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Cosmedix Benefit Clean Gentle Cleanser 150ml

4.5 of 77 reviews


4 instalments of $18.50

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4 instalments of $18.50

Or 4 instalments of $18.50 with LEARN MORE

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Cosmedix Benefit Clean Gentle Cleanser is a safe and gentle cleanser that is suitable for all skin types. Perfect even for sensitive and hypersensitive skin. Removes makeup and dirt, and may be used for post-operative or post-peel skincare.

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GREAT - 87% recommend

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Cosmedix Benefit Clean Gentle Cleanser

Cosmedix Benefit Clean Gentle Cleanser

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Cosmedix Benefit Clean Gentle Cleanser Reviews

4.5 of 77 reviews

87% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Great cleanser


Great to remove makeup and all your dirt on your skin, always feel fresh and glowing after using it

Most Helpful Criticism

So far good


I love the chic bottle packaging and it looks beautiful in my cabinet, However I am yet to see spectacular results. It is very gentle and cleans the skin quite nicely
  1. So far good


    I love the chic bottle packaging and it looks beautiful in my cabinet, However I am yet to see spectacular results. It is very gentle and cleans the skin quite nicely
  2. very gentle


    this is a really good gentle cleaner, does the job without stripping my skin
  3. Great cleanser


    Great to remove makeup and all your dirt on your skin, always feel fresh and glowing after using it
  4. gentle


    this is really gentle on my super sensitive skin! I have really enjoyed using this and it leaves my skin super soft.
  5. Gorgeous cleanser


    This is a gorgeous and gentle cleanser that is effective and leaves skin glowing
  6. good


    this cleanser really helps to clean and remove all makeup at the end of the day. makes my skin feel very clean while not irritating
  7. amazing


    amazing cleanser to remove makeup super gentle
  8. Beautiful everyday cleanser!

    Laura R

    This cleanser is fantastic! I go to the gym most mornings and this cleanser is both gentle and tough enough to use every single day to cleanse away makeup, sweat and dirt without drying the skin. My skin is on the dryer side so many cleansers ive tried dry out my skin so much - this doesnt not. It also smells fabulous!
  9. Gentle but effective


    very gentle on the skin, but cleans the skin very well. Don't need to use much product so the bottle lasts for such a long time
  10. Nice on skin


    I've reordered it as I find it non drying and gentle on my skin. And while being gentle, I feel it does a great job at cleaning my sensitive skin.


    My absolute favourite cleanser, I always double cleanse and this is the first product that I use in my routine. I wear makeup everyday and used to always struggle to remove the stubborn mascara and pull and tug at my eye with a makeup wipe, but this cleanser takes off all my makeup without any rubbing and is a great consistency and I can literally feel it activating on my skin removing all the dir...
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  12. Gentle everyday cleanser


    This is a great cleanser for sensitive skin types. I got it for my partner who has sensitive, dry skin and it’s very gentle and doesn’t cause him any breakouts. I also use it when I get laser done as it’s gentle and doesn’t have any actives/exfoliating properties.
  13. Really drying


    I know this is meant to be a gentle cleanser but I actually found it super drying, even with a heavy moisturiser. It cleans well but I had to stop using for this reason. Not for dry skin. I prefer the purity solution oil cleanser.
  14. lovely on the skin


    perfect for sensitive skin. it isn’t too harsh but i can still feel it working. gets rid of all my dirt and my skin hasn’t been any better before!
  15. Great for sensitive skin


    I was looking for a second step cleanser and morning cleanser to add into my routine and this one is definitely a winner! After use my face feels really cleansed without it feeling tight or dry. Will definitely keep this as a staple!
  16. Very Gentle


    Received a sample of this product in a recent order, which I was really excited about as I've heard great things about it, but I'm hesitant in spending big bucks on cleansers, I prefer to splurge more on serums/treatments. Its a really gentle cleanser that feels lovely on, but with my skin type I feel i need something a little more active for daily use, I probably wouldn't purchase a full size of ...
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  17. Simple and good


    I really enjoy this cleanser, it removes all my makeup and although it is expensive it has lasted me so long! Only need a tiny amount and my skin feels clean without being tight or dry. I will buy again.
  18. Amazing cleanser


    Absolutely love this cleanser, you only need to use a small amount and it glides so effortlessly across the skin. Skin feels so fresh afterwards and does not feel dry at all. Will continue to keep purchasing.
  19. Best cleanser


    Have been using this cleanser for many years, and I always find I come back to it after trying something new. I have normal- dry skin that is prone to a bit of redness and sensitivity. This cleanser always gives me a clean fresh feel, but never makes my skin feel striped or tight. Love it !
  20. Gentle cleanser


    I liked this cleanser and would repurchase. If my skin was feeling sensitive from treatments/sunburn it was gentle yet effective. On normal days, I would work it in with my Foreo.
  21. Great cleanser, improved my dryness


    I love this cleanser. It doesn't necessarily take off makeup or heavy SPF so you would need to double cleanse. However, I had really dry patches around my face for a while, and when I began using this product, they completely cleared up! Also, a little bit goes a long way so the bottle lasts a while.
  22. Great Makeup Remmover


    A wonderful cleanser perfect for after treatments, gets makeup off easily too
  23. Gentle but effective


    It is lovely to find a cleanser that is not only effective, but very gentle on the skin. I find my skin is soft after use, rather than tight like some cleansers. A little goes a long way and I quite like the subtle scent too.
  24. Love this cleanser


    I love this as a cleanser for my sensitive skin! But it’s expensive and there are others just as good on adore for much cheaper ☹️
  25. Great double cleanse go to


    I absolutely love this cleanser! I use it in conjunction with the purity clean a couple times a week to get a really deep clean. I like to keep my skin routine simple, and this product helps by removing anything on my skin without leaving it dry. A little goes a long way so it lasts a long time.
  26. Leaves skin so fresh and clean


    I use an oil cleanser prior to using this, but it really does the job at making my skin feel fresh, clean and smooth.
  27. amazing


    this cleanser makes my face super clean and removes all my makeup. it is very gentle on my skin. Definitely recommend!
  28. So gentle!

    Kerri B

    I use it in the morning for a very gentle cleanse (I use something a little stronger at night). It doesn't irritate and leaves my skin feeling clean, soft and hydrated.
  29. great


    such a nice gentle cleanser, it is just so gentle, which I love about it. Does not irritate me personally and it would be one that I would go to without hesitation recommended
  30. Brilliant Cleaner


    This is by far the best daily cleanser I have used. The thing I love most about this cleaner is its extremely gentle. I can use this everyday, twice a day and it simply will not leave or has not ever left my skin feeling dry or tight. I have sensitive combination skins and break out from simple things like a wrong cleanser and this works like it was just made for my skin. I’ve never broken out s...
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  31. Brilliant Cleaner


    This is by far the best daily cleanser I have used. The thing I love most about this cleaner is its extremely gentle. I can use this everyday, twice a day and it simply will not leave or has not ever left my skin feeling dry or tight. I have sensitive combination skins and break out from simple things like a wrong cleanser and this works like it was just made for my skin. I’ve never broken out s...
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  32. Best cleanser ever


    I was recommended this by a friend and it is so good! It’s actually cleanses my skin but it’s gentle - doesn’t cause any reactions or breakouts and I notice a difference when I don’t use it ❤️
  33. Smells Great


    Nice and gentle, smells really nice. Would purchase again.
  34. Very ordinary


    Just a basic cleanser, really not worth it at the price point it is.
  35. Great gentle cleanser


    Really lovely gentle cleanser. I use this is in the AM and the Purity in PM. Nice smell and leaves my skin clean, smooth without drying or any tight feeling.
  36. Great, all round cleanser


    I use this in the AM and double cleanse with this in the PM instead of using make up remover. It cleans thoroughly and leaves my skin feeling comfortably clean. No tightness!
  37. Still deciding


    I normally have very dry skin, I was recommended this and I’m waiting to see what the next couple of weeks holds for me. So far after 2 weeks of using this my skin has broken out on my face and neck (neck is new to me), and my skin is flakier after using it. My skin literally feels squeaky clean after using this, im not sure if that’s good or bad? If by the end of the bottle I’m still experiencing...
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  38. A great all round cleanser


    I like to keep my skin routine simple, and this product helps by removing anything on my skin without leaving it dry. A little goes a long way so it lasts a long time.
  39. Great cleanser!


    After alot of cystic acne, I refined my routine to this cleanser and PSA skin clearskin moisturiser and it has definitely helped make an improvement. I've been using it for a few months now. The cleanser was gentle and left it clean without feeling squeaky clean or drying. I use this with the foreo.
  40. Possibly the worst choice for dehydrated skin


    I bought this cleanser after seeing some great reviews and it seeming to be for a number of my skin concerns - namely my sensitive skin.
    My poor, poor face hated this from the first use. Due to the price tag I thought id give it at least a week long trial - BIG MISTAKE. I made it through five days and my face felt like it was going to crack in half.
    Im now using it to clean my makeup b...
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  41. Not sure if it's worth it


    I bought this cleanser after years of using a Neutrogena cleanser - I wanted to see if it was worth spending more on a cleanser.

    After 2 months of use I saw no difference in my skin, and after losing the cleanser on holiday I went straight back to my old Neutrogena cleanser.

    Whilst it was a nice feeling cleanser, I personally would rather spend my money on other products...
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  42. wonderful


    An important factor is the amazing smell, I look so forward to using it everyday! Extremely hydrating, definitely recommend!
  43. A surprising gentle cleanser that isn't a milk or oil


    Having moved to this cleanser from using Dr Spiller's Cleansing Milk with cucumber extract, I was a little nervous after the first few uses that it wasn't as nourishing, and was stripping my skin and leaving it a little bit tight. After about a week of use, my blackheads along my jawline have significantly reduced and I no longer seem to have a 'tight' feeling to my skin, but rather a clean feelin...
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  44. Amazing cleanser!


    I look forward to washing my face every night using this cleanser! It lathers slightly, cleans off every trace of makeup but doesn’t dry skin out at all it actually feels soft and hydrated after use. Obsessed with this product!
  45. Amazing gentle cleanser


    You don’t need much! Great size bottle. Texture is like a clear almost gel. Love it because it doesn’t strip my skin, I have very dry itchy and dehydrated skin and needed something gentle and effective of removing any left over make up.
  46. Great product


    Love using this product, leaves my skin feeling clean and soft without making it dry. Love it
  47. Beautiful and gentle


    I really love this cleanser, its so nice to use. It removes traces of... anything and is not drying. It gives you that clean feeling without the tightness. Has definitely helped look after my acne prone skin. I wont say it clears my skin over night but thats not my point for using it. I switched over to cosmesuitcals to give my skin a chance at being healthy and help my skin clear over time. Im o...
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  48. Happy with results


    I’ve been using Aspect Purastat 5 cleanser for years now although after running out I felt like my skin needed a change up. I used a different cleanser for a couple of weeks in between which made my adult hormone acne flare up again. I’ve been using this cleanser for about a week & the active blemishes are starting to disappear. It’s very gentle & doesn’t dry out my sensitive dehydrated skin. Does...
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  49. Great cleanser


    Put onto this cleanser by my skin specialist. It’s so gentle on my skin, really feels clean after and removes makeup so well!! A great product to start with if your wanting to try cosmetic as gentle for all skin types
  50. Go-to cleanser


    I've gone through several bottle of this cleanser. It feels great on my skin and a little bit goes a long way. I use the Aspect Micellar water to take my makeup off pre-shower and this does the job in getting the remnants off.
  51. Gentle soothing cleanser


    This cleanser is very gentle and perfect for mature skin. Although expensive it only requires a small amount to gain a beneficial result. I have mature skin and benefit clean suits me perfectly.
  52. good


    It is very hydrating as it penetrates deeply into the skin and leaves a lovely scent afterwards, I love using this during winter as it stops my skin from appearing flaky!
  53. Cosmedix Benefit Clean Gentle Cleanser


    This is the best acne cleanser I’ve used for this skin type and trust me I’ve tried A LOT. The consistency is foaming which is also hard to find in an acne cleanser.
  54. Exactly - A Gentle clean


    I was recommended this product as I am currently having a series of laser appointments to treat my Melasma. This cleanser is just what it says - gentle. It leaves your skin feeling clean but not dry. It doesn’t lather like most cleansers, but leaves my skin feeling more clean than other brands. The only negative is that It doesn’t remove eye makeup
  55. It is what it says it is - a Gentle Cleanser


    Love this product. After using other Gentle cleansers, this one has really proven to be gentle and have no nasty ingredients. My skin is feeling so soft and clear in comparison to when I was using other “gentle cleansers”. I double cleanse to get a deep clean without compromising my barrier or having to feel the need to pick up an exfoliant. I find that with the cleanser on the first cleanse you d...
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  56. High quality effective gentle cleanser


    Benefit clean was first used in a Cosmedix anti aging trial kit. It was so amazing! Softens skin, improves skin tone greatly. Definitely recommend!!
  57. Gentle


    I really like this cleanser, it cleanses without drying you out. As the other reviews mentioned you only need a tiny bit of product so the bottle should last quite a while. Will most likely repurchase.
  58. Good general cleanser


    Benefit was the first cleanser I tried from this brand. If you have ordinary skin with no real skin concerns this cleanser is a winner. One pump goes a long way and for this reason it lasts a very long time. It gets rid of all your stubborn eye makeup and does not sting your eyes. I have purchased two bottles of this cleanser and was happy with every pump. It's the best cleanser I've used at getti...
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  59. A little goes a long way


    I bought this cleanser after a clinician recommended it, but was hesitant about the price. Turns out it lasts forever because only a teeny tiny bit is needed to deeply and gently cleanse skin. Effective and non-irritating.
  60. Beautiful gentle cleanser


    Lovely smooth texture, does exactly as the product describes - gently cleans skin! The bottle goes a long way, only two pumps needed per clean. Not stripping but really does effectively clean skin. Perfect for sensitive skin types.
  61. Gentle


    This is very gentle indeed! Feels great on my skin


    This cleanser was lovely and I really. loved the peppermint smell.

    My skin felt clean and fresh and I found it worked great with my sensitive skin.

    I most likely wouldn't purchase again as I didn't find it worth the expensive price tag,
  63. My skin did not like


    I don't think ill be purchasing this again.. it made my skin react and break out into pimples.. I do have quite sensitive skin .. I think ill stick with Dermalogica
  64. Deep clean that smells like a green candy cane!

    Meike ( Adore Beauty Staff)

    This cleanser gives a deep clean with a exfoliator.
    It really helped clear up my skin and allow my serums to be absorbed into my skin.
    I have less oily skin, patches of dehyration so i just use twice to 3x per week.
    What i love is the smell of peppermint candy canes! Yum!
  65. Wonderful everyday cleanser


    This cleanser leaves you feeling like you have properly cleaned your skin of any impurities whilst not being drying. I use this to double cleanse both in the morning and at night, and it leaves my skin feeling clear. I have sensitive skin and it is one of the only cleansers I have found that doesn't breakout my skin. Highly recommend to anyone with sensitive skin for a cleanser that actually works...
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  66. Good cleanser non drying


    Most cleansers in me make me feel dry afterwards this one is great it gets you squeaky clean without the dry feeling! And it lasts for ever one little pea size amount twice a day means I only need to stock up 2-3 times a year!
  67. Worth every penny!


    I have dry sometimes sensitive skin and I'm no stranger to professional treatments.
    This Cosmedix Cleanser is just wonderful!
    I tend to alternate frequently between Cleansers depending on how my complexion is feeling and this one is always effective in delivering results! :) :)
    You really don't need much, one pump or so and the bottle will last you so long! :) Yes it is a tad pr...
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  68. Nice but pricey


    Skin type: Oily/combination

    I really enjoyed this cleanser, works well as a first step in makeup removal and doesn't irritate but for a gentle cleaner its quite expensive..
  69. Fresh and Clean


    I have the most sensitive skin and this cleanser is like a dream. Freshens and cleans my skin, making it feel soft. It's designed for sensitivity so it's very gentle - not harsh at all. I never feel like it's stripping my skin away.
  70. meh


    This is quite pricey considering it is only a cleanser and i use twice a day.
  71. A gentle and effective cleanser


    I've used this cleanser for a few months now and it just never seems to run out! Two pumps goes a long way (which is great considering the price is on the high end) and my skin has improved after using this twice daily, having made the switch from a cheaper drugstore cleanser.
  72. Gentle Cleanser


    Good gentle cleanser, especially as I have barrier impaired skin however it does foam a lot considering it is a gentle cleanser. One pump goes a long way.
  73. Effective


    This is the never ending bottle of cleanser - one pump does the job and it lasts for months. I have dry sensitive rosacea prone skin and this does not irritate it, but it does leave it feeling a touch dry, particularly in winter. Once the bottle is finished, I think I'll move on to something else.
  74. Best cleanser


    It can be hard to find the right cleanser, but after this was recommended to me I won't use anything else. I find that by using this every night in the shower is enough to remove makeup and keep my (oily) skin clear and clean. It is a little pricey but it works.
  75. Meh


    Benefit Clean is meant to be a good cleanser for dry, sensitive or barrier-impaired skin but I just don't think it's anywhere close to being the best cleanser on the market for this. First off, it's a gel and it turns quite foamy - even more foamy than Purity Clean which is Cosmedix's offering for oily skin. I also find that my skin feels quite stripped after using Benefit Clean.
    It cont...
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  76. Dream Product # 2


    I use this in combination of the Purity Solution Deep Cleansing Oil as step 2 of my cleansing routine. Both these products are a dream. First step (oil) removes every make up with ease and this ensure any traces of make up and/or oil are cleansed thoroughly. Winning combination, winning products!
  77. Fabulous cleanser


    I have been using this cleanser for years, its reallly gentle but effective. My skin never feels dry after using it and it really does "take the day off". Highly recommend it.
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