The New Setting Powder That's *Even Better* Than a Global Best-Seller

make up for ever ultra hd powder reviewmake up for ever ultra hd powder review

Look, I think I've found a new setting powder that's *even better* than a certain global best-seller.

You know, the one from that brand that rhymes with Maura Lercier. Yes, it's a BIG statement. But hear me out.

For years, one particular cult powder has been pretty hard to beat... until now. Enter, MAKE UP FOR EVER's latest Ultra HD Setting Powder.

When I heard one of my favourite professional makeup brands was launching a new range of setting powders so incredible, they're used in film and on TV, I knew my oily/combination skin and I had to test them out.

So, keep scrolling for my MAKE UP FOR EVER Ultra HD Setting Powder review (including why I think this one beats other cult classics).

What is the MAKE UP FOR EVER Ultra HD Setting Powder?

make up for ever ultra hd powdermake up for ever ultra hd powder

MAKE UP FOR EVER Ultra HD Setting Powder is the brand's new high-definition setting powder that mattifies the skin, controls shine and sets foundation in place.

High-definition, but what does that even mean, you ask? This loose powder is so incredibly fine that it's invisible to the naked eye and undetectable on the skin when having your photo taken for, say, headshots or on your wedding day.

Any skin type or tone can use one of these powders, but this next bit is extremely exciting for those who find their face resembles a Slip 'N Slide by midday...

MAKE UP FOR EVER Ultra HD Setting Powder promises to keep your T-zone free of shine for 12 hours, and your makeup in place for a whopping 24 hours.

Here are some other facts on the new Ultra HD Setting Powder:

  • Like all MAKE UP FOR EVER complexion products, this setting powder caters to the vast majority of its consumers with 15 inclusive shades, including:

    • 2 baking shades (yes, some of us are still baking) - 0.1 is ideal for baking on light to medium skin tones, and shade 0.2 is perfect for baking on tan to deep skin.

    • 2 colour-correcting shades - 1.1 Pale Rose is designed to help boost skin radiance and freshness on fair to medium skin with a pink undertone, while 1.2 Pale Lavender (pictured below) helps neutralise yellow and sallow tones.

    • 11 shades that serve as tinted setting powders with a touch of extra coverage.

  • Smart packaging disperses the right amount of product (no one wants to go out looking like they wrestled with a bottle of talcum powder).

  • Comes with an ultra soft velour puff for application.

make up for ever ultra hd powder reviewmake up for ever ultra hd powder review

My MAKE UP FOR EVER Ultra HD Setting Powder Review.

OK that's great, but what actually makes this setting powder so damn good? Let me tell you.

First, there's the light, airy texture of the product that instantly mattifies (but in a natural skin-like finish kinda way). Crucially, this finely-milled powder does this without adding any extra weight or texture to the skin like other powder products can.

The salt shaker style packaging makes it really easy to apply the perfect amount of powder, even on the go. I tap a little into the lid, then use a fluffy brush or the included soft velvet powder puff to dab the product onto shine-prone areas of my face like my T-zone and cheeks.

The finish is flawless, see? Fresh and mattified, not powdery or cakey.

make up for ever ultra hd powder reviewmake up for ever ultra hd powder review

I've found this powder sets my makeup for a solid 24 hours. And I promise you, there's no camera flashback. The other thing to note is while these setting powders come in an inclusive range of shades, they're not to be confused with a powder foundation.

If anything, being able to select a shade to match your skin tone makes this setting powder even more versatile. Apply where you need it like any other translucent powder, or dust all over for super light coverage with a matte finish. My shade is 4.2 Tan Neutral.

The hinged lid keeps things tidy and the screw-top cap helps prevent spillage, too. Small but very helpful details.

Plus, here's a neat little tip for a purse-friendly touch-up: Blot some of the powder onto the velvet puff and place it back in the satin cover and straight into your clutch or bag. Then, give your skin a pat wherever you feel you need some shine assistance.

You can learn more about the difference between loose powders and pressed powders in our YouTube video below.

MAKE UP FOR EVER Ultra HD Setting Powder vs Ultra HD Loose Finishing Powder.

Wanna know how the new Ultra HD setting powder is different to the brand's original translucent powder formula? Too easy.

If you want a translucent powder that blurs the skin without providing any coverage, MAKE UP FOR EVER Ultra HD Loose Translucent Powder is exactly that.

Want an invisible setting powder that can blur the skin AND provide light coverage, extreme hold and shine control? For the same price, the new MAKE UP FOR EVER Ultra HD Setting Powder will do all that for you.

make up for ever ultra hd powder reviewmake up for ever ultra hd powder review

My verdict:

MAKE UP FOR EVER Ultra HD Setting Powder might just be the best setting powder I've ever used (and I've tried a lot!).

But don't take my word for it, I challenge you to give it a try to see if it stacks up against that iconic 'Maura Lercier' translucent powder.

We all know which one I'm talking about, yeah? Good.

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