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Kérastase Nutritive 8hr Magic Night Serum 90ml 90ml

4.6 of 137 reviews


4 instalments of $16.00

Or 4 instalments of $16.00 with LEARN MORE

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4 instalments of $16.00

Or 4 instalments of $16.00 with LEARN MORE

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Revitalise your hair overnight with Kérastase Nutritive 8hr Magic Night Serum. This leave-in hair treatment features Iris Root extract and a powerful blend of 5 vitamins to restore and rebalance all dry hair types.

What customers say

SUPERIOR - 90% recommend

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Hair Concern:

  • Oily roots, dry ends
  • Curl control

Hair Curl Type:

  • Curly
  • Straight
  • Very curly/African/Caribbean
  • Wavy

Hair Texture:

  • Fine
  • Medium
  • Coarse

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Kérastase Nutritive 8hr Magic Night Serum 90ml Reviews

4.6 of 137 reviews

90% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive



I use this as my leave in conditioner whenever I wash my hair - reduces drying time and frizziness on my thick hair

Most Helpful Criticism



Thin long died blonde hair, oilier roots and dried ends. Another product I wanted to love. Seriously disappointing in terms of doing what it promises, guess magic doesn’t exist. Bottle is beautiful, smells heavily perfumed (some people like that)doesn’t actually seem like it does anything other than scent my hair.
  1. Great


    verified purchaser
    I use this as my leave in conditioner whenever I wash my hair - reduces drying time and frizziness on my thick hair
  2. Obsessed!


    This product is divine. It makes your hair so incredibly soft! I have naturally quite frizzy curly hair, and this tames the frizz and has an amazing smell. Will definitely re-purchase.
  3. Pricey but worth it


    This is such a lovely product. I use it like a leave in conditioner. Smells amazing, makes my hair so silky and smooth and a little goes a long way. One huge bonus is that it doesn't weigh down or make my hair greasy. Love it. will purchase again.
  4. Favourite hair product


    I love, love, love this product! I have foiled blonde hair that can feel quite dry at times when I’m a bit lazy in my hair are routine. This product is perfect for the lazy girls as you can literally just rub some in before bed and sleep your way to soft hair! I was worried it would be too heavy for my fine hair, especially when putting it on dry hair, but it absorbs so well and just makes my hair...
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  5. Essential for busy ladies


    I bought this after using a sample and it is now an essential part of my routine. My hair looks nearly salon styled everyday and has saved me so much time styling during busy period at work.
  6. Didn't quite understand the point


    This product was confusing. As i generally blowdry my hair after washing of a nighttime. It seemed worthless and ineffective popping it in to freshly blow dried hair.

    Didn't see much of a change to feeling or look of the hair. If anything just extra product weighed my hair down.
  7. Pricey but worth it!


    This has become a staple in my haircare arsenal and always reliable for sleek, smooth and shiny locks. Not only does it smell amazing, it also nourishes my dry hair and really seems to do the trick when it comes to preventing breakage and split ends.
  8. Love this product


    This product is a winner, I have long hair and gets very dry ends my hair feels so hydrated after using and you don't have to worry about washing it out afterwards.
  9. Magic Night


    This serum makes your hair smooth and shiny! smells great too!
  10. Defs a Magic Night Serum

    Georgia B

    Honestly the best thing! I have curly, fine blonde hair and this is truly magic when applied in damp hair and then let air dried or blow dried!

    I really want to try the Blonde Serum they have just released!
  11. Soft soft hair


    I use this three times a week at night and my hair comes out soooooo soft in the morning.. soooo sofffttt.. did I say soft? It’s beautiful on hair after a wash in the morning too, if I let my hair dry naturally so,e of my waves come together in soft curls now too. Small amount goes a long way, like with all kerastase you don’t need much
  12. Love love love!!


    I have really thick, frizzy, dry hair (from bleaching) and the only thing to ever have made a difference on this mop is Olapex. Until this beauty. I have to use a fair bit, for all this hair, but it's worth it. In the morning it is soooo soft. The frizz is still there but it's... nicer frizz. I get better results from this than the Kerastase Blond Absolu version.


    Loved it. Was given a sample. I am super fussy with products, but this was light, smelt lovely ,hair was bouncy & wavy the following day
  14. Very impressed


    A sample of this came at just the right time as I'd recently finished the last remaining drops of my Olaplex no. 3. This serum was indeed magical, and was easy to apply to my damp hair, dried quickly and left no residue on my pillow. The results the next day exceeded expectations - as my hair was silky, soft, tangle-free, frizz-free and wonderfully shiny. I was really impressed by how it didn't...
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  15. lovely smell and does improve hair


    Smells great
    I have hair down to my bum so I need a lot to do my whole hair so it might run out quickly
    Does improve shine and my hair is softer and shinier the next day
    luxe packaging and you get a lot for your money
  16. Love it!


    This product is great! I use it after I’ve washed my hair and just leave it in. I would give it 5 stars, however this was a hand me down from my sister. She didn’t like it as she said it weighed her hair down. I did not experience this at all so I’m pleased I received a near full bottle. Her hair type is tight thick curls, mine is straight like straw and not as thick as her hair, if this helps.
  17. Good but not magic


    This makes my hair feel really soft. I personally prefer the effects of olaplex but this one is less labour intense (I don’t use olaplex enough because of the extra effort of washing it out again).
  18. Love it


    I saw this when looking for other products & thought it’s expensive but I’ve had good results with them Kerastase Oil why not try this. I love it. My hair is so soft. I use it every other day or so & I find I’m not having to wash my hair as often (twice a week instead of 3-4 times). I gave up on trying to embrace the curls but know my hair needs lots of moisture & this gives it to me without t...
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  19. Amazing


    I was unsure how good this would be as I’ve used a heavy oil serum from this brand before but omg after two uses !!! it’s so good my hair is soft no frizz. Smells amazing! Seriously worth it!
  20. LOVE!


    I have super dry, fine, frizzy, curly hair. It's a nightmare. This product is awesome! It smells amazing and delivers a ton of lightweight moisture. I know its an over night thing but i can even use it as a leave in and it doesn't make my hair greasy at all.
  21. worth the money !


    Completely worth the money !!! great product
  22. Best Hair Serum


    I'm a product junkie and tried many a hair serum, I have long blonde hair and this would be the best out worth the $$
  23. Overpriced


    Thin long died blonde hair, oilier roots and dried ends. Another product I wanted to love. Seriously disappointing in terms of doing what it promises, guess magic doesn’t exist. Bottle is beautiful, smells heavily perfumed (some people like that)doesn’t actually seem like it does anything other than scent my hair.
  24. Miracle balm for my hair


    Amazing smell, texture and packaging. However- i feel like it did nothing for my hair after continued use. I use the recommended amount .and do all they say you should, but i find at times it really does nothing and is quite heavy for my hair. The other times my hair is soft, shiny and manageable. Quite inconsistent
  25. My hair looks perfect


    I really love this serum. I received it as a sample and immediately after the first night I decided to buy it. My hair looks perfect, healthy, shiny and the smell is amazing. In the morning after all my friends were asking about my miraculous new hair secret. It's quite expensive and also doesn't last long, but I must confess that I got addicted. I apply whenever I want to see my hair perfect and ...
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  26. Lovely but doesn't go along way


    This product leaves your hair feeling really nice and hydrated in the morning after applying at night but I did seem to go through the bottle quite quickly, being a serum I didn't find it had the same absorption as a hair oil but still a really nice product that made my damaged hair feel amazing.
  27. Nice!


    Smells amazing, makes my hair look beautiful and healthy again. I bleach my hair often and find this to be really helpful, a wonderful and trusty product.
  28. It's the best serum


    I received this serum as a sample from adore beauty. I tried it thinking it might not do what it says because nothing works for my hair concerns. But this product, oh my god, its amazing, smells beautiful and actually does what it says. I put it at night and in the morning I had the best ever hair I never had in my life. It made my hair shiny, smooth and frizz free. This is the new hair product a...
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  29. liquid gold


    THIS IS INCREDIBLE. it smells amazing and tropical. it doesn't feel too hydrating or smoothing when you put it on damp/towel dried hair, but when you wake up in the morning you will have soft, smooth, silky, shiny tresses!!! I received this as a sample and will absolutely be buying a full size!!!!
  30. Magic


    This stuff is a must for everyone with slightly damaged hair. I have recently gone blonde but I use this every night and the condition of my hair is incredible. Worth every penny!
  31. shiny smooth hair


    super absorbant hair balm, i love it! really smooths my ends and allows for tangle free brushing. you can apply it to dry hair and it does not leave any greasy residue! so cool
  32. Obsessed


    This was better than I expected! For some reason I was imagining more of a oil type serum, but it’s a cream. At first I thought it would make my hair greasy - but it’s incredible! I’m on my second bottle and will forever have it on me. It smells delicious and makes my hair feel so smooth and soft. I use it on my dry hair when it needs a boost (especially on day 2/3 curls) and it instantly adds shi...
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  33. Amazing product


    This product is truly amazing, I have used it now for two week and my hair feels so much smoother and shinier. It makes it so much easier to comb your hair and the results are visibly clear after the first use.
    A must have product for everyone. It’s definitely worth the $$
  34. It's a no from me.


    I purchased this product based on my experience with Kerastase and the glowing reviews, but it was an enormous let down. I have no idea how it has the reviews it has.
    I've tried it several times hoping that one night I would wake up with the silky hair that was promised, but every time I wake up with hair so dry and frizzy I could use it to clean a BBQ.
    This product does the complete o...
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  35. Amazing


    Its a great product if you have dry frizzy hair. I use it on my end two times a week and can noticeable see a difference. The frizz is manageable and it add a nice shine to my hair. Plus it smells great.
  36. Best leave in product!!


    This product was such a game changer for me I tried this because my hair is pretty dry and gets really static and tangled, but it doesn't absorb oils well. I have extremely dry and damaged hair and I usually apply 4-6 pumps of this (seems like a lot but it absorbs) before I sleep and the next morning my hair is always so shiny and soft and it smells sooooo good. Its never left a weird residue on m...
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  37. A nice treat


    my hair felt soft the next morning its a nice treat very pricey for what it actually does though
  38. Undecided


    Received as a sample. This is a lovely product. It absorbs incredibly well and doesn’t leave behind a greasy feeling at all. It also has a very pleasant scent. The reason for 3.5 stars is because I’m not sure how amazing it is. It’s nice but I don’t think it does anything special that a light oil wouldn’t do as well. I would have to try it a few more times to get a feel for how much it actually wo...
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  39. Amazing!


    Ok this stuff is AMAZING! It is Soooo GOOD! Like I have very ‘age of pisces’ red hair (like in those paintings) and like when brushed, often I’ve not been happy with it, but if it’s not brushed, it’ll knot. This stuff PERFECTS and gives me that look like in those Guinevere and Lancelot paintings by Leighton. It perfects, looks PERFECT and GREAT brushed or not; and it DETANGLES! Better than any det...
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  40. Best Hair Serum


    This serum is the best I've ever used. My hair type is oily roots and dry ends. My hair has since appeared thicker as my hair is quite fine. during this type of year (winter), my hair also gets extremely knotty and I found myself taking plumps of my hair when I wasn't using this product. It's somewhat pricey but it works and a must have. I use roughly around 2-3 pumps per use and maybe 3 times a ...
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  41. Witchcraft


    I don't know what kind of sorcery this is, but my hair is always so flippin soft after I use it
  42. Smells Divine


    Love the smell and it really makes my coarse and thick hair very smooth and manageable the next day.
  43. Magic serum!


    I was skeptical but this is seriously magic. I wake up with softer hair and the scent is beautiful. I will definitely be purchasing this product.
  44. Kerastase 8 Hr magic night serum


    This product did make My hair shinier And healthier. I will keep using it and hopefully see more improvements
  45. Incredible


    This product smells amazing, and leaves hair feeling super soft. I have curly hair and this almost detangles my hair through the night. Also the packaging is really nice quality, definitely worth the price, and will definitely be buying again.
  46. My hair is healthy again!


    My hair was extremely dry and dull. I use this once to twice a week to help my hair feel soft and feel healthy.
  47. Didn't do much


    I wanted to love this product but it just didn't do much for me. It smells amazing and made my hair slightly softer, but the effect was very subtle and I was expecting more.
  48. Amazing!


    I love this product. It smells so good (my husband was obsessed with it). I used it basically every night and it did not feel heavy on my hair. The product really sinks in the strand. The next day my hair was soft. My bottle finished and I have decided to try another night serum from another brand but it is not the same. Definetly I will buy it again next time. I have long, highlighted and fine ha...
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  49. Nourishing


    This makes my dry frizzy hair so soft! There’s no reason it can’t be used in the day too
  50. Love This!


    I was a bit sceptical when I first bought this but my hair is so damaged from bleaching and it sounded like exactly what I need. It works a treat! I actually use it in the mornings before I put my hair up for work. Makes it feel so nice and soft. Never Oily. Highly recommend!


    Soaks right in; absolutely divine smell and leaves hair super super soft
  52. Smells good


    I have super thick hair and normally the last thing I want to do is put a cream on the ends of it. This is super light, and absorbs so quickly and smells so good! It has a very luxurious feel, love!
  53. It works!!


    I was extremely skeptical with this as I thought it’s almost impossible to transform hair over night.
    I have a large range of collection and use this every night and can say 1. The smell is amazing, 2. My hair is instantly softer, 3. Next day styling and bed hair is a breeze and no longer a problem.

    It’s does help mend hair and reform them. Quiet remarkable product I also use t...
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  54. I recommend this to EVERYONE


    I really do recommend this to everyone - for anyone with textured and frizzy hair, this truly is magic. I have wavy coarse frizzy hair, and it just softens it and allows my waves to bounce naturally. It equally works on my daughters hair which is finer, curlier and prone to matting - again just softening and smooting out the hair.
    This is an absolute must buy!
  55. Love the result!


    Love this product. My hair feels very soft after using it a couple weeks now and you can easily use it a couple times between washes and it does not leave your hair sticky or oily, just nicely moisturized and soft. Very happy that I purchased this!
  56. Real magic


    I had such a dry hair that many times, I prefer not to comb my hair as it was impossible. It was like a piece of hard wires and all knot together. After using the serum regularly, I have such soft hair that I can not believe. It was a real magic; as before, nothing was working on my hair. I had tried many products and brands, but just this pne worked for me.
  57. never knew I needed this


    honestly kinda sounds excessive having a daily moisturiser/serum for your hair but it is so worth it and I won't ever go without it again.
  58. Really good!


    I think it’s the best investment you can do for your hair if you find your ends keep getting dry. I have all the kerastase products but only when I incorporated this magic serum is when I noticed rhe changes. I use a hair wrap to sleep in so I believe that also helps to protect the ends and let the serum sink in. I truly love it!
  59. Best hair product


    I honestly love this- it is magic. I have very thick, course hair and after I wash I add 3 pumps to damp hair and leave to air dry, my waves are refined, my hair is soft and looks beautiful. It smells divine also. Love live it
  60. Luxury hair product


    I bought this after receiving a sample. I have dry and slightly damaged hair and I apply this to my ends before bed and I awake with beautifully soft hair. The smell is incredible but unfortunately doesn’t last. It doesn’t weigh hair down at all and it doesn’t leave hair greasy - just soft. For best results I apply this after blow drying then I wrap my hair into buns and awake with soft bouncy cur...
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  61. This is amazing!


    I've been trying to find a serum I can use on dry hair to maintain softness in between washes and this product is a winner. I put it through my hair before bed twice a week, section it into two plaits and it feels so amazing. I'm trying to restore my damaged and split ends from years of bleaching and it's genuinely helped restore my porous hair to healthier and shinier hair. I highly recommend it
  62. Ahhmazing


    I use this 3 times a week overnight and i can’t fault it! My hair is much softer, more manageable, less breakage and smells Devine!
  63. Errrmaaagerrd! Love this stuff


    I am a big kerastase fan, so I was super excited for when I saw this new product, it smells so incredible and makes your hair feel so soft and shiny. Doesn’t make it feel oily which I was worried about( but will definitely repurchase when I run out of my current bottle.
  64. Great hair serum


    After a few uses, my hair is notably smoother and feels so much softer. Being able to just put it in at night and let it work is so easy!
  65. Amazing Product


    Bought this after reading so many amazing reviews and I'm so happy I did. I have my hair coloured blonde every 6 weeks and we know how damaging that can be especially since a have fine hair and on top of that, heat styling. My hair was dry and brittle but after using this nightly, even after just a few days my hair has improved so much. I used to put coconut oil in it every few nights and had t...
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  66. Amazing Product


    Bought this after reading so many amazing reviews and I'm so happy I did. I have my hair coloured blonde every 6 weeks and we know how damaging that can be especially since a have fine hair and on top of that, heat styling. My hair was dry and brittle but after using this nightly, even after just a few days my hair has improved so much. I used to put coconut oil in it every few nights and had t...
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  67. Amazing Product


    Bought this after reading so many amazing reviews and I'm so happy I did. I have my hair coloured blonde every 6 weeks and we know how damaging that can be especially since a have fine hair and on top of that, heat styling. My hair was dry and brittle but after using this nightly, even after just a few days my hair has improved so much. I used to put coconut oil in it every few nights and had t...
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  68. Amazing Product


    Bought this after reading so many amazing reviews and I'm so happy I did. I have my hair coloured blonde every 6 weeks and we know how damaging that can be especially since a have fine hair and on top of that, heat styling. My hair was dry and brittle but after using this nightly, even after just a few days my hair has improved so much. I used to put coconut oil in it every few nights and had t...
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  69. Best Treatment For My Hair


    My hair has been extremely dry lately and I have tried plenty of treatements but this takes the cake! I wake up with smooth soft and manageable hair. I'm so glad to have found the Magic Night Serum!
  70. It feels like you have straightened your hair.


    Absolutely great product and I have trialed a lot. I have very dry hair that I have coloured for over 10 years. This product is really wonderful. Doesn't make my thick mane greasy but does add to the shine and makes it so much smoother. Smells fine! I use it at night and sometimes during the day! Highly recommend.
  71. Amazing smell


    I've been looking at this for ages and finally purchased it. I have never used a hair serum before, and I was particularly sceptical about using it on dry hair before bed. I put a tiny amount on as advised, and it soaked nicely into my hair. I absolutely adore the smell of this serum, and my hair looked very nice the following morning. I wouldn't say it made a dramatic difference, though I did lov...
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  72. A must have!


    I love this serum so much! I try to only wash my hair once a week, so putting this in every night is great for keeping it hydrated during the week and it smells divine. I've noticed a difference in the condition of my hair since using it for sure!
  73. So lush


    So lovely, I put it through my hair then tie it up and I end up with soft beautiful waves. Love it!
  74. Oh. My. God


    This is my new must have product. After lightening my hair so aggressively for so long, this product has really brought it back to life. A few pumps of this overnight leaves my hair so much softer in the morning and restores shine
  75. Love it


    Sleek and soft immediately absorbed stronger healthy shiny hair
    Smells beautiful too
  76. Lovely leave-in Serum


    Since changing back to Kerastase products, this serum plus the shampoo and conditioner in the Kerastase range, have returned my hair to soft and silky instead of the dry, straw-like hair I had before!
  77. Another great Kerastase product


    After using a sample and loved it I decided to buy one. Leaves my hair feeling soft and gives it a healthy shine.
  78. Love, love, love!


    My long, dry, colour treated hair appeared noticeably more healthy and smooth the more I used this product. The smell is not my favourite, but not a big deal given the results achieved.
  79. Smells amazing, very gentle on the scalp,


    Enjoyed the product, use it on a daily basis. Can’t tell much about the results since it has only been few day but my hair feels smooth
  80. What’s Magic Smells Like


    I was told about this from my sister in law and she was right, it’s magic. Smells great and makes my hair smooth and shiny. I love putting this through my damp hair before bed.


    I bought this after hearing about it on the Beauty IQ podcast and am so happy with it - it has changed my mornings! After seriously damaging my hair with keratin treatments, I had been waking up with straw-like hair and then damaging it further by having to straighten it to get some soft/sleekness back. I use this every single night and I wake up with soft shiny hair! OBSESSED. Holy grail product...
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  82. Makes your hair smell and feel amazing


    After my hair is towel dried I pop a few pumps in my hair and brush it in them either let it dry naturally or blow dry and it makes your hair feel so good.
  83. A Sleeping Mask for Hair


    I apply this from my mid hair length every night and I have been blown away by the result every morning when I wake up with soft, manageable, hydrated, shiny, and silky hair!
  84. Great morning hair


    I do love the concept of an overnight treatment and this product do not disappoint. It leaves m,y hair smooth and shining for most mornings. I have very long and dry hair on the ends and this products helps a lot of minimise the damage. I also have the very bad habit of going to bed with my hair wet- so I make sure to use this treatment then...
  85. Just like magic


    The Kerastase night serum is really just like magic! I have blonde hair and needed something to hydrate and also tame my frizz and this does exactly it. It smells amazing and is so luxurious
  86. Magic is it!


    I’m on my 2nd bottle & love this stuff. I have fine, bleached, dry, frizzy hair that’s hard to manage. My hair ends up in a ball by the end of a night out, full of knots & a nightmare! I squeeze this onto my detangler brush & my hair drinks it straight up. Sometimes I plait it after saturating my hair with this creamy HG stuff, the next day I have nice waves that are frizz free. Doesn’t weigh my h...
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  87. Soothes the cockles on my Hagrid hair


    If you are here because of the beauty IQ podcast, I too like Hannah have HAGRID hair. I was sold on trying this bad boy out in the hopes of attaining luxurious, silky, manageable locks.

    Having battled with being a curly haired girl, my life has been fraught with never knowing how to manage this mop. I have certainly tried out my fair share of hair products.

    This product ...
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  88. Waste of money

    Gi Gi

    I have long wavy hair with mixed texture (strawberry blonde) the red hairs are thick and coarse and the blonde hairs are fine. This product made my hair feel heavy and "claggy" like it had glue in it. I do not recommend at all. For such an expensive product, save your money. I'm very disappointed.
  89. Good Value


    I bought this full size product after using a sample given to be in my Adore Beauty order. My hair has been very dry and dull and I was instantly impressed with the results. I am still using Olaplex after my colour treatments but this has been perfect for once or twice a week on my hair.
  90. Great Product


    I am so impressed by this product. I have tried a lot of different hair products and so far this has suited my hair better than any of them. My hair is quite fine and I have found that oils or thicker products just make my hair greasy. This product is a light creamy serum ad does not weigh my hair down or make it appear greasy. It has made my hair softer, healthier and less prone to flyaways/frizz...
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  91. For the price I’d stick with olaplex


    I only used this for a sample and whilst it felt great in my hair overnight... the next day my hair was actually more dry and frizzy. I’d stick to olaplex if you’re a blonde looking for a solution
  92. An absolute lifesaver for what felt like straw-like texture for my hair.

    Louise Chan via BeautyCrew.com

    An absolute lifesaver for what felt like straw-like texture for my hair. It truly achieves what it says it will do - my hair has never felt better with such little effort. I've had a bad few years of not maintaining my hair and after a few month travelling I wasn't able to take care of my hair. This serum was used immediately upon my return i needed an urgent hydration to refresh my hair. I applie...
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  93. Good, but didn't live up to my expectations


    I have thin hair that is naturally a bit of a frizzy mess. There is lots to love about this serum it smells great, it definitely leaves hair feeling smoother but personally I think Elevens miracle hair treatment is just as good at a much more palatable price.
  94. I expected more from this product

    Chele Pagno

    I generally love Kerastase but I really not sure what this product did. It smells nice and my hair gets a nice wave (after putting it in I braid my hair), but it had absolutely no effect on my hair’s texture.I expected more from this product.
  95. Divine! Worth every penny!


    Love this so much! Even in my very fine and oily hair it is amazing! Will definitely repurchase when this runs out but a little goes a long way.
  96. This actually works


    This is a fantastic product - I was blown away after a few months of frequent use to notice my hair is much longer, stronger and healthier. I don't generally see such visible results. Will keep buying and am now a Kerastase convert!
  97. My hair looks amazing after using this


    My hair looks amazing after using this. I just use a little bit a few times a week. It makes a huge difference.
  98. Fantastic second day hair


    I have very long hair. My hair smells wonderful, and silky after I used this.
  99. Wonderful


    I have a very thin dry and brittle hair, I can notice the difference with few days using this product.
    My hair is now more soft. I jist fall in love with this serum.
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