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Benefit Gimme Brow + Fibre Gel 3g

4.7 of 374 reviews


4 instalments of $10.75


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4 instalments of $10.75


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Full Brows...NOW! Back and better than ever! Benefit Gimme Brow+ is a tinted eyebrow gel that contains tiny microfibers that adhere to skin and hair. Create natural-looking fullness and definition, while the tiny, tapered brush makes application easy and mess-proof! Poof...fuller-looking brows magically appear!

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SUPERIOR - 94% recommend

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Benefit Gimme Brow + Fibre Gel

Benefit Gimme Brow + Fibre Gel

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4.7 of 374 reviews

94% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive



Got this as a sample with an order. Always used something on my brows but never a gel. 100% converted and will buy again - it's fool proof!

Most Helpful Criticism

Brow & Fibe Gel


This little beauty is fantastic to fill in your eyebrows! i love it!
  1. Converted


    Got this as a sample with an order. Always used something on my brows but never a gel. 100% converted and will buy again - it's fool proof!
  2. Holy grail


    fantastic product, lasts all day and so easy to use.
  3. Brow & Fibe Gel


    This little beauty is fantastic to fill in your eyebrows! i love it!
  4. Good product


    I purchased Gimme Brow after hearing all the hype - I have to say I’m a little disappointed. I don’t notice much difference when using, however I now use it in conjunction with other products such as pencil just to keep brows in place. Unlikely to purchase again.
  5. amazing natural brows


    I love this gel, it really adds colour and makes my brows look full and feathery. However, the product can dry out after a couple of months so be careful to screw the cap on tight
  6. amazing


    I'm the type of person who buys the mini then the bigger if I like the product. especially if it expensive and I've got to say I love this product so much. When I'm running late I just put this on and I'm out the door. IT gives me the natural but defined brows.
  7. So easy to use


    Great to use when on the go or in a rush, it's so easy to apply. I use in conjunction with other brow products and it sets them perfectly.
  8. Really nice product for coloring your brow


    A good combination use with the Benefit Goof Proof Brow Pencil. After use, it is very clean and not becoming a mess. Love the color.
  9. best product


    I use shade 4.5. its so easy and quick yo use. I love alll the benefit products I use this when running late. it makes them look fuller and thicker. I recommend this to people want simple and quick brows or new beginners
  10. Have replaced all other products!


    I have pretty thick brows so don't typically need to do much shaping or apply much product but I love the natural and plump effect this gives my brows! Have repurchased many times
  11. Does what it says, but can be messy


    I didn’t love this product, I much prefer to use a brow powder and pencil. That is just my personal preference though. I have pretty thick eyebrows to begin with, so this didn’t do too much for me - it just made my eyebrows look darker, which I didn’t really want as I have naturally dark eyebrows already. Application can be messy as the fibres get everywhere. The product does what it says it will ...
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  12. So easy to use


    I love this for how natural it looks on my sparse brows, making them fluffy and look thicker with minimal product. So good to just swipe on and leave the house. However, I found that it spoils and starts to smell sour after a while, which is disappointing as it would’ve been my holy grail brow product.
  13. Great product- but buy the mini!


    love this formula but i prefer buying the mini version and i find it drys out with everyday use.
  14. Best product


    I use the gimme brow everyday to fill in and and make my brow standout. This is my go to when I running late or need to quickly add something to brows. I recommend this to makeup beginners.
  15. Nice and natural looking brow gel


    I love this brow gel - I prefer gels and have tried quite a few in my time but I think this is my favourite. Easy application with no clumping or globs of colour in your brows. Holds them in place all day and a nice natural looking colour. Reordering and this is now my go to daily brow gel
  16. Can't live without this


    Since I started using this at the beginning of the year I couldn't imagine my life without it, so quick and easy to apply yet so effective. I have semi full brows to begin with so this just helps to shape them and make them appear that little bit fuller, yet super natural.
  17. not my favourite


    This is like mascara for brows. It holds them beautifully in place, and is quick to use. But on me it looks a bit clumpy, and it didn't help with filling my missing bits. For my sparse gappy brows, Precisely My Brow is perfect.
  18. Insane


    The best brow gel I have ever used!! Hold brows in place all day
  19. Great


    I have very thick bushy brows and this is my favourite product to kepe in my bag or in my travel makeup bag. Its great for those no makeup days just to clean up your brows a bit!
  20. Changed my brow routine


    I used to use brow pencils but after being recommended this, I don't think I'll ever use a brow pencil again. I like having natural looking brows and this fills them in perfectly without them looking fake and drawn on. I usually use shade no. 4. The bottle looks small but a little bit goes a long way
  21. Great for fair haired brows


    This product is great for fair haired brows, the shade options are very versatile and I highly recommend it.
  22. Great Brow Gel!


    This brow gel is really nice! Adds instant volume to my brows. The only downfall is the price as there are similar/the same gels out there for a fraction of the price.
  23. Easy peasy


    Great for a natural look, but won't fill in extremely sparse areas. Gives good hold to brows
  24. Addictive!


    I'm pretty fair and have quite faint, thin brows, this helps build it up and look natural and thicker, especially towards the front and arch of my brow.
  25. Great for low maintenance/natural brows!


    I love how this is like a brow tint and 'feathers' the brows. I love using and have bought multiple times but it is pretty expensive and doesn't last very long if using daily.
  26. All you need for your brows


    This stuff saves my brows! I love that I can use it in so many different ways. On days where I don’t want to wear a lot of makeup I use it on its own to fill in my brows and when I want a fuller brow I use it on top of an eyebrow pencil to define them even more!Yeah
  27. The more I use it, the more I love it


    Really relying on this gel now, I've slowly stopped using my pencil in an attempt to get my hair to grow back... but this just works. It's thick enough to make my brows look full, and the fibres make your brows look fluffy instead of flat. It's just amazing and really lives up to the hype.
  28. Where has this been all my life!


    I went to Benefit in Myer to get my brows down and ended up buying a few products including this and wow. This has changed the way I do my brows - it has never been easier and they have never looked better. People have even been complimenting me lately!
  29. best brow gel


    this is by far the best brow gel ! the only downside is its quite pricey for a small bottle, however I would still continue to keep buying this
  30. Good for quick results


    This is my go to for when I'm late or don't have time to use pomade, works really well and colours nicely. Doesn't shape as well as pomade but still fills brows in nicely
  31. Great


    Great product. I Can be used it on its own for subtle but groomed brows. I have highlighted dark brown hair and light olive skin and use shade 4 or 4.5.
  32. WOW!


    I got this in a bonus pack! was much easier to use than having to pencil them in! My eyebrows are quiet full so this just gave them an extra omph! Worth trying out.
  33. Great


    I like wearing this on its own on my brows and it makes my eyebrows look fuller yet natural
  34. Everyone raves about this for a reason !


    Fleeky brows ! Fast delivery and always something cute and fast like a tim tam in the order when it arrives such a nice surprise and treat while you play with your new products!
  35. Love it!


    Fast delivery! Brow applicator is small and so precise ! Love it, will definitely buy again.
  36. Love it


    Gimme brow is so good to brush through your brows when you don't want any product in your brows, or as a finishing touch to your already filled in brows. It also sets them which is amazing!!
  37. Eyebrows are so fluffy and full


    This literally shaves so much time off doing my make up in the morning. I just brush my brows and they look so natural and put together. I love it!!!
  38. Love!


    Love this, this is an essential in my eyebrow routine. I wear a number 3 I always use this after filling in my brows.
  39. Perfect


    Simply perfect. It fills in a simple and easy to apply. Leaves the Eyebrow well designed but natural.
  40. Ok


    This does work well and makes the eye lashes long and luscious but unfortunately it doesn’t stay put and in no time I have black underneath my eyes.
  41. Excellent


    I don’t need more products on my brow this one is enough for me works well and makes my brow look more natural
  42. Works well


    Bought this after getting a free sample and I’m sold because it works so quickly and easily to make my sparse eyebrows more defined and fuller without looking unnatural
  43. tip


    one tip if you want you brows to have more colour I find is go backwards with the brush so the product gets all the way though your brows instead of sitting on top I use this everyday couldn't live with out it
  44. Good for people with sparse eyebrow hair


    This really is volumising, but as someone who already has lots of eyebrow hair, I don't use this product as much as Benefit's Goof Proof Brow Pencil or the Precisely, My Brow Pencil. This does fill in gaps nicely and it's great for a quick flick on the eyebrows if you are short on time and don't need, or want, to define your brows. The application is not as precise as the other products above but ...
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  45. Didn’t suit my brows


    Didn’t work for me, think I don’t have thick enough brows for this to work nicely.
  46. Stay all day!


    Love this brow gel. The fact that it has tiny fibres is an even bigger plus. My brows don’t budge all day.
  47. Awesome


    really sets my brows in place all day and the tint adds a lot of volume exactly what i need for a blonde stay hairs
  48. Amazing for sparse brows


    I use this after the gimme brow pencil to brush out and fill in my sparse eyebrows. This leaves them looking naturally full!
  49. Easy brows


    I just swipe this product through my brows for a fuller more set look even when i'm going for a more natural makeup day. Doesn't look like glue or heavy. Could be cheaper but it's benefit
  50. Great product


    I have dark but sparse eyebrows, so I don't need to much product to achieve a full look. This product works perfectly for me, I just use it on those sparse areas and it gives an amazing naturally defined look. It's great for those like me who don't like to spend too much time on their makeup everyday.
  51. Love it.


    Sets my brows in place on a night out and i am obsessed. Makes them look fuller but natural. Shade 3 is what i use and great for blondes
  52. Good for those with thin brows


    I'm pretty fair and have quite faint, thin brows, this helps build it up and look natural and thicker, especially towards the front and arch of my brow
  53. Always perfect brows!


    I absolutely love this product! I am not the best at doing my brows but this product has made it so much easier and quicker to achieve perfect brows all the time!
  54. Great brow gel


    This gives me the extra definition that I need it matches my brow colour and just gives that natural fluffy look
  55. Gimme brows!


    This gel is great as I have light hairs towards the middle of my eyebrows and need some gel to give my brows more definition.
  56. Tames my brows!


    I have very thick eyebrows with thick black hair so this product definitely keeps any pesky hairs and strays in place all day.
  57. Fantastic product!


    I highly recommend Gimme Brow. I have dark brown brows so I don't need too much product in them, however Gimme Brow fills them in nicely without leaving them looking 'over done'.
    They hold the brows in place without feeling sticky or heavy.
    Highly recommend this product and one tube will last a long time.
  58. MAGIC!


    This is honestly amazing! the fibre sticks to the hairs and just makes your brows look big & bold! great product! if only it came in a pack!!!!
  59. Lovely


    Adds a nice tint to my brows and locks them in place all day. Nice instead of filling them in. I use shade three for dark blonde hair
  60. great for busy schedules


    I used to have lots of time for careful pencilling of eyebrows but with a new schedule means less time to deal with eyebrows; this product really performs! It's pigmented enough to give a very natural look which is very hard to overdo and the small wand is fantastic. Just wish it wasn't so expensive :(
  61. Holy grail


    I have been using this eyebrow fibre gel on my eyebrows for years, I have tried other brands on the market as well but nothing comes anywhere near as good as this product. Definitely my holy grail product for eyebrows!
  62. Love!


    This is a great eyebrow gel on days when you don't want to put too much effort into your brows. Of course it can be used after pencil too, however it's great to add some colour and definition when you're running out the door. I have fair brows and the lightest shade is perfect for me. My brows still have some colour though, so may be too dark if your brows are very fair/blonde.
  63. Fluffy brows, yes please.


    A must have to set brows in place. Perfect to use over other brow products to add more brow volume, or to use on no makeup days to get more definition. Love the small wand for more precise application.
  64. Amazing


    This product make my eyebrow looks fuller and it’s so easy to use. Definitely repurchase.
  65. not for me but great for people with less eyebrow hair


    i do have dark full-ish eyebrows anyway, i do pencil some spots in where i have lost a little hair . when i used this it just looked too obvious? kept my hairs in place BUT left them looking a little clumped, i had to go back over my eyebrows with a spoolie to seperate them and look more natural.

    if you have minimal eyebrow hair, this would be great for you. just didnt work for me
  66. Such a lifesaver when you overpluck your brows


    This actually works so well. My brows immediately look thicker and fuller and it’s so easy! I remember freaking out when I overplucked my eyebrows once and this product actually made my brows look normal again.
  67. Minimal effort required - love it


    I have been using this product for years and always buy a new one before the previous one runs out. Can't be without it! It's great for filling my brows and makes them look much fuller for minimal effort. Most of the time I just use this on its own for everyday, but if I'm wearing a heavier makeup look then I use this over the top of a brow pencil as this product doesn't define sharply due to bein...
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  68. great brows


    I received a mini size as a gift a while back and when it ran out, the full size was temporarily unavailable! So I went with a Napoleon product instead, but came back to the Benefit as it's better :-) It's a nice compact size for your makeup bag and the short wand means you can right up close to your brows.
  69. Daily Staple


    I honestly don’t know how I survived before this brow gel came into my life. It’s soooooo easy to use and it makes a whole world of difference! I use it every day and would never go back.
    I have stubborn eyebrow hairs that like to stick out every which way but this really keeps them under control!
    Hefty price tag but you’ll likely find it’s worth it.
    Must try!
  70. Nice product


    I received this product as a sample and didn’t think I would get around to using it as I had just purchased Benefit KaBrow. But then my makeup bag was stolen so I was thrilled I had it. This is a nice product and is very easy to use; however having tried both products I think I prefer Benefit’s Ka-Brow. This product doesn’t layer quite as well and doesn’t outline the shape of the brow as sharply d...
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  71. It works


    If I had to choose one Benefit brow product this would be it. It fills, shapes and adds texture for a natural look on its own. I do think it's overpriced but still a great product.
  72. Good formula but pricey


    The formula and brush is great, but i find the packaging annoying and the price is high for a product that runs out reasonably quickly.

    I've found other cheaper products that do the same job for a fraction of the price. If this lasted longer (i think it dries out quickly) i'd buy it again but bought a few now because of the formula and brush but doesn't win out in the end with the ab...
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  73. Holy grail brow gel!


    Great product. My shade “light” Ian perfect for my dark blonde brows. The product doesn’t dry up and flake onto my foundation as some other brow gels do. The colour is pigmented enough that I sometimes just use the gimme brow to fill in my brows. Perfect for “no make up” make up days as it looks so natural. Works great when used in conjunction with a brow pencil too.
  74. Makes my brows perfect


    I can use this on its own to build my brows or over powder to thicken them up. Works very well, the little fibres really define my brows
  75. AMAZING!!!!


    This product exceeded my expectations!! I was struggling with filling in the start of my brows and not making them look too full on and this is perfect! it colours in the hairs for a great natural looking finish!!!!
  76. A staple!!


    This perfectly tames my brow hairs all day, making them look well defined and fuller! I tried this because of all the hype surrounding it, and I can say it lived up to it! It's a true staple in my makeup collection!
  77. impressed


    really great for a natural looking brow and to use on days when you just want a quick touch of makeup
  78. Great natural affect


    I use this product as a gel followed by outlining my brows with a pencil - it looks very natural & fills in the missing parts of my brow. I would definitely recommend for those after a bold brow look!
  79. Quick and easy


    This is my go to when I can't be bothered doing my brows properly. A fantastic production that adds color and thickness. I just wish it held them in place too!
  80. Does the job


    This is a great quick fix for brows. It is natural looking and buildable
  81. great to travel with


    it is a good size and goes a long way too. it gives a good boost to my un even brows. i pluck my eyebrows so they always have little gaps in them. i just take this and goes over them and it gives my eye brows an even look.
  82. Great Great Great Brow Product


    I received a sample of this product and now I can't go back to my NYX brow gel. The formula, colour and wand are fantastic and so easy to apply. It takes me about 20 seconds to do my eyebrows and it rarely makes clumpy marks on my skin below the eye-brow hairs. Would recommend.
  83. Precision!


    I love the small wand on this, it makes it very easy to use!
  84. Very nice


    I really liked this brow product, it held the brow in place all day. It was a nice on the brows, easy to manipulate.
  85. Great tint colour Number 3


    Works well & great product but doesn't seem to last very long is the only problem. Fills in well. But not good for people who have very fine brows with too much plucking. Easy application & very quick which is great for a quick touch-up.
  86. Does what it’s suppose to


    Pretty simple this does exactly what it’s suppose to and it’s hold lasts. It’s a keeper!
  87. One sample and I was hooked


    I received a sample Benefit Gimme Brow with a previous order and was HOOKED after one use. Love the way it makes my brows appear fuller and more even.
  88. Best brow


    This is the best brow makeup. Looks so natural and holds all day.


    I love Benefit products for my brows and have been using the Goof Proof pencil for a while now. I find that this is the perfect accompaniment. I use the Goof Proof to fill in and shape my brows to how I want and then gel them into place with this, it adds excellent texture and you don't need to apply much of the product to get a wonderful natural effect. It is an every-dayer for me :)
  90. Good


    I'm still learning to make my look right with this but happy so far
  91. Go to brow product!


    LOVEEE this product! I've had it for almost 2 years and it's still going strong. Super easy to use, brush throw your brows and then brush them up. Its the best for holidays and travelling. All i use when i go to bali! You can also use this with Benefit Brow Zings and brush through with this afterwards. tip: brush against the hair to coat all the hairs evenly.
  92. Bushy brows


    This is a great product if you want to give some dimension to your brows. I was recommended this by a friend as my drawn on brows felt a little bit flat / fake. Using this product gave it more body and volume. I highly recommend it as a brow gel.
  93. No turning back now! This is the eyebrow tool of the century!


    I'm going to put this as simple as possible - when you're as neurotic about your brows as I am, you will try every product there is to find the right one. My search is over. This is the best tool for sculpting your brows and keeping those hairs in place all day long. Makes your brows lush and thick, brows on fleeeeek!
  94. Super easy to apply


    Love this for super easy everyday brows, really quick to apply for a lazy morning make-up applier like me. It's not my favourite when I want more defined "nighttime" brows though, I usually end up favouring a pencil/powder over this.
  95. Easy to Apply for Great Brows


    I bought this Benefit Gimme Brow based on other people's positive reviews, and I am glad that I did! It's a fantastic product that is easy and quick to apply. I have fair skin and I bought the lightest shade and it is perfect. I thought it might be too light and not be noticeable, but it wasn't. It fills in my brows and holds them in place. I would definitely recommend this product.
  96. Great product!


    I first received this benefit program free in a magazine, and I used it religiously after that! Great touch up to my brows without having to completely do them. Thumbs up.
  97. Great size


    My eyebrows are quite full and the hairs go whatever way they please but find this product is great to keep them In place but it also adds a little colour to them.
    It’s more of a natural finish so if you are wanting a defined eyebrow it’s better to go with another product as this is only light .
    Perfect size for in your hand bag.
  98. obsessed


    LOVE this product. Applies easily, doesn't clog and nice colour
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