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SK-II Facial Treatment Gentle Cleanser by SK-II


 The SK-II Facial Treatment Gentle Cleanser cares for your skin while it cleanses. It contains Concentrated PiteraTM and Mild Treatment Essence that leaves your skin hydrated even 30 minutes after cleansing. Work up a fine-textured lather and enjoy its mild rose scent. Perfect for dry to combination skin.


- Texture refinement

- Firmness power

- Wrinkle Resilience

- Radiance enhancement

- Spots control

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Good Cleanser - 11-06-2018 by

I like this cleanser, it is very gentle and lathers very well. It feels very moisturizing and did not strips out the skin. My skin feels very soft after I rinse it, the only thing that bother me is the price. I'm not sure if I can justify the price for what it does for my skin. If you have very dry skin I would imagine this will be a holy grail item, but since I have combination skin, I find it just as good as my other cleanser that are a lot cheaper than this.

Luxury cleanser - 21-05-2018 by

This is a lovely cream cleanser, gentle and great for everyday.
It doesn't lather but spreads evenly around the face and rinses off well with no residue.
My skin feels clean and comfortable, not stripped or dry.
I love the tube, it's handy to use.
The only thing I don't like is the scent, it's a strong floral perfume.

best cleanser ever - 12-05-2018 by

This is hands down really one of the best cleansers I've had the honour to use. Its very pricey, but its so gentle and effective. It takes all kinds of dirt off, leaves my skin better than ever before, without the sting of any post-cleansing tightness or squeakyness. Any post cleansing treatments sinks into my skin effortlessly. Love it so much. Will definitely buy it again if my budget allows.

Good but not great - 25-02-2018 by

I like that this cleanser doesn't have much of a scent. It works great as a second cleanse but I don't really notice huge differences when I use this product. What I don't like about this product is that it makes my skin tight and feels dry when I use it. I've tried it with my forex and find that helps to reduce the tightness and dryness. Overall average product but for the price I would look at using other cleanser.

Once you try this product you won't need to try another - 18-08-2013 by

Absolutely love this product. I've always struggled with acne. I'm not lying when I say this is a thing of the past. I get the odd pimple but it clears in a day and never appears swollen or sore. The product is expensive but you only need a small amount (size of your little finger nail). It leaves your skin clean and fresh. I also use other SK-II products to complete my skin care. I recommend them all

Nice product, but prefer the gel cleanser - 02-07-2013 by

It is indeed gentle. I think I like a deeper cleanser however. You only need to use a small amount. I think rose scent could be milder. I also use the gel cleanser and recommend alternating between both. The gel cleaner leaves my skin feeling cleaner and unexpectedly more hydrated than the gentle cleanser.

Fabi cleanser - 27-06-2013 by

I purchased this cleanser along with the gel. I LOVE both products. I use the gel to take off my makeup and finish with the foaming gentle cleanser. You only need a small amount, it's totally worth the $$ as it lasts for ages. I have been complimented on my skin a cpl of times since using these cleansers.

Excellent cleanser - 10-03-2013 by

I was given some samples of this cleanser, and I absolutely loved it . It really did make my skin feel and look very good. The only problem is I have had a hard time buying the full size as I feel guilty spending $90 on a cleanser! I am slowly talking myself into it though as it really is the best cleanser I've ever used.

Great product and good value - 03-01-2013 by

I really like this cleanser. You only need to use a very small amount as it lathers up well. It cleans without leaving my skin feeling dried out afterwards and smells great. My skin feels very soft afterwards. I initially started with the 20 gram tube from a gift set and that 20 gram tube lasted three weeks, used every day. i've now bought the full size pack and am happily using it daily.

Love it! - 28-12-2012 by

I received this cleanser as a sample with a SK II set that I bought and I just love it! I have only been using it for a few days and I can notice the difference in my skin already! It's so clear and soft, I actually got a compliment about it today! You only need the tiniest (size of a pea) amount and your all set. I highly recommend the Facial Treatment Essence also. My only complaint would be that it doesn't get rid of mascara very well, your left looking like a panda, so if you have make-up remover wipes, I'd remove any mascara first with that. I'm already saving my pennies to buy the full size cleanser, at $90 it's expensive sure, but worth it. I love this cleanser!

Ticks all the boxes! - 22-07-2012 by

This cleanse is brilliant! I was dubious of trying it, it was my first SKII product and the hype and so forth of this brand I expected a lot. Luckily, this delivered and exceeded my expectations!

You need the tiniest amount, so despite the hefty price tag compared to other cleansers, it lasts so long I wouldn't hesitate in purchasing this. Seeing this in the shower you feel luxe and it really is a lovely daily experience. You feel clean afterwards, and the effect on my skin was improved tone and brightening and my makeup looked much better, and bare skinned it looked really smooth and plump.

Packaging is easy and use friendling in the tube, a flip top lid would be slightly easier but I am not fussed but this aspect.

All in all, can't recommend enough! Luxe, effective, economical, glowy, LOVE!

Lovely cleanser for morning - 13-10-2011 by

I really like this cleanser to use in the shower of a morning - I use it with my Clarisonic and it gives a really good clean without drying out my skin. It lasts a long time too (especially since I know my partner has been "borrowing" it!!).

I'm only giving four stars instead of five, because I can't use it around my eyes to take off eye makeup - it stings. (Yes I know I should use a separate eye makeup remover... but I'm lazy and I like one product that does everything.) So for me it's no good as an evening cleanser. But for the shower I like it very much and will continue to use it.

Great cleanser - 10-10-2011 by

This is a beautiful cleanser to use. You need the tiniest amount, and it feels comfortable to use and doesn't leave the skin feeling dry or tight. The packaging is great and I will be repurchasing this.

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