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Pitera is the unique ingredient that makes SK-II one of the best skincare product lines on the market. But what exactly is Pitera, and how did it come about? The story began back in 1970, when SK-II scientists embarked on a journey to find a natural skincare ingredient that resulted in clear, healthy-looking skin.


By a chance observation, the scientists noticed that the hands of sake brewers were very soft and supple in contrast to their ageing faces. Upon further investigation, the researchers found that these workers kept their hands submerged in yeast for a good part of the day. Surmising a connection, the researchers embarked on a quest to find just the right blend of yeast that could be incorporated into a skincare line. For over 10 years, they tested over 350 strains of yeast to find just right yeast strain, which they called 'Pitera'.

Pitera is a clear liquid that contains over 50 essential skin nutrients, including a unique blend of vitamins, minerals, and amino and organic acids. This signature formulation closely mimics skin’s natural moisturising factors. SK-II’s ingredients work in harmony to gently rejuvenate the surface of the skin to reveal a smooth, healthy-looking complexion.


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