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Dr. Bronner Hand Sanitizer Lavender 59ml

4.7 of 229 reviews


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4 instalments of $2.47

Or 4 instalments of $2.47 with LEARN MORE

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Dr. Bronner's Hand Sanitizer Lavender is an organic, fairtrade alternative to other hand sanitizers, with every bit of the same efficacy. With the scent of fresh lavender in a travel-friendly spritz bottle, Dr. Bronner's Hand Sanitizer Lavender is free from GMO-alcohol and petro-carbomer thickeners. Formulated with Organic Glycerin to moisturise the skin.
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SUPERIOR - 96% recommend

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Dr. Bronner Hand Sanitizer Lavender

Dr. Bronner Hand Sanitizer Lavender

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Dr. Bronner Hand Sanitizer Lavender Reviews

4.7 of 229 reviews

96% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Must have for the handbag


The only hand sanitizer that i will ever use, no drying, doesn't smell like tequila and the lavender isn't over powering. I do not leave home without it!

Most Helpful Criticism

Not my favorite


It works and the spray is handy but I can't get past the smell. It's got a strong lavender-toilet-cleaner smell to it. I much prefer the Aesop one.
  1. Must have for the handbag


    The only hand sanitizer that i will ever use, no drying, doesn't smell like tequila and the lavender isn't over powering. I do not leave home without it!
  2. The only hand Sanitizer I will use


    verified purchaser
    Hands down the best sanitizer I have ever used. Doesn't dry out your hands and the lavender scent beats that pure alcohol smell that other sanitizers have. Will 100% purchase again and again.
  3. Scent is Amazing!


    verified purchaser
    The sanitiser isn't sticky, absorbs quicker than gels, and doesn't dry out your skin. The lavender scent is amazing but not overpowering.
  4. Beautiful product


    Firstly this is so practical and you can shove it in your pocket or bag, and secondly, it smells divine- just like real lavender!
  5. Great hand & surface spray.


    verified purchaser
    This lavender sanitizer does not have a strong, overpowering alcohol smell like many other sanitizers and this is why I really like it. It's a good size for handbags and can also be used on surfaces. For example, I tend to give my shopping trolley handle a spray before use. Have bought a few bottles to share with my family and they love it too.
  6. Smells lovely


    verified purchaser
    Great smell and gentle on the skin.
  7. Amazing


    This is so handy and is not drying at all. Smells great too
  8. The most soothing hand sanitiser you'll find


    I keep this sanitiser in the car and it's perfect to desinfect your hands when on the road. I love the lavender smell - it's quite strong so might not be the best match when you don't like strong scents on sanitisers. I like the spray more than a gel because I feel like it sinks into your skin way quicker.
  9. Great for Sensitive Skin!

    Laura O

    Standard hand sanitisers make my hands raw and cracked with my already existing contact dermatitis. This product is a life-saver in a time like this where you need to sanitise more but need to keep your hands nourished. I couldn't recommend it more!
  10. Love


    verified purchaser
    Such a handy little product! This has replaced my liquid hand sanitisers and is more convenient as it is just a spray. Lovely lavender fragrance as a bonus too!
  11. Lovely!


    Really nice product and perfect size for my handbag. The smell is easily one of the best on the market and it doesn't irritate my hands like most other sanitisers (I have eczema and haven't had any issues).
  12. The best!!


    None compare to this hand sani!
    This has the best fragrance, best spray bottle, best everything. This is truly an outstanding product! It leaves your hands smelling wonderful and no dry feeling. They nailed it!
  13. Great hand sanitiser!


    I bought this after reading so much good reviews on this product and I have no regret! I find it more easy to use than the regular hand sanitiser because it is in spray form. It absorbs easily and it is not as drying as the regular hand sanitiser. It smells pretty great too! Bonus point, I also use this to sanitise my phone!
  14. Love this


    Love this hand sanitizer! It smells great, love the spray bottle and doesn't dry my hands out!
  15. An essential


    my favourite handbag sanitiser! Dries quick and smells great. Lasts a long time and at a great price point... and natural too!
  16. great sanitizer


    this is great, smells so nice and strong and did not dry out my hands
  17. Handbag Essential


    Love the smell of this hand sanitiser. It doesn't dry out my skin either.
  18. Such a nice product!


    This is a lovely hand sanitiser that I will continue to repurchase- I find it doesn't dry my hands out as badly as a lot of other sanitisers and it also doesn't have the horrific "cheap vodka" smell that a lot of them have. It does the job well and is also conveniently in a spray bottle so can be used on skin but also to wipe down handles ect with ease.
  19. A lovely product


    This has a great scent and works well. A bottle lasts a long time. It smells much better than others which have that chemical smell. It also doesn’t dry out your skin.
  20. Strong smell!


    I wanted to love this but the smell is sooo strong but I do love the spray bottle and size!
  21. Perfect


    I purchased these just before going into lockdown and they have been PERFECT. Perfect size for me to carry one everywhere. My hands get very sore and this is the one spray that doesn't sting me. I want to try the peppermint one next
  22. The best


    I always have bottles of this on hand. It’s great value and has a gorgeous lavender scent. My kids love it, and I love that it’s natural.
  23. Great essential buy


    I switched to using this hand sanitizer after my daughter refused to let me use the other brand we were using. The scent is lovely and fresh and the alcohol content will definitely kill off any nasties on your hands. I keep multiple bottles in my car, handbags, and the kitchen so I’m never without one.
  24. smells nice


    this smells nice and I like the spray over normal. Works well
  25. Nice fresh scent


    A really lovely sanitizer that has a nice fresh scent and doesn't sting my hands or make them feel fry and tight
  26. Smells beautiful & gentle enough for my child


    This smells beautiful, doesn't sting my hands and I am confident using it on my 2 year old daughter, unlike some other sanitisers I worry are too harsh for her skin.
  27. Great


    Great lavender scent, easy to dispense and has the same great quality that I’m used to with this brand.
  28. Nice idea but hate the smell


    I like the idea, it's a good size, can be used to clean surfaces, clean hands (feels nice- not sticky, no residue etc) easy spray etc but yuk! I hate the smell!!
    I have put my name down for when the peppermint one comes back in stock as like the product but would definitely not buy this one again.
  29. Best hand sanitiser!


    In love with all Dr. Bronners products, I have so many! This amazing bottle is so affordable and an incredible sanitiser. Not drying, not sticky, with an amazinggg calming scent.
  30. good and natural


    this is a lot more natural than others and i like that it is a spray, it is a strong smell though
  31. Lovely smell


    This hand sanitiser smells so pretty and surprisingly doesn't dry out my hands. Perfect for travelling since it's just the right size
  32. Handbag necessity


    I first discovered this on a trip to the US. It is easy to apply, smells lovely and actually leaves my hands feeling soft. It should be a staple in everyone’s handbag! Price is great too.
  33. Truly the best hand sanitiser


    I’ve bought this for about 5 years now and have gifted it to colleagues and family (makes a great secret Santa gift). The pure lavender fragrance will have someone always asking - what is that beautiful smell? The alcohol content is above 60% and perfect for right now, and for always. So much better than the weird propolene glycol hand sanitiser sold in chemists etc.
  34. Family Safe


    We have a one year old daughter and I am very particular about what I put on her skin and what she puts in her mouth. This is gentle and effective and I have no worries about the family using this around her or in a pinch, using this on her as well. Smells absolutely lovely. A+!
  35. Great product


    Great value great product
    Smells great and good for these times
    I use it to clean phone and glasses
    Does good job
  36. Great product


    Smells nice, easy to use and is a great size for the handbag/car/office desk!
  37. Just ok


    Doesn't dry your hands out as much as others, the lavender scent is so so.
  38. Lavender Heaven


    Bought this as it was the only hand sanitiser not out of stock and really happy that I did. After seeing reviews about the smell I was worried it was going to be too strong but I think its the perfect amount. Love the smell, its very calming.
  39. Smells fantastic.


    This smells fantastic and works really well without all the harsh chemicals.
  40. A natural alternative


    I LOVE THIS SANITIZER SO MUCH! Smells beautiful and works just as well as any other sanitizer, without the nasty chemicals
  41. Feels good

    Smells amazing

    Love this product, everything about it is perfect like the smell, feel and the bottle design. Only thing is the actual pump is a little cheap and sometimes gets stuck
  42. Lovely


    Lovely smell and gentle on the skin.
  43. Dr Bronner Convert


    For some time I have heard many people rave about this product and up until now I must admit that I was not a hand sanitiser kind of girl. Sensitive skin and hand sanitiser do not go well. As we all know with covid-19 that has now all changed and so I thought it was a perfect opportunity to give this little baby a go. It took me a little while to get my hands on some stock as it sold out FAST. ...
    Read More
  44. Refreshing scent


    Fantastic hand sanitiser, love the spray bottle rather than gel, and the fact it smells refreshing and doesn't feel drying.
  45. If I could just use one hand sanitiser for the rest of my life...


    This has become my hand sanitiser of choice, which is a problem now that it is so hard to get hold of! It smells amazing (the lavender masks the alcohol smell that sanitisers usually have) and doesnt leave my hands feeling as dry as other sanitisers. My only compliant is that I have had the lids come unscrewed when left at the bottom of my handbag...
  46. Worth it


    Lovely hand sanitizer. Smells great, easy to use doesn't leave any residue also works really well to clean my phone.
  47. Great product


    Highly recommend this! Effective as has over 60% alcohol so will kill any nasties, plus has a lovely fragrance. My 5 yr old daughter won’t let me use any other hand sanitizer on her as she hates the smell of other ones.
  48. Organic goodness


    I put this as a show piece next to the Dr. Bronner's Pump soap on my powder room (instead of a hand wash & a hand lotion; I put a hand wash & a hand sanitiser). It smells great. I love the fact that it's organic. It doesn't feel like it's drying to my skin like most of the other hand sanitisers.
  49. Such a great product and worth the wait!

    Mrs S

    I tried to order this product when COVID-19 became a pandemic and it was out of stock. It was hard to know if this was because of the panic or because it's a great product so I took a chance and was really pleased when I received it. It doesn't feel like a normal hand sanitizer in the best possible way. When we can start travelling again I will be making this a staple in my travel kit.
  50. Love it


    Have been obsessed with this since Joanna talked about it on the podcast. Now it's hot property and so hard to get your hands on. I am enjoying the last bottle I managed to order during these crazy hand sanitising times. Would probably panic buy this if I saw it on a shelf somewhere haha. Love the smell, and the spray function.
  51. Best Sanitizer


    Obsessed with this stuff. The spray bottle is the best.
  52. Great product - gently on hands


    Love this product, the consistency is thin and easily absorbs into skin, as it is a spray it's easy to get a good coverage over all of the hands and smells amazing. Highly recommend and small enough to keep in your handbag.
  53. Smell is strong, but does the job!


    Is very convenient and great to just pop in the car. The smell is strong but if you like lavender it’s fine. Great purchase.
  54. Great that it sanitizes, gave me eczema


    Great sanitizer. It does dry out the hands excessively, which coupled with all this hand washing is awful - I haven’t had eczema on my hands for years! Hardly healthy. I like that it’s a spray, I’ve been spraying chairs and stuff with it; door handles - which it’s very good for- rubbing alcohol is out of stock everywhere- so much so I’ve been thinking why doesn’t it come in a bigger bottle?
  55. Lovely Sanitizer Option


    I carry this in my handbag everywhere I go. It has a beautiful smell, and is a nice alternative to the usual hand sanitizers!
  56. Good


    A good sanitiser to carry around. Smells nice. Pretty packaging. Watery, not thick, so watch that you don’t spray too hard and miss your target.
  57. Does NOT kill viruses


    Nice sanitiser for bacteria BUT USELESS AGAINST VIRUSES!
    Seems a bit pointless these days...
  58. Yes it's great !


    Love it I have one in my hand bag and I love using it !
  59. unique


    a great twist on normal hand sanitiser. smells divine and also works so well. my hands feel fresh!
  60. Love


    Love the scent of this hand santiser. It is nice and hydrating and does not dry out my skin. I just wish it would not sell out as quickly as it does so I can restock :-) Highly recommend!
  61. So lovely


    I love that this is a spray, and not a gel. It disappears straight away and doesn't leave a residue. Also doesn't dry your hands out which a bonus!
  62. Great natural sanitiser


    Great natural sanitiser that is easy to use. Smell is a bit strong but if you like lavender it’s fine.
  63. Good


    Smells nice and cleans well
  64. Nice


    Great consistency, not drying,smells ok
  65. Good


    I like this sanitiser and it is affordable too
  66. Love this sanitizer


    I love this product. It does two things, sanitises your hands and the reason I keep buying this product is it is instantly calming because of the lavender scent. I wish they would do their other scents as hand sanitizers
  67. Effective


    Effective for sanitising hands but has a very strong, almost unpleasant smell that lingers.
  68. Convenient spray


    I love this spray! Can't wait till it's back in stock again. Ive been using this for quite a while and i couldn't be without it now. I keep one in the car for conveniency, and it also doubles as a beautiful lavender scent spray. Love it!
  69. be clean


    I am not a fan of lavender, but I need hand sanitiser.
    it does the job and I don't feel too dry after use. but yes wash hands when I can.
  70. Calming


    Probably not all that antibacterial (definitely not anti viral for corona), but makes you relaxed and calm.
  71. Great smell


    Makes my hands feel and smell amazing
  72. Smells great, feels great, looks great


    I love this product, lavender is such a relaxing smell and I love that I can use it in a hand sanitiser. Made with natural lavender oil this product is also pretty nourishing. I've bought it for all my friends!
  73. Best hand sanitizer ever


    This is the second time I’ve bought this and I absolutely love it. Doesn’t dry out my hands and leaves a fabulous smell.
  74. Convenient


    Used this lots on my recent trip which was handy to sanitise before eating
  75. So simple and easy


    easy to fit in your bag, beautiful smell, and doesn't leave your hands greasy or tacky like other hand sanitizes.
  76. pretty good


    not drying which is so good. great for before & after work. Love having mine in my hand bag
  77. smells great

    Laura w

    I use this everyday on my hands, feels great. I use it on my hands and also to clean screens (especially my laptop screen after it gets mucky) It does exactly what it says. Plus I love the bottle!
  78. Great for teachers!


    I come into contact with so many germy kids that I'm always sanitising my hands, but it really dries them out, so this product is a godsend! It doesn't make my hands dry out and it smells good, too :)
  79. lovely


    does the job well. smells lovely and makes my hands feel so clean and soft, perfect for the handbag
  80. Perfect for your handbag!


    Unlike other hand sanitizers, this one doesn’t dry out the skin or have a stron chemically smell - it actually smells lovely. Convenient size for your handbag so your never caught without!
  81. Perfect for a germaphobe

    Sarah A

    Once again, purchased because of listening to the podcast #joannamademedoit. So glad I did, it’s the perfect size, easy to keep in the car, in your hand bag and on your desk at work. It smells lovely and doesn’t appear to have a drying effect on your skin like many of the ones from the grocery store. This product will always be on my repurchase list.
  82. City essential


    Great for keeping in your handbag to use throughout the day such as before eating or after using public transport
  83. OCD's dream product!


    ADORE this! I have been a fan of Dr Bronner's for years (highly recommend the washes) but only recently heard about this one thanks to the podcast. I ordered one and it lives at my desk. I am a bit OCD but don't like hand sanitising gels - this one has changed my opinion! It is more a fine alcoholic spray that leaves a nice lavender scent. I will be ordering more for my car, home, everywhere!
  84. Instantly Calming in a crazy world


    I love this product. It does two things, sanitises your hands and the reason I keep buying this product is it is instantly calming because of the lavender scent. I wish they would do their other scents as hand sanitizers
  85. Amazing


    This hand sanitiser is great! I feel like it definitely gets rid of all the germs and the smell is so great and relaxing. Definitely recommend
  86. My daily must have!


    Honestly feel lost without this product, I have one on my desk, in my car and in my handbag! I get such fresh and clean results are two sprays and I love the smell!
  87. Smells so amazing


    So affordable and lasts a long time. Love keeping one in my hand bag, the smell is just gorgeous.
  88. handbag and travel essential


    Super useful product to keep in your handbag. I use it whenever I travel or don't have access to handwash. I love Dr Bronner products and it's great that they're cruelty free.
  89. Best ever!


    Bought this after listening to the podcast and it is a real game changer. Smells great, doesn't dry out my hands as much as other products and the bottle is a convenient size my work bag!
  90. Not my favorite


    It works and the spray is handy but I can't get past the smell. It's got a strong lavender-toilet-cleaner smell to it. I much prefer the Aesop one.
  91. Best hand sanitiser ever


    I think I'm on to my 3rd bottle of this. I just love it! I'd much rather use this on my (and my kids') hands instead of hand gels full of toxic ingredients. Personally I love the lavender scent but some people may find it a bit strong.
  92. Good spray


    I like that this is a spray, you can spray just the right amount and also spray your companions' hands quickly with no mess or waste. The smell is great for a sanitiser, but it does leave my hands a little sticky. Not big problem though, I will still continue to repurchase.
  93. Great!


    A bottle can be used for a long time. It's very convenient to carry outside. The smell is particularly charming. It will be repurchased.
  94. Overpowering smell


    Handy size to keep in the glove box, but the smell is just too much for me. I'll probably stick with Aesop's instead.
  95. Great product


    I like the consistency of the spray, its not oily and does not leave a gel film on my hands after I use it (like most of the hand sanitizes on the market).
    I don't like the smell, and that's because I don't like lavender. It would be nice to have more range for the scent and them it would be a 10/10.
  96. Lovely


    So affordable and lasts a long time. Love keeping one in my hand bag.
  97. Beautiful clean scent


    Love this natural sanitiser. Nice scent. Will repurchase.
  98. Love this


    Smells great and is very easy to carry around in my handbag. I find the lavender scent is very calming.
  99. Freshness on the go


    I find this a great alternative to the other store bought sanitiser, especially if you love the lavender scent. A little goes along way, travel friendly. I would recommend this product, my hands feel nice and refreshed after use
  100. Good in the car or travels


    This is a great spray hand sanitizer and it smells really lovely too! Perfect for car or travel/camping
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