Episode 7: Busting Breakout Myths With A Skin Expert

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What’s on this episode? We’re glad you asked...

Hiding bathroom smells: 

We share our personal strategies for going on a holiday with your partner with the first time.

Our products:

Joanna's product: Aesop Post-Poo Drops

Hannah's product: Poo Pourri 

Busting breakout myths:

Tegan Mac from @teganmac.skin is a skin therapist who also suffers from adult acne. She joins us to bust breakout myths and tell us which ingredients and professional treatments are best for acne-prone skin. Tegan's routine: 

The product we didn't know we needed:

Hannah’s product: Kérastase Nutritive 8hr Magic Night Serum

Joanna's product: Dr. Bronner Hand Sanitizer Lavender


Hosts: Joanna Fleming & Hannah Furst 

Special Guest: Tegan Mac 

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Adult Acne with Skin Therapist Guest Tegan Mac Plus Toilet Deodorizers & Fresheners - Beauty IQ Uncensored Episode 7 Transcript


Welcome everybody to BeautyIQ the podcast.


I'm your host Joanna Fleming


and I am your co host Hannah Furst. So what's on today's episode, Jo?


So today we are talking about hiding bathroom smells, delicately. Aka poop. And then we have a very special guest. @teganmac.skin is coming in to talk about adult acne. And of course, our products that we didn't know we needed.


So for today's cringy convo, we're talking about... poo


Surprise. Surprise. Something else that you probably don't want to listen to.


We actually wrote in our schedule which, like everyone has access to. We wrote 'hiding bathroom smells' because we thought that was more delicate. But let's just call it what it is. So the reason this came up was, I... the other day said to Joanna, I was like, 'Jo, do you want to come get a coffee?' and she was like 'Do you want me to shit myself?'


I can't have coffee, guys. I can't.


So what happens to you when you drink coffee?


Well as you just said, I shit myself. How can I put this delicately...


Has that happened to you before?


Yeah. Well I haven't actually shit myself. But, to the point where I need to go to the bathroom urgently


right away and you need be near a toilet.


Absolutely. And honestly, like I... as we discussed in our episode with Carla, I've had a lot of gut issues in my life. And so this is just, bathroom anxiety is probably thing for me.


So, you wouldn't have... So the reason that we started talking about it was we were like, you know, when you like, first start dating someone or you... and then you go on your first holiday together...


I feel like everybody has their strategies.


Yes. Everybody.


And we spoke about this with a previous guest, was their strategy for like, hiding what you do in the bathroom.


What do you do? Like, when you go...you flush as you're going. But then you have to flush again. So anyway...


I've got a strategy.


I feel like this will be really relatable to a lot of people. So you probably haven't gone through what I've gone through, which is I remember I went with my ex boyfriend, We went to Bali for our first trip. It was very early on in the first 6 months, and I'd never gone to the toilet, number two's. I'd never... I don't want to say number two. I want to say what it's called


Just say...




I never shat in front of my boyfriend.


Is that the technical term?


Yep. Shat


Um, so I'd never gone to the toilet in front of him. We didn't live together. And we went to Bali and we had a villa together. And I was like, 'What am I gonna do?'


Did you think about it prior? Because I think about it for like three months before.


Yes, because I knew that a friend had gone, had the same thing happened to her, and she'd actually had to get suppositories because she hadn't gone to the toilet in a week or something.


Was that friend you?


No, that was not me. That was actually a friend. But I really did. So I held on. And, you know, when you're in Bali, you're in your bikini. So my stomach got bigger and bigger and got more bloated and more painful. And my stomach pains were... was like stabbing. And so I remember I was like, we got to like, a restaurant on, like, the third or fourth day, and I still hadn't gone to the bathroom. And I was like, I'm just gonna have to go the bathroom here. And then it was too late.


Yeah, that doesn't happen to me


So that must be... so if I leave it too long, it's done, I can't go to the toilet


I think I'd just perish. I don't think I can hold it. I'm one of those people that like if I had to go, I'd be one of those people you know, that they capture on like, CCTV, supermarkets. Like, shitting in an aisle. That would be me because I can't hold it.


So, you probably have never experienced that then


I haven't, no. I'm opposite to you.


Okay so, what's your story? Because we all just have a story


Oh I just have my own strategies. So, like, you know, if you're going away with someone for the first time and you don't know what the bathroom situation, I'm always hoping for a bathroom with a shower and a toilet, because then you can turn the shower on. You can be like, 'oh I'm just going to have a shower'


Yeah that's true, that're true.


Turn the shower on, they don't know anything. And then by the time you get out of the shower there's nothing. No evidence.


So that is like best case scenario.


But if there's not a separate, if there's a separate toilet...you're f****ed. So we've actually got a couple of products that we rely on quite heavily. I mean, I'm quite open. I don't really mind too much.


Since we've started this podcast, can I be honest like, I've been quite more open about this like, with you.


What do you mean?


Because I would never say to you like, I really... Like if I don't go... like I've been telling you...


Well we've been away together quite a bit


but I like, I would never talk about my gut issues. And like any bloating, like all of that sort of stuff, I wouldn't talk about that usually. But now...


you tell me anything


But now I just tell you, I'm like, 'haven't gone to the toilet in three days. What's wrong with me?' And you're like, you need to...


I don't know why you rely on me for medical advice.


I do. I rely on you for all my advice. Actually, can I be honest with you? You know how I stopped going to f45. And then I like... That's when I started having really bad gut issues and I wasn't going to the toilet. I was not regular. And I started taking, like, the Detox + Debloat by JS Health and the Glow powder. So I was trying all these supplements to try to compensate for the fact that I'd stopped exercising and started having issues with being regular. And so then what I did was I just went back to a f45 and then...


and what do you know?


What do you know? A soon as I have a coffee in the morning


exercise is a...oh wait, so you go at work?


No, no, no, no...Do I?


Sometimes you got to


I didn't used to want to do that, I used to hold


a lot of people don't. A lot of people are like, 'I will only shit in my toilet', but like if you've got diarrhoea, what're you gonna do?


I think as I get older, I get less stressed about it. And maybe us talking about this stuff has also made me less stressed about it. Like I probably just don't care anymore. And I'm like, It's okay.


I want people to DM us if they have work toilet phobia, because I think that's probably a thing.


Yes. And I probably have had... So at my last job, we had, like a conference centre that was like downstairs and there was never any conferences there, so I used to actually go downstairs. Because I didn't want to do it in our bathroom. Which makes no sense. Like that's what the bathrooms there for


I know, but it's this shame of like, centuries of women not being able to talk about their bowel movements.




and now we have this overwhelming shame.


That's so true. That's so true.


But guys can just be like 'I'm going to take a shit' and everyone’s like 'cool!'


Yeah they're actually really open about it. What is it about women? And also it's about...


It's the same thing that we've discussed in a lot of our episodes, that stuff that guys feel comfortable talking about, and then all of a sudden, it's like shameful for us to talk.


It's like, it's like we don't... It's like we don't poo. It's weird that women poo or something. But it's not because you do it every, hopefully...


we're all human.


Exactly. So I think that, yes, it's like there's the whole thing about, like, normalising it. It's like, yes, we all shit and we all have to and it's fine. But also there is also the thing that if someone's coming into the bathroom after you, it's actually like a nice thing to cover the smell.


Yeah. And if you're a month into a relationship and you want to keep the romance alive and maybe you do want to cover it up. So the two products that we choose to hide our bathrooms smells.


So I actually, because I don't have a boyfriend, I don't really... I'm not a big spender on the hiding the poo smell. So I just go for Poo Pourri which is cheaper, I think,


Do you know how it works?


No, I actually don't know how it works


so my product works similar to this as well. So I like Aesop Post Poo Drops because I'm bougie


You are


and they both kind of work in a similar way, where they kind of form a film over the water. So once the excrement goes into the water...the smell can't get out. So it's kind of similar, but


Are you meant to spray Poo Pourri over the...


So Poo Pourri goes first, before you anticipate you're going to do a poo


Oh my God. Okay, so I did not know that


No it goes first, that's the point of it. Poo Pourri spray in first. Before you go.


I did not read the instructions.


Well, we've got to put some instructions at work babe


and then the Post Poo Drops are obviously post... poo. It's kind of a little bit different.


I love that Aesop doesn't give a shit and they call it Post Poo Drops.


Yeah well they do give a shit.


I just really like that, that brand, which is like such a nice, beautiful bougie brand, is calling it... a spade a spade.


Yeah exactly, I love that too.


I love that.


But anyway, that's our approach to bathroom smells. So if you're looking for an air freshener, but also on air fresheners- how annoying is that when the air freshener is an aerosol and obviously everybody outside of the bathroom can hear you spraying a can


I actually think the Post Poo Drops would be the most discreet


Well Poo Pourri, you can't hear either, because it's just a very slight spray. It's not an aerosol. It's just a little spray bottle, so you don't hear either of them. Like, who invented toilet freshener...


I know like, 'Kkshhhh'


Yeah you can hear it from 500 metres away. What is the point?


Someone did a shit


There's no point


Anyway, if you find these cringy convos immature...


I would like to say that Hannah and I are both mature adults, but sometimes you just have to address these things, and it's funny to talk about .


If you find this immature, that's fine. But we're going to keep doing it. So. we'll be back next week talking about... I can't even remember what's on next week's, but we'll be back to talk about something gross.


Our next guest is here to talk about adult acne. It is, of course, the famous teganmac.skin, she's here in the flesh


I'm here in the teganmac.skin jumper


You're used to seeing her on the gram. But she's here on the podcast.


Yes, so tell us a little bit about yourself, Tegan.


So I've been dealing with acne ever since I was probably about 13. It never got to the point where I needed to go on Roaccutane, but it got very close. So I think that's what kind of sparked my whole interest in skin, is because it was always something that I was battling with myself. And I was trying to find solutions for my issues. And then it just kind of, I fell into the world of skin care.


So what do you do now?


Now, as a job?


Yes for the people that haven't seen you...


As a lifestyle? Who hasn't seen me? I'm everywhere


For the people who haven't seen you all over our gram?


Yes. Here I am


Don't be like that Tegan.


I'm back in podcast form. So working at my personal business now, teganmac.skin as of last week, doing all things skin. That's what I do. But I thought, what better way to introduce my acne stories with a story that I feel like summarises one of my prime acne experiences? So this was in 2016 I went to Eritrea, which is in Africa, and I was there with my...


I thought that was going to be music festival


No, it sounds like it. No, it's in Africa, East Africa. And I went there with my boyfriend and his family and we were staying with his Aunty. And I was like going through a real bad skin patch. I just did a long-haul flight. I was stressed. My skin was just gross. But I was like, 'Hey, I'm like in Africa. I'm not going to wear any makeup. Let me live my best life' and his Aunty obviously didn't speak English. So any time we would have a conversation, it would have to be through someone else. So she is looking at me saying something, and I like being polite. And then my friend had to translate it and she was like, 'Oh, she said that you've got a lot of bad mosquito bites your face like the mosquitoes have really got you bad'. And I was like... because we both knew it wasn't mosquito bites. But how do I then go through two people to translate that? So I was just like, 'yeah, those mosquito bites'. It was acne and it was so embarrassing, and everyone was looking at me like we all know it's mosquito bites. Like, what do you say? and I was like, 'when do you grow out of this?' And that's when I learned, you don't. You don't grow out of it.


You don't grow out of it. There's a really good meme, 'my adult acne keeps me young'.


I love that one


It's just an ongoing thing. So many people can relate to that


Absolutely. We get a lot of questions about it. I get a lot of DMs of my gram too, about adult acne


You probably can't relate, Jo.


She can't relate. She is like, from Austin Powers, a femme bot.


Yes, like I'm pretty sure...


Doesn't age...


If you clean cut her head off like, all these electrical sparks would start flying out. She's not real. So it's you and me. Me and Hannah...


I don't know whether to take that as compliment?


I feel like it is a compliment.


Yeah take it.


I have a question. What? What is the difference between, I guess, acne when you're young, and then if you have, like, sort of persistent acne when you're older and then hormonal breakouts.


Yes, so I would say, when you're young, it's just kind of your body being introduced to hormones that you've never had them in such levels, going through puberty. And I find when you're a teenager a lot of the time the acne is on the forehead and maybe coming down onto the cheeks a little bit. But what I'm finding with most of the clients I'm working with is it all on the chin. And people find it's when they're due for their period, they might get a pimple. And that's a pimple that's not acne. Acne is that real persistent, you never really have a clear patch of skin. And it's a lot deeper and a lot more sore and inflamed. Whereas I find teenagers, it's more like lots of little dots. I think that's the biggest difference with the types of acne. And it's hard when you're a female, you go through a cycle every whatever. I don't know what it is because my cycle's jacked.


Same, we talked about this last week.


It's supposedly meant to be like 28 days, mines like 55. And so every single month, just as your body kind of gets past it, you're back going through the hormonal changes again, and then it just kind of it's ongoing.


and your skin has to go through that recovery phase as well. So by the time you get through that healing process, your skin's just back to producing pimples.


It's like 'I'm back'.


And you're like, damn it! I did want to ask, cause we're about the same age and a few of my friends now, are like going off the pill and things like because they're married, want to have kids. Not me. But my friends, and they're starting to experience that whole coming off the pill hormonal surge, adult acne phase. Do you have any advice on that? Because I know that you've mentioned before on your own channels that you came off the pill.


Yeah well, I went through that in December. I've been off the pill once before, when I was 20 and it was just a war zone like, I fully broke out. It was disgusting. I nearly needed a front fringe, got that bad. I was like 'how do I cover this?'. So I went back on the pill and then my advice from my doctor, which I think is, a lot of people get the same advice, is when you have polycystic ovaries like I do is 'just stay on the pill and then when you're ready to have kids, go off it'. So a lot of people just stay on the pill until they're ready to have kids. They go off the pill and realise they've got all of these hormonal issues and they might not have a natural period. They might have just out of whack hormone levels. They struggle to have kids. The best thing you can do, for me is, I went and saw a naturopath and did it under the guidance of a naturopath. I went on a series of supplements. She told me about what kind of foods I should be eating. And then, of course, skin care can help support the skin as best it can. Keeping it calm. But I think the key thing to remember is when you have acne and you know it's hormonal. It's not your skin being oily and grossing congested, and all the acne products on the shelf assume that you're an oily teenager. So you've really got a step away from the acids and focus on anti-inflammatory calming skin care because you know the cause is hormones and not you being really oily. So salicylic can sometimes be a bit hard core. And I think that's a problem people find when they come into me and they...they come into me. Oh my God.


We love sexual innuendos on this podcast. Jo does it all the time


When they come into the clinic, I should say, and they're like 'I've tried all this stuff, all this acne stuff. Why is it not working?' the second you get them off the acids and onto, you know, doing some LED, using some calming anti-inflammatory skincare. Their skin calms down a lot better because you're going through hormonal breakouts your skin just needs love and support not to be stripped back and burnt alive.


Absolutely. I think the thing that people do accidentally is overuse, things like salicylic acid. I'm like, 'just do it like a dot on that pimple, just once', but they're like every three hours going back over the same area and putting more on


Yeah because it needs to go through the drying out phase. And then it needs to kind of dry up and flake off on its own. I went through a desperate phase where I spot treated a pimple above my lip, two days in a row. And now I've got, like, permanent dermatitis because that's an area that's not meant to dry out around your nose. And I was like, 'Damn it'. Now it's been red for like, 12 months, so don't do what I did.


I'm all for encouraging the protection of the barrier. When it comes to acne.


Well I thought that was really interesting. So we did a very serious with Tegan, you're a skin therapist.




We had three clients come and see you and two of them had acne, I think. And I was...and they had adult acne. And what I was so surprised that, was the products that you recommended because one of them had a really impaired barrier.


So, lot of people who have acne and have been using the wrong stuff have an impaired barrier, and you won't really know if you have impaired barrier unless you go and see someone professionally. One of the signs is just general redness and dehydration. So the skin will feel tight. So we have to fix that before we start using anything exfoliating. Otherwise, we're just exfoliating a barrier that's already broken. And you're going to keep getting breakouts because if the barrier's broken, them bacteria's coming in and out of the skin. So we started off with that particular girl with just calming anti-inflammatories like, you're niacinamide. What else? You know, gentle cleanser. I think cleansers a big mistake. People with acne always go for an exfoliating cleanser


or a drying cleanser, like an acne cleanser


Yeah acne cleanser or a foaming cleanser or don't even get me started on cleanses with beads it because, what? it's a cleanser. Anyway...


it's not 2004 anymore.


I don't know, no one is using that stuff.


I am. Just joking.


Did you see the look I just gave you like 'what?'


Of course I don't guys. I told you, I only used by Bioderma


Oh, yeah. OK,


So, I think people always go for, like, acne cleanser, clear skin cleanser or something that's going to insinuate it's going to help with your breakouts. But I think when in doubt, just use a gentle cleanser. You're only trying to wash your face. Just wash it with a gentle cleanser. If you need acne products, use it in serum form, don't use it as a cleanser because you have to use that cleanser every day. And then if your skins feeling sensitive, you've got no choice but to use your active cleanser. Whereas if it's gentle, you could just use it all the time.


Very good tip.


Swapping over to a gentle cleanser is really important.


I feel like you're in my brain.


I can just see Joanna going 'oh! yep. yep. oh, yep'


I'm just loving what you're saying


It's like you're turned on right now. Like everything that she's saying is turning you on. I can hear grunting on the end of the mic like 'mmm yeah. mmm'


Yeah she's dribbling on my knee. I'm like, can we put her in another studio? Next time I'm going to do this via webcam and not in the studio.


And so you recommended gentle cleanser. What about serums? For someone that's got an impaired barrier?


Definitely niacinamide, there's heaps of great ones out there. So just a good quality niacinamide. I think another thing with acne is just in general, don't waste your time on non-cosmeceutical products. Because you're just not going to get...




She's doing it again. Because you just you know, if you're if you're desperate, it's easy to go out and buy all the cheap stuff. But like if you really want results, you've just gotta get the good stuff. Otherwise you're gonna be chasing your tail. So a good quality... so anything I'm talking about, I'm talking about cosmeceuticals. Obviously. Good quality vitamin b, gentle cleanser, a light moisturiser, something that's not going to be too heavy. I would stay away from oils. I would stay away from toners even. I just find them to be too drying unless you're covered in black heads. But when you've got acne, you've got the big red sore ones. I wouldn't use a toner. Keeping the skin protected from the sun as well, because the skin will heal slower if it's exposed to UV's.


So when I was having really bad, like hormonal breakouts around my chin, I was going for, like, the acids, thinking that would help, but it would always make it worse. And so then, when I would swap to like, a hydrating product, I found that it would like...I'm just thinking like, what am I using at the moment with the new Cosmedix


The surge


Cosmedix HA Surge. So something like that, if I've got breakouts, I automatically would go to Cosmedix surge now because that, my skin will heal quicker on the breakouts will go down quicker. Is that, um, I like crazy?


You're not making it up. You're nourishing the skin and supporting the skin's healing. So when you have, like 2010 Tegan, would have just gone out and got charcoal masks, spot treatments, burn my face off. Now if I, like right now if my skin's being crazy, I would be doing LED, Société Peptide Mask, Hyaluronic. Just anything healing, hydrating and soothing instead of going for the hard core stuff because your skin will heal so much quicker.


What about retinols, if you've got breakouts?


I think it's still fine. As long as your barrier is fine. Then you can use a retinol, and it's important to make sure that you're on the right retinol . I probably wouldn't go out and just read a bunch of descriptions online and then choose one. It's really something that if you get it wrong, your skin could go crazy. And you'll hate retinols for the rest of your life.


Yep, been there.


You want to make sure you're on the right retinol for your skin, and then you can always progress to a stronger one as your skin's tolerance increases.


and in terms of treatments available, like professional treatments available for people without adult acne or scarring. So they've come out the other side of having adult acne, now they're dealing with the scarring. For both concerns, what are the kind of treatments that you recommend?


So when someone comes in with acne, typically, what I start to do with them is like a custom facial. So we're doing like oxygen treatments, which is great for killing bacteria. LED is an absolute must. Go to any clinic who has a good LED machine and buy like a pack of five or whatever and try and do that, like even weekly you can do LED heaps. It's really great for inflammation. And peptide masks. Once we're kind of past that stage, we can look at doing things like peels, lactic peels if they're dry acne or salicylic peels if they're oily acne. Most people are a dry acne, and they don't realise that that's why they don't get results. And then for the scarring... but even active, even active breakouts I'm finding skin needling is great overactive breakouts because it breaks down or the damage skin just kind of helps to retrain how the skin works. So skin needling for both active acne and scarring is the best thing you can do because it's all about getting rid of damage cells and rebuilding the skin structures and anywhere we have got loss of collagen from having breakouts in the repeated spot over and over. It helps to bring back that collagen and improve the texture of the skin. Are you turned on Jo?


I am. I really am.


I thought so. She hadn't blinked in 3 minutes.


she's like, like a puppy dog.


I just love skin


I feel like if I left you both in this room for like, three hours


It would be like on the window of Titanic and you'd be like 'woah, I'll leave them alone'


That's exactly what I'm imagining. 


Lucky this place has no window we can get away with it Jo


I feel like Joanna... Like imagine Joanna going on a first date. And like the guy starts talking about skincare, I feel like you would marry him the next day.


I would.


She would just start undressing as she's talking. He'd be like, 'your are pants around your ankles' and she's like 'I know'.




Classic Jo.


I had another question to ask but know I've just been really distracted. I'm flustered.


I'm trying to think...oh I actually would really like to know... I'd really like to know about your skincare routine. We do ask most of our guests what their skincare routines are like


Okay, so pretty much everything I've spoken about because I am the person that I'm speaking about. I am the adult acne person. So gentle cleanser. Benefit Clean from Cosmedix. I actually, funnily enough, don't use a straight vitamin B. I'm using Cosmetic Surge as well, which has vitamin B in it. Cosmedix Elite Pepoxide, it's like an antioxidant serum. I do have the PCA. Sorry. No, I do have this Société Clear Skin Boosting Pads which are salicylic like based for like once a week, if I need it. PCA Clearskin. I've got, like, five different retinols. And that would be a pretty much my go-to stuff. Benefit Clean, Pepoxide and Clearskin I always have, the other stuff can kind of change every now and then. But one thing I think we should touch on a s well with adult acne is a lot of people ignore the lifestyle factors. And unless you get that in check, you're not going to really get the result you're looking for. And I know that's why I've broken out because I had a bad eating weekend. But things, anything inflammatory will contribute to an inflammatory skin condition. And this includes rosacea and eczema. Anything inflammatory. So your dairy, especially full cream milk and yogurt, I find. Grains, so having a lot of breads, pastas, cereals, sugar, of course, and processed foods. So I think...


so everything


Yeah, everything fun. If you are going through...




Yeah because it's, your skin's trying...your body's trying to detox and then you're throwing alcohol in there, and your skin is just one of the various ways your skin... your body gets rid of toxins. So if you're drinking a lot of alcohol, you're smoking. You're having a lot of milk and yogurt. You're having cereal and toast for breakfast. Then that's probably contributing to your problem. And unless you start cutting back on those food groups, and you don't have to cut it out for forever, you might try cutting out milk for one month, see what the result is. And then you might try cutting out sugar for one month and see what the result is. But I can guarantee you what you're eating is contributing to your adult acne because it affects your hormones, what you eat.


And, I guess we've had this discussion before, which was like also when you've got a breakout, is there like a sense of like, I just whatever...


you've never had a breakout? you can't relate?


I have. No, I can relate. I just like, I know what you mean. Like I said, I looked in the mirror and you're just like...


Yeah that was me this morning.


and you're just like what you like, whatever it is.


Yeah, I mean, you can't beat yourself up about it because everyone gets breakouts


except Joanna


Except Joanna, she's a femme bot 


Hey. Guys, I do.


When? she occasionally gets one.


I saw your Instagram live video where she was like, 'I've got these pimples, I'm going to put this stuff...' and I was like 'a pimple like? That's nothing'.


I'm on the pill though so just wait til I come off


Yes. Can't wait.


Everyone is waiting for my demise.


We are. We are. We genuinely are.


Start a Facebook group like, Bring Jo down. But yeah, when you have a break out, there's no point getting upset about it, because that's going to make you stressed and stress is another massive, massive factor. Some people have... I had one client... I'm still seeing her and we were trying for months trying to figure out what it was that was giving her breakouts. She was basically on a low fodmaps diet, like doing all the right things. She was like, 'I guess I'm kind of stressed with work. But, like isn't everyone?'. Went on a holiday, and now her skin is like it's completely changed. So stress like, if you're... if you've tried everything, but the stress is still high. That's probably contributing too. So when my skin is going crazy and like, you know I'm working in a skin clinic, trying to help people, sell them products and they're probably looking at me being like you need to help yourself first. But you know, like it's normal, like you can't beat yourself up about it. If you get stressed about it, it's only going to contribute to the problem. And it's a short term thing. There's always a solution. It's just a matter of finding what works for you, not what works for your friend, because it's not the same for everyone.


I think that's something that frustrates me a lot, is that people go 'We want to know about your routine' I'm like, but you don't have the same skin as me. My routine probably isn't going to help you.


I would probably break out more because, you could probably tolerate Vitamins C really well. Whereas I cannot use vitamin C




Vitamin C and acne do not mi. So anyone who has acne don't use a vitamin C because it's just too stimulating.


I just can't stress enough the importance of getting a routine tailored to your own skin. Like even if you are researching ingredients in products and things like that on your own, because you can't go and see a skin therapist, look for things that are targeted to your skin type and concerns not what anyone else is using. Not what influencers are using, look for something that's going to work for you


I like that not what influences are using




Don't let the influencers influence you.




because they're lying.


Except me and Tegan.


Another thing, like if you're young and you can't afford to come and do treatments all the time, that's fine. There are ways around that. I think it's important to invest in what you're using at home because you get to use that twice a day, whereas if you're using, you know, crappy products. But then having a treatment once a month, you're probably not going to get results at all.


I think people see it the other way around. They're like 'I should be going and getting facials', but they're not doing maintenance in between. Well, you can't expect a one off treatment to work magic


And some people come in and they're doing skin needling, but they're still using their like chemist brand cleanser. And I'm just like, 'Why would you spend all this money if you're still going to use that stuff'. You might as well just do skin care at home and not even have treatments.


I have my last question. Dating question.




So, I went on a first date not ages ago, but I can't remember, it's been a while. I can't remember. Do you remember I messaged you and I said, I've I had a whitehead above my lip and I squeezed it. Then it like, my whole lip just like when mental. And she's like 'Hannah. Why did you squeeze it?' But it's a white head. You can't go on a date with a white head pimple above your lip


Yeah I think you gotta pick your battles when you choose to pop because it can just get really inflamed.


It was really inflamed, and then no amount of concealer would cover it.


It's either the white head or it's a fat lip.


Yeah, it looked... It doesn't look like a pimple anymore. So what would your recommendation be in that situation? If you don't want to go on a first date with a white head above your lip


You know what, I probably would have done the same as you and just regretted everything. Because like, you panic. But if you weren't going on a first date and you do have a whitehead...


No, this is a dating question. Specific.


Overline your lips with red lip liner. Just cover it up because if you pop it, that bad boy's open. If it starts weeping, you can't put anything over.


Well, it was, and I just put like... I dabbed just like half a tube of concealer


yeah to like stop the weeping


Cover it.


So if you're going to pop a pimple, you've just got to do it at night when you can go straight to bed. Otherwise, it's going to get worse


Is there something I could have done in the morning knowing that I had a date that night?


I mean, it's hard... if it's red. I would just leave it. If it's white, I would probably pop it and just keep my skin as clean as possible for the rest of the day and just try not to touch it. But ideally, you would have just left it because it's a lot easier to cover up a pimple that isn't broken, because you could have done all the things you were doing. Putting concealer on, putting powder on over a closed pimple. It would have stayed on a lot better than an open. So you were probably better off just to leave it.


How'd that date go by the way?


he didn't call back.


Thank you Tegan for joining us today to talk about adult acne. You can find teganmac.skin at @teganmac.skin, in Melbourne, so if you live anywhere else too bad, you're going to miss out.


But I am doing online consultations. So the world is my oyster. I've got a consult with someone in London on Saturday.


global domination


Yeah, helping all the skin around the world. It's the least I can do.


So, now for the products that we didn't know that we needed. I think this is one of my favourite parts of the whole...


Is it?


I just love talking...


it's when my sexual innuendos come out


I know, I know. It always makes me laugh. There's been quite a few sexual innuendos.


So Hannah, what is yours? Because I know you've written an article about this before, and you really sold me into it


Yes. So you may not know this, people, if you don't follow us on Instagram @adorebeauty. But I have really unmanageable Hagrid hair.


She does, can confirm.


Yes, it's really bad. And I'm actually going to try a keratin hair treatment soon, so I'll let you know how that goes. But in the meantime, I have a few things that I do to try to manage my hair, and I actually have one product that I can't... that is the best. The best hair product I've ever used.


Wow, that's a big call.


Very... That's not exaggerated. So, it's the Kerastase, what's the name?


It's the Nutritive 8hr Magic Night Serum.


Kérastase 8hr Magic Night Serum. I don't... And I said this in the article that I wrote about it. I don't like products that have, like, 'magic and 'miracle'... are you really? are you really magic? is it really a miracle? this is magic, guys. Seriously, it's magic. I can't even like, so basically, I remember it got put on my desk and I was like 'ugh, another...' And I actually left it on my desk and was...


for ages.


I was like, I'm not going to...I have too many hair products that have claims and it doesn't work on my hair because my hair's just so unmanageable. So I ended up taking it home, and I was like, that word magic just sucked me in. And I was like, ok I'll try it. I put it on my hair, left it on for eight hours. Oh my God.


I vividly remember you coming into the office the next day and you did not shut the f*** up about it. You were like, 'Oh my God, Jo. Look at my hair. Feel my hair. Oh my God, look how soft it is'. It really was. It was warranted.


And so you saw me come in the other day when I hadn't put it in because I was using a hair straightener for a shoot, and so I couldn't put that in my hair and you saw my hair. So when I use this product, it softens. I don't know what it does, but it softens and makes it manageable. It's really easy to straighten. It's a bit of a game changer for me in the hair space. What's the product that you didn't know you needed?


So mine is, because I have a bit of OCD and you notice me using this all the time. I think I have a problem. It's always at my desk. It is the Dr Bronner's lavender hand sanitizer. I love this stuff because it's natural, so I feel like it's okay for me to use it constantly throughout the day. It's just like a little spray nozzle you sprayed into hands, rub them together, and apparently it kills like 99% of germs. So I literally use it after I use the bathroom every single time during the day because I feel like the bathrooms at work are germy. So I just have this thing about...


You don't wash your hands...


No I do, and then I use that when I come back and I also use it before I go to the snack station in our room.


She uses it all the time constantly. I hear like a little spritz. And then like I know Jo's cleaning her hands at her desk. What's really nice about that, because when you're not at your desk, I steal it


Oh do you? ok you can use it


Yeah sometimes I just do a little bit of spritz on my hand and it smells really nice. It doesn't smell like hand sanitizer.


It doesn't


Like the ones that you get the supermarket


The alcoholic ones


It doesn't smell alcohol-y like that. It's got a nice lavender scent


but they've also got a mint one as well if you hate lavender because I know lavender is bit of like, some people just really it


Do they?


Yeah, some people hate things like that


I love the ell of lavender.


So do I. But if you don't, there is a peppermint one. But that just made me feel like I had toothpaste on my hands. But, whatever. So yeah, that's my product I didn't know I needed because I'm a clean freak. Oh, but I do want to say my trick with that is my plane habit. So when I go on a plane, I spray everything down and wipe it with a tissue because I can't sit there with the filth. Yeah with the hand sanitizer


So how do you feel sitting next to me? Because my desk is so messy


Mines messy too though we just have so many products on our desks. So mines messy too. I don't mind that, it's more just germs. I don't like it. It's not messiness that bothers me as much. But if I have to go on a plane or public transport, I just get...get queasy at the amount of germs


well, Joanna's taking public transport today.


Watch out. I've got my myki card ready.


She actually texted me this morning. She was like... I knew you didn't want to take the train but I was like, we need take the train into the city.


Yeah, I find it quite efficient.


But are you going to spray down the chair?


No I'll just...




I'll just stand and not touch anything


Will you touch the railing? no you just stand there, try to balance


I've got hand sanitizer in the bag, too. So I've got one at my desk and one in my bag.


And actually, to be honest, Jo buy this


Yeah I repurchase it.


She doesn't actually get it for free.


Cause I go through a shitload.


Do they have a big boy?


No, they don't. Unfortunately no big boy. Dr Bronner's, can you please make a 500ml


500ml hand sanitizer. She needs the big boy.


Yeah, I do.


She's very dirty.


Now you're doing the innuendo purposefully


Joanna's very dirty. She needs a lot of a hand sanitizer.


Thanks everyone for joining us today.


Don't forget to subscribe and tell your friends it helps other people discover us. And also we really want to know what you thought about this podcast so you if you can leave us a review that would be much appreciated.

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