am not sure why. Really not worth it, I have tried much cheaper products and got the same result.
  76. Fantastic Primer


    I have been using this primer for years after receiving a sample. I love it, it makes my skin smooth prior to putting liquid foundation on. I have combination skin and it works fine. You can see as soon as you put it on the smoothness of your face. I have had bad acne and left some little dents, this fills them perfect. Please don't ever stop making this...
  77. Breakouts after use


    I have very large pores and normal to oily skin with tendencies towards hormonal acne.
    This product feels promising going on but I now realise that it breaks me out every time i use it.
    Generally one day after using this product, I develop tiny pimples or whiteheads, generally where my largest pores are. I double cleanse so I am definitely removing the product but my skin still throws ...
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  78. Not great for oily skin


    Not a fan. Although this product on it's own gave the appearance of poreless skin, I found after a short time, my oily skin would be more greasy and my make up would slip and slide all over my face.
  79. Maybe not for problem skin


    I want to love this primer so much but every time I use it I wake up the next day with a few new pimples. Perhaps not ideal for skin easily blocked
  80. Not for oily skin


    This does a good job at filling in pores but makes my oily skin even more oily by the end of the day.
  81. One of the Best Primers


    This was one of the best primers I have used, definately long lasting and perfect in the summer time or if you are going to humid areas and you don't want to use an oil blotting sheet constantly. A little goes a long way to make your foundation look flawless.
  82. Fills pores easily

    Hannah P

    I use this product on a lot of clients and it fills pores so easily. The secret is to use a really small amount and press it in with fingers. Overdoing it with too much product will ball-up and not be effective.
  83. Not bad


    Goes on really well but doesn’t stop the shine on my nose oops!
  84. This primer really does what it claims to!


    I am actually obsessed with this primer!! I have combination-oily skin and was yet to find a primer that effectively kept me oily t-zone matte all day...until this!! It really does leave your skin looking airbrushed and ‘blurred’ it has a lovely, light texture that doesn’t even feel like you’re wearing anything at all! I wear alone on weekends for a natural look and under my makeup on work days it...
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  85. Airbrush


    One word, airbrush. This product really fills in those deep pores giving your make up a perfect finish. I find that using it on the main areas of concern (nose, cheeks and chin) and avoiding more oily areas (forehead) works best.
  86. Magic


    This is the best primer I've used! It's non-greasy/oily. It is easy to apply and doesn't take much! I love the smell- it's simply fresh and clean. As I put it on I definitely see it working as it looks like my face is being airbrushed. Love this product and definitely is a must in your make up routine!
  87. like it


    Goes on really smooth and stays on all day. Really happy with this product.
  88. The hype is worth it!


    I had heard about this product for such a long time and have finally tried it. It is amazing! It feels silky, silky smooth when applying to your skin and make up glides over it effortlessly. I also love how mattifying it is!
  89. It leaves a thin film and too thick


    I have oily skin and this primer does not help me. Instead, after a few hours I could feel see on some part of my face a thin film start to peel off. Would not repurchase,
  90. Love the finish


    Love this primer and the silky smooth finish on my skin. Defs recommend!
  91. made my skin look flawless


    I really love this primer, helps to blur out the pores around my nose and cheek, however i feel like it got a bit greasy on my forehead because i have oily skin.
  92. Excellent

    Chele Pagno

    This is one of my favourite products by benefit. It really works well on my skin. It feel like velvet and super smooth. Love it!
  93. Love this primer.


    This is a great primer. I have dry, sensitive skin which at times can be flaky and this primer creates a super smooth, flawless surface for me to work with. It also helps my makeup stay on for longer. Definite holy grail.
  94. Not sure


    Not bad for my dry areas but a bit heavy for my T-zone. Have to use with another primer to make it work.
  95. Good primer


    I have been using this for a couple of years and it doesn't clog my pores nor make me break out. There's a dupe of this product now and I am tempted to try it but I am a bit of a Benefit fanatic! Highly recommend!
  96. Doesn’t do anything for me


    I feel like I’ve wasted my money on this... it feels like any other primer upon application, a bit more slick and silicone-y. However it does nothing to keep my shine away. Will always go back to The Ordinary and Hourglass primers.
  97. holy grail


    Love this primer! Makes my pores disappear and allows makeup to transfer onto my skin smoothly and softly!
  98. Great


    This makes my pores look disappeared. Love it
  99. One of my favourite primers!


    This primer has the skin feeling lovely and well prepped for foundation. It is definitely pore filling and looks beautiful. However, I find that the staying power is not great on my nose.
  100. Love


    I wish I didn't love this primer as much as I do because I would rather use a cheaper option.... but this is the only silicone based primer that smells as good as it does. The product is works really well and feels so smooth. Great for sensitive skin too.
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