Is The Ordinary’s $10.80 Concealer Really as Good as Everyone's Saying?

the ordinary concealer australia reviewthe ordinary concealer australia review

Surely we’ve all heard of The Ordinary, right?

The brand are best known for their cult status skincare products at affordable prices, but have you ever tried their makeup?

That's right, there's The Ordinary Serum Foundation for $12.70 and The Ordinary Coverage Foundation for $12.90. And now, a $10.80 concealer to match.

Considering it’s the price of a takeaway toastie, we need to discuss.

Honestly though, I can’t think of any other concealer that sits at this price point... so what’s the catch? Is it as good as everyone's saying it is, or too good to be true?

I've been trialling The Ordinary Coverage Concealer for the last few months to find out exactly that. Here's my honest review.

Why Is Everyone Talking About The Ordinary Concealer?

The Ordinary ConcealerThe Ordinary Concealer

Firstly, The Ordinary promises you'll find a high-coverage concealer with a long-lasting matte finish inside this little black tube. They also reckon it can be used as an under-eye concealer for dark circles, and to conceal blemishes, acne scars and hyperpigmentation.

So essentially, this one product is meant to do it all. OK, I’m listening.

The brand also says the formula uses a “high-spreadability suspension system” designed to leave you with a "skin like finish". There are currently 21 shades to shop on Adore Beauty, with more dropping in the coming months.

How to Find the Right Shade for Your Skin Tone and Undertone.

Already got your The Ordinary foundation shade? Easy, that's also your concealer shade.

I have found the concealer shades to be slightly lighter than the foundations - something to consider when choosing your shade and what you want the concealer for (i.e. lighter for dark circles or an exact match for blemishes).

For anyone new to The Ordinary complexion products, here's how the colour matching works. There are four categories of skin colour to choose from:

  • 1 is for fair/light skin tones.

  • 2 is for medium skin tones.

  • 3 is for dark/deep tones.

  • 4 is for the deepest skin colours.

Next, figure out your undertone (the hue that sits underneath your skin tone). For The Ordinary products, undertones are grouped by letters:

  • N stands for a neutral undertone.

  • P stands for pink.

  • R stands for red (both R and P are variations of cool undertones).

  • Y stands for yellow = warm.

  • G stands for golden undertones.

Add your shade number and your undertone letter together, and voila! The exceptions are the shades that combine undertones. For example, my shade is 2.0 YG = a medium skin tone with yellow and golden undertones. Is this making sense yet?

You can learn more about how to figure out your skin undertone in our 'How To Choose The Best Foundation For Your Skin Tone' YouTube video below.

The Ordinary Concealer Review.

Let's start with the fact I'm a sleep-deprived mum to three children under five. I am very into concealers (and coffee) and if a product can’t cover my dark circles, then I can’t give it air time. Yes, even if it only costs $10.80.

I didn’t have high hopes for this concealer, but I was genuinely surprised. Firstly, the packaging is great. The nozzle applicator makes it hard to use too much product - this happens with some doe-foot applicators - and although small, the tube has survived months of being thrown all through my car and/or handbag. Win.

The first time I used this product, I was also shocked by how pigmented it was... for an affordable concealer. I love that the finish is very velvety and not too matte. The texture is also much nicer than a lot of other highly-pigmented concealers. It blends easily and doesn't leave a cakey or powdery finish.

In fact, if you’ve tried Tarte’s Shape Tape, I've actually found The Ordinary concealer to be a touch lighter in coverage, but much more hydrating (so better for drier skin types).

And yes, it covered my dark circles and made me look like I was getting much more sleep than I actually was. Because WOW, you only need a tiny bit.

The Ordinary Concealer before and afterThe Ordinary Concealer before and after

I'm also impressed by how the brand have divided up the shades into undertones. Often, concealer colours are either way too light or way too cool for me, but the shade 2.0YG is The One.

Downsides? The foundations and concealers aren't a 100 per cent colour match, so you might need to try a couple to find your exact shade. On my normal to combination skin type, the concealer didn't last as well throughout the day as some of my other heavy duty high coverage concealers.

I got a good result applying with fingers on top of a hydrating eye cream and blending out with the pointy end of my beauty blender sponge. But if you’re buying a concealer for a special event or really want your makeup to last, this wouldn’t be for you.

It does live up to the skin-like finish promise though, which is definitely my jam.

Final Verdict?

If you prefer dewier or medium coverage concealers, I’d pass on this one.

But personally, I think this concealer does the job and covers what I want it to. So yes, it's good. I love it as an everyday high coverage option that doesn’t leave my under eyes looking cakey.

And for less than $11, I'd happily skip the toastie and make my lunch at home.

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