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Aesop Post-Poo Drops 100ml

4.7 of 116 reviews


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4 instalments of $7.50


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Aesop Post-Poo Drops

Aesop Post-Poo Drops

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4.7 of 116 reviews

94% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Does what it says
This bottle is like magic, the odour goes almost immediately and there is no more complaining of smelly bathrooms in our house.

Most Helpful Criticism

Effective, but dollars down the drain
Definitely effective, almost has the effect of a room spray. There’s something though that doesn’t feel quite right about dropping those Aesop essential oils that are worth so much down the toilet, and it leaves me wondering if money would be better spent on that room spray.
  1. Best product

    Awesome, no more waiting for the bathroom to clear of smells or using those dreadful sprays.
  2. Very good

    This is great, just a few drops is all that is needed, I was a bit skeptical purchasing this due to the price but have found it to be fantastic.
  3. Does what it says

    This bottle is like magic, the odour goes almost immediately and there is no more complaining of smelly bathrooms in our house.
  4. Effective, but dollars down the drain

    Definitely effective, almost has the effect of a room spray. There’s something though that doesn’t feel quite right about dropping those Aesop essential oils that are worth so much down the toilet, and it leaves me wondering if money would be better spent on that room spray.
  5. Effective

    Actually is very effective for calming down smells. Inconspicuous bottle is easy to store
  6. funny but useful

    We keep this in the guest bathroom and it's a funny but useful product. Kind like poo pourri
  7. Surprised how well they work

    I thought it was a gimmick but these actually smell great, and the little bottle is very unobtrusive for the bathroom.
  8. Surprisingly love this!

    I kind of bought this as a joke but then when I used it I found that it really worked, and I now love it. If I were Aesop, I would be making handbag friendly, travel size bottles.
  9. Great

    I have to say, this really works. Thank the lord I can now go into the bathroom straight after my partner!
  10. gets rid of smells, doesn’t just mask them!

    Been buying this product for years and it really works! Actually dissolves the smell instead of just mixing in with it. Lasts a while so worth the price. Also a great house warming gift!
  11. Works well

    I have a bathroom and toilet without external ventilation and sometimes it can get rather smelly, and just a few drops of the liquid and what a difference it makes, no need to wait extended periods before using the toilet any more.
  12. Works wonders!

    Straight after doing your biz, add a couple of drops and BAM! Everything smells clean and fresh and no one noticed that you had a burrito last night lmao.
  13. Always a pleasure dealing with your company A+

    These drops are just great for the bathroom always makes my bathroom smell fantastic and the bottle goes a long way.Aesop is a really good brand and I dont waste my time buying any other now as they are expensive and dont have longevity a as these drops have.
  14. Seems like a gimmick but works!

    This product is honestly so good. It can cut through any smell and, like it suggests, is great to use after your male partner has used the bathroom. Nice citrus smell.
  15. Gorgeous smell

    What a gorgeous product this is, you only need a couple of drops and the bathroom smells fabulous, I love Aesop's packaging and my friends always comment when they see Aesop products around my home.
  16. Obsessed

    These leave your house and toilet smelling fantastic. Never that awkward moment when you go do your business and have visitors over anymore! Recommend!!
  17. great for the bathroom

    This is great for the bathroom and my friends really get a kick out of it. It is also effective
  18. Great solution for the inevitable

    Adjusts the scent of any bathroom odours, i like to have it out for guests but my mum finds it very not-PC to do that!! The purpose of a bathroom is a reality so good to have a nice smelling and looking solution when required.
  19. Works a treat!

    Most amazing smell eliminator ever! A few drops into the bowl post flush and the room smells heavenly. These drops really work and last for ages.
  20. not bad

    stop the odor but rather pricy sure supermarket items could do the same
  21. Smells great! Works well!

    This is a super great product to have in the bathroom! Just one or two drops wrks well
  22. a bathroom/toilet staple

    it works wonders, the smell is divine (as per all Aesop products)...you really just can't go wrong!
  23. Bought as a joke for my husband

    .... And I'm so glad I did! Smells amazing and fresh. Will last longer than other air fresheners, even for the expense.
  24. Just delightful

    These drops work wonders. A subtle way to solve a dare I say stinky problem.
    Love the packaging and the scent is divine.
  25. Smells great but is very expensive

    Not sure about this one it smells great but works as good as any other essential oil or room spray for half the price.
  26. I bought it for my cat

    Fun product, give me good emotion.i also use it after my cat poopoo
  27. Cute product

    Bit of fun, quite expensive for what is essentially an air freshener but looks very stylish in the toilet. This is always a gift I get people when I can't think of what to get them
  28. love it

    Honestly this is too expensive for what it is really, but I just love the look and smell, most of these things I find smell absolutely awful, barely better than what youre covering up lol. But this is so nice and fresh
  29. works but is expensive

    Ok so this works well. Looks good in the bathroom. BUT... it is expensive just for an air freshener
  30. The perfect gift!

    Does so well to neutralise odour without the fake smell whilst being easy on the eye!
  31. Adds a touch of class to toilet visits and makes for a humorous gift.

    I like that the smell isn't fake or sweet like most fresheners are. As always the packaging is on point and contrary to being embarrassed when guests are over it often turns into a some times hilarious conversation point after guest visit the toilet.

    I'd also recommend this as a great gift option when buying for someone who has 'everything.'
  32. Cute present!

    I purchased these for my parents as a present when they renovated the bathroom. They're expensive for an air freshener but a cute/funny gift.

    Smell lovely and much nicer than an air freshener!
  33. Miracle in a bottle

    These drops work wonders. Little miracles in a dropper. I've given these as housewarming presents for two years and now all of my friends want to know where they can buy them.
  34. Gorgeous

    I wouldn’t have brought this on my
    Own accord but a visit to my mother in laws house and I noticed she had these drops so I thought I should give them a go.
    It was gorgeous without making it smell too scented like some toilet sprays.

    This wouldn’t be on my list to purchase over and over again but if you have extra $$ give it a shot.
  35. One of their best

    These drops work wonders. Little miracles in a dropper. I've given these as housewarming presents for two years and now all of my friends want to know where they can buy them.
  36. Hands down - best present idea

    This is a fab present idea when you don’t know what to get someone. I’ve used it so many times, and have kept one for myself, does it do exactly what it describes? Yup!
  37. Worth every penny

    I love this product and it works so well to eliminate bathroom and toilet odours.
  38. Boujee but worth it!

    Are Aesop products pricey? Sure. But are they packaged beautifully? Smell amazing? And all round fabulous? Absolutely! I treated myself to another addition to my IG worthy bathroom and so glad I did. Practical and looks beaaaaautiful!
  39. Great!

    Smells divine and makes your bathroom look lovely too.
  40. Great Product

    This product is amazing! Eliminates all smells but doesn't make the bathroom smell like traditional air fresheners.
  41. A bathroom essential

    An excellent scent diffuser. And a cute addition to the bathroom. It come it a really nice bottle and is well priced (considering how much you get).
  42. Worth it!

    I had to try it after reading the reviews, as I hate the smell of most air freshener sprays..... this stuff is the bomb! Love it.
  43. Excellent product

    A beautiful smell, much nicer than VIP. It does what it says. This is a bathroom necessity when living with males.
  44. Great

    These drops work wonders. Little miracles in a dropper. I've given these as housewarming presents for two years and now all of my friends want to know where they can buy them.
  45. Fresh Air

    These leave a really nice long lasting fresh smell. TIP you can also use the drops in the kitchen sink which I love to do after completing the dishes.
  46. Great

    Lovely smell, and it lasts for ages. Tasteful packaging and about three million times better than cheap supermarket air freshener.

    It’s an utterly first world product that I kinda wish I never bought because now i can’t stop.
  47. Wonderful product

    I must admit I was a bit skeptical as to weather this product would neutralise bathroom odours and I was pleasantly surprised, not only does it work but it smells great, unlike those awful sprays that you purchase in the supermarket that just make the smell worse, with this product you just need a couple of drops and the job is done. I will definitely be purchasing this again in the future.
  48. The best present we've been given

    When you live in a small share house with boys, this is the ultimate present to have been given. I love that it is tasteful in it's packaging and so keeps the bathroom look classy, whilst having the word poo on it.

    I'll definitely re-buy when it's finished.
  49. really works

    This is a nice alternative to those horrible sprays! and works just as well if not better
  50. Outstanding product

    I was a bit sceptical about the performance of this product, but it really does work and you don’t need to use very much. An original idea for dealing with an age old problem.
    This is my first experience of purchasing through Adore Beauty. Not sure I would use again. I received one free sample, not the advertised two. Not that this was the reason for purchasing the product.
  51. Gorgeous scent

    I love the scent of this bathroom product and works so well leaving the room smelling fresh and clean with a pleasant smell. I have bought this several times as i use this throughout the house also.
  52. Works!

    Love this product and works a lot better than some other, cheaper brands. As a gift, perfect blend of funny/not-so-serious but actually practical, works, and is a luxurious gift!

    I bought this as a joke present for my husband but it turned out to be astonishingly good! They leave a pleasant fresh scent and do wonders to tackle the less welcome smells that inhabit that area of the house! They are so good I have bought some more for our other bathroom too!
  54. Best bathroom edition

    Great bathroom addition, and smells a lot nicer than previous brands I've used.
  55. No more poo shame!

    This smells amazing! I find myself using it when I don't need to because it gives the bathroom a nice aroma. Much nicer to have this sitting in the bathroom as well rather than a nasty spray bottle. I'm usually quite sensitive to bathroom sprays so these drops are perfect - guests always comment too.
  56. Recommend!

    We recently finished our en-suite renovation and I splurged on a few Aesop products to deck it out. This one I was unsure about but it works an absolute treat!! I do wish they would reconsider the name but I guess that is what it is... Will definitely keep in mind as a funny/useful gift in future!
  57. My boyfriends best friend

    I bought this for my boyfriend as a joke however it is now a state in our home and I don't think we could live without it anymore. Its an absolute lifesaver, literally.

    smell amazing, but it's far nicer and a lot more subtle than the usual supermarket branded spray. Great bathroom addition, and smells a lot nicer than previous brands I've used.
  59. Amazing scent

    Really works on covering any bathroom smells and is so luxurious. The scent is so calming I even use throughout the house.
  60. Essential staple for the home

    I received these drops as a house warming gift. They have since become a staple in my bathroom. So pleasant smelling and are very effective at making bathroom odour disappear. I have repurchased multiple times.
  61. Life changing

    These seem like a funny product but its actually an incredible innovation. Works so well and perfect for when you have guests over. Love the scent
  62. A laughable life changer

    I initially purchased this for a bit of a laugh with my partner, but have to say it's a beautiful product - not surprising from Aesop.
    Not only does it smell amazing, but it's far more luxe and a whole lot more subtle than the usual supermarket branded spray that awkwardly sits to the side and smells awfully like my Nanna's garden.
  63. Cute but works

    I bought some of theses for a stocking stuffer for Christmas and its a cute little giggle. Bottle looks nice in the bathroom and its a fresh smell that isn't over powering.
  64. cute and effective!

    I got this as a cheeky present and I just love it, it works great and also gives a giggle to all my guests!
  65. 5 stars

    Love it! smells really good and actually does work
  66. Cute addition to the bathroom

    This was bought on a whim, but actually smelt really decent. Makes the bathroom a tad more fancy as well. It almost neutralises the smell with its fragrance rather than mask the smell. Con: Very expensive for what it is though.
  67. You know what it’s for

    Covers up unpleasant bathroom doors just like it says it does. Cute enough bottle that I can leave it out when guests are over.
  68. Thought this was gimmicky but actually AMAZING

    When I first saw this product I thought it was really gimmicky and a limited-edition one off thing that no one would seriously buy/have a use for, right? But I needed to reach free shipping and bought this on a whim having read the reviews and its so good! It adds that aesop scent we all know and love without being overpowering and is especially good to use when guests are over
  69. Good!

    Surprisingly works a treat! A little goes a long way with this product. I bought this for my boyfriend as a funny but actually works gift.
  70. Great

    I bought this because it made me smile and having tried it, loved the scent (and hate fake sprays). Not only that - but is a subtle and stylish addition to the bathroom. It does everything it needs to and I'm now buying as fun Christmas gifts for those hard to buy for people who I know will appreciate it the way I do!
  71. Surprisingly amazing

    I was surprised at how great this product was. My partner got this as a funny gift, but it turned out to be amazing and what we needed in our bathrooms. Pleasant smell and much better than the usual bathroom sprays.
  72. Beautiful scent. Amazing deodoriser

    This works wonders all over the house. I use this in the bathroom kitchen, and even use a drop in the ducted heating vents . So good.
  73. Interesting concept, but it works

    great product, works really well at masking any unwanted scents!
  74. Lovely scent

    This product smells absolutely gorgeous. The dropper makes it very easy to use, and you only need to use a little bit so it lasts for ages.
  75. a small bit goes a long way!

    Great for all size bathrooms, i put a drop in the toilet, basin and bath and works well in the kitchen in the sink after cooking. Dont need to use much a little bit goes a long way!
  76. Wonderful scent

    I really love the orange notes of this. I cant be without it!
  77. A stylish solution to a not so stylish problem

    Let's just say, it works! And the bottle is much nicer than a can of spray.
  78. Would make a great gift

    So much nicer than regular toilet sprays, not a fake smelling scent at all! Also look stylish in the bathroom, definitely a talking point when friends come over.
  79. Smells wonderful

    I was really confused about how these would work but they're actually great. Smells lovely and they last for a long time! Would definitely recommend trying them. So much better than the cheap sprays that you buy from the grocery store
  80. Totally Works!

    if bathroom smells are something that you are worried about, this product makes the room smell like citrus, fresh and clean. I had doubts it would work, but now, I can keep up the facade that I never poo, thanks to Aesop!
  81. Useful

    Great product to put in the guest bathroom, or any bathroom. Neutralizes any nasty odours.
  82. Works a treat!!!

    This product might be a little expensive compared to department store sprays, however its worth it.
    It masks smell more than other sprays that simply mix with bathroom smells. It also looks better than other bathroom sprays.

    Since getting as a gift, I have purchased it every other month..
  83. Natural and gives a giggle

    I was given this a gift, and though I would never have thought to purchase for myself, it is such a nice addition to the bathroom. The bottle always gives our guests a little giggle, and it is lovely to have a natural oil in the bathroom instead of the usual synthetic 'smell' masking products. If only I could ensure that my husband would remember to use it!
  84. Wow

    I am shocked how great these work! I have one in every toilet in my house, and one in my bag. It's amazing!
  85. Cannot believe how effective these are!

    Like the other reviewers, I was super skeptical, but these totally work!
    They don't work like a spray that tries to mask odors while filling your bathroom with an overpowering toilet spray smell; they smell more like a citrusy alcohol that doesn't really leave any smell behind.
    I would liken the way they work to mouth wash eliminating bad breath (and they kind of smell mouthwash-ish). You drop them in the water, the bad smells dissipate, and there isn't really any smell left behind -- of the toilet or the product.
    You only use a few drops, so a bottle will last you months! I am totally converted and will never purchase toilet spray again.
  86. Super skeptical initially but so effective!

    I have to admit when Aesop first released this product I very much rolled my eyes at the idea. However, having tried it at a friend's home it really is incredibly effective at addressing an embarrassing problem everyone has, but no one discusses in a manner most typical of Aesop - elegantly and wonderfully fragranced. Have since purchased for my family and it keeps the peace at home!
  87. Fun light heart gift

    Love this product it’s just a light hearted fun bottle to sit in the bathroom. On to my second bottle already
  88. It actually works

    I initially was skeptical about this product but it does work! Will definitely repurchase this
  89. Happy with purchase

    These drops are so much nicer to use than a typical toilet spray which tend to be horribly sweet, overpowering and obvious as to what has just taken place in the rest room. The drops have quite an inconspicuous, natural smell and almost instantly disguise the prior odour. I also agree with other reviews, the bottle looks very sophisticated sitting on top of the toilet. However, I am in fear that the man of the house may accidentally knock it off and I'm not sure such a pretty bottle would survive a fall from that height.
  90. Am I the only one who doesn’t get it?

    I love Aesop as much as the next person (hence why I’d pay $29 for air freshener) but I just don’t find this product very effective. It doesn’t neutralise in the slightest... but it is a mildly nice smell!
  91. Classy

    This is such a fancy looking product for not such a flattering use. Makes me feel so fancy and it smells very strongly which is great. Loveeee
  92. Pootentially Effective

    There's nothing that can get rid of natural smells of waste, but at least with this you can bear going to the toilet immediately even after being used for you know what.
  93. GIFT

    I bought these as a present for a friend ('marriage survival kit'!) and had such brilliant feedback that I had to buy them myself. I have to say these are so popular that they were sold out in a lot of shops. It smells lovely and really does work! Looks so classy so no one will think its strange to have them in your bathroom.

    I needed these.

    I have a great roommate, but she had a bad habit of stinking up the bathroom.

    This product has saved our relationship.

    thanks Aesop.
  95. No more stinky poo

    Initially purchased these, simply for the name. However, i have found that these make my bathroom smell lovely and really help mask the smell of my husbands stinky poos.
  96. Best smelling bathroom ever!

    These post poo drops are incredible. Fixes bathroom stank right up and sticks around too. Super true-to-aesop scent with lots of citrus. Love LOVE it, will never go without again.
  97. Best on the Market!

    I prefer this to supermarket sprays so much! Bottle looks great as well - and it's always a topic of conversation with visitors. Price point suits the product as it lasts for ages!
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