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Kérastase Nutritive 8hr Magic Night Serum 90ml 90ml

4.6 of 42 reviews


4 instalments of $16.00


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4 instalments of $16.00


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Revitalise your hair overnight with Kérastase Nutritive 8hr Magic Night Serum. This leave-in hair treatment features Iris Root extract and a powerful blend of 5 vitamins to restore and rebalance all dry hair types.

What customers say

GREAT - 88% recommend

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Hair Concern:

  • Curl control
  • Oily roots, dry ends

Hair Curl Type:

  • Curly
  • Straight
  • Very curly/African/Caribbean
  • Wavy

Hair Texture:

  • Fine
  • Medium
  • Coarse

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4.6 of 42 reviews

88% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Divine! Worth every penny!


Love this so much! Even in my very fine and oily hair it is amazing! Will definitely repurchase when this runs out but a little goes a long way.

Most Helpful Criticism

Not for me


I've been using this product every night for the last month and a half, but unfortunately, I just don't think I see any results in the condition of my ends, even after using this consistently. I've tried putting between two to four pumps in, combing it through and putting my hair in a silk scrunchie. While it smells beautiful, the effect of the serum seems to be gone the next morning. By contrast, I let my sister, who has much dryer hair than I do, use some while we were in England and it really helped to hide and prevent some of the damage she was experiencing from the change in water and climate. If you have extremely dry hair, perhaps this will be better suited to you, but if you have slightly dry hair, you may not benefit as much.
  1. Divine! Worth every penny!


    Love this so much! Even in my very fine and oily hair it is amazing! Will definitely repurchase when this runs out but a little goes a long way.
  2. This actually works


    This is a fantastic product - I was blown away after a few months of frequent use to notice my hair is much longer, stronger and healthier. I don't generally see such visible results. Will keep buying and am now a Kerastase convert!
  3. My hair looks amazing after using this


    My hair looks amazing after using this. I just use a little bit a few times a week. It makes a huge difference.
  4. Fantastic second day hair


    I have very long hair. My hair smells wonderful, and silky after I used this.
  5. Wonderful


    I have a very thin dry and brittle hair, I can notice the difference with few days using this product.
    My hair is now more soft. I jist fall in love with this serum.
  6. Instant results but not permanent


    I use this product about 3-4 times a week, after I wash and style my hair. My hair gets quite dry and frizzy, particularly my ends. I've found that this really does deliver instant smoothness, and I absolutely love the smell, but the results are definitely not long-lasting.
  7. Perfect for coloured hair


    When you colour your hair, your hair tends to become dry and brittle -- this is the perfect saviour for this situation. Leaves hair feeling more shiny, soft and hydrated - great for important events!
  8. Love this gem!


    My favorite purchase! The smell is stunning, the feel is so soft and makes my hair look fresh the next day. I pop this in the night before or even sometimes after styling. A little goes a long way!
  9. Luxurious


    This products leaves hair feeling absolutely luxurious. A small amount goes a long way. Very happy with the results.
  10. Incredible


    Love this serum, it instantly leaves my hair feeling softer and gives it a wonderful gleam. Easy to apply and doesn’t have that greasy feeling a lot of other similar products do. I wouldn’t buy anything else.
  11. Not that great


    My daughter has really fine hair which gets knotty very easily I bought this product in the hopes that it would help. While the product smelt amazing I didn’t see any difference in her hair. Will not be buying again.
  12. Not for me


    I've been using this product every night for the last month and a half, but unfortunately, I just don't think I see any results in the condition of my ends, even after using this consistently. I've tried putting between two to four pumps in, combing it through and putting my hair in a silk scrunchie. While it smells beautiful, the effect of the serum seems to be gone the next morning. By contrast,...
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  13. Smells incredible


    Smoothes our the flyaways really well and smells amazing!
  14. Amazing


    Not only does this product do what it says it does it also smells amazing, love it!
  15. Pull Up A Chair Hair Lovers


    Okay ladies, this serum is the absolute staple of my hair care products.
    As a self confessed lover of Kerastase (I have no idea how to pronounce this fyi), I have been fully switched over to their hair care range for about 6 months now, after going from brunette to blonde, and they have SAVED MY HAIR!!!!
    This serum is in my hair about 3-4 times a week, dependent on how often I wash m...
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  16. Do you believe in magic


    This magic night serum is really good! if you have dry brittle hair! leaves hair feeling and looking shiny and revitalized
  17. Exxy but effective!


    I love the texture and smell of this product and how easy it is to apply before bed. I usually plait or put my hair in a bun after putting it in to wake up with soft waves the next day. Keeps my chemically treated long strands soft and has helped my split ends too!
  18. Great


    I really like this, it makes my hair soft and more manageable. Don't know if it has lasting results by it makes my hair feel good until next wash
  19. lovely finish


    it worked nicely but is super expensive and you need a lot for that result
  20. A great product I never knew I needed


    Adore Beauty published a blog post on this product and I decided to give it a try (or maybe it was a Pavlovian response - kudos to the Adore marketing team!). I have long fine blonde hair and the mid lengths and ends can get very dry. I used too much on my first use and it left my hair a little lank. Since then I have used a lighter touch and I have been happy with it. I don’t always use it at nig...
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  21. My hair felt incredible after using this!


    I used this overnight for the first time this week and my hair looked and felt incredible. I'm so pleased I gave it a try. I recommend it.
  22. Prep for softer and smoother hair


    After reading Adore's Beauty IQ article on this product I had to give it a try. I have naturally straight hair and sometimes suffer from frizzing (especially when I have not dried my hair properly before bed). This product smells great and the cream does not leave a sticky texture behind. My hair instantly felt softer, smoother and it made styling so much easier.
  23. Super soft, silky hair!


    I bought this product a couple of weeks ago and have been loving it! I’ve been using in conjunction with Kerastase shampoo and conditioner. I’ve only used this serum on the nights after I’d washed my hair the day before. The first time I used it, my hair appeared oily when I woke up the next day but once brushing my hair, it was amazingly soft and smooth, with no signs of oilyness. My hair is real...
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  24. Good for hair, but strong fragrance


    I have a mixed review for this product. I have only been using this product for a week and noticed considerable difference in my hair. It is much softer and more manageable.
    However, the product has a very strong fragrance, and one that I've attributed to my nightly headaches since using it.
    So while I'd love to keep using the product for my hair, I have to avoid it for the sake of m...
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  25. Highly Recommend Kerastase Magic Night Serum


    A great product. Definitely feel results overnight. My hair is beautifully softer everyday so far.
  26. Obsessed!


    Just bought this a week ago, and my hair is starting to feel alive again. I was bleaching my hair for a few years and it was starting to feel like dry straw. I used a hair mask and then left this in damp and went to sleep with it in and woke up with the softest hair. Without any greasy heavy feeling. And the smell is my fave, I feel so lush walking around having my hair smell so beautiful
  27. Kerastase delivers again!


    Hair feels amazing after using this. soft, smooth and recovered!
  28. Amazing product!!!


    This leave in night time cream has honestly changed my hair condition completely I don’t think I can ever go without now! I have white blonde hair which is generally always more to the dry side, however this leave in cream makes my hair feel like silk and it feels so healthy! I use it every night, honestly life changer
  29. Unsure


    I have fine, coloured hair and live in a tropical environment with hard water so was excited to try this serum. I loved the idea of an overnight leave-in treatment as it seems a easy way to incorporate a treatment into your routine, especially if you don't have time for a wash off mask. Kerestase products always feels luxe and smell divine but I have to say that I am not blown away by the results,...
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  30. Magic


    this serum is really magic! leaves your face feeling really hydrated and moisturised! no dry bits!
  31. Perfection in a bottle


    This stuff has been sent from Heaven! I use a tiny smudge on my hair in the morning and it then is smooth and has bod. I don't even need to use texture powder. So worth the money!
  32. Still looking for the holy hair grail


    I never spend this much on a hair product but the reviews were amazing for it.
    Unfortunately i was disappointed once again.
    What does a girl who has frizzy hair have to do to get a hair taming serum that actually works?
    This product did make my hair feel softer, but it also made it more untameable the morning after.
    After a few more uses it just seems just like an expensiv...
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  33. great serum


    doesn't weigh my hair down, makes me hair manageable and so so soft, i actually cant believe how soft and bouncy my hair is after using this product, its incredible
  34. Hello amazing hair!


    This serum is one of a kind and worth every cent! My normally dry brittle hair felt perfect after using this and made my hair look and feel like I’d just visited the salon!
  35. 10/10 my new favourite hair product!


    This stuff is absolutely amazing and I have already seen a difference in my hair. I would definitely re purchase
  36. Non greasy smells lovely


    Dosnt weigh down hair at all, smells lightly of peaches, hydrates hair over night. My hair is dry and curly and this is a nice end to the day putting in and wake up to softer hair!
  37. Amazing!


    This has been a godsend for my overprocessed bleached hair. I have recently changed over to kerastase nutritive and resistance therapiste ranges and my hair has never felt or looked better. This night serum will see you wake up with super soft healthy hair. Doesn’t make your hair greasy and I’ve been able to reduce my use of dry shampoo as well. I just love this stuff.
  38. LOVE


    One of the best overnight hair treatment I’ve tried. Smells divine and makes my hair smooth and silky the next day
  39. Use as a night mask


    I apply this all throughout my hair, especially ends, braid my hair and sleep on it. My hair is always shiny, silky and healthier when I wakeup
  40. Great product


    I’ve used this product a few times and I really like it! I put my hair in a loose bun after applying, and in the morning my hair is silky smooth with lovely waves and very shiny. The smell is lovely as well!
  41. Great product!


    I really like this serum! Recommend my my hair dresser as my hair was dry and damaged and I have fallen in love! Best overnight treatment by far and have seen instant results in the overall condition of my hair
  42. Amazing


    Absolutely amazing serum that smells lovely ! Doesn’t weigh down my fine hair and leaves my hair soft and silky
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