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Benefit Gimme Brow + Mini Fibre Gel 1.5g

4.7 of 357 reviews


4 instalments of $5.75


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4 instalments of $5.75


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Give brows an instant boost with Benefit Gimme Brow +, now available in a mini size! Benefit Gimme Brow + is an all-in-one brow perfector, combining the defining power of a tinted brow gel with microfibre technology. Just a few swipes will have your brows looking naturally bold and brilliant.

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4.7 of 357 reviews

97% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Love this


So so so good! So easy to use and doesn’t make my eyebrows feel over the top. Gives a really nice natural look.

Most Helpful Criticism



I had hope that the gel would offer a bit more hold. My hairs are slightly longer, and they're not overly thick. The gel wasn't great at keeping them in place. I did like the little spoodle type brush. The colour was a little darker than Id hoped for. But it was hard to choose a colour without info in the description. Overall, the gel works okay,, I will continue to use it, but wont repurchase
  1. Great brow mascara


    I love gimme brow and have been using it for years, it puts just the right amount of product onto the brows and lasts forever, I use this on top of a brow gel.
  2. Okay


    I personally didn’t love this product and don’t really use it.. I was very excited to try it but found it make my brows look to unnatural and thick looking. I can’t see why other people would like it but it just wasn’t for me as I find my brow pencil or pomade enough
  3. Love this


    So so so good! So easy to use and doesn’t make my eyebrows feel over the top. Gives a really nice natural look.
  4. Perfect for full, fluffy brows


    Great, easy way to achieve full, fluffy brows.
  5. So easy to achieve fluffy brows!


    There really isnt too much to say about this product other than it is amazing, so easy to use and does exactly what it says it will! Softly structures your brows and gives them a nice full, fluffy look.
  6. Good - glad I got the mini


    Mini good to test out the shade, I have dark blonde hair and fair skin and wanted to make sure this was a match before committing to a larger size. It’s a good match and very easy to use, I’m def no make up expert but this really could’ve be easier. After combing through my brows I do use a spool or to even the colour and brows gel to set them then I’m done.
  7. Love it


    Buy it you won’t regret it ! This product just gives my brow fuller finish. I’m happy that I found out about this product !
  8. It’s a no brainer!


    Love this product! If you can’t really be bothered doing your brows but you still want them to look fantastic, this is your go to! So easy to use and looks awesome every time!
  9. So easy to use


    I’m the first to admit I’m not the best at doing my brows. This little wand as really upped my brow game! I use the pencil in conjunction with the wand. I brush my brows up then coat the hairs with the little wand then use my spoolie to comb into place. So so easy!

    I’m red head and always struggled to find a gel or pencil to match my colouring - the auburn is perfect to darken my brows without making them look unnatural for my tone
  10. Best brow gel


    I have received this as a freebie a couple of times. I have purchased the mini fibre recently to carry in my handbag. If I use a pencil, this helps keep my brows tidy and in place.
  11. Great brow gel, mini size is great value


    The Benefit Gimme Brow is a cult classic for a reason.
    Swipe it through your brows and you are good to go.

    You can make your brows fluffy and full, or streamlined and slick.
    The mini size is great value for money and I get a good 3 -4 months daily use out of one tube.

    The colours are also really good, I have used the medium brown and it matches my brows well.
  12. Good


    I had hope that the gel would offer a bit more hold. My hairs are slightly longer, and they're not overly thick. The gel wasn't great at keeping them in place. I did like the little spoodle type brush. The colour was a little darker than Id hoped for. But it was hard to choose a colour without info in the description. Overall, the gel works okay,, I will continue to use it, but wont repurchase
  13. Great affordable brow gel


    This is a really great eyebrow gel. It quickly fills my sparse eyebrow, no eyebrow pencil needed! However you do need to set it with another eyebrow gel. This is great to give volume but it does not have holding power.
  14. Effortless


    This helps to give me a natural, fuller brows after applying it. I find it easy to use and the mini is also convenient to bring around in your purse.
  15. Great


    Great brow gel that really sets the brows well. I know this is a mini size but I just couldn’t get over how small it actually is and way overpriced for the size BUT luckily you only need the tiniest amount and it goes along way. Nice brow product overall
  16. Quick way to groom brows


    This is great for when I don't want to spend time doing my brows. It's pigmented enough to make my brows look more full and put together. I wish it wasn't as matte, I think brows look more natural with a bit of shine, but I just go over with a clear gel to set and add a bit of glossiness to my brows.
  17. This works so well


    Got this as a sample and definitely buying it. My eyebrows are fair and the outer edge of my right brow has disappeared in recent years. Delighted to find this product is so easy to use and goes on perfectly, lasts all day and works so much better than a pencil.
  18. Lovely product


    Great for an everyday natural brow look.
    If i want a full brow I just use a bit of shadow or pencil before this and they work really nicely together.
  19. Awesome


    great for a quick touch up of the brows with the look of volume this size is great for testing the product and lasts a long time
  20. Lazy girls brows


    The benefit gimme brow is so easy to use, it's quick and makes your brows look fab. Love this product. Going to try their other brow products now.
  21. Fabulous!


    I got this as a sample in an order and absolutely loved it!
  22. Quick and easy


    Love this for mornings on the go, it’s easy to apply and really cleans up your brows without a high time commitment. It’s also pretty hard to mess up so it’s great for beginners
  23. Great product


    This fibre gel is great for those with sparse eyebrows that want a natural fuller look. It is so easy to use. Great for quick makeup looks.
  24. Love Love Love!


    So good to shape my brows. This product fills them in and shapes them perfectly with ease. I have been using this for years and won't go to anything else.
  25. Love this stuff!


    I repurchase this every time I run out - can’t live without it! Great for my sparse Asian brows and easy to travel with as it doesn’t get messy. I use it when I just need to look out together quickly
  26. Easy to Use


    I love using this product. Benefit makes it so easy to get your eye brows ready in the morning by using this product!
  27. Effortless Brows


    Great brow product if you don't like spending ages doing your makeup! I love just throwing this on before work to give my brows a bit of shape and fullness and it takes me less than a minute!
  28. Love!


    I love this gel. It keeps my brows in place and makes my brows look tinted.
  29. On the go


    great product for no makeup days! keeps you looking polished but natural. I wish the shade range was wider tho it's hard to find a good match. Defo gives the 'brows on fleek' look!!
  30. My favourite!


    I absolutely love this brow gel. I'm such a beginner with brows and this is a god sent to me. Make a my eyebrows instantly thicker, fuller and fool proof. I purchased this mini for my handbag, and a full size in my makeup kit at home. Couldn't recommend this product more it's the best!
  31. Natural looking results that stay in place


    I love this brow gel - it's magic. The mini is the perfect size for travel and the results give a big improvement to my brows but still look really natural. It builds up my brow hairs just enough to make them look fuller, making the fine invisible hairs visible and keeping everything in place.
  32. Great


    I love this product it has awesome pigment, a great brush and is super easy to use i have repurchased this a few times - i absolutely love it! i buy the dark brown colour
  33. Best tinted brow gel out there!


    I love this mini size for travelling or to keep in your bag. It thickens my sparse brows and makes them look so natural. Keeps them in place all day! Love this product, my HG tinted brow product!
  34. great for travel


    such a great brow gel for on the go and to keep in your purse or makeup travel bag. helps keep brows in place and fills in sparse areas
  35. Love it


    A natural and easy to use brow gel. I've had mine for a few months and the application is still very smooth - no clumping or whatsoever.
  36. great product


    I have dark brown reasonably thick eyebrows and use shade 3 which is perfect as i have blonde hair so it doesn't make my brows too dark makes my brows fuller but still natural looking and the brush is so small and easy to work with keeps my brows in place all day and although small this product lasts a while
  37. Great


    After buying this size and trying if definitely purchasing the larger size. The colour range is good and keeps my brows if place all day with adding volume and colour to my blonde hairs
  38. A must


    I received a while ago as a free sample and took me quite a while to actually try.

    Once I did, I was instantly in love. I have brown, thin eyebrows and use the shade No 3 as my hair is slightly lighter.

    It instantly makes eyebrows fuller and darker but keeps them natural and beautifully defined.

    It has become a must for my daily makeup routine. I am also getting one for my sister and mum so, yeah, spreading the goodness.
  39. Fantastic product


    I have been using Gimme Brow in shade 3 for quite a while (medium blonde; fair skin) and it’s the perfect quick-apply product for days when I don’t want to spend the extra time using my Benefit Goof Proof brow pencil but still want to appear that I do in fact have eyebrows! I have the full size product in my make up bag and this mini size that lives in my handbag and travels with me. Great product.
  40. Perfect brows


    Got this product as a freebee in the mini version and I quite like it! It makes my brows look fuller and darker. I have dark hair but light brows, and this product matches my brows to my hair. My only criticism is that it made my brows feel a little bit stiff. Will be repurchasing the bigger size when my mini version runs out.


    I have repurchased this product multiple times. It is a staple in my kit. WEAR DAILY. creates a beautiful natural look
  42. Good but...


    I do like this brow gel, I like that they carry a black shade that isn’t too warm toned or too grey (I use shad 6), and I don’t have to use another brow product when using this, but I do have a few issues. I have a hard time finding shade 6, even at the Benefit counters, and I don’t think Adore Beauty carries this shade currently, I also don’t find that this sets my brows and makes them stay in place, and I don’t think I have very unruly eyebrow hairs but they are thick. It’s just annoying to still have them move kinda easily when it was the main reason why I purchased this.
  43. Great for adding colour to naturally full brows


    Firstly this is a great travel size and I find that it lasts a while!
    This product I find is great for brows like mine where I am lucky enough to have naturally thick brows which do not require me to fill them in or shape them with a brow pencil.
    This product does set them in place but is super useful for filling in sparse areas of my brows and making them look thicker!
    Shade 3 is my Perfect match for my dark brown hair!
    Also great shade range for all colours of hair from blonde to black!
  44. Great trial size, natural looking brows


    I got this size to try out the colour and style (I normally use the goof-proof one), and it is great! I love the natural looking brows it results in, and it's super easy to use.
  45. Great size to try out- a little goes a long way


    I bought this as a trial to make sure I was happy with the colour and finish. Even though it’s small it goes a long way. I have dark blonde hair and I use shade 3 - it’s just the right colour and gives a really finished look to your eyebrows.
  46. Great


    Great product , leaves my brows looking fuller and very natural :-)
  47. Good for Natural Looking Brows


    First off I think it is amazing that Benefit are offering a lot of their products in mini sizes but this does seem exceptionally tiny for the price. I have dark blonde hair and ordered the shade 02 which I personally felt was a touch too dark for me. The product does create a nice natural looking brow but I felt that I got similar if not better results from a much cheaper tinted brow gel. I will continue to use this product up but I don’t think that I would repurchase unless it was on sale or in a pack with other items I wanted to try.
  48. WOW


    This product has definitely change my eyebrow game. I bought the mini in 01, just to test it out. It completes my eyebrow look and the shade is perfect, makes my eyebrow colour not to harsh!! Won’t stop purchasing this item
  49. Great brush for easy application


    I am Asian with medium / olive complexion, with dark brown hair & light streaks. My eyebrows are slightly on the thicker side and I purchased colour 04, which has been a good match.Perhaps slightly on the light side, but will be perfect when i get my streaks done again!
    The brush is the best part as it makes application (and styling) super easy
  50. Best eyebrow gel there is


    I adore this eyebrow gel - it makes your eyebrow's look full without looking fake. I have the Glossier Boy Brow and find the shape of this applicator is better. It's expensive for what it is but lasts a while
  51. Great product!


    Thank god this is back.
    Always get complements while using this product.
    LOVE IT..
    I use it daily.
  52. Good for fluffy brows


    I really like this for the fluffy brow look. Usually I use the Glossier boy brow but it's not easy to get here, so this is my next go to.
  53. Amazing!!


    I use this product as a gel followed by outlining my brows with a pencil - it looks very natural & fills in the missing parts of my brow. I would definitely recommend for those after a bold brow look!
  54. Natural and Easy


    This was very easy to apply and gave a really natural look. Definitely loved this one!
  55. Great for eyebrows with their own mind


    My eyebrows are quite full and the hairs go whatever way they please but find this product is great to keep them In place but it also adds a little colour to them.
    It’s more of a natural finish so if you are wanting a defined eyebrow it’s better to go with another product as this is only light .
  56. Great for making thin brows look much thicker


    Gimme Brow is great for making thin brows look much thicker. It has quite an intense chemical smell but it works particularly well. I found the perfect shade and am very happy with how long it lasts. The only downfall is the price tag. Just too expensive for what it is.
  57. Excellent dupe for boy brow!!


    I love this little gem. It gives the brows so much dimension making it full but natural at the same time. Am i model yet? Maybe not but my brows definitely fit the bill.
  58. Amazing brow product


    This product is truly wonderful for patchy eyebrows. It covers the patchy areas with ease and looks completely natural. It's easy to apply and you can have both eyebrows looking terrific in 1 minute flat! If you're only after a subtle look, then one swipe over the eyebrows is sufficient, but if you're after a dramatic night time look then two or three swipes would do the trick. I have very dark brown hair, and Shade 5 was perfect for me. This will be a permanent addition to my makeup arsenal!
  59. Very nice product


    I really liked this brow product, it held the brow in place all day. It was a nice on the brows, easy to manipulate.
  60. Staple


    This is definitely a staple in my make up bag
    Love how u can brush your brows and it adds colour and gel
  61. Changed my brow game!


    This brow product changed my brows and I will never go back! I can wear it on its own on my more "natural" makeup days or paired with a brow pencil for more glam days. Not only do my brows stay in place but this product brings life back into my brows. Brown pencils and powders can often detract from the fact that your brows are meant to be hairy! This product coats and defines the hairs, helping them to stand out and look fuller! Definitely recommend this product to anyone who wants to give their brows that extra oomph!
  62. good


    This is a great product, but doesn't quite fill in the gaps that I have, so I use it in conjunction with a powder,


    Great product!!
    I use the shade 03 Medium and find it gives me a natural yet full brow!
    I love the size as I carry it in my purse so I am never without it or can do it on the go if I don't have enough time in the morning!

    Will continue to repurchase! LOVE!!
  64. So easy


    I love this. I received a sample in my previous purchase and then added it to my cart with my next order. Really easy to use, great colour and super natural looking. It doesn’t leave my brows feeling stiff like the Bobbi Brown one I was previously using.
    I only just got the full size product and it’s pretty small so not sure about the price for the size and will wait to see how far it goes.
  65. Great product for a quick fix


    I have thinning brows and this has solved my problem of looking like I have drawn on eyebrows! Its super easy to use and the little wand and brush means you dont get it everywhere but instead get a natural look.
  66. AMAZING!!!


    I have tried a few eye brow gels in my time, this easily my fav. Yes it is small but honestly a little bit goes a long way with this product! I really recommend get a eye brow brush so you can also brush out the gel once it is on your eye brow!
  67. Excellent


    One of my favourite brow products. I can either use just this to thicken up my brows or over another product to make them look even better. Benefits brow products are amazing.
  68. The best brow gel in the market!!


    This is the first and only brow gel that I will ever buy. It does the job amazingly well. My brows look thicker after application and, most importantly, the hairs stay in place all day! An absolute must have!
  69. Perfect Natural Brows!


    Great for an everyday natural look. It is easy to apply and gives my brows a gorgeous, soft look. Does the job so well!
  70. Good brow gel


    This is a great brow gel and allows me to not have to fill in my brows with pencil or anything else on days when I’m in a rush
  71. Natural looking brows


    I love this product for an everyday natural look. Gives my brows a bit more fullness and colour but without looking overdone. I use for this for work and weekend errands. This was my second purchase of this product and will be buying again.
  72. Quick and easy


    This is a great product for those of us with a naturally decent brow shape who just need some pigment and texture. This is not a precise brow product, but it works for me and takes just about a minute.
  73. Favourite brow mascara


    Nice colour, holds well without feeling stiff and does give a nice fill, however my sparse brows still need a fill in with pencil.
  74. Simply Amazing


    This is my new go-to! If you have patchy brows that are shaped nicely this will be your new best friend! It fills out brows perfectly leaving them looking as natural as ever! Love love love
  75. Fluffy, luscious brows!


    I'll admit I'm neurotic about my brows and I've probably tried every product there is to find the right one. The Benefit Gimme Brow+ is pure magic, I can use this when I've fully filled in my brows or on a no makeup day and it will still suit. There's a wide range of colours (come on, most brow products are limited to 'blonde' 'brunette' 'black', this is awesome) and the gel stays put all day without looking caked on. There's actually tiny fibers in the gel that help your brows look nice and full! I don't think I can live without it now.
  76. Great brow product!


    I do really like this brow gel. I have fair brows and don't like pencilling them or filling them as i feel it looks too heavy so I only use a brow gel.

    This is a great product and would definitely repurchase. The ONLY reason it got 4 stars is because I prefer the glossier boy brow however that's not always easy to get because they dont ship to aus.

    So this is my back-up product and I still love it - but if i had to pick one the glossier one wins out for me
  77. For a natural look and on the go moments!


    I like to keep my routine really simple and always opt to sleep more in the mornings and this product has been really really good. it helps my eyebrow seem thicker and helps tame it at the same time. when im running late, i'll use this without even drawing in my eyebrows. I just wish its a little bit more pigmented and has a longer brush but overall its a great product.
  78. Love it


    Looks natural though instead of number 3 I would have preferred a lighter shade. I have medium dark skin tone with natural level 7 ash blonde hair so too dark brows look weird on me.
  79. The best brow product out there


    This makes my brows look so full and fluffy but still really natural. the colour range is great and it lasts for so long!
  80. love the texture


    this creates such a great texture on the inner of your brows, love the definition and shade range.
  81. Best eyebrow gel


    the best thing about this eyebrow gel is that it is not too much and make my eyebrow hair too crusty. It fills my eyebrow perfectly
  82. Quick and easy brows


    This is a great easy to use brow product if you want a natural look or don't want to spend a lot of time filling in your brows. Alternatively can also be used as a brow gel after filling in with pencil to tidy up a look. Not cheap and you only get a small quantity, but it does seem to last me a while. Would repurchase.
  83. Your eyebrows but better.


    Gives a really natural look that just lengthens and defines your eyebrows without looking like you've done anything to them. I do think for the price its a small tube though and there is probably products that do similar things that are way better value.
  84. All time fave


    I have tried a few different eyebrow pencils, gels, etc. in my time and none compare to the benefit Gimme Brow. This goes on perfectly and keeps my eyebrows in place all day long. This is a key part of my make up routine. The brush is perfect size for applying to your eyebrows as it is a bit smaller it gives you more control over the lines.
  85. Really helped me pick up my man-brow game

    Jason (Adore Beauty Staff)

    This might sound strange, but I like my eyebrows. They're not too thick, not too thin, plus I don't have a mono-brow. Despite my eyebrow related confidence, I liked the way I could use this product to cover up some of the random blonde hairs I only just discovered I have. It's a little thing but it boosts my confidence. As this product is super quick to apply it was an easy addition to my morning routine.
  86. So much easier than a pencil!


    I love this product! I only have a mini size but will be getting the full size when it runs out. so much easier than a pencil and you can control how dark it goes on

    ps. the super cute packaging looks good in your make up bag too :)
  87. Thank god it's back!


    For the small period this product wasn't available due to product changes, I nearly died. I've been using this brow product, along with Ka Brow exclusively for ~4 years now. It's so easy to use, simple, compact and despite being a relatively small size for the price, it lasts forever. I love how it gives your brows definition and colour without looking blocky.
  88. Brows for days!


    This is a product I will continue to re-purchase! It makes my sparse brows look full everytime I use it.
  89. Brow On The Go


    A must-have for anyone who wants a fuller brow in a hot minute.
  90. Flash Brows


    A brow product that gives me brows in a flash, I love this product.
  91. Does the job


    This is a great quick fix for brows. It is natural looking and buildable
  92. Quick and easy


    This is my go to when I can't be bothered doing my brows properly. A fantastic production that adds color and thickness. I just wish it held them in place too!
  93. Great natural affect


    I use this product as a gel followed by outlining my brows with a pencil - it looks very natural & fills in the missing parts of my brow. I would definitely recommend for those after a bold brow look!
  94. impressed


    really great for a natural looking brow and to use on days when you just want a quick touch of makeup
  95. A staple!!


    This perfectly tames my brow hairs all day, making them look well defined and fuller! I tried this because of all the hype surrounding it, and I can say it lived up to it! It's a true staple in my makeup collection!
  96. AMAZING!!!!


    This product exceeded my expectations!! I was struggling with filling in the start of my brows and not making them look too full on and this is perfect! it colours in the hairs for a great natural looking finish!!!!
  97. Makes my brows perfect


    I can use this on its own to build my brows or over powder to thicken them up. Works very well, the little fibres really define my brows
  98. great to travel with


    it is a good size and goes a long way too. it gives a good boost to my un even brows. i pluck my eyebrows so they always have little gaps in them. i just take this and goes over them and it gives my eye brows an even look.
  99. Great Great Great Brow Product


    I received a sample of this product and now I can't go back to my NYX brow gel. The formula, colour and wand are fantastic and so easy to apply. It takes me about 20 seconds to do my eyebrows and it rarely makes clumpy marks on my skin below the eye-brow hairs. Would recommend.
  100. Does what an eyebrow gel should

    Bec W

    I bought shade 5 because I have black hair and the colour suits my brows. It does what you a expect brow gel tint to do, which is to tint the brow to make it look darker and fuller, to a degree and not overwhelmingly so (which is a good thing) It does last, and the little brush allows for easy application. I’m not gushing over this product but it does what it’s supposed to. 4 stars as the little travel size is way too expensive for the amount you get!
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