My Thirsty 44-Year-Old Face Is Loving This New Luminous Foundation

anastasia beverly hills luminous foundation reviewanastasia beverly hills luminous foundation review

Let me tell you I’m in my mid-40s without telling you I’m in my mid-40s: my thirsty face is always chasing that glow.

When it comes to foundation, matte is not my friend. I need to look alive, people. And despite what women over 40 have always been told, I don't need nor want to hide or cover up my face with makeup.

For ages, I've been searching for a Goldilocks base product that can deliver just the right amount of coverage for a 'my skin but better' finish when I go out. Glowy, not oily. Hydrated but not glittery. I need luminous. And I need it in my skin tone.

I’ve spent too many years buying several concealers and foundations and mixing colours together to get my shade because major brands have had such limited colour ranges. On more than one occasion in my youth, my eye pigmentation was blamed on me aging or being dehydrated, when in fact, I was born that way. The real problem was brands not being inclusive enough. The problem was not my face, thank you very much!

So, when I was recently asked to select a foundation to try from Adore's Global Shades brands, Anastasia Beverly Hills Luminous Foundation had me at ‘luminous’. But would it deliver?

Keep scrolling for my full review of this very lovely foundation.

What Is the Anastasia Beverly Hills Luminous Foundation?

Let's start with a quick introduction to the Anastasia Beverly Hills Luminous Foundation:

  • A liquid foundation with medium coverage and a radiant skin-like finish.

  • Helps blur the appearance of discolouration, uneven skin tone and redness, giving the skin a soft-focus, diffused effect.

  • Long-wear and water-resistant formula, but still super comfortable to wear.

  • Photography-friendly, won’t oxidise or cause flashback (i.e. it's a perfect wedding or event foundation).

  • Suitable for all skin types and available in 50 shades.

  • Vegan, cruelty-free, and free from gluten, parabens, alcohol, oil, mineral oil and talc.

My Anastasia Beverly Hills Luminous Foundation Review.

Given its name, I was hopeful this foundation would be what I was seeking, but admittedly, I had my doubts. I’ve often found so-called dewy foundations are a little heavy - I want a second-skin finish, not an obvious makeup look.

Oh, and I want a product that can also provide under-eye coverage in place of concealer, because I've found less is more at this age. Asking too much? That’s just how I roll, my friends. I want bang for buck.

The first thing I noticed about the Anastasia Beverly Hills Luminous Foundation is it was fairly easy to select my shade. I felt confident I’d be able to select my colour online because the range now includes 50 shades - not that 50 Shades - with different undertones. My shade 335w is described as “medium skin with warm peach undertone.” So helpful.

anastasia beverly hills luminous foundation reviewanastasia beverly hills luminous foundation review

So with these weighty expectations, I ripped open the box when it arrived, and was so delighted to see it comes with a pump that administers the perfect amount. I also like a solid bottle that won’t smash easily. Do you ever find it’s the little things like this that matter? Same.

The texture of the foundation was thicker than I was expecting, but I judged too soon because after applying the product with my fingers, the creamy consistency melted into the skin, rather than looking like a mask.

I found the finish gave my skin a blurred effect with mighty good coverage. This foundation reduced the appearance of my rosacea, but also covered my dark circles (yes to ditching a step from my morning routine!).

But the real test was what the formula would look like an hour later. That’s when I took the 'after' photo - and I was seriously impressed.

anastasia beverly hills luminous foundation reviewanastasia beverly hills luminous foundation review

I can honestly say this foundation was a delight to use. It was just the right balance for me: A low-effort multitasker that delivers a youthful glow – sold.

Would I use this foundation again? Absolutely.

Would I recommend it to other women who are sick of being steered towards heavy foundations for 'mature skin'? Heck yes.

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