Invisible Zinc Tinted Daywear SPF30+ 50g

4.1 of 44 reviews

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      Invisible Zinc Tinted Daywear SPF30+ is a moisturiser, SPF30+ sunscreen and sheer golden tint all in one - your can't-live-without summer essential!

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      Invisible Zinc Tinted Daywear SPF30+

      Invisible Zinc Tinted Daywear SPF30+

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      Invisible Zinc Tinted Daywear SPF30+ Reviews

      4.1 of 44 reviews

      80% recommend this product

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      Great for going out to the beach, as the light coverage means i can enjoy myself without being worried out my acne!

      Most Helpful Criticism

      A bit on the heavy side


      I have this tinted sunscreen in the medium shade and I think it acts well as a sun protection, but I found that it felt too heavy and sticky on my face once applied. It felt like it sat atop of my skin all day long and made my face look very shiny and oily. So as a moisturiser I'm not sold on it.

      The colour blends in well enough and it does provide some very basic, sheer coverage, so as a very light BB cream it could work depending on your needs..
      1. Non-irritating sheer coverage for days in the sun


        I look forward to trying the new 50+ tinted moisturiser although it is strange there isn't a list of ingredients for that product yet (?). This tinted sunscreen has saved my face when I've been caught out in the sun without properly applying sunscreen to the rest of my body (burnt shoulders but face and neck were fine). However it does settle in the lines around your eyes and mouth after a while a...
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      2. Fantastic. I love this product for a quick and easy weekend


        I am a redhead with pale skin so I need to use sunscreen on a regular basis. I love this product and use it on the weekends with a bit of concealer for blemishes, and put on some lipgloss - great weekend makeup... and you can head out into the sun without fear of getting burnt. Great formula.
      3. More of a sunscreen


        verified purchaser
        This products is good as a facial sunscreen. It is quite heavy on the face though. Also I have to use another moisturiser under it or my skin becomes a bit dry.
      4. A bit on the heavy side


        I have this tinted sunscreen in the medium shade and I think it acts well as a sun protection, but I found that it felt too heavy and sticky on my face once applied. It felt like it sat atop of my skin all day long and made my face look very shiny and oily. So as a moisturiser I'm not sold on it.

        The colour blends in well enough and it does provide some very basic, sheer coverage, so ...
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      5. Go-to


        Great for going out to the beach, as the light coverage means i can enjoy myself without being worried out my acne!
      6. Great for travelling


        verified purchaser
        A light face sunscreen that gives you cover but doesn't clog the skin. Just beautiful
        Definitely my favourite travelling product
      7. Great!


        verified purchaser
        Really loved this sunscreen over my skincare and under my makeup - went on smoothly. Does have a zinc feel to it as it goes on which I didn't mind but would not recommend if you don't like the feeling of zinc.
      8. Yes


        This is my go to, I wear it under my make up every day as I need great protection for my pigmented skin.
        It gives a real glowy look which I love, if my skin is having a good day then this is all I'll wear. I have oily/combo skin so I do look a bit oily/super glowy by the end of the day, so I have to use powder as well.
        It is a thick consistency, but its still easy to apply and blend...
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      9. Just no


        verified purchaser
        I really wanted to love this product but really dont... I live in Darwin (hot and humid climate) and find this product so thick, oily, sticky and unpleasant to use and wear.
      10. Makes my skin look lovely and glowing


        verified purchaser
        Incredible product and I have bought this for over 4 years. I love wearing it, my skin always looks flawless and I get compliments on how great my skin looks, glowing and healthy. I never get burnt and I go to the beach a lot in and out of the water and don't always get to reapply. Highly recommend.
      11. Never been sunburnt


        This product is amazing - stays on all day. I work outside, sweating in the Pilbara - never had a sunburnt face, no sunglasses marks. Cannot recommend highly enough.
      12. The product is awesome...couldn't live without it!


        Everytime I wear this tinted sunscreen I get compliments on my skin! Youthful and dewy, I have never found a tinted sunscreen that was an all in one product so it is definitely worth every penny!
        Shipped in a timely manner. I'm impressed with Adore as well! I will order from them again and again!
      13. Meh.


        Feels thick and sticky all day, doesn't cover that great, and the colour isn't quite right. I really wanted to like this product and I persevered for a few days, but it's just not for me.

        Also, it's a very shiny/glossy product, --I wouldn't say "dewy" lol. I would suggest you try it a few days in a row before you buy it, because the look probably isn't for everybody.
      14. Perfect for my lifestyle


        I have living aboard our boat now for 6 years & I am constantly out in the outdoors. Living in Australia & on the water can be very harsh on my skin. This product goes on evenly & smoothly & gives my face a great tanned look. I will continue using invisible zinc for my outdoor lifestyle.
      15. Excellent


        This is my favourite product since I discovered it about 6 years ago. I'm 40 and my skin is super dry and I take care of it. I do not have many wrinkles and this product I trust. The best of all foundations, tinted moisturisers and mineral covers I have ever used. Nothing makes my skin look naturally flawless and hydrated like this product. I use it everyday for every occasion including formal or ...
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      16. excellent products


        absolutely fab products especially with todays climate, for those of us that love the out doors its perfect, long lasting and great protection.
      17. can use around eyes, good for sensitive skin, good spf


        I've been using Invisible Zinc tinted daywear spf 30 for a few years and have not found an equal or better value elsewhere.
        I use a moisturizing toner (for the "slip" because my toner contains silicone ingredients) before applying this product, as it's thick and absorbs quickly on my skin.
        My skin is more peachy or pink than the light color of this product. I hope they do produce anot...
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      18. Brilliant


        I am sensitive to chemicals, and through illness even fluorescent lights were burning me and causing a rash. This helps so much, feels good and doesn't look shiny or caked on. Love it :)
      19. Great sunscreen for sensitive skin


        This provides great sunscreen protection and does not break me out or dry me out at all and I breakout or get irritated often from sunscreens even some physical sunscreens. You need to wear a powder over it in your nose chin forhead area I use Bare Minerals mineral veil. This product is a blessing in suncare even bought one for my sister I liked it so much.
      20. Love it!


        I love this product! It is all I wear everyday! Even if I'm putting in a little more effort I still wear it, I just apply my powders over the top. Great product & great for your skin!
      21. Love it!


        I love this product because it gives you excellent physical blocking sun protection with the 18% Zinc and because it's zinc its good for sensitive skins. The colour's great for me, there are only 2 shades though, but they should cover most skin types. Overall I'm very happy with it and will definitely buy again.
      22. couldn't live without it


        I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE this product and have been using it most days for the past three or four years. I have noticed different consistencies over the years - not sure if this is due to product reformulation or if I was using an older (near expiration) product initially. For those who have complained about the thickness/dryness of the product, don't give up and maybe try a new tube with a smo...
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      23. AMAZING!!!!


        I absoulutly love this product!! It covers your face makes your skin tone perfect!! All I use each day now is this with a powder overtop. And my face looks amazing!! I am telling everyone about this product!!
      24. Anonymous

        While this product does give good protection, it doesnt go on smooth and you have to really rub it in as it is so thick. The colour blends well with my skin tone. I like to put sunscreen under my foundation and throughout the day it just feels really sticky and tight almost like ive just had botox and i cant move my face, not a good feeling.
      25. Wendy

        I just bought a tube of IV Tinted Daywear (Light) and put it straight on with my Covergirl powder - it wasn't good, it was all clumpy and still greasy and I had to keep reapplying powder throughout the day. So I bought the IV Staying powder and it works with the IV Tinted Daywear a treat. It looks and feels fantastic - smooth, non greasy. I have very light skin and it suits perfectly. The tric...
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      26. Anonymous

        I really don't like this product. My reasons are:- it feels icky on your face all day (you can FEEL the sunscreen); the medium is 'orangey' coloured and you look like one of those girls that has fake tan on and worst of all, at the end of the day, it is so very difficult to wash off. No matter how much you wash it off, your towel will be marked when you dry your face. Yikes. I'll be going back to ...
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      27. Anonymous

        I wish I had never bought this. It was a total waste of money. I have very fair skin and the colour is so dark, and the coverage is heavy no matter how little you put on. It makes me look like an orange. It is very thick and greasy. I put it on once, looked in the mirror, washed it off and put it in a drawer and never looked at it again. If you have very fair skin don't get this.
      28. Anonymous

        This is a great, easy to use, tinted sunscreen. I have oily skin, and this sunscreen provides great coverage and protection. Using it often even improves my skin condition, which i believe comes from the zinc content. Price wise i do believe it's a bit steep for what you get, and you also need to be careful of the product prematurely separating. The tube is easy to use along with the built in b...
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      29. Anonymous

        Overall this is a good concept and I really wanted to like it as it would make mornings much easier. Unfortunately this broke me out terribly. It was only after I found a full list of ingredients I understood why. It was quite hard to spread and I found it left orange staind along my eyebrows and hair line where it pooled and when I tried to blend it in more it just crumbled. Within minutes my ski...
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      30. Anonymous

        So disappointing as I had high hopes. I have combination dehydrated skin and this just sits on the skin all day and feels thick and greasy. It's also full of comedogenic ingredients. Seriously - can't they just do it right for once.
      31. Anonymous

        This is the first time that I have tried tinted sunscreen and I must say that I am pleased with this product. Light coverage and a high spf is exactly what I need as part of my day to day makeup routine and this fits in just fine. It is light to wear but covers any redness decently and the zinc protects for a few hours of nasty UV. Not earth shattering, but does what it promises to, so that is eno...
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      32. Anonymous

        As somebdy who doesn't wear make-up during the day, has easily irritated skin and suffers the odd dry patches - this product ticks all the boxes for me! My skin can still breathe and feels hydrated. Love the dewy look it gives my skin and the fact that it can double as my night make-up.
      33. Anonymous

        I'm kicking myself for not trying this earlier. This tinted moisturiser has the best coverage and staying power I've come across. It does feel quite thick and sticky going onto the skin, but it's easy to spread and blend, and like others have said, I just use a light dusting of translucent powder to set it. However despite my combination skin, several hours later, I don't have nearly as much sh...
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      34. Anonymous

        No good for oily/acne prone skin. Its makes my skin break out and my face becomes to oily for oil blotting sheets to even fix.. I hated the sticky feeling to. Having said that my girlfriend with dry skin loves loves loves this product.
      35. Anonymous

        It's great that this doubles up as a sunscreen buy personally I really didn't like the texture. The colour is great but the texture is too thick. It takes a while for it to stop feeling sticky on your face and just feels heavy. I prefer something that feels lighter but would recommend it to someone who values protection from the sun over comfort.
      36. Anonymous

        Lovely lovely product. I am so happy with it. Gives natural dewy coverage and a huge amount of sun protection.
      37. Anonymous

        I was shopping around for a good SPF to replace my Clinique Super City Block which was a little too greasy for my liking. I really like tinted daywear as it was lighter and less greasy and does not irritate my rather sensitive skin. Being tinted means I can forgo foundation and carry off a "minimal" look (but if you insist on wearing foundation, I often mix it with the sunscressn before applicatio...
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      38. Anonymous

        I really wanted to like this product but unfortunately I didn't. I found it extremely hard to apply evenly and it always ended up streaky. I also didn't like the sticky/greasy residue feeling that it left on my skin and when I sweated it ran into my eyes which caused a very unpleasant burning feeling until I was able to wash it off. The best part about it was that the original colour was a good...
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      39. Anonymous

        This stuff is great! I'm never without it in my make up bag anymore. The texture is quite sticky/tacky as others have mentioned but with a dusting of powder (I use Jurlique Lavender Dust) and a bit of time it all sinks in and feels matte enough. The colour is quite adaptable and would suit many skin tones.
      40. Anonymous

        Love this stuff. Great tinted moisturiser, evens outs skin tone and gives a nice glow. The original shade is perfect too. My favorite tinted moisturiser. Does last all day too too! So much in fact make sure you have a good make-up remover to get it off.
      41. Anonymous

        Fantastic all-in-one product.It really evens out my skin and covers just enough IMO.The only thing that's odd is the creamy/tacky feeling it leaves on skin,but as it protects so well and keeps the oillies away I learn to live with it!!
      42. Anonymous

        Love this stuff. Makes your skin look glowy. And the original color is perfect for my skin. Great tinted moisturiser.
      43. Anonymous

        Love it, love it. True broad spectrum, fragrance and irritant free, does not clog my pores (despite a thick consistency) and creates an even skin tone. My only note would be to say if you like a proper foundation coverage this is very sheer but with a little powder or highlighter on top it works a treat. Great price too.
      44. Anonymous

        I absolutely LOVE this product. It is the best tinted moisteriser I have ever used. Evens out my skin tone and feels beautiful to wear all day. I get comments all the time about how my skin looks. Perfect in every way....
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