Need New Makeup Brushes? These Very Good-Looking Vegan Ones Start From Just $10

spectrum brushesspectrum brushes

Honestly, I used to think makeup brushes were a waste of money.

I know. Bad beauty editor. But they were just another thing I supposedly needed, and whenever I used one to apply my foundation, I’d end up having to blend out the streaky lines and patches with my fingers anyway.

But turns out, I was using the wrong makeup brushes. I hadn't met The One yet. For me, the makeup brush that changed my mind was a densely-packed flat top stippling brush. Now, I won’t do my foundation without one. *Unless I've forgotten to pack it... or can't find it... you know how it is.

But if you're still sceptical about whether makeup brushes are worth the investment, let me tell you about our new professional makeup brush brand Spectrum.

Spoiler: It's very cute, very good and very affordable.

What Makes Spectrum Makeup Brushes So Good?

Aside from being ridiculously good-looking, here are a few reasons Spectrum makeup brushes are ace:

  • The British brand was started by two sisters in their garage back in 2014.

  • Spectrum make high-quality makeup brushes, without the high end price tag.

  • All Spectrum brushes are vegan and cruelty-free with super soft synthetic bristles.

  • You can buy affordable 4, 5, 8, 10 and 30-piece makeup brush sets (yep, 30 brushes is a thing).

  • Only need one or two brushes? Individual makeup brushes and sponges start from less than $10.

  • Have you seen how pretty these brushes are?!

You can shop all Spectrum makeup brushes and Spectrum makeup brush sets here.

My Spectrum Pink 10 Piece Essential Set Review.

spectrum makeup brushesspectrum makeup brushes

As I said earlier, I wasn't always sold on makeup brushes. Why buy a 10-piece brush set when I've already got 10 fingers for free? But I know better now.

As a beauty editor, I've had access to $100 brushes and $10 brushes, and these Spectrum makeup brushes are up there with some of the best I've used.

Spectrum Pink 10 Piece Set includes every brush you could ever need to do everything from no makeup makeup to a full glam smoky eye. The only thing missing for me is an eyebrow spoolie brush, but the good news is the Spectrum 10 Piece Malachite Set comes with a one on a double-ended brow brush.

Here's a visual and literal rundown of each of the Spectrum makeup brushes in this affordable set:

  • B01 Flat Top Buffer Brush - Densely packed bristles and a flat top make this brush ideal for buffing and blending cream, liquid and powder foundations into skin.

  • A01 Large Domed Powder Brush - A large, fluffy brush that evenly applies and blends loose and pressed powders to the face.

  • A05 Small Angled Blush Brush - This angled brush is perfectly shaped to fit the contours of the face, making it ideal for applying blush, bronzer or contour products.

  • B03 Buffing Concealer Brush - A small brush ideal for blending concealer under the eyes or on the face, with super soft yet dense bristles.

  • A06 Large Fluffy Shader Brush - This brush makes eyeshadow application easy, with a firm head that evenly distributes colour onto the lids.

  • B06 Tall Tapered Blender Brush - A fluffy brush that blends out or builds up colour on the eyes.

  • B04 Small Angled Blender Brush - The angle of this brush makes it perfect for adding definition and blending eyeshadow into the outer corners of the eyes.

  • A17 Angled Brow Brush - Ideal for filling, shaping and defining brows, or for applying gels and creams to the lash line.

  • A15 Lip Liner Brush - A small lip brush perfect for precision application of lipstick or gloss.

  • A09 Fine Eyeliner - An ultra fine-tipped brush designed to easily apply gel, cream or liquid liners.

The two standout brushes for me in the Spectrum Pink 10 Piece Set are the B01 Flat Top Buffer Brush and B03 Buffing Concealer Brush because together, they give me the seamless 'my skin, but better' finish I want from my foundation and concealer.

Bonus: The Spectrum Pink Wonder Sponge is also really great. It's nice and dense, doesn't soak up all your foundation, pounces nicely over the skin and only costs $9. Bloody bargain.

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