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Sand&Sky Australian Pink Clay Porefining Face Mask 60g

4.2 of 220 reviews


4 instalments of $17.48


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4 instalments of $17.48


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  • Teens
  • 20s
  • 30s
  • 40s
  • 50+

Skin Concern:

  • Acne, breakouts and blackheads
  • Oiliness and shine
  • Pigmentation, uneven skin tone

Skin Type:

  • Dry
  • Normal to dry
  • Normal to oily
  • Oily

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Sand&Sky Australian Pink Clay Porefining Face Mask

Sand&Sky Australian Pink Clay Porefining Face Mask

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4.2 of 220 reviews

79% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

This is one of my favourite face masks. It has helped so much with my oil production and acne

Most Helpful Criticism

My skin does feel nice, smooth and clean after using this, but not a major difference in pore visibility or pigmentation
  1. Does what it claims

    Does what it claims, but i prefer kiehls deep rare pore cleansing masque and glam glow mud mask for a deeper cleanse. The key to this is not the application, but the removal / washing it off phase. Use a cotton pad soaked in your toner to remove any last residue
  2. Great

    This is one of my favourite face masks. It has helped so much with my oil production and acne
  3. Better skin

    This product has helped decrease my pore size and it leaves my skin looking good. It also leaves my face feeling smooth and clean
  4. Love it

    Notice a change in my skin first time using it. My pores were a lot smaller. It dries quick which is amazing!
  5. Dream

    This is the best stuff I’ve ever used!! Makes my skin amazing. Definitely notice the difference in my skin from not using it for a few months. Must have! Love!!!
  6. Great mask

    I've been using this product for a few months now. It definitely helps my normal-dry skin and leaves it beautiful, soft and well cleaned. The only downside is the tub doesn't last long enough and was smaller than I had expected, apart from that, the actual product is great
  7. holy grail

    i have really bad acne and after a couple of uses i already noticed a reduction in the amount of pimples i had, highly recommend
  8. Great

    I use this twice a week and it really helps to clean out my pores and reduce my oil on my skin. Also doesn’t dry my skin out either
  9. alright..

    My skin does feel nice, smooth and clean after using this, but not a major difference in pore visibility or pigmentation
  10. Great Product

    I have oily combination skin, and really liked what it did to my skin. My skin was left soft, but not dry, and really felt like it helped cleanse my skin! My only downfall, was I found it stung a bit where I had really flared up acne around my nose, although I would purchase again
  11. Perfect mask for a deep clean

    This is the second time I have purchased this clay mask as I love the way it makes me face feel after using it. I often use the mask on trouble areas to avoid drying out my entire face, and I find it helps dull out redness and speed up the healing time of spots. My pores also lessen in size after use.
    I don't bother using the brush, but do love the packaging.
    Overall, this is a good mask to have in the kit for great skin
  12. Worth the money

    This is the third time I’ve purchased this product. My husband and I both use it, at least once a week. I also use it to dry out any spots that come up, simply apply a small amount on the spot and I leave it overnight. Rinse in the morning and I have noticed a reduction in redness.
  13. Great

    I love this. Cute packaging and easy to use. Leaves my face smooth and glowy. The only criticism I would make is the brush doesn't seem to be of very good quality, bristles easily fall out.
  14. Great mask

    Instant results, the adds show better results however you still do see instant results. The tub is tiny however, it does go a long way but I feel it’s over priced.
  15. makes my skin feel smooth, but don't see any of their claims

    As much as I love using this product and how it makes my skin feel once I remove it, I find that I haven't found any of the claims of the product to work on my skin sadly!
    Maybe it is just my skin but I got to admit that this product makes my skin feel smooth and cleaner though!
  16. Love this mask

    Love the feeling of it on the skin and the way it dries. I can notice a difference to my skin after using. On the more expensive side but you get what you pay for.
  17. Great

    Love this mask, i try and use it once a week and it makes my skin feel super soft! It really does make a difference in my skin
  18. Pleasant to use but no improvement in skin

    The mask was easy enough to apply with the included brush and I enjoyed using the product but it did y have much of a noticeable effect on my skin.. once I washed it off, I didn’t notice an improved glow or even complexion as promised.
  19. I love it, makes my skin the softest

    I have mixed skin. Not oily anymore as Im in my early 30’s. But, blackheads just in my nose, and the rest of the face normal. This mask works amazing on me, leaving my skin clean and ready for night creams. It’s expensive but you use a tiny bit each time.
  20. beautiful product

    great product which does what it says = incredibly cleansing. it does recommend using a serum/cream afterwards which i find i need to do otherwise it would leave skin a bit too dry.

    packaging is beautiful but like a lot of people mention, the price is incredibly high for a face mask of this size.
  21. Happy with product

    Mask works so well and leaves skin feeling so good after
  22. Works well but overpriced

    This mask is really good for cleaning out impurities and it's great to put onto a pimple overnight to spot treat it. However, it's so expensive. It's lasted me a while but I'm going to try other brands that aren't overpriced before I buy this again.
  23. Bright Clean Skin

    I’m often buying skin cleansing products because I absolutely believe that the foundation of how any of us look is the result of our skin care routine. Clean, radiant skin is a must.

    For me, this is an added once a fortnight cleanse that makes my skin feel soft and surprisingly well hydrated. A little goes a long way which makes the price quite reasonable!

    I would highly recommend this product as a mask to deep cleanse!
  24. Brightens & Smooths

    The packaging is small but a little goes a long way - so even though it’s quite pricey you’ll still get a lot of applications.

    Goes on super smooth, dries quickly and easily removed. Afterwards skin is really smooth and bright!
  25. Absolutely Amazing

    I enjoy only used twice and I’ve had soooo many compliments!!! I’m 55 an I do look after my skin. Have l little bit of rosacea an dit can be sensitive so I was a little bit worried the mask would be too harsh......but it left my skin feeling and looking amazing! I couldn’t believe how healthy my skin looked and my eyes even looked brighter! Worth every penny.
  26. Bit expensive

    The product itself is nice, feels good on your skin and gives you a bit of a glow after but I think it’s a bit expensive. I’m going to try other natural face masks before I reconsider re purchasing.
  27. Nice clay mask

    Quite a small pot, but you don't have to use too much. I didn't bother with the teeny brush. It does dry quite hard, though with a bit of water swooshed around the face first, it is easily removed without any residue.
  28. Always repurchase

    This mask has worked wonders for my skin. I have dry sensitive and very pale skin tone. I have a few enlarged pores on my cheeks. I use this in the morning 2-3 times a week after exfoliating and my skin feels so fresh and clean. Since using this I get much less breakouts and my complexion is clearer. I also follow up with a moisturiser and oil. I usually get 15-20 uses out of a jar. It is a bit pricey though I see a difference in my skin if I don’t repurchase.

    I have an extremely oily t zone and enlarged pores. Usually face masks do nothing for me! I found that this product shrunk my pores and helped control oil production. Will definitely repurchase! Would recommend to anyone with oily skin!
  30. Good but not great

    I purchased this mask after seeing all of the hype but unfortunately it didn't ;I've up to it for me. It feels great when it goes on and is really easy to clean off and yes my skin does feel great after use but i've found that since using it - only once a week, my skin is more prone to break outs.
  31. Its pretty good

    I do like this and notice my skin looks really nice after I use this! I haven’t noticed any long term changes in my skin but it’s nice before events and stuff when I want my pores to be tighter for abit.
  32. It’s okay

    I do like this and notice my skin looks really nice after I use this! I haven’t noticed any long term changes in my skin but it’s nice before events and stuff when I want my pores to be tighter for abit.
  33. Excellent detox mask

    I absolutely loved using this mask!!! I loved that it decreased the size of my pores instantly as well as unclogged them and I could immediately see a glow in my complexion that lasted a day or 2 after. I suffer from congested skin and enlarged pores which constantly lead me to breakouts. When using this mask regularly (at least once a week) I found that my face appeared much clearer and the hormonal cystic acne that I would constantly get was kept at bay.
    My biggest downfalls with this product is firstly I felt that there wasn’t enough of it and when I was nearing the end the product was all stuck on the sides of the tub which made it difficult to scoop out. Secondly, the instructions state that you may experience a tingling sensation when applying the product. For me I felt that this tingling was more like a burning sensation however since this disappeared after less than a minute it didn’t overly concern me.
    Overall this was an excellent mask to use and I would absolutely recommend it over and over again!
  34. Good but not amazing

    Over hyped product. It’s just as good as any other clay mask :(
  35. Love it!

    I've been using this for over a month now and my skin feels so amazing. It didn't get the blackheads straight away, but in time it has helped them tremendously. (But after first use my skin looked so healthy and improved!) It also did draw out pimples for a while, but once that stage was over, my skin looked as good as foundation!
    Use it at night after cleansing and before serums and creams. Let it dry and leave on for ten minutes. It's the easiest mask to wash off ever!!
    It does tingle at first the first few times but it's normal.
    The price is the only bad thing, it is expensive. But it does work.
  36. Nice but nothing special for the price

    This feels good on the skin, washes off easily & my skin looked nice after but not more than any other clay masks that cost a third of the price. You can buy good quality Australian pink clay from a health food store for $12 a jar & from my experience get a similar result, or the Trilogy clay mask for $30 which is lovely. The Sand & Sky mask seems to leave a very thin film of something on the skin which makes the skin look smoother than it actually is. I’m glad some people get good results from the S&S mask but it feels like a lot of marketing & fancy packaging to me.
  37. Nice but nothing special for the price

    This feels good on the skin, washes off easily & my skin looked nice after but not more than any other clay masks that cost MUCH less. You can buy good quality Australian pink facial clay from a health food store for $12 a jar & from my experience get a similar result, or the Trilogy clay mask for $30 which is lovely. The Sand & Sky mask seems to leave a very thin film of something on the skin which makes the skin look smoother than it actually is. I’m glad some people get good results from the S&S mask but it feels like a lot of marketing & fancy packaging to me.
  38. Nice for calming oily skin and prepping for makeup

    I use this when my.skin has texture or black heads. It leaves the skin a little dry but not necessarily a bad thing. It's great before doing special occasion makeup. A little goes a long way. So while its pricey it will last months if you use it weekly.
  39. Yasssss

    This face mask is truly a God send. I have very large pores and oily skin. This product has really helped clear out my skin and it feels less oily during the day when used 3 times a week. Also helped to clear some acne scarring which is amazing. Unfortunately it is quite expensive for such a small pot, however it has definitely delivered on its promises. Would definitely recommend. About to purchase another!
  40. Very happy

    I have very oily skin and now pregnancy acne which I thought I would just have to wait out. Since trying this mask my acne has improved. It hasn’t stopped but it’s not as angry or as red. It’s cleaned up my face and now I just have some spots instead of full on acne. I feel it is helping with the scars as well. It’s has been 2 weeks of using and I have been using it every 2 days. I will continue to use. Very happy.
  41. This is amazing!!

    I brought this and have even made my mum try it!!
    this is to die for you skin feels amazing afterwards and i got a bonus Sand & Sky Scrub with it which i will be buying for sure as together the results are incredible.
  42. great product

    i purchased this to stop huge breakouts, i find the mask is good it does burn a little when you first put it on but after it does make your skin feel amazing. I think this product is a little expensive and i think any other clay mask would probably have the same affects. I will say its an amazing product, dont over do it as it will dry our skin out!
  43. Doesn’t work

    Bought this from sand and sky website because I saw all the good reviews & I have large pores. I followed the instructions to a T but unfortunately it didn’t do anything for me. I’ve had better face masks like the dermalogica, body shop & proactiv ones. Will definitely not buy again. I’ve used it for over a month now & I still have large pores and acne prone skin that break out a lot.
  44. Great mask!

    I use this mask 2-3 times a week. It really purifies the skin, especially if you wear make up daily.
  45. So good, use it and see the result

    I use this once a week to as a mask. I feel like my face glows for entire week. You should try.
  46. So good

    This is such a great face mask and a must have in your beauty box. A great pick me up for when your skin is looking and feeling sluggish! Makes skin smooth and fresh
  47. Would buy again!

    I have normal to dry skin and this product worked wonders for my complexion! It got rid of most of my blackhead and made my pores appear smaller. My skin also looked brighter and softer after using the mask. It’s honestly worth every penny, I would definitely buy again!
  48. Love Love Love!

    I couldn't believe how well this ACTUALLY worked! It shrunk my pores before my very eyes. My skin felt rejuvenated, brighter and my skin felt tighter (in a good way) without feeling dried out. I felt like this was the absolute perfect mask for pre-makeup application (if you have that much time) because your skin looks and feels so amazing afterwards!
  49. Actually really good

    I've seen this stuff all over Insta and everyone raved on about it (as they always do) but decided to try it for myself despite being sceptical. Have to say it is really good. Loved the way my skin felt and looked afterwards. Even when I was applying it and I felt that tingling feeling it felt really good. Have been recommending it to everyone.
  50. Very good product but be mindful that results will vary from person to person

    I have very fair, oily skin with VERY large pores on my nose and cheeks. This mask claims to reduce the size of your pores after consistent use but to be honest after using 3 times per week for 3 weeks, I am not seeing a difference in pore size.

    I am however seeing a HUGE reduction in redness and breakouts, plus my skin is feeling so much softer and my tone is evening out alot more.

    Only downfall is the price. It is expensive, but I would say it is definitely worth it.
  51. Beautiful

    Love love love
    Great products smells amazing
    Cleans my skin I use it twice a week and
    Even as a spot treatment for my horrible under the skin pimples. The only bad thing I could say is it can be quite drying .

    This stuff is actually amazing. You can see it working. Well worth the $$
  53. Best face mask

    I have used many face masks before, and this by far has surpassed every one that I have used! Even with my super sensitive face, this felt fine on my face when I used it.
    I have really big pores and haven't been able to find a mask that helps shrink my pores, but this practically gets rid of them completely. Unfortunately it is very expensive for such a small amount, but I may have to splurge on this product because it is so great.
  54. amazing

    love the colour of the mask and how it feels on my skin
  55. Worth the hype

    There is so much hype about this product - and it is justified! I have tried a few masks including clay masks, and this is the best! It does everything it says - my skin is soft, smooth, bright, fresh and clean. I use it once a week and love it
  56. Effective

    I absolutely love this mask, I notice a difference to my skin instantly after washing it off and love the handy brush it comes with. The only reason I couldn't give 5 stars is because it is pretty pricey for the size it is, and it can sting slightly when you first put it on, but that does go away quickly.
  57. It actually works

    Yes the marketing may seem gimmicky BUT this stuff truly works. Have a look at the ingredients and see how it is better than it's other competitors..
    I can always rely on this mask when I have breakouts of feel like I need a lil TLC on my face!
  58. Breakout

    I have bought this product twice now. I don't have over oily or over dry skin. I love the way this mask makes my skin feel. Although I have recently noticed it has made my skin breakout. A lot more pimples than what I would normally get. I most likely won't be purchasing this again which I'm disappointed about because it does make my skin feel amazing.
  59. Really expensive for what it is

    The product delivers against what it says it does but so do many other much more affordable pink clay masks out there, the price point here is really exorbitant. Cute instagramable packaging is probably the high point.
  60. AMAZING!!!!!

    So worth the purchase! it reduces my pores, shrinks my acne and leaves my skin feeling amazing. I'm very particular with my face masks, as I have sensitive skin. But I genuinely love this product. I also love how it comes with the small application brush way more hygienic than your hands.
  61. Oily skin saviour!

    Oily skinned gal here! This baby has helped to clear my blocked pores, and reduce my oily mess of a face! Even my junk-food-binge-related breakouts have calmed down since using this product - so now I can have my cake, and eat it too, because this product helps keep my skin clear and radiant! Love it, and the little brush that comes with makes application so clean and mess-free!
  62. Worth it!

    This mask is incredible for oily skin and enlarged pores! After using for only two weeks my breakouts have reduced, skin isn't as oily and my pores are noticeably smaller. Will purchase again!!
  63. Nice Mask

    It's a very lovely mask though very pricey! Not sure if I will repurchase.
  64. Not a fan.

    After multiple uses, I didn't see the difference I was expecting, especially with all the hype surrounding the product. I'm not a fan of the consistency and the only positives for me were how fast it dries when applied and how easy it is to wash off. I'll keep using the mask until the end of the jar, but I won't be repurchasing.
  65. Great for clogged pores

    This is a lovely mask. Very pricey but it does have immediate benefits and especially good if you are about to break out due to blocked pores. I love using this prior to travel and taking with me if the plane clogs my pores.
  66. Love it

    Love that this mask leaves my skin clear & refreshed. Pores definitely look smaller, too. Only negative is the price. I'd buy it for all my friends if it wasn't so expensive :(
  67. Fantastic

    Love this mask this and the exfoliater made such a massive difference to my skin
  68. Great for oily skin

    I absolutely looove this mask.
    I have a really oily t zone area and it really helps to reduce built up oil. It reduces blemishes and generally gives you that glow!
    I wouldn’t recommend using if you have dry skin.
  69. Worth the hype - will purchase again

    Going into it, I felt like this mask wouldn't be worth all of the hype but I absolutely love it. Have been using it 1-2x per week since purchasing it and really reduces the appearance of my pores and gives an overall glow to my complexion. Also love have easily it washes off.
  70. Worth the hype

    I purchased this after the hype and I think it's worth it! The smell isn't crazy like some other clay masks, my skin feels really refreshed and young
  71. Burns and no different

    This mask burned my skin, it left my face red and no noticeable difference to its texture or pores.
    It is partially effective as a spot treatment but not on whole face
  72. Great!

    after seeing roughly 102754 instagram ads for this mask, i thought i'ld give it a go, wasn't disappointed as such however I do feel that it could have been better, especially in terms of size/money.

    worth a go though!
  73. works so amazing on the skin

    I was a bit hesitant with this product initially but I am so glad I purchased it. I have seen drastic results in my skin after only a weeks use, tighter and smaller pores and less noticeable acne scars. Highly recommend
  74. it's on my face right now

    I have oily-combo skin and I struggle with acne - this mask leaves my skin feeling so smooth and it doesn't break me out, which is what I was looking for. I was hopeful that it was more than just aesthetically pretty packaging on Instagram, and I'm glad that it is. Also, this would be a cute gift for any friend that's into skincare :)
  75. Worth the hype

    I don't know what magic is in this clay, but it is amazing. I bought this after watching the BuzzFeed video on it and have been so impressed. After a single use, it has made my pores look smaller and evened out my acne scars. I'm a huge fan
  76. Amazing!! Love it!

    I had seen this product alot on the internet and I will be honest that for the size of the jar you receive and the price of the product I was hesitant but I thought what the hell, why not!
    I am going to be 40 next month and have always looked after my skin but wanted to try something new and I wasn't disappointed.
    I have combination skin and this product has been amazing!! After the first use my skin was more even toned, brighter and felt smoother.
    I even convinced my daughter to try it and she loves it too not to mention it is doing wonders with her breakouts.
    Don't hesitate, give it a go, you WON'T be disappointed!

    Always hesitated to purchase this product as it looked like an over marketed, influencer infested scam but I am please to say that the product actually delivers! Packaging is great and comes with an applicator brush which is easy to use and clean. The mask itself leaves my skin feeling super soft and tight. I have been using it for about three weeks and for the first time ever have not broken out when I got my period. The mask can be a little drying (I have 'normal' skin) so I do recommend following up a good hydrating routine after. Only downside is the jars are quite small and don't last that long, so it is a bit expensive for what you get. I'll definitely be buying again.
  78. Works nicely for acne

    I remember always wanting to try this, and i'm so happy i did, its expensive but worth it. I used it for the first time, and my pores were tighter and it didn't irritate my acne at all. My skin looks for even, I'm defiantly going to use this 3x a week
  79. Amazing .. I'm in love

    when i first heard about the Sand & Sky face mask i thought it was too good to be true especially since i tried so many products for my oily skin and large pores but this was a life changer. My makeup lasted all day without having that shiny look. my skin was hydrated and my pores were small in appearance. I used it 3 times a week and yes the tub only lasted me two months but worth every penny.

    Tip: i did use the Tata Harper Regenerating Cleanser and Rebuilding Moisturiser
  80. not worth the hype

    does reduce the size of my pores but not as great as what was said and not worth the massive hype
  81. Incredible result!

    I bought this product to help with my oily always shiny skin and large pores. It has helped with all that and more, with results after the very first use!! I love this product!
  82. Undecided

    I think that this is overrated i did not see dramatic differences in my skin but did leave it feeling nice
  83. Amazing Product!!!!

    Wanted to first off starting with how amazing this product is, in just a short time my fave feels smoother, my pores smaller and just general glowing complexion. My goal for 2019 is to have the best skin i've had in 28years and I know with this product now that this goal will be fulfilled.

    Another quick thing I wanted to mention is how amazing Adore Beauty has been to order with. Literally ordered this stuff on Friday (4 days before Christmas) and it arrived on Monday. Couldnt be more in love with the quick service and how well everything was packaged not to mention my little tim tam inside. Amazing company and cant wait to shop again, wouldnt buy my beauty products anywhere else now
  84. Great mask

    A little goes a long way! The pot is pricey but it lasts forever if utilised correctly. Slight sting upon application however this is normal. Feels amazing after washing it off. Some very very minor purging afterwards but barely noticeable. Actually I was glad for this as it means it was doing it’s job. Love this mask.
  85. Minimises pores and helps blackheads

    Great for minimising pores and clear congested skin. I found it also helped to reduce blackheads. Also nice to use on sensitive skin. Product can be hard to get out of the jar but still a fantastic product.
  86. Miracle worker

    I've been using this mask for quite a long time now, normally once a week. My skin feels so clean and my blackheads have gone!! Definitely recommend.
  87. Pore minimising, breakout reducing wonder!

    I am on my second tub of this. This. Is. Awesome. I have combination skin and it's prone to the odd breakout along my chin but using this regularly has stopped the frequency and the severity. I use this once a week. It tingles, so if you are a sensitive skin person you may not like that but it dissipates quickly and it has never left my skin red (I'm a bit on the sensitive side). It removes easily - there are other masks I love (that I have reviewed) that set like cement and are hard to get off, this rinses off easily. I have not had issues with the product drying out, I love that it comes with a little brush (so you don't get mask under your nails) and the results speak for themselves - my skin looks radiant, clear, and with smaller pores. I will continue to buy it.
  88. Love love LOVE

    My Aunty suggested I try this product, and I am so glad I did! My pores are much smaller and my skin definitely brighter after a week or two of use. Best face mask!
  89. my skin has never looked so good

    my pores are less visible, breakouts have lessened significantly, skin tone has evened, this mask is incredible and i will use it over and over again.
  90. Burns and gives me redness

    I used this mask over and over again because I wanted to love it. But it burnt my face and gave me redness really bad. It’s also so incredibly expensive for the lack of product you get. It’s a tiny pot and not worth it. Much prefer the Kora Organic Turmeric Mask. It doesn’t burn but tingles, exfoliates and shows immediate results.
  91. Gives my skin a nice healthy glow

    I have oily to combination skin and tend to get blackheads. The mask is great for controlling oil and helping me control my blackheads to a minimum. My skin felt really clean and detoxified after using the mask!
  92. Best face mask

    I love love love this face mask always makes my skin feel so good after using it and can definitely see a noticeable difference after application

    The packaging is so cute and the brush is perfect. I love the feeling of the mask and would best recommend putting it on before bed to wake up with a clearer face in the morning!!
  94. Brighter smoother skin!

    This mask is amazing! I have congested skin, combination and wanted to add a mask into my routine I wish I had purchased this sooner!! When you first apply this mask four about 10 seconds there is a strong tingling sensation (this is very normal) after about 10 seconds its gone and the mask drys nicely this is also so easy to remove and you can instantly see a difference in your skin.
  95. Works Well

    This mask definitely cleared my pores, however I did experience a little irritation on my combination skin.
  96. Pores are gone!

    This face mask minimises my pores and brightens my skin which gave me beautiful glowy skin.
  97. Deep Cleanse

    This mask does a thorough deep cleanse of your skin and helps to shrink the appearance of pores but pores themselves do not (and can not) actually shrink in size - so in that sense having to re-apply the mask weekly to reduce the appearance is fine. My only qualm is the price -- they should create a travel sized version for people to try out the mask without having to fork out $70 on the first go. That being said I do appreciate its ingredients - Australian made & natural!

    This clay mask does what it says! I use it two - three times a week and it has significantly reduced how oily I am in my T-Zone and has helped me remove my blackheads a bit easier. After I use the mask I apply a nose strip straight away and have noticed my blackheads come out easier than just the usual cleanse. I also like to use this mask before applying make up so that my skin texture looks more smooth. Would definitely buy again!
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