I'm a Makeup Artist and I Was Shocked By How Much I Love This New Mineral Foundation

aspect mineral makeup reviewaspect mineral makeup review

Having been a makeup artist for just over five years, I've worked with a lot of products. And I must confess...

Mineral foundations have never gotten much (or any) air time in my professional makeup kit or my own personal collection. In fact, I've low key hated anything mineral for years now.

Why? Because I've been scarred by past experiences with mineral foundations that were cakey, heavy and powdery, and left me looking dull and flat.

It's for this reason I didn't know what to expect when the new range of mineral makeup from cosmeceutical skincare brand Aspect came across my desk. But after trying the mineral foundation for myself with an open mind, like any good makeup artist would, I'll say it: I was WRONG.

Before we get into the nitty gritty of my Aspect mineral makeup review, let’s first chat about the range itself. 

What is Aspect Minerals Mineral Makeup?

Aspect Minerals Mineral MakeupAspect Minerals Mineral Makeup

The tag line for this range kind of says it all: "Makeup that feels like skincare, skincare that looks like makeup."

Aspect Minerals is a collection of mineral makeup designed to offer buildable coverage, blend effortlessly into the skin, and diffuse the appearance of redness and discoloration with a flawless, glowy finish.

The range includes both the Aspect Minerals Powder and Aspect Minerals Liquid mineral foundations, plus a primer and kabuki brush for application.

All products are formulated with an ultra-fine blend of skin-protecting minerals like Zinc Oxide, Titanium Dioxide, Kaolin Clay and Mica, plus Hyaluronic Acid to give the skin that boost of hydration and Aspect's Signature Blend (an Aussie botanical superfood complex) rich in vitamins and minerals. So all the good things.

You can learn more about the difference between pressed and loose powder in our handy YouTube tutorial video below!

Aspect Mineral Makeup Foundation Review.

Sounds lovely on paper, but are these mineral foundations any good?

I have to say, the Aspect Minerals Powder is the standout for me. Seriously, I was legit SHOOK when I first tried it.

The powder was sooo easy to use (I’m talking under a minute application time) and my skin still had a ‘lit-from-within’ glow to it. I would recommend using a densely packed kabuki brush with a wide surface area to give you greater control when buffing the powder in.

I applied the powder foundation using the Aspect Minerals Kabuki Brush and watched as my expectations of a flat and dull finish were completely buffed away. My face was left with an effortless veil that evened out my skin tone and allowed a gorgeous glow to shine through on the highpoints of my face.

Honestly, I was just so shocked at the amount of glow I was still able to achieve while using a powder formula. Oh, and when wearing the loose powder at night, I did enjoy mixing it into my moisturiser to create a BB cream finish. 

The mineral powder offers a medium buildable coverage and an effortless satin finish. In terms of staying power, liquids will always last longer as they're able to “set” on the face. That said, the powder still does quite well in hot weather if you refrain from rubbing/leaning on your face throughout the day/night.

Now for the downsides, because does the perfect product even exist? Firstly, the foundation only comes in five shades, which isn't enough to be able to provide a perfect match for every skin tone.

Even though this product is suitable for all skin types (and especially great if you have oily skin), dry skin types or those concerned about dynamic and static lines may also find the product sinking into lines and dry patches if the skin isn't adequately hydrated. Doing this with good skin prep prior to application will help avoid any settlement after prolonged wear.

For example, as I have normal to dry skin and love a dewy foundation finish, I prepped my skin with IT Cosmetics Confidence in a Cream and Ultra Violette Supreme Screen SPF 50+ Hydrating Facial Sunscreen to make sure the skin was hydrated. You could also apply the Aspect Minerals Primer 28ml underneath if you want extra longevity.

aspect minerals foundation reviewaspect minerals foundation review

My final makeup artist verdict on the new Aspect Minerals powder foundation?

Whilst I'm still a dewy finish, cream product gal at heart, I really love reaching for this loose mineral powder on days I want effortless coverage with minimal effort.

In other words, I think I'm officially a converted mineral makeup fan.

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