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Benefit The POREfessional Mini Primer 7.5ml 7.5ml

4.2 of 130 reviews


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$5.75 x 4

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Benefit The POREfessional Mini Primer 7.5ml

Benefit The POREfessional Mini Primer 7.5ml

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4.2 of 130 reviews

71% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Tiny pores
This stuff makes my pores look tiny. Do be careful not to use too much product otherwise it can ball up and make make-up slide a little.

Most Helpful Criticism

Not sure
This stuff kind of made my skin worse, it didn’t minimise my pores either. Wasn’t into the smell or the thick texture which didnt feel nice smearing it on my face.
  1. Not the best

    I absolutely love Benefit products but this one was no good for me. It didn’t feel particularly good on my skin and my make up didn’t sit it well on it. Unfortunately only used it once or twice. Will try something else next time as every other Benefit brand product I’ve purchased has been spot on.
  2. Tiny pores

    This stuff makes my pores look tiny. Do be careful not to use too much product otherwise it can ball up and make make-up slide a little.
  3. Perfect finish

    Classic primer from benefit - controls oils and fills in pores. Can break me out if I use it too much though and it does have a tint which can look ashy on deep skin. It gives a great finish when you wear foundation over the top
  4. Not sure

    This stuff kind of made my skin worse, it didn’t minimise my pores either. Wasn’t into the smell or the thick texture which didnt feel nice smearing it on my face.
  5. Smooths complexion

    I like how this smooths the complexion, filling in pores. However, I don’t think that it controls oil very well. But overall it’s a nice product and I like how it makes makeup apply on top of it.
  6. Good Product

    Love to use this just where my pores are enlarged (cheeks and nose) does a good job at smoothing it out.
    personally, prefer to use a thinner primer that is a bit more radiant for the rest of my face but this could be used for the full face.

    Love that adore beauty sell this size so you can try it out before committing to the expensive full size.
  7. Leaves skin dry but smooth

    I started using this product roughly a month ago. I moisturise prior to using this product as I already have quite dry skin. I find that this product still leaves my skin quite dry after use and the makeup doesn't glide on as it does with other primers. However it still leaves skin smooth once applied.
  8. LOVE this product

    Smooth application, love the tint, I have fair skin that tans well to a light olive colour, & this suits perfectly. Blur imperfections well. Very comfortable. Have worn on its own & really easy application. Just wish it came in bigger size. Very silicone-y feel so if you don't like this feel & want less silky, not the right product for you. Bought the larger size in addition to the mini.
  9. Smooth!

    This product applies so easily, leaves your skin feeling soft and it covers up your pores I was so amazed!!
  10. Leaves skin dry

    I do like this product I feel that it helps with covering large pores before putting foundation on! Although it does leave my skin very dry around the nose area unsure if it would clog pores even more?
  11. silk in a tube

    this literally feels like silk being applied to the skin. the only downside i did find is sometimes it balled up on my skin, but other than that it literally feels amazing
  12. I don’t love it

    Everyone raves about this product but it really doesn’t sit well on my skin and do a whole lot. It texture ends up oily after a few hours. I want it to work for me so bad!
  13. Game Changer

    This stuff is INCREDIBLE! I cannot speak highly enough of it. It goes on so smooth and reduces the look of pores giving you an airbrushed look. A little goes a long way too, I have had mine for a year now and have barely used that much. Love love love!
  14. Great for spot priming

    So I don’t use this everyday and I also don’t use this all over my face. It’s quite heavy so I usually use a normal hydrating primer all over first then I go in with this around my nose and t section as it drastically reduces my pore size
  15. Great

    I really like this primer. It reduces the size of my pores and really smooths over any blemishes. There are a lot of dupes for it though as it is very pricy for how much you get.
  16. Works

    This works well for me and makes a huge difference
  17. Amazing

    I find this primer to be very smooth & a little goes a long way.. I'm 44 & I guess I'm very lucky I don't have many wrinkles.. & my whole life I have never washed my face with chemical's as my eyes are so sensitive to everything.. even makeup so I don't wear any as my eyes water for 2-3 days after.. UNTIL now I have found anything benefit has just been amazing.. I feel like a teenager again getting excited about makeup.. I would recommend anyone with sensitive skin to try this
  18. Don't believe the hype!

    This product is known as a cult classic, and so I was very excited to try it. I have to say that I'm not a fan. I think it leaves skin congested and doesn't create a flawless look at all. This may not be true for everyone, speaking for myself as a person with sensitive combo skin. I personally get way better results prepping my skin with a good routine and using a quality moisturiser before makeup application.
  19. Must have

    Love how this primer glides on the skin effortlessly, fills in pores amazingly and I find it helpful to use a gentle pressing motion when applying!
  20. Little goes a long way

    I bought mine 3 months ago and there's still heaps left. I have oily skin and large pores so it matches the target description, but not sure if it's actually good or because it's so heavily marketed.
  21. Good Enough

    I dont hate this product, but I'm also not convinced it does a whole lot across a day. My makeup sits on top of it well, initially. By the end of the day there is little difference between using this product and not.
  22. Not suitable for me

    I don't like it. I bought this sample to try it after I heard alot alot of good comments about it, but unfortunately I shocked, it's not work for me. I didn't find any difference after used it.
  23. Love this product

    This is amazing it’s silky glides on and is just the perfect primer
  24. Brilliant!!!

    Such a great product. Covers my pores so that my foundation just slides on. Is quite a small product though so you don't get a lot for your money, I tend to use it sparingly on the areas of my face that I have large pores and then use another primer for all over and reckon this covers my pores insanely good! I have dry skin and works like a charm!
  25. Amazing

    I don't have crazy big pores, I originally bought this just because everyone raves about it. O. M. G. It definately made my skin smoother and the foundation looked flawless! And it lasted all day! Without a doubt the best primer I have ever used.
  26. Great primer!

    I have tried many different types of primers and I have to say that Benefit's Porefessional primer is the best one for my skin. It feels soft and makes my skin feel smoother once I have applied it. You don't need to use too much of it either. It also covers up my pores better than other primers. When I use it, my makeup lasts longer and my skin does not get oily as easily (I have combination skin).
  27. Lovely primer just not for my oily skin

    This primer does a great job of smoothing out the skin but I find it makes me get even outlier than normal throughout the day. I have more dry patches around my chin and it feels really nice so maybe better for normal skin types
  28. Good primer but not great

    I have combination skin with extremely oily t-zone and dry chin area. I find it does not help my t-zone at all and sometimes it just slapped on in a rush it does cling to my dry bits. However it does provide a smooth canvas. Would definitely recommend for normal skin. Not too bad for dry skin however needs to be worked into the skin which I find best with hands.
  29. Face primer but no oil control

    Great as an overall face primer but does not control oil
    - Light fresh scent
    - Good face primer- leaves skin really even and smooth for makeup application
    - Helps makeup stay longer
    - My oily t zone shines through within the hour
    - Did not feel like it minimized pores.. but more blocked them
  30. Great but not amazing

    I have normal/combination skin and this did wonders hiding my pores which is exactly what it is designed for. The only downside was that it was a little bit dry after applying and couldn’t put a matte foundation over the top as it wouldn’t blend in very well. I would definitely recommend it to others though as I found use for it just on its own to hide pores and have a tiny bit of a tint to my face
  31. Great pore minimisation

    Does what is says it will. Minimised pores dramatically and ensured an even smooth makeup application, however did not improved longevity of makeup or provide oil control, although good to have in a makeup collection!
  32. Don't even bother with other pore minimising primers

    This is currently the BEST on the market. I have tried them all and spent a fortune but this one is the only one I find actually works. Helps my foundation to last longer and look flawless.
  33. Tips

    Ok, so my tip with this if you use a mattifying moisturizer is to give your skin at least 5 minutes to really set before going in with this baby. I find that if I don't let my mattifying moisturizer really set I end up with like siliconey clumps.
    So in my experience, I would say, let your moisturizer really set in. Then apply to T-ZONE. Gently massage and tap it into the skin; I really like to press it in so it fills them pores.
  34. Works!

    What's not to love when the product actually really works!? Best around!
  35. Good base

    Nice primer to put makeup over the top.
  36. Great for creating a smoother base

    I enjoyed using this product and found that it does help minimise the appearance of pores on my face. I swap between products but would definitely buy this again!
  37. Love

    I love that this product come in a small size, as i only need in my t zone. Meaning my tube lasts forever! Does exactly what it claims to
  38. Amazing

    This product is amazing. I have super big pores and it defiantly does what it says. my make up goes on smoother and looks way better that it did with any other primer have tried in the past. if you don't have it I suggest you get it asap .
  39. Impressed

    First tried this as a sample and then had to purchase the full size. It is a light non-greasy primer which minimizes the pores on my cheeks/nose. Make up stays put all day as well!
  40. best pore minimising primer

    this primer is amazing and minimises my pores in an instant. can be a little difficult to use at first as i used too much and didnt wait to put my foundation on which made it crease, but just wait a couple minutes then apply your face and it works wonders!
  41. Nice but a little overpriced

    This is a really nice primer. The only thing that makes me second guess it is the price. With brands like the ordinary coming out with cheaper alternatives I feel like this one just isn't worth the money anymore
  42. Not great for oliy skin

    I find this aids my make up sliding off when my t zone is oily. It does feel nice though and makes my foundation apply really smooth and flawless
  43. Best primer

    This is the first non-drugstore primer I have ever purchased. Over the years I have tried lots of other primers, but I always comeback to this primer. I have a oily t zone with visible pores. This is the only primer that truly minimises the appearance of pores and keeps my skin mattified. Great product!
  44. Amazing

    I have super oily and sensitive skin and I tried a lot of primers to control the oil and make my make up last longer. This one is my life savior! Now, I'm never not leaving the house without this. Totally the best primer for oily and sensitive skin.
  45. Great product

    This product is great, at least from my sample use. Don't need much, has the funniest texture but on the skin its gorgeous. My skin feels so smooth, makeup goes on well and stays on. I really like this one
  46. Not really for Oily Skin

    I purchased this thinking it would be good for keeping my make up on and not feeling oily by the end of the day, but it doesn't really work that well. It feels nice when applying it, but by lunch time my face feels really oily. I think this product would be better matched for someone with dry skin.
  47. Best primer out there

    I adore this primer. I have dry skin and love the way this feels and wears on my skin. I don't have a huge amount of visible pores, however this primer works so well to 'blur'any imperfections in my skin that some days I just wear it on it's own. It's like an airbrush effect. Both BB cream and foundation apply beautifully over the top, and stay in place for a full day of wear.
  48. I bow down to this product

    Love, love, loveeee this product. Definitely minimized the look of pores and fine lines for me. I gentle press this product into the skin around my T zone with my fingers and only use a little and it gives me a great canvas to work with. Works well with my oily combo skin.
  49. So good, that my face stayed matte in Singapore's humid weather

    I tried out the mini primer first to test out whether I would like it. It far exceeded my expectations in the staying power it had for my makeup. The mini size was perfect for travelling and in all honesty, a little goes a long way. I used the primer everyday for 4 weeks and I still had primer left in the bottle! The primer allowed for my makeup to stay matte in all sorts of weather as I was travelling to both humid countries and also countries where they were in winter. It also lasted all day! I will definitely continue to buy this.
    Note, my skin is oily in the T-Zone area and I experience dryness around the other areas.
  50. Good coverage

    Great coverage but not the best for oily skin, leaves my face shiny after a few hours!
  51. Makes skin look flawless

    This is a recent discovery and I'm so glad I tried it. Really does make pore look smaller and gives a really nice base for foundation. Only thing is that for some reason it seems to attract dust?! As I apply I always find bits of dust and things sticking to my hand. It never happens with my other primers.
  52. Great product!

    Fantastic primer! Works great under foundation! I would definitely recommend!
  53. Maybe not for oily skin

    Applying this product does make my skin instantly smoother and pores look smaller. However, living in quite humid weather, my skin still becomes quite oily, and the product is quite expensive. Personally, would not repurchase.
  54. Lovely

    A silicone balm that feels very smooth. I only apply this on my t-zone since applying this all over the face will be overkill. Minimizes the appearance of my pores and the mini size fits in any makeup bag since this can also be used for touch ups when pores become visible again, which for me, sometimes happen depending on the humidity. You only tap the product in specific areas to hide those pores again.
  55. Reasonable primer

    Received this primer as a sample in a promotional giveaway. It has reasonable coverage but not the best. It is easy to blend but I find Dermalogica's skinperfect primer a far better performer and it has a slight tint.
  56. Ok primer

    I'm not a huge fan of this primer. It makes your skin feel really nice when you put it on but once you put make up over the top it tends to go bitty and makes my make up slide a little.
  57. Glad I got the mini tube

    Glad I got the mini tube, because I don't think this primer is doing anything for me at all. A lot of people say this helps keep their makeup intact for longer. Good for them, because I really can't say the same. It feels and looks good upon application, but that's it. This primer is not the one for me
  58. Does cover pores- but not great for make up base

    I only use this on my T-zone area and all though it does make the skin feel incredibly smooth- and also does make pores disappear I don’t feel it helps in regards to providing a make up base for foundation.
    I have oily skin and found that this product wasn’t great for it as it caused my foundation to move and slip off the areas I used it on. I also feel it may have blocked my pores as I found more pimples start to develop on my nose and T zone areas than before.
    I have been to the Benifit counter and tried to obtain samples before and for some reason they don’t offer this as an option which I really dislike- instead you have to Purchase a trial size version which is pretty expensive if it turns out it isn’t suitable for you. In the end I’m glad I didn’t purchase the full sized option as I only use this when more pores are really bothering me, otherwise I would prefer to deal with the pores and use a better alrenative for a more effective makeup base.
  59. doll-like complexion

    After applying this product on my T-Zone and nose, it gives me a doll-like complexion. A seriously great product if you have enlarged pores and want to mask them before applying foundation.
  60. Pore filling, but not for oily skin

    I used this primer where I predominantly have large pores, over a regular primer. I really liked it, and felt like my makeup applied smoother and my pores were less noticeable. I wouldn't recommend this for someone with oily skin, as it does have a slightly oily feel.
  61. Great

    Holy grail product, it minimizes pores and smoothes skin. It’s a perfect base for foundation and I find that it evens skin tone as well. Definitely recommend this product as it does what it says and it’s also affordable.
  62. Great product for large pores

    I’ve used a lot of pore priming products now and this is my go to. Doesn’t look greasy or caked on like some do after a few hours. Lasts well with any foundation or light powder
  63. The best

    One of the few primers that I feel like actually makes a noticeable difference. This fills in my pores so well and creates such a great base for my foundation. I love it
  64. Okay

    Fills in pores but isn't the best base for foundation.
  65. Pores, who?

    Leaves skin smooth and poreless.
  66. AMAZING!!!

    I cannot stress enough how incredible this product is, such a soft smooth feeling on the skin yet so effective in blocking out blemishes under makeup. Will be buying for a friend!!
  67. so smooth

    great for big pores! I use it on my nose to make my foundation look smoother
  68. Fills in pores so well

    Visibly fills in pores and smooths the skin. This is a cult favourite and I can see why. Anyone with big pores should give this a try.
  69. it works

    i've always been skeptical of primers. i've used my fair share of top-rated primers like smashbox, hourglass and mecca but after i've tried a sample size of this, i was sold. buying a full size tube right now! its smooth, glides on seamlessly and doesn't reduce to icky residue like some primers. worth a try. i've got oily and acne -prone skin for reference.
  70. Great product

    I’m conscious about my pores, this product does a great job to conceal them. I wish it was a little longer lasting but still a good product that I buy regularly
  71. 1 star less than real rating as benefit is not cruelty free :(

    A primer that works! I feel that it is drying, but that is only an issue if you dontmoisturise. It really does BLUR the face and actually works as a primer. A fantastic product
  72. Amazing

    This is great for minimising pores and creating a smooth base for makeup! I also really like the smell
  73. Pretty good

    A great primer they makes my pores disappear and my makeup go on flawlessly!
  74. Perfect to cover large pores

    I have a large pore on my nose and this product is so good to fill it so it’s not noticeable at all.
  75. Won't leave home without it.

    Even if I don't have time to put on make up in the mornings I'll put a little bit on just to even out my face. It's the first step in my make up routine and I can't live without it.
  76. Wonderful !!

    I use this on my nose and cheek area.. Goes on smoothly and completely covers the large pores on my nose and leaves a silky feeling behind. Does not interfere with my makeup, but makes my skin look wonderful even before makeup.. I will be buying this from now on. I LOVE it!
  77. Good silicone based primer! Not dry

    Very nice if you are looking for a silicone based primer that is not drying on the skin and fills in pores. I have dry skin and had no problem with this, made my makeup last throughout the day. Enjoyed this little guy. :)
  78. Not good long term

    I originally recieved this primer as a tester and loved it so much i bought it within days. Unfortunately it seems with my combination skin, in the long term, this primer did not agree with me. My t zone area came out in many small pimples.
    Unfortunately not one I'll purchase again
  79. Must have!

    I was amazed at how well my skin looked after just a small amount of this product! I immediately noticed a smoothness to my skin as well as a nice reduction in pore appearance. It made my makeup and concealer adhere better than usual. Also, it gave my skin a matte appearance without making my oily skin any slicker (even after hours of wear). As an added bonus, it has a nice scent and you need not apply much of the product to achieve desired results. Definitely my favorite new item in my makeup bag!
  80. Minimizes pores well

    This product does a lovely job covering up my congested / enlarged pores but does not cover fine lines well. It feels a little bit more oily / greasy than I'd like the texture to be and I don't notice much difference in the evenness of my complexion after I apply. I do really like how it minimizes my pores.
  81. Its an ok product..

    I have acne prone skin. I am not confident that there is much of a difference in my skin/foundation when i use this product compared to when i do not. It does make my skin feel nice and smooth though.
  82. smooths pores

    I use this on my nose to minimise my pores and it works great
  83. Love it!

    Tried this product after hearing people rave about it and I have not been disappointed!! This product is amazing! My makeup goes on flawlessly and I don't end up with a shiny face by lunch time. Sets my makeup beautifully.
  84. Magic

    Best primer ever, I literally see the pores disappear in front of me when I apply this. Makes my skin look blurred and makeup goes on so much smoother.
  85. Makes your skin buttery soft!

    This primer is a must-have, not only does it fill in every pore, but it also makes your skin way softer than any moisturiser could. Allows my foundation to glide on.
  86. Must have for large pores!

    I hate my large pores - but my pores go undercover thanks to this handy product. I use this under foundation, but also on my non-foundation days for a smooth, flawless look. It’s best used warmed on fingertips and patted into the pores. Leaves skin feeling silky smooth!
  87. Bought this in the travel size before full

    Purchased this in the travel size before buying the full size, even the travel size lasts a really long time - i think I had mine for 8 months, a little really does go a long way with this product - and you only need to concentrate them where your pores are. Creates a good base for makeup application
  88. Good Primer for smooth complexion

    This primer works well on my dry skin which is prone to fine lines. It makes foundation application easy and hides large pores on my nose.
  89. Best primer ever

    Love this primer. Fills in all my pores. Foundation applies so smoothly over the top. And make up doesn’t budge all day. Have tried a few other silicon based primers and nothing compares to this.
  90. Fills in Pores not sure it's the best

    I like this primer It fills the pores and reduces the size but as far as a canvas goes for foundation its not my favourite. I got the smaller size and it didn't make me want to buy the full size
  91. good for matt finish

    really good primer for matt finish
  92. Blew my mind

    It really is as good as the reviews say it to be. Perfect primer to get a perfect smooth foundation on. Amazing indeed!
  93. Heavy duty

    This product does what it says in that it really does fill in pores. On my combination skin however I felt it was a bit too heavy and I was worried it would clog my pores. I would only recommend to those who don't mind the heavy feeling as I feel there are better ones on the market that minimise pores without the heavy feeling.
  94. Excellent

    I started using this as a cheaper alternative to another brand I had been using for years and it did not disappoint. It goes on smoothly filling and hiding my pores without leaving any residue. My make up goes on over it effortlessly and it helps my foundation stay put for longer. My skin also doesn't get that afternoon shine on my tzone anymore. I would definitely recommend this for anyone who doesn't like the appearance of their pores through their make up.
  95. Long term user, long time lover!

    I've been using this primer on and off for about 2 years, and the only times I haven't got it is when I've decided to try another primer because this product has been out of stock or a friend/family member has recommended another one to try. However, I always come back to Benefit Porefessional. NO OTHER PRIMER, does it's job like this product. It goes on easily, make up is smoother after applying this, and I find it actually extends the life of my foundation and concealer. I will continue to use this for years to come, it is by far the BEST primer I have used (I have combination skin and experience breakouts and small bumps under my skin on my forehead and chin). I have tried MAC, Napoleon Perdis, Becca, Tarte and numerous other primers and I can't get enough of this one. It is worth the price!!!
  96. clumps up on my face

    this product does not really perform well for me , and often find that it clumps up in little round pieces and once I put makeup on top, the makeup easily smudges away when touched and forms larger clumps .

    Maybe the foundation I am using ( makeup forever HD ). does not mesh well with this product .

    On its own, it feels nice.
  97. Great product

    need a primer to fill your pores this is it. Works like an absolute dream and fills my large pores instantly definitely worth it
  98. Nice

    Its a pretty good primer, only need a small amount and makes your face feel really smooth. Only downside is it's silicone-based so it broke out my friend (we didn't know she was sensitive to silicones).
  99. hmm...

    I applied this, and my skin became matte, pores shrunk, skin prepped. then applied foundation and the primer rolled up into little balls on my skin, not blending well at all. maybe use less? have yet to find the perfect primer!

  100. Great Pore Refining Primer

    This primer is great at filling my lines and pores after moisturiser and before foundation. I feel like it smoothes everything out and creates a nice base. You only need a tiny amount. I tend to just apply on the particular areas not my entire face.
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