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Dr. Bronner Hand Sanitizer Lavender 59ml

4.7 of 130 reviews


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4 instalments of $2.24


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Dr. Bronner's Hand Sanitizer Lavender is an organic, fairtrade alternative to other hand sanitizers, with every bit of the same efficacy. With the scent of fresh lavender in a travel-friendly spritz bottle, Dr. Bronner's Hand Sanitizer Lavender is free from GMO-alcohol and petro-carbomer thickeners. Formulated with Organic Glycerin to moisturise the skin.
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SUPERIOR - 96% recommend

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Dr. Bronner Hand Sanitizer Lavender

Dr. Bronner Hand Sanitizer Lavender

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4.7 of 130 reviews

96% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Love this stuff!


The smell is so beautiful, the spray is super convenient, it doesn't leave your hands sticky- it's just the bomb!

Most Helpful Criticism

Not my fav


I’m a fan of Dr Bronner products, but I find the smell on this a little over the top intense. One squirt in the air scents a whole room so I find if I use it on my hands it’s a little sickly.
  1. Love this stuff!


    The smell is so beautiful, the spray is super convenient, it doesn't leave your hands sticky- it's just the bomb!
  2. A great alternative


    It’s a great alternative to the traditional alcohol smelling sanitizer. I might try the other smell next time as I’m a fan of mint
  3. A good looking hand sanitiser


    This hand sanitiser looks pretty and smells great. It's a convenient size to slip into a hand bag and unlike some other hand sanitisers it doesn't reek of alcohol or give you a slight stinging sensation to your skin. A highly recommended product that would also be a great stocking stuffer for Christmas.
  4. Thank you Joanna!


    After the recommendation from Joanna I bought this hand sanitiser. So glad I've purchased this. So easy to use and doesn't leave that sticky feeling. Also, I really enjoy the scent.
  5. Lavender Crazy


    I love the Dr Bronner’s range and hand sanitising being a teacher is very important to me. This handy pump bottle makes that easy. The lavender smell however I feel is very overpowering. I don’t love the smell of lavender so that also comes into it.
  6. Natural goodness!


    The only sanitiser I will use! It doesn’t leave you feeling sticky and smells great!!
  7. Go to hand Sanitizer


    I have been using this Sanitizer for a few years now.
    Its my go to.
    I love that its in a spray and can easily fit into your handbag/evening bag

    whenever I spray it I always get people saying "ooh whats that?!"
  8. New Go To


    I love this hand sanitizer for multiple reasons. I love the spray application because it allows me to use less product on my hands and also to sanitize other surfaces if need be. As someone who is not normally a huge fan of lavender, I was hesitant about the smell of this one but the lavender smell is not overpowering and actually quite pleasant throughout the day.
  9. adore this


    It is very hydrating as it penetrates deeply into the skin and leaves a lovely scent afterwards
  10. Beautiful sanitiser


    Such a great alternative to the drying chemical sanitisers. I always carry this in my bag for myself and kids. Smells beautiful and doesn’t dry skin out at all
  11. best


    Been a favourite of mine for a while! The hydration for a hand sanitiser with this is beyond insane!
  12. My favourite hand sanitiser


    I am a big fan of Dr Bronners. This hand sanitiser actually leaves my hands feeling soft after using it - very rare in a hand sanitiser spray. I keep it in my handbag. Love the lavender scent too.
  13. Great for days out


    This is permanently in my handbag. It comes in handy when me and my family go out for the day, gets all the germs off my kiddies hands before eating and it smells really lovely and calming
  14. not sure


    It has very strong lavender scent. It is an easy spray on-the-go, but it dries my skin out. I am not sure if it really sanitize my skin, and it is a bit over budget as a sanitizer.
  15. Lavender!


    Very strong scent. Comes out as a spray like water. Easy to use but can be a little drying to hands (no worse than normal hand sanitiser). I keep mine in my car for when I'm on the go.
  16. Its good!


    I carry this around in my bag with me and just use a couple of times ago to mist on my hands! Its so beautiful and fresh!
  17. Best Hand Sanitiser and healthy too!


    I have pretty dry and sensitive skin and I always have these on hand in the car, my handbag and at home. Smell much nicer than chemical sanitisers and does the job too! Not drying, irritating or sticky on the hands. It is also awesome to have if you are travelling and have trouble sleeping - a few sprays on the pillow and zzzzzzz!
  18. Doesn't leave hands sticky like gel options


    I much prefer this spray hand sanitiser as it doesn't leave your hands with a sticky residue like some gel ones do. It has a nice lavender scent when you first spray but it doesn't linger and isn't over-powering.
  19. The best


    Love this product. On my second bottle now. Much prefer using this to the toxic chemical hand sanitisers. My kids love it too!
  20. Smells amazing and gentle


    This is way less harsh on the skin than other hand sanitizers. I love that it's a spray and not a messy pump. Plus it smells amazing. I wish it would come in a bigger bottle
  21. The best and most gentle hand sanitizer


    After suffering from constant dry and cracked hands, I made the change to use this natural hand sanitizer which is not full of alcohol like most brands. The spray method is easy to use and the lavender scent is comforting. It will not sting your skin!
  22. so good


    It is very hydrating as it penetrates deeply into the skin and leaves a lovely scent afterwards
  23. Great product


    It doesn't make my hands sticky!! It has a beautiful smell and it leaves me feeling clean without drying out my hands. I have 3 bottles, one for my bag, one for the car and one at my desk at work. I find it a lifesaver for public restrooms and have even bought a few bottles for my friends.
  24. amazing


    This is a wonderful way to try the range! Another important factor is the amazing smell, I look so forward to using it everyday!
  25. So handy

    Angela Kay

    So handy to just throw in my handbag, smells lovely as well!
  26. Very useful


    Super handy to have in my bag. I use it a lot and it smells nice!
  27. Smells fab


    I love that this is a hand sanitizer in my absolute favourite scent. Great product and doesn’t dry out your hands
  28. Yes!


    I love this in my handbag but also in my bedroom to freshen my pillow before bed. The lavender fragrance is beautiful and relaxing. It’s great to use on my kids too and not as sticky or chemically (stripping) as other sanitizers
  29. Smells great & better as a spray


    This sanitizer has a strong scent but I find it refreshing. Also prefer the product as a spray rather the gel format that most other santizers come in
  30. Compact and smells great


    I use this product whenever I fly as I find the lavender scent helps me to relax and the spray is easy to use and avoids excess amounts being applied.
  31. So clean


    Great hand sanitiser, I take it everywhere!
    Hands feel so clean !
  32. Must have product


    Love this product I am like on my third bottle I am a big Dr Bronner fan and not only is this a great hand sanitiser it smells wonderful too. I love the spray formula and have used it on surfaces when I think something is less then clean.
  33. I have one in every bag, my car and my desk


    I LOVE this sanitiser. The spray bottle is easy to use and less messy than regular squeezy sanitiser. It dries quickly and hands feel clean and fresh. I love the smell of lavender so that’s a bonus too!
  34. Great!


    Great hand sanitizer yo keep handy when you need that extra clean.. doesn’t dry or irritate my skin like others and I like the smell
  35. Travel friendly


    I love this and take it with my family when we go camping. It smells Devine and absorbs really well
  36. Love it!


    Great product! I love the lavender scent and it seems to work really well. The packaging is really cute and I love the it's organic. Would definitely recommend!
  37. Awesome


    love the scent but is a bit of a weird size to carry around
  38. Love the lavender smell


    Favourite hand sanitiser, picked this up a woodford folk festival and have been buying since, really handy for being on the run and cleaning little germy hands before meals when taps aren't nearby. I love the scent over traditional dettol hand sanitisers
  39. Calming and hydrating


    I love the lavender scent it’s strong but very calming. Does not strip any moisture from hands either. Highly recommend!
  40. A great hand sanitizer


    I find this product very useful to keep on hand with two young children.
    I stopped buying the regular sanitisers when they began irritating my skin, and I no longer wanted to use such harsh ingredients on my family.
    Dr Bronner Lavender sanitiser is mild and effective - it smells great and is easy to use.
  41. The best hand sanitizer


    It doesn’t have that ‘chemical’ smell and feel of other sanitizers I have used. It’s got a gorgeous lavender scent and really refreshes my hands without drying them out. I’m on to my second bottle already! Five stars.
  42. Nice natural product


    This works nicely as a natural product. I like that it’s safer on the skin, and the lavender scent is refreshing.
  43. great value for money


    I suffer from dry skin and this product keeps my hands very hydrated! One of the only hand sanitisers that doesn't dry out my hands!! Definitely recommend, smell is also incredible
  44. such a great product


    I usually hate using hand sanitizer's as they make my hands feel dry and sticky. I have very dry hands, and I find this product very moisturising as it doesn’t strip away excess oils from my hands. Would recommend to anyone!
  45. Great!


    Super helpful and love the convenience. I think it’s good to have on hand!
  46. Perfect for your handbag


    Love this little bottle, it is perfect for keeping in your bag and is so easy to use being a spray. I find gels are often messy and get dried and clogged and end up going everywhere. Plus this stuff smells great
  47. Great travel size and smells amazing!


    Great travel size hand sanitiser and the spray makes it so efficient to use! It also has a beautiful and aromatic lavender smell which I love!
  48. Brilliant!


    I love this sanitiser! Smells lovely and not full of harmful chemicals which is refreshing. It's a great size, easy to fit in a handbag or purse. and is a spray rather than a gel.
  49. good smell


    Nice smell and seems to work really well. I like it.
  50. best ever


    seems like i've tried every hand sanitiser and this is my all time favourite. only downside is friends steal it all the time!
  51. Great hand sanitizer


    Love this hand sanitizer. It's my fav and I have tried many! I keep mine at work and spray it whenever I feel the need. I really like that it's a spray and not a gel as it's super easy to use, rubs in well and doesn't leave any sort of film or sticky residue.
  52. Gentle, convenient for travel


    It’s gentle on the skin unlike other products which are drying because they are full of alcohol. Convenient to revalue with and smells great
  53. Light and easy to use


    The best thing about this product is that it's a spray rather than a gel. While I think a gel may be more effective at killing germs because it offers more coverage, I like that with a spray, I don't need to take off jewellery or feel like I'm rubbing dirt into my skin. I keep this in my drawer and work and will buy another to keep at home. The scent is pleasant.
  54. Perfect for dry hands


    I keep this in my bag and prefer it to a traditional gel sanitiser. It's gentler on dry hands and comes without the typical overpowering alcohol scent of other sanitisers. If you don't like lavender this is not for you, but if you're partial I say give it a go.
  55. Not my fav


    I’m a fan of Dr Bronner products, but I find the smell on this a little over the top intense. One squirt in the air scents a whole room so I find if I use it on my hands it’s a little sickly.
  56. Love this


    I love this product. I have it in my car. It has a beautiful scent, super quick to spritz on and dries quickly with no sticky feeling at all or needing to wait around for my hands to dry so i can start driving. Would def re purchase.
  57. Best I can find


    The nature of hand sanitiser is that the alcohol content always makes them quite 'strong' smelling. This is the best that I can find. Smells quite chemically when you use it, but the lavendar smell does get stronger when the liquid dries after a few seconds.
  58. Great spray


    I have this in my car and it's a very useful cleaner that I spray on my hands and other surface areas. I like the lavender smell but it does linger!
  59. Love this!


    This is sooo good! I'm so glad I bought this! It has such a beautiful smell of lavender, and it doesn't leave my hands feeling sticky at all. It dries straight away on my hands after spraying them, and It doesn't dry out my hands either. Such a great buy, I will be buying this again! Love it :)
  60. Convenient


    Good hand sanitiser. Nice soft lavender fragrance and very easy and convenient application. Great for travel. Would recommend.
  61. Absorbs easily, lovely scent, super convenient!


    This hand Sanitiser is hands down the best I’ve ever used. It doesn’t dry my hands out, it absorbs super fast (much faster than the liquids), the spray bottle means I always dispense just the right amount of product and it smells beautiful. Its so convenient to travel with and I don’t have to worry about leaks or spills. I will be purchasing one for all my hand bags/ baby bags!
  62. The scent is overpowering


    This is my first try at a Dr Bronner product and I thought it would be a hit so ordered 2 of these instead of just 1. I hate how powerful the scent it, one spritz and it's like a cloud of concentrated lavender. I only use this outside where it's well ventilated. I'm sure it disinfects well, I just need the smell to be less intense.
  63. Nicest sanitiser out!


    It’s light, has a crisp lavender scent and leaves my hands feeling really soft. Little or dripping in it, residue or tacky feeling. Also liking the spray bottle, smart!
  64. So good


    I'm so happy with this product! it smells so pleasant and does not feel sticky at all, unlike other sanitizers.
  65. Favourite hand sanitiser


    This is my favourite hand sanitiser. It doesn’t leave a sticky feel or residue on my hands. It’s super light and my hands really do feel clean after I use it. My only complaint is that they don’t make this available in more scents. I find the lavender a bit overpowering and it smells a bit synthetic so I’d prefer something milder, or something like the peppermint castile soap which smells great.
  66. Great product


    I was really pleased with this product - I usually hate lavender but I found the scent to be surprisingly pleasant. It doesn't leave your hands sticky or too dry, and the smell doesn't linger. I would love to see it available in other scents.

    I use it to clean my phone screen and case as suggested by a previous reviewer, and it works wonderfully.
  67. Handbag staple!


    This forms a part of what my boyfriend calls my 'apocalypse bag' - I like to be prepared for all situations and this hand sanitiser is essential for my daily life and especially when I travel. I've previously used supermarket hand sanitisers and the overwhelming scent of alcohol has always put me off regular use despite the benefits. I particularly love this because it's luxuriant (smells like a d...
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  68. Perfect handbag addition


    This is the perfect handbag addition! I bought it when going overseas and fell in love. Non-greasy, great smelling and drys quickly. Love!
  69. Love this product


    I use hand sanitiser extensively with two young children, and this one is by far the best.
    Smells great, works efficiently, and does not leave any sticky residue.
  70. Best hand sanitiser!


    This is my go-to hand santiser and doesn't dry out my sensitive hands. Love the lavender scent!
  71. Must have for purse & travel


    I take this sanitizer everywhere I go. It's fantastic for the office/car/plane as it has a nice, clean scent. It doesn't leave any sticky residue behind or dry the skin out. I keep one at work at one at home now, just in case!
  72. Nice spray but very strong


    I like this spray but I find the scent a little strong so I use sparingly. If you love the lavender scent, then you will really like this!
  73. Great product to have in your handbag!


    This product has been so helpful when i'm out or even travelling. Ive always been looking for a product that is user friendly. Ive been using wipes all this while and they get dried. Having this hand sanitizer makes sure that my hands are clean always. I even use it for the kids. It smells nice too.
  74. Ticks the boxes


    I was looking for a more natural option and this ticked all the other boxes. I find the smell pleasant and smoothing and the spray part more user-friendly than gel. It is compact and travel-friendly so is always in my hand bag.
  75. Impressed!


    Really impressed by this!! It smells lovely and is probably the nicest hand sanitiser I've tried. I sometimes use it as a calming spray too. Would definitely recommend
  76. Not great for sensitive/inflamed hands


    Bought this to take in a roadtrip knowing a lot of toilets on the road don't have soap. I was hoping this brand wouldn't make my dermatitis flare up but if sure did. Ouch.
  77. Travel friendly


    Im a bit of a clean freak and love carrying this with me on the go - its super easy to use, packaging is friendly and its also trade friendly with natural ingredients! Also affordably priced, only personal dislike about this is the fragrance - please release new scents!
  78. Great for Toddlers


    This spray concept is so much easier that trying to use gel on little hands. This is now a staple in my household. Wish it came in other scents too.
  79. Love it


    I love this. It isn't very drying and smells amazing and does not have a tacky after feel. Love it and will be repurchasing.
  80. Smells great


    Instantly cleanses my hands and has a nice lavender smell
  81. So good! Love the scent


    Best hand sanitiser! I love the lavender scent and really like how it's made with more natural ingredients. Such a good price too. Would definitely recommend
  82. A must have for every bag


    Perfect size for a handbag, smells great and easy to apply.
  83. Amazing calming cleaning


    I work in Film & television. I often have to work with actors. I usually spray this on my hands before I work with them. It has a calming lavender smell and takes the edge off.
  84. Great natural sanitizer


    This product is fabulous as with all Dr Bronner's products! Beautiful scent and does what it's suppose to do without all the chemicals! Stays in my handbag and work bag at all times and I will definitely will repurchase!
  85. Leaves hands clean and soft


    An absolute god-send! Due to the nature of my work I need to constantly clean my hands. For those times when I can't wash them with soap and water I was using chemical hand wipes and sprays. My hands were becoming increasingly cracked, dry and even infected because of the chemicals in those products. This product has been a wonder. From the pleasant smell to leaving my hands feeling clean without ...
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  86. Convenient


    Makes cleaning hands at any time convenient. Lavender is soothing too.
  87. refreshing and sweet smelling


    love this product, I keep it with me at all times. love the scent, dries quickly, leaving no residue. will repurchase
  88. clean hands


    makes my hands feel clean but not too dry. the lavender smell is pretty strong though
  89. Great product


    I love this hand sanitiser! I was using a lot of supermarket brand sanitiser at home with a new baby and those brands really dried out my skin. This product smells so lovely and leaves my hands feeling soft. I also love that it’s a spray and not a gel as it seems to go a bit further than a gel product.
  90. AMAZING Product!


    This is actually one of my favourite products that I've purchases from Adore. It's made with all organic ingredients and is ethically produced. It smells lovely. I love to use it as a linen spray and freshener for my home, and I also use it as a calming mist for myself. I actually don't use it as a hand sanitiser because it has so many other uses haha. It's a great price for the quality of product...
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  91. Handbag and car staple


    I got this to top up my order enough to get samples and wow am I glad I did. It smells great and dries very quickly thanks to the spray dispensing just the right amount.

    I got this for handbag but will be buying another for the car.
  92. Smells good and a great product


    This sanitizer smells great and doesn’t dry out my hands like other strongly alcohol based products. I like to keep this in my car for long trips.
  93. Nice


    This doesn't have that intense icey alcohol feel like some hand sanitizers. The lavender smell is pretty strong but nice
  94. Nice


    It's hand sanitiser so nothing incredible, but I do think it smells really lovely and I like the spray bottle! I would buy it again
  95. Perfect


    I keep this in my hand bag or the car and it’s great when my hands need a refresher. It’s fast absorbing and smells great.
  96. Love the scent


    Love the scent of this! So lovely and nice to use too.
  97. Love this product - smells lovely


    This product is great for carrying around in your handbag. Feels much nicer on your skin than the alcohol drying sanitisers. I would recommend for purchase. Smells great too!
  98. Love this!


    I keep this in the car and it is so handy. It makes my hands feel clean and the scent is really nice and not too strong. It's affordable and I will repurchase.
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