Here's How I Do My Makeup With Only 3 Products in Under 3 Minutes

Ruchi PageRuchi Page

Sometimes, you want to spend an hour doing a full glam face of makeup.

And sometimes, you don't. You want to... sleep.

On those days, you need a quick, easy makeup routine using a few core products you can apply in a couple of minutes while your brain starts up. Or, in the car.

The key to speedy makeup is using multi-use makeup products. Like concealer as your foundation and bronzer as an eye shadow (and maybe even a lipstick!?).

Don't know how? I got you.

Keep scrolling for a step-by-step tutorial on how I do an everyday makeup look using only three products in under three minutes.

You can also watch my makeup look using only three products in my YouTube tutorial below!

1. Concealer.

Product: ICONIC London Seamless Concealer in the shade Warm Tan.

What I use it for: Concealing dark circles, as foundation for coverage, and as an eye primer.

Because this look doesn't include foundation, I'd reach for a concealer that's pretty much my skin tone.

To conceal dark circles, I always focus the product application to the inner corner of the eyes where I'm most dark so I can get bright coverage, without using too much product. You can also apply concealer over the eyelids because, to save time, it can double as an eye primer to make any eye shadow last.

Makeup look using three productsMakeup look using three products

You can also pop concealer over any areas of the face where you want extra coverage. I like to apply around my mouth where I have some discolouration to achieve an even base. Then, blend out with a beauty blender - this presses the product into the skin to make it look like your skin, but after 12 hours sleep.

(Oily humans, I'll allow translucent powder as a cheeky fourth product to set your base in place.)

2. Bronzer.

Product: Benefit Hoola Bronzer in Toasted

What I use it for: Bronzing, contouring and as an eye shadow. And a lip colour.

Bronzer will always make for an excellent eye shadow.

For a true three-minute makeup, sweep your bronzer over the eyelid with your powder brush, but I also like packing product on and blending outwards with a fluffy eye shadow brush. If you've got time, you can also pinch the same brush with your fingers to apply shadow to the lower lash line for extra definition.

(Hot tip: You can also use lipstick as an eye shadow and blush - M.A.C Cosmetics Matte Lipstick in Taupe is one of my favourite lippies to do this with.)

Ruchi PageRuchi Page

I also use bronzer to warm up my complexion. Buff the powder into the skin with a big, fluffy brush in circular motions - you can also press your damp beauty blender over everything for a seamless finish.

Now, for the lips. Whack your bronzer onto your lips and add a slick of clear gloss or balm.

I love this moody look, but FYI, you can actually use a powder or cream blush as an eye shadow, blush and lippie for a fresher take, too.

3. Mascara.

Product: Benefit Roller Lash Curling Mascara

What I use it for: To add definition to my upper and lower lashes.

OK, mascara is just mascara. But for a more dramatic look or if you want to glam up your existing eye shadow, it can also give the illusion of wearing eyeliner when applied a bit more generously to the lower lash line.

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