Is This Insta-Famous 'Tasmanian Water' Serum Really Worth the Hype? Let's Find Out...

Sand and Sky Rebecca Sullivan reviewSand and Sky Rebecca Sullivan review

If you’re anything like me and have been spending way too much time on Instagram lately, you might have come across the niche (read: viral) Aussie beauty brand Sand&Sky. 

They’re the people behind that famous pink clay mask. You know, the Sand&Sky Australian Pink Clay Porefining Face Mask that kind of broke the internet last year?

Since then, the brand has become one of our most popular A-beauty (Australian Beauty) exports for beauty lovers around the world, bottling up native ingredients like Kakadu Plum, Emu Apple and Pepperberry (yum!!) in ridiculously cute packaging that looks epic in a selfie.

It’s a very clever marketing strategy, but considering how saturated the 'Instagram beauty brand' space is in 2020, it can be hard to know if products are legitimately as good as they look.

That's why when Sand&Sky launched their new Tasmanian Spring Water range, I was... sceptical.

Are these very good looking products worth the hype or just a social media fad? And what the heck is Tasmanian Sping Water?

Keep scrolling to read my honest review of the Sand&Sky Tasmanian Spring Water range.

What Is the Sand and Sky Tasmanian Water Range?

Sand&Sky Tasmanian Spring Water rangeSand&Sky Tasmanian Spring Water range

The Sand&Sky Tasmanian Spring Water range includes an ultra-hydrating serum and moisturiser duo designed to give you dewy, juicy, "model-worthy skin".

And the packaging is cute, right? Makes me think of swimming in a pool of hyaluronic acid.

The pregnancy and breastfeeding safe products are Aussie made, cruelty-free, PETA approved and free from all the bad stuff like sulphates, silicones, parabens, phthalates, PEGs, mineral oil, artificial fragrances etc.

Sand and Sky Tasmanian Spring Water Ingredients.

Let's break down exactly what ingredients are in these products...

1. Tasmanian Spring Water.

Sand&Sky Tasmanian Spring WaterSand&Sky Tasmanian Spring Water

Is Tassie spring water really that different to the regular old H20 that comes out of the tap for free?

Sand&Sky co-founder Sarah Hamilton says "Tasmanian Spring Water is an incredible natural ingredient that possesses skin boosting properties including replenishment, fortification and water loss reduction."

“It contains the perfect combination of essential minerals such as calcium and magnesium that seriously strengthen skin.”

So basically, it’s like regular water, but with a few added nutrient benefits. 

2. Fermented Sea Kelp.

As for fermented sea kelp, Hamilton says it “inhibits key enzymes responsible for wrinkles and a loss of elasticity, supercharging repairs for the look of younger, healthier skin.”

Sand&Sky Tasmanian Spring WaterSand&Sky Tasmanian Spring Water

3. Hyaluronic Acid.

Both products contain a “hyaluronic acid complex”, meaning you'll find two types of hyaluronic acid in the formulas - low molecular weight and high molecular weight.

Why is this good news? Dermatologists and skin scientists say it’s best to use hyaluronic acid products with a range of different molecular weights because they penetrate the skin in different ways. Smaller-sized molecules can penetrate deeper into the skin, while the larger molecule sits on top.

It’s basically a case of the more, the merrier! 

The serum also contains a probiotic called bifida ferment, which reinforces the skin barrier by enhancing the skin’s protection against environmental aggressors. It reduces sensitivity, inflammation and dryness, helping skin retain moisture. The cream is packed with red algae, an aquatic botanical which forms a protective “second skin” that can improve the skin’s ability to keep itself hydrated. 

All of these together work to reduce transepidermal water loss for hydration, smoothness and comfort from the very first application.

Want to learn more about hylauronic acid? Check out our very helpful Skincare Nerds YouTube video below!

Sand And Sky Tasmanian Water Range Review.

That all sounds great, but let’s get down to the nitty gritty. Are these products any good?

1. Sand&Sky Tasmanian Water Serum Review.

Full disclosure: I’m a total hyaluronic acid serum snob.

I only like bougie HA serums because I find many cheaper formulas leave my skin feeling tacky and sticky, plus they often pill under makeup. 

So while this $89 product certainly isn’t a budget serum, I was curious to see how it would stack up against my fancy, more expensive favourites like the NIOD Multi-Molecular Hyaluronic Complex 30ml (MMHC2) or the SkinCeuticals Hyaluronic Acid Intensifier 30ml. Honestly, I was pleasantly surprised.

Here's what the serum looks like in real life #nofilter.

Sand&Sky Tasmanian Spring Water Splash SerumSand&Sky Tasmanian Spring Water Splash Serum

Sand&Sky Tasmanian Spring Water Splash Serum - textureSand&Sky Tasmanian Spring Water Splash Serum - texture

The texture feels like a clear, non-sticky gel, almost like a gel cleanser. It smells like… nothing… which is a good thing. It sinks into the skin really nicely, doesn’t give that tacky or sticky feeling and is easy to layer underneath sunscreen and makeup. It also doesn't pill, which is a big win in my book!

My skin felt more plump and hydrated after use, without being oily. 

Pop this on as your first skincare step after cleansing - you can do this morning or night, whatever you prefer - then follow with sunscreen and/or your moisturiser.

Personally, I prefer to use a vitamin C serum during the day and then a hydrating serum like this at night, followed by a moisturiser, night cream or hydrating mask. 

2. Sand&Sky Tasmanian Water Cream Review.

This is pretty much a stock-standard, lightweight, hydrating moisturiser. But a very nice one to look at.

It’s got a light, almost jelly-like gel texture that isn’t too creamy or oily, and sinks into the skin nicely, without leaving an oily or tacky residue. 

It also smells amazing! Almost fruity, but not overpoweringly so. Just the right amount of yum, if that makes sense? Here's what the product looks like off your Insta feed.

Sand&Sky Tasmanian Spring Water Hydration Boost CreamSand&Sky Tasmanian Spring Water Hydration Boost Cream

Sand&Sky Tasmanian Spring Water Hydration Boost Cream - textureSand&Sky Tasmanian Spring Water Hydration Boost Cream - texture

I have oilier skin and coming into summer, I usually switch my night cream from a thick hydrating mask to a lighter moisturiser. This is a perfect spring transition night time moisturiser that didn't cause breakouts or leave me feeling like an oil slick when I woke up.

If you've got dry skin, you might not find this hydrating or substantial enough to become your evening moisturiser, but it'd be a great one to use on humid summer mornings under makeup.

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